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  1. I mean they are Developers, they should know this right?. How come we as simple Peasants tell them what to do? and even teach them. Why their work upset so many? Look at their FB latest post. All comments are negative. I agree with you here, strong pve foundation is the first step in any good MMO.
  2. This forum contains a massive library of success. If any Devs with the right tools stopped here and researched all suggestions from day 1 they could easily create a successful product. Everything is here open to public eyes and.. ...I agree. There is no reason to hold it at this point.
  3. rofl, everyone watching 2 clans fight and call it pvp and look there is action! ... pathetic.
  4. They do not drop ship notes. Anything you get before that you can't really call a good loot. 1 dura ships, no insurance, no pvp, no action , no people. Simple formula. I got 1 Fireship mod from OS fleet few days ago, are you serious? This is good loot? Boring and useless imho.
  5. You are comparing a potato with a steel ball.
  6. I poke them enough I feel uncomfortable already.
  7. With what effect? Developers refuse to implement it and they do not believe in that Content. I will save it for someone who will be serious about real Naval MMO. If you want examples there are multiple posts in suggestions that if combined can create a product world never witnessed before. All whats missing is a group of brains that can realize it.
  8. I can provide you 10 pages of how loot can work and it's proven by other MMOs to work beautifully, maintain population and invite casuals.
  9. Then your mindset is not designed to develop games. Try something else. We need unique thinking here to overcome problems that plague NA. I am not going to repeat myself hundred of times and I do not post ideas that have 0 positive effect on game health.
  10. Better Loot requests were here about year ago and were rejected/ignored. I do not think we will see any real content any time soon. By real I mean: -Open Market, advanced trading opportunities. -Massive loot variations with mission connections. Ship drops. -Fleet variation and their content. -Achievements and dailys. -Interactive open world map.
  11. That content is absent in NA. Missions do not drop ship notes, loot or other content that could make them fun. They are flat as they could be.
  12. Oh I am sorry, they have 30 000 players and we have 600. Wow, what an achievement. Guy tells you he is bored and explains why, but you still barking with your glorious mechanics. Game Mechanics alone won't work. Do you think new sailing mechanics add players? think again.
  13. You are missing the point here. Conquest is there , but requires organized clan operations. This means if you log in earlier in the day and many people are still not on there is nothing else to do. Fleets are boring and have no variety or loot with achievements and drops. Econ is Clan based and making coin delivering is even worse than sailing looking for pvp. Going to someones capital just to find yourself ganked is no longer in style. This leaves NA with bored player base. There is nothing else to do. Let's compare EvE to NA I know you like to compare these games a lot. EVE: Industrial Careers missions cover the basics of mining, refining and manufacturing of goods. Industrial tycoons can create enormous wealth in the EVE universe, but not without a lot of strong competition. Mining is a popular way to make money, too. But manufacturing tends not to generate any real profits until you have learned some highly advanced skills and invested heavily in blueprints. You'll get a free Venture mining frigate for completing the industry starter missions. Business Careers missions introduce players to EVE's open and comprehensive market system. With good trading skills, EVE players can earn substantial ISK without ever undocking from a station. You can also earn a good income from hauling goods between trade hubs, buying low in one location and then selling high in another. The business missions reward you with a basic industrial ship for free. Exploration Careers missions cover the most obvious way of playing EVE - shooting stuff for loot and salvage. Initially, you have the skills to fly a frigate of your race. You'll be awarded a good Tech I combat frigate for selecting the military starter missions. Military Careers missions cover the discovery of valuable sites in EVE space - wormholes, deadspace pockets, and undiscovered archaeology sites, among others. These missions show you how to use the scanner and probes, and how to identify and exploit the sites you discover. Great way to make lot's of ISK. Outlaw Careers missions will introduce you to the finer details of EVE combat. These missions are more difficult than those of in the Military career track, and as a result, these should be taken after the other track is completed. This more advanced track will teach you how to assist others in order to overcome a threat, as well as the effects of the various weapon damage types. Once finished, you will have all the basic knowledge required to dive head first into the ever-raging war between the factions of EVE Online. Metagame Careers -Miner/REfiner -Hauler -Manufacture / Research / Invenntor -Market Trader -Explorer -Salvager -Mission Incursion Runner -Ratter -Mercenary -Bounty hunter -Faction Warfare Fighter -CAn Flipper -Ninja Salvager -Pirate -Scammer/Thief -Suicide Ganker -Drug Dealer -Currency Trader NA: -Trader (not worth it, could make money) -PvP player (takes too long with little reward, could get pvp marks if lucky) -Conquest (Might get pvp marks, takes time, social interaction, no real rewards) -Mission Runner (decent money making, mods) -Fisherman (makes no money at all, sells meat) -Ganker (might get pvp marks if lucky, time consuming) Do I need to explain more?
  14. With new sailing mechanics NPCs will kick the **** out of new players. You really need to know what you are doing. They will do 3:1 broadsides if player is not familiar with manual sailing. P.S. Never fight NPCs near land, they get stuck. Devs plz fix it.
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