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  1. Constitution. Try to turn rudder to the opposite side/same. I have to test more.
  2. Whats the reward for being N1? I mean ok I see guy next to N1 and then what?
  3. Guys try this: 1. Try to turn through the wind with Full sails (Not so good) 2. Try to turn through the wind with Slow sails (Better) 3. Try to turn through the wind with Battle sails (Good) Forget about old sailing, even rudder must be positioned to the other side now compared to the old system.
  4. I mean they are Developers, they should know this right?. How come we as simple Peasants tell them what to do? and even teach them. Why their work upset so many? Look at their FB latest post. All comments are negative. I agree with you here, strong pve foundation is the first step in any good MMO.
  5. This forum contains a massive library of success. If any Devs with the right tools stopped here and researched all suggestions from day 1 they could easily create a successful product. Everything is here open to public eyes and.. ...I agree. There is no reason to hold it at this point.
  6. Yea I am about to hit some solo trails soon in my local forest.
  7. What are the rewards that will make me spend time on this? Are they any decent?
  8. rofl, everyone watching 2 clans fight and call it pvp and look there is action! ... pathetic.
  9. They do not drop ship notes. Anything you get before that you can't really call a good loot. 1 dura ships, no insurance, no pvp, no action , no people. Simple formula. I got 1 Fireship mod from OS fleet few days ago, are you serious? This is good loot? Boring and useless imho.
  10. You are comparing a potato with a steel ball.
  11. I poke them enough I feel uncomfortable already.
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