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  1. 1016, and approx. 25% of that number is active. This is quite the numbers still. I don't blame Russia. Russian players are just bored to death. And this is probably why they engage in e.v.e.r.y. port battle there is. So in short, Russia die of boredom, we, the rest, die from russian boredom. But it's cool, there's other games to play. PS. When I grew up we banned WTJ.
  2. *looking toward Denmark* Nope, no one's willing...
  3. So this only affect the RoE for patrol zone? Yes or no
  4. Good for patrol zone. Bad for traders and new players. They will, if they haven't already, learn what a gank is. I guess.
  5. Haven't read through the entire post but I'd like to see an ability to enhance upgrades. For example turning Northern carpenters into Northern master carpenters. For an extra doubloon fee + the book.
  6. Here's one for both Wasa and Rättvisan. This is another of the sister ships "Försiktigheten":
  7. A Swedish royal naval flag from around 1764 This flag is also believed to be the first royal flag which represents members of the royal house onboard. BTW. First of all "royal" is spelled "kungliga" in Swedish. Secondly. The union trade flag looks just like the 1815 warflag except the tongues. The naval warflag from 1695.
  8. Rest in peace my, and everyone else's friend! o7 😥
  9. There are things you never say out loud. Now this will be reworked in a little ninja patch without patch notes and we all know it, deep within right
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