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  1. 1016, and approx. 25% of that number is active. This is quite the numbers still. I don't blame Russia. Russian players are just bored to death. And this is probably why they engage in e.v.e.r.y. port battle there is. So in short, Russia die of boredom, we, the rest, die from russian boredom. But it's cool, there's other games to play. PS. When I grew up we banned WTJ.
  2. *looking toward Denmark* Nope, no one's willing...
  3. Haven't read through the entire post but I'd like to see an ability to enhance upgrades. For example turning Northern carpenters into Northern master carpenters. For an extra doubloon fee + the book.
  4. Here's one for both Wasa and Rättvisan. This is another of the sister ships "Försiktigheten":
  5. Rest in peace my, and everyone else's friend! o7 😥
  6. It's a good discussion born in the wrong thread. And some are just trying to find excuses to attack individuals or entire nations, call it communities within the community. That's the way I see it. This probably belong in suggestions.
  7. Timezones will always be an issue unless you want like 1 hour windows. Your prime time is our bed time, vice versa. NA is not the only game that suffers from this "issue". Why does this thread even exist? Where's the mods?
  8. Funny part is that there's basically no toxicity within Sweden. We're kinda living a peaceful life. So peaceful that we wish there was more content, stuff to do, in the game. But we can't rush anything you know... This is what we get for mentioning it. "The fall of the swedish empire" etc.
  9. Should I feel triggered? Bitch. Please. 22:24 CET. 422 online PVP EU 1. 43 clients online on swedish TS. Add maybe another 50 players that are logged on in Sweden at the moment. Other nations should shape up.
  10. To answer this, in a less butt hurt way as I possibly can. If im doing boring missions what is a fun mission? Why would I switch to one of those, excuse general community shame name, cartoonish nations? Calling it a sandbox and using it as an excuse for poor content is what I would consider unprofessional. Will we by any chance see any changes to the loot tables soon? Or will there be any content coming soon?
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