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  1. Rigge1988

    I will never forget you Lord Capstan.

    Rest in peace my, and everyone else's friend! o7 😥
  2. There are things you never say out loud. Now this will be reworked in a little ninja patch without patch notes and we all know it, deep within right
  3. It's a sandbox game. A sandbox without any tools and upon entering your hands are tied to your back. Our main objective right now is to push eachothers out of it. And law and behold. Soon enough we might even have the frame looking better and we might even be taught how to push eachother. The tools will come later on. I hope.
  4. Haha, this is candy right here. Sinking 2231 hours into your game and you just piss on me, and frankly others who have played longer too. You even had time to rephrase that before clicking "submit reply" and let me tell you. That's what I would've done if I were you. All this tells me is that you are looking to make the game attractive enough to keep players for longer than 2 hours so they can't bail with a full refund. Thank you. Now I can quit this game and feel done with it as you obviously don't care for old players. Am I interpreting you correctly?
  5. Are you guys thinking anything about the long run? Making RvR fun, sure, that's great. I believe it's good as is but the problem being server population. Therefor my question. What is your plan to keep those new players? I see people giving up after a few ranks. And I believe it's due to lack of content which begins to show somewhere just above the mid ranks. More interesting OW content would be great, even for us who have been around since before 19th january 2016. More events, better loot, funnier missions - w h a t e v e r floats. I have lost some friends to inactivity cause you completely overhauled and hauled away the loot tables. Why you even changed that in first place is questionable. And that's also a problem I see. You tend to fix stuff that isn't really broken and when asked for a small tweak we get a massive change. Economy was one for example. To put it short, we asked for cheaper ship crafting and you gave us greatly increased mission rewards leading to nothing but an extra digit in the prices. What you could've done instead was making crafting materials more readily available and reducing labor hours to craft new ships which ultimately would've lead to cheaper ships in the end. All or nothing is the general opinion about most of your decisions.
  6. Rigge1988

    Swedish Nation

    It's a good discussion born in the wrong thread. And some are just trying to find excuses to attack individuals or entire nations, call it communities within the community. That's the way I see it. This probably belong in suggestions.
  7. Rigge1988

    Swedish Nation

    Timezones will always be an issue unless you want like 1 hour windows. Your prime time is our bed time, vice versa. NA is not the only game that suffers from this "issue". Why does this thread even exist? Where's the mods?
  8. Rigge1988

    Swedish Nation

    Funny part is that there's basically no toxicity within Sweden. We're kinda living a peaceful life. So peaceful that we wish there was more content, stuff to do, in the game. But we can't rush anything you know... This is what we get for mentioning it. "The fall of the swedish empire" etc.
  9. Rigge1988

    Swedish Nation

    Should I feel triggered? Bitch. Please. 22:24 CET. 422 online PVP EU 1. 43 clients online on swedish TS. Add maybe another 50 players that are logged on in Sweden at the moment. Other nations should shape up.
  10. Rigge1988


    To answer this, in a less butt hurt way as I possibly can. If im doing boring missions what is a fun mission? Why would I switch to one of those, excuse general community shame name, cartoonish nations? Calling it a sandbox and using it as an excuse for poor content is what I would consider unprofessional. Will we by any chance see any changes to the loot tables soon? Or will there be any content coming soon?
  11. Rigge1988


    So. Here's my current opinion and my personal rant about it. I just realized how boring this game has become. Now. Going out for OW pvp, you can sail hours on end finding nothing. And this is something directly connected to low server population imo. So you go back, thinking about doing a mission or two against AI just to not sit and spin ship. So you grab a mission which ends up in enemy territory, a place you might not wanna go solo since your friends that you sailed together with for OW pvp went to play something else. So you cancel that mission and grab another in hope it will show up closer to where you might feel safe to do it. After picking and canceling 130 mission you go out and do whatever. You sink the ship(s) and go for loot. Now you get NOTHING. Nothing of value for a max lvl hero captain. All you get is gold and combat marks. So when you've collected some 5000 combat marks you don't care about combat marks. And when you have 40m gold you don't care about 350k gold. You feel empty. Hopeless. And you attack an OW AI fleet just for fun and you get basically equally worthless loot. Well, with a 0.000000000001% chance of getting something useful like copper plating or book of five rings BP. So you, or atleast I. End up in harbour. Jumping around, doing trades earning money that way. Cause it's fun to see numbers increase. Not that it matters but something is happening. All this while waiting for a port battle to happen. So the french attack us, nice you think. You go there. Empty port battle. Fun times entering PB and tabbing out to watch youtube. If the loot tables don't get more interesting we better pray for a really good UI that might add freshness to the game. But I bet it's for a short period of time. TL;DR Game has become way more boring since loot tables got changed (or fubar if you like).
  12. Rigge1988

    Mission boards

    And while at it. Setting up bounties. Bounties to be displayed on a bounty board in each capital. Nice!
  13. Rigge1988

    Bring back multiple durability

    It's a large map suitable for 1500+ players. Currently there are 400 players online. It's like losing hair. After a while your comb won't hit anything, right? This is also why it's hard to find people.
  14. Rigge1988

    Bring back multiple durability

    Yes please. So I can go out and do the most stupid stuff without any punishment. And when I have my 1 dura left I just equip it with 4pd medium cannons and go out yolo-style. /irony. If this comes back even the slightest I'd be the one slamming the door behind me. And I know quite a handful of players going out the same way. #edit: Also. Hint. Some of my friends are already leaving. Cause the loot tables are FUBAR. It would take you literally 5 million years to farm for gunnery encyclopedia, art of ship handling and book of five rings. You hear about one of 550 players looting a copper plating or cartagena caulking refit once a week.
  15. Rigge1988

    Transparent market + shipbuycontract

    Nice suggestion! Been thinking about the ship buy contract lately myself.