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  1. Please stay on topic and post factual information. Thank you. - H. Darby
  2. What is "release population"? Do they have people tied in a basement that they'll let go free once the maintenance on June 14th is done? Where is this population I keep reading about gonna come from? Nothing personal towards you. More of an example of a question that is open for everybody. What data shows that will get a population boost on release?
  3. The only question about the future that can be asked is This: After the game fails (No players) , will it go into a free to play model with dlcs or just abandoned?
  4. What a shocker!!! The rover guys support the devs and like everything that they do!!
  5. Why does this whole thing feel like a clearance sale at a store? Everything is just put out on display, nothing is organized and the employees don’t care. It certainly does not feel like a grand opening.
  6. I would advise people to not buy any downloads for a couple months because this game might just implode and servers get shut down, making every dlc purchase useless. Is it even legal to sell content for a game that has a high chance of shutting down?
  7. Well, full wipe is really the only way to go about this. My only question is this: Why bother? After the game “releases” you won’t see any difference. You might get 1532 new purchases of the game (some will be alts), you will get 1 out of 10 new players retention( being optimistic here) and you’ll get some players coming back to check out the “finished product”. Those will also quit because if the game wasn’t good enough before it sure isn’t any better now. So basically will be back to where we are now but with less players than now because who the hell wants to grind again for stuff they already had before?? The game will consist of streamers, hardcore players ( crazy might be the correct description at this point) and the poor noob that bought the game because he just watched Master & Commander with Russel Crowe. What number of active logins is required to keep the servers on is really the only thing I don’t know and i’m Curious about
  8. Also remember that there was no ship wipe so a lot of these players have a bunch of 1st rates sitting in their docks. After a full wipe you might no see a screenshot like the ones showed on this tread for a very, very long time. If ever...
  9. In the old system, recently in the shallow port battles you already saw a spam of surprises. It’s human nature. People will go into a fight with as many advantages as possible. I rather have a nice brawl in all 1st rates than play the kiting game capturing circles and running around trolling. Maybe balance the 1st rates so you have a little more variety of that rate of ship. And why not reintroduce the 4th rate port battles like before?
  10. Just curious but what’s going to happen on the day it gets “released”? Whats going to be different from now? Just trying to understand everybody’s optimism
  11. In the pve server is savannah in the east coast one of the ports where you get a 5% chance to build exceptional ships? If not, what’s the closest port for me to do that. My nation in the server is United States
  12. No alliances. Didn’t work before and won’t work now. Why not just eliminate a bunch of nations and leave only Spain, France, GB and pirates. Everything else must go. Also reduce the number of ports by half to make the ones that remain much more important. With a peak of 400 players online ( alts included) and under 200 players average, the size of the map and the number of ports in it are too big and too many.
  13. Back in the day, a 5th rate didn’t attack a SOL. This latest patch just brought more realism back to the game. They have a lot of problems with the game but the new damage model seems fine
  14. The game was better 3 years ago. We had a lot less features but there were no restrictions apart form rng blueprints for ships and loot. Everything else was possible as long as you wanted to do it. I'm sure that having a population of 2000 online makes a huge difference and hides a lot of flaws but the game itself was just better and more exciting. You could be a trader, crafting was much better than now and being a ship builder was actually pretty relevant, you could just go on hunting or do rvr. Pve was simple and rewarding. Repair once in battle was a better system, buying flags for port battles ( it had its flaws, yes) was much more exciting because you would log in and messages would pop up about a flag bought for a port and you could have immediate action if you chose to (trying to catch the flag carrier was always fun). Crew management, the tutorial and the teleport / tow system were the only features that made the game better. There are many reasons why the player count has been free falling and we could spend hours debating them but I think that it is fair to say that the game was BETTER in 2016 and it is not worth buying in the state it is now. I seriously doubt the developers will cancel all the changes they've made to the game so what you got right now will be the finished version of the game and even if we get a temporary small boost in player numbers on release it will go down again until its just the streamers playing the game.
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