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  1. When I saw it takes 8000 doubloons to build a Santi I thought it was a typo. Then I realized the developers lost their mind and decided to just destroy whatever was left of the game. It’s not just crafting but everything in this game. With every patch the game takes the 2 steps back 1 step forward routine. Too bad because their combat gameplay is the best around. Another missed opportunity. Good luck to the very few that still log in...
  2. This patch is one more step closer to the cliff. It’s amazing the ability to make a game worst after pretty much every patch.
  3. Is the port ui still the same from the testbed server? I heard a lot of people complained (me included) and they were gonna change it. Is it still the same?
  4. Simon Cadete

    Future testbed result implementation: better keep 'reservebed' untouched

    So many heroes that talk shit about the pve server and while on the pvp server all they do is stay in the protected zone doing pve. There is the occasional pvp with a 22 vs 1 battle with the coast guard
  5. Simon Cadete

    Solution to keep A global server ?

    I don’t really remember people complaining about the game as much as now when it had twice the bugs but also twice ( more than that) population. I agree with Christendom. More content needed to attract and retain more players. The population this game has is a joke and not sustainable. The longer people ignore that, the less chances this game has to come back to life
  6. Simon Cadete

    Le Requin is ruining the game for me!

    They need to make the requiem a 5th rate to change all the bonuses, make the patrol area battles joinable for the side with less br only and double the rewards and loot quality in the areas outside capitals and protected areas so these morons that keep getting killed in front of their capital just go somewhere else. Battles used to be more fun, diverse and memorable. Now it’s either Hercules hugging a ships side and sinking ships 3 rates or bigger with no problem (specially if it’s more than 1), the push into the wind and board requiem that will run away every time the other captain is not a moron and everything else with the first two types of battle being over 70% of the battles in NA
  7. Simon Cadete

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    I gotta give it to the Americans. They keep trying massacre after massacre...
  8. Simon Cadete

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    So nothing new, just a bunch of nerfs and buffs and tweaks?! A patch that replaces skill books from random loot drops and replaces them with skill related challenges is what we really need right now...
  9. Simon Cadete

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    The patch seems nice for the most part. I understand that port ui and localization are next on the list but please tell me that right now there is at least one developer working on pve content such as treasure fleets, missions with scripted content and more variety, steam achievements and many other things. The game needs that type of content more than anything else. create content for the casual player, increase the population in the game and pvp will just happen on its own. A sale is nice but 90% of the purchases will be more alt accounts.
  10. Simon Cadete

    PVP servers merge

    It was in a post related to the merger of servers and who should merge into which server and admin posted that even though more copies were sold into North America, the majority of active players were in Europe. Also uts not the World Cup or summer or it rained yesterday or some other ridiculous excuse. Game was great when it came out. It was refreshing. That was 3 years ago!!! Now it’s a bunch 1 step forward 2 steps back kinda deal and nothing Substantial has been added
  11. Simon Cadete

    PVP servers merge

    The game has the low numbers it has because of the lack of new good meaningful content. As for the impact of the global server had it’s easy to understand! None!! Most people from global as well from eu have quit. You might get an extra 28 people on at night because of it which gives the super hardcore players that only get kills on American morons that still don’t know how to manual sail something to do I ‘m actually gonna agree with you and hope that they split the servers again so I can play with better ping again. Also, the developers should treat North American players better since more copies of the game were bought in North America than in Europe
  12. Simon Cadete

    RvR - Bringing back a better Flag

    I agree with some things you’ve said but to keep using the old excuse ( which you are not the first or the last to use) that US players are new players and that is why they get farmed is just not right. A lot of experienced players in the US that get killed a lot have been playing the game forever. Some of them even from pvp2. US players in pvp 2 and then in global just weren’t very good for a lot of reasons. That tradition ( let’s call it that) either came to this server with the merge or it might have been here as well. The people that hunt the US coast do it because that is where most people are at night time and it is easier to get kills. They keep doing the stupid coast guard thing, trying to avenge one guy by ganking another with 20 guys. In all honesty in over 2 years I haven’t seen any improvements and it’s not about to change now. Like one famous philosopher once said: “You can’t fix stupid”
  13. Well I was looking more at the books the screenshot shows. It
  14. Holy shit, you do a lot of pve!
  15. Simon Cadete

    [Caribbean] the state of pvp

    That’s the thing though. It may come back but it’s never the same as it was before. If you were to look at a graphic it would just show a steady decline with some peaks here and there. At some point it will reach zero or whatever the number of logins that is unacceptable to the developers