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  1. The game was better 3 years ago. We had a lot less features but there were no restrictions apart form rng blueprints for ships and loot. Everything else was possible as long as you wanted to do it. I'm sure that having a population of 2000 online makes a huge difference and hides a lot of flaws but the game itself was just better and more exciting. You could be a trader, crafting was much better than now and being a ship builder was actually pretty relevant, you could just go on hunting or do rvr. Pve was simple and rewarding. Repair once in battle was a better system, buying flags for port battles ( it had its flaws, yes) was much more exciting because you would log in and messages would pop up about a flag bought for a port and you could have immediate action if you chose to (trying to catch the flag carrier was always fun). Crew management, the tutorial and the teleport / tow system were the only features that made the game better. There are many reasons why the player count has been free falling and we could spend hours debating them but I think that it is fair to say that the game was BETTER in 2016 and it is not worth buying in the state it is now. I seriously doubt the developers will cancel all the changes they've made to the game so what you got right now will be the finished version of the game and even if we get a temporary small boost in player numbers on release it will go down again until its just the streamers playing the game.
  2. The game was like this before and people survived. Now they just have to cancel all changes made to crafting and introduction of permits and put it the way it was before ( 2 years ago!) and they’ll be getting somewhere...
  3. Those that have been playing the game since steam release need to think about the following: was the game that bad back then? People survived when it was just basic roe and 2 ( maybe 5) minute timers. i think crafting should go back to the way it was in the beginning but include labor contracts. Remove all permit requirements and make shipbuilding easy again so that people don’t feel so attached to their ships and afraid of losing them. For those that say leave casuals alone and People should play the way they want to I say this: if all you do is login for a few hours a week and ALL you do is pve, is the war server the appropriate server for you? If you want to pve all day and refuse to leave to the appropriate server then at least don’t join any pvp fights and keep on sailing past the cross swords towards your next ai trader or ai fleet. You can’t have the cake and eat it too...
  4. It’s not a bad suggestion but the problem with it is that it gets abused regardless if the reinforcement area is 1 port or 100! Players won’t leave it and worst of all is that it will be rear admirals that have been playing this game for over a year. They refuse to join the pve server and are only interested in pvp when it’s 15 vs 1 or 2. They cannot be given anything because they’ll abuse it. Have a capital zone where new players can’t get tagged and get their missions spawn inside that zone ( up to 5th rate) so they can learn the game and be safe. Only traders should sail by the capital and for everything else you should have to move away from there and risk your stuff. It’s a war server afterall. I’m tired of seeing l’oceans doing pve all day and go hide in port if an enemy Bellona is sighted near the capital. To me those players are just about as bad to the game as the toxic elite veterans.
  5. I think the best way to explain the state of the game is the 1 step forward and 2 steps back trend we’ve had with every patch. The game was much more enjoyable 2 or even 3 years ago, even if we had less features. The new crafting system, reinforcement areas and because my clan quit the game about a year ago kinda did it for me. Also I never liked the vibe of pvp1 or euro or whatever it was called at the time of the servers merge.
  6. The devs seemed to have gone completely off track their original plans. The game was a lot better 2 years ago. Crafting has become useless and should just be removed and rely only on redeemable ships to play. My only question now is this: Is this new direction the game is taking, being done on purpose or just kinda making things up as they go along? [moderated] I honestly don’t think they are dumb and it is the first reason but you never know.
  7. I know this might be off topic but do we realky need knowledge slots and luck with rng loot to gain books? How about ship quality determines # of slots and completing challenges gives you skills to use in those slots. Instead of just grinding, you have to complete challenges. For example, take out 10 masts and you get 1.5% more accuracy. Take out the last level of the challenge, let’s say 100 masts and you get 15% accuracy to use in a slot. That way it doesn’t fell like a job to get books but more fun and less repetitive. Skill should be more important than doing a bunch of pve to unlock slots and being lucky getting the good books
  8. I would like to take some time and also tip my hat to the developers because they are the best, the most awesome amazing people, they’re beautiful and everything that they do is perfect. There, all of you fanboys had an orgasm already??!! Now to serious matters. If you’re going to do a full wipe don’t half ass it. Books gotta go too. They are what make the difference in pvp besides huge skill difference. Don’t be afraid to lose the rest of the little population we still have and stand by your convictions. Wipe it all. We’ll be back in this situation a month later anyway.
  9. You can only unlock 3 knowledge slots. The last 2 will be grayed out. I have done it, that’s how I know. Most people know that anyway. Don’t know why this is even a discussion. Last thing: All ships should have 5 slots
  10. Are there any plans of any shape or form for a single player mode with some kind of story mode and character development using this games mechanics and gameplay?
  11. Not that I disagree with the idea of fighting in storms or get damage in our ship in ow if we we’re sailing in one but to include things like that, is just giving more excuses for people to not pvp.
  12. Seems like the people that are the most vocal about these new rules are the ones that run away from battles all the time and running away is their best skill
  13. well if you want to attack traders you need to be in fast ships that will be faster than the trader anyway, if you want to be a hero and tag a buccentaure with your Hercules and stern camp and hull hugg you gotta be good and make no mistakes or it’s game over. No more of these stupid fights where the attacker tries and fails and runs and then talks about it in global chat for 45 minutes
  14. When people attack they have to know what they’re getting into. Also if the defender runs away and escapes. Battle is over
  15. Please, make leaving impossible for the attacker and make the ship attacked, the center of the circle of death. Tired of these guys that have nothing to lose because if the battle that they start, starts looking bad they just run away so no risk and just time wasting for those that got attacked and defended themselves. Make the fights count and be meaningful as for timers, do the signaling type of system but readjust the br of all ships.
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