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  1. Upgrade: better naval action game effect: a game that has population, exciting stuff happening all the time and mechanics that work for the majority and not just a handful of streamers and forum warriors. cost: 5 dedicated game developers that actually play the game on a regular basis clan: well I don’t have one😂
  2. We have threads about feedback on patches and specific things but nothing about the overall quality of the game so I figured I should start one. To me, it feels like the game, after 4 years of adding and taking things out, is worse than it was in the past. Overall, everything is harder to accomplish and more time consuming. To be brief, it feels like it is less fun overall. What do you guys think?
  3. Ink, thank you for replying and trying to help. Unfortunately it did not work but it’s ok. I was already pretty much done with the game anyway. As a player in the US time zone, there is nothing to do and after 4 years I decided to stop playing the game and move on. I briefly checked the last patch and it’s not really moving in the right direction so there is no point. Again thank you for you assistance. o7 captains...
  4. Most of the time it is still in port while i’m Moving things around and trading between alts or going through the warehouse but a lot of times it’s just sailing in ow. Also, if one account freezes the other ones will keep going. Sometimes it’s two at the same time But usually only one. LatelyI I have been getting a lot of crash reports when I log in. Wish I could get this fixed. I would like to play more but right now it’s almost unplayable for me. Thanks in advance
  5. When Russia takes Maracaibo, it will pretty much be the end of the game. It will finish off the last nation that could attempt to do something vs Russia. To be honest, i welcome it. this game has ran its course. Finish it off quickly and save the pain of a really slow death
  6. I have been playing this game for almost 4 years now and never really had problems with it. Even running multiple alts at the same time the game always ran well and with no issues. Lately my game just freezes forcing me to close the application and restart it. Also doesn't matter if it is just one account or several (with several seems to happen more) Already uninstalled the game and installed it again, ran several test on my computer, updated all the drivers and did pretty much every basic step to see if it would change. Was curious if you guys have encountered a similar problem wit
  7. This game needs to go back 5 or 6 patches to become enjoyable again. The damage model needs to go back to what it was before, only one repair per battle and no more rum, more free ports, deliveries between them, 5 teleports a day(after maintenance), bring back duel room, crafting back to where it was( make parts and no permits required). Trading needs to matter again, rewards in battle increased to the point you could make money that way instead of trading. Basically bring back the game to the way it was in 2018.
  8. Port bonuses need to go. Permits for ships also need to go. Give us the freedom to build whatever we want as long as we have resources. Maybe have the option develop and improve any port of our choosing with defenses, resource gathering, production bonuses or something like that. It might be too late now anyway. Population is gone and the little burst from release is gone and never coming back. Maybe start thinking of some kind of single player on a stand-alone version with no server for the future...
  9. The problem about having a mixed fleet is that they’ll get screened by a fleet of shitty captured 1st rates and never even make the port battle
  10. I know fights will happen and I welcome them. I keep reading posts from these Vco guys bashing my clan and talk about our defeats. All I asked for was screenshots of their victories. So far nothing. Give them time. Must be so many that it’s hard to pick one. i know tenet has one of him in a battle where his clan won vs WO but not sure that the clan tag says VCO.
  11. I don’t know what will happen in the future but as of right now, BL4CK has already done more than VCO ever did. Let’s not forget WTF and a couple other pirate clans that have helped. Remedios, Santiago and the 3 back to back port battles in the south of Cuba just the other day is something that VCO has never done or ever will do. Taking neutral ports doesn’t really count towards this discussion. If i’m wrong, show me screenshots of vco’s port battle victories vs other players. You guys must have screenshots because you seem to love them considering the fact you’re always posting our bat
  12. It’s pvp 2 all over again! well it is said history repeats itself so we’ll see...
  13. I have to start buying popcorn again...
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