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  1. Lol i think we can agree that this latest patch is now Kaput. On to the wait for the next.
  2. I vote for a spinning wheel of diplomacy that I can spin whilst afk sailing ,there has to be a wedge on it that has “Everyone at war with Sweden”.
  3. Let me know what time il make sure the doors are unlocked,However common sense dictates if you wanted to test it properly should of been on a saturday, got home from work no point in logging on, meh.
  4. It really feels strange,the level of BR and number of ports with that BR is far to numerous, and like you state i can only see it being useful for 1 nation with current numbers.
  5. Activity wins ,it always has and i don't see a problem with it really at this point,the problems only begin if no one attacks these nations and the power nations decide not to attack each other then you can bring as many shiny things to RvR as you wish it will still be stagnant and have a short shelf life. Give it a couple of weeks and lets see how the map looks then decide if it's rant worthy.
  6. Don’t forget the Swedish fireship that was possibly the worst fireship ever to of sailed the seas( the sailor in question shall remain anonymous) exploding a mere 10 nautical miles away from the nearest enemy vessel.
  7. I hear Banished is doing a dlc giveaway on his YouTube channel.
  8. I’ve always found it much easier to spend 5 mins talking to a noob on TS or Pm teaching him where to sail to a port that is mostly free from raiders and setting him up with a small amount of help where he is free to grind his career up in relative safety and freedom. A far better option than sailing out to save the helpless over and over again around a capitol zone, wasting his time and mine.
  9. I may have to dig up my first battle screen from Sea Trials always fun to read some of the old time names that were sailing the seas back when the sea carried less salt in it.
  10. Tac

    Paint bucket

    I’m sure I offered you that ship last week, you were probably drunk, still got it if you want it , teak teak
  11. I hope so too,although I doubt it I think we will probably get the opportunity to place them in existing slots already available, fingers are still crossed though. Also as a long shot manning cannon towers maybe a bridge to far but would it be possible to have a mortar tower I mean figuratively it’s just a mortar brig that’s stationary right?
  12. 5 v 1 i mean i dont know the ship composition here but i would suggest you fought it wrong.
  13. i agree but i dont think this option is on admins agenda,it's been suggested for years.
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