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  1. If these weren’t in the game I doubt anyone would mourn there loss.Does anyone actually enjoy participating in them? If so, why?
  2. Youve obviously never heard of a player called palatinose.
  3. Wait,how far back in NA are we talking about now? 2 years ? who ground the dutch down? im confused?
  4. The french for one would probably disagree.
  5. Is the subscription weekly or monthly?
  6. Nice move , you can never have to much rum in my experience.
  7. Oh and welcome back me lil mexican batman o7
  8. I have more than you can buy , I imported it cheap from the salt sea at puerto Escondido and Santiago otherwise know as the British sea of tears.
  9. Change hate to pity and were rocking,anyway jump on swedish TS or just pm me ,this nonsense is boring for everyone else.
  10. So many words,for one of such little action i may adopt you as a pet.
  11. Apologies maybe i should of said 1 year 11 months because this offends you,we do have something in common though because that's the last time you sank anyone in Naval Action i presume you still just sit around in Council meetings boring people to death or did you eventually find where the LEAVE PORT button resides? I better check outside before i go to bed tonight in case your hiding in a bush.
  12. Man that was out of fashion 2 years ago, i suggest you go do some privateer fleets and hope to get an originality chest.
  13. I believe that item is already in a strong bow and stern note cost 10 cms
  14. I think because you asked the question you already know the answer :).
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