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  1. I hope so too,although I doubt it I think we will probably get the opportunity to place them in existing slots already available, fingers are still crossed though. Also as a long shot manning cannon towers maybe a bridge to far but would it be possible to have a mortar tower I mean figuratively it’s just a mortar brig that’s stationary right?
  2. 5 v 1 i mean i dont know the ship composition here but i would suggest you fought it wrong.
  3. i agree but i dont think this option is on admins agenda,it's been suggested for years.
  4. What if forts didn't give points in Port battles? They are there to defend and give a defensive advantage and can still be destroyed but the PB should be decided by players and ships not by giving away free points. Just throwing it out there. Hopefully if you can build a fort you will be able to place it freely could be quite strategical.
  5. Skill is the most important factor, i refuse to concede that because player A has a better ship then player B player B cannot win.
  6. I can see savvy port battle commanders not building any forts at important ports just because of the points they give away to the silly mortar brigs. Its easier to not lose your ship then to defend a fort.
  7. you could always take one from someone else at cutlass point.
  8. If only forts were not just a free point giveaway in port battles they may actually be useful.
  9. If only I could bottle the emotional distress from this thread. i demand compensation because reasons.
  10. Brave choice, i personally like it and it has a secondary side effect of purging the weak.
  11. Tac


    Ahh the rattlesnake the once infamous chasing and stern camping ship and also a one time favourite vessel , now consigned the Cabal ship museum of past glorys. Sad times.
  12. I believe Des Moines streamed it on twitch, I only recorded the after party capturing most of what remained of the French PB fleet.
  13. The French did very well at puerto the numbers they could muster was very high in EU time , they must of got up very early or very late considering the timers around Trinidad. Bravo.
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