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  1. I wouldn’t know, I don’t use it.
  2. Yes fair point, i guess at this point the only difference is that in Sweden nobody cares that much. In the past I would of felt your pain though.
  3. Just to be clear, I have no plans to use your face or your port, I just believe destroying your own port if this is implemented is well potatoe . Also a self harming empty threat. Please carry on though, it would be hilarious to watch.
  4. Why would you cut off your nose to spite your face? Sounds a bit over dramatic.
  5. Don't forget the Buckets!!!
  6. Your not supposed to get it,you didn't order the cake but you will eat it and you will enjoy it and you will pay for it too.
  7. Oh it is indeed as stale as year old loaf of bread however getting people to give up power and possessions is extremely difficult especially when you have to work so hard to gain such power and possessions in this game. I guess that's just the way it is. A wipe is a big risk with 700 player pop especially if on the flip side the result is the same.
  8. Look on the brightside,when everyone is bored of AI PBs the map will be mostly neutral anyway.
  9. My point was that if i lose £100 i don't rage at everyone else like it's their fault.Even if i got ultra ganked in a golden ship iv'e never raged in chat and ive always steered my clan away from behaving like a petulant child in chat too.Simply because i know it really doesn't matter,or in the big scheme of things it shouldn't. Why people spend money on DlCs is quite a nuanced thing with multiple reasons and one of them will indeed be "because they look nice" everyone values items differently.
  10. Then it seems my “irony” spell of the DLC misfired.
  11. On the flip side mate i would suggest the problem isn't being able to chat but that you found yourself hating a random guy from the internet on a niche sailing game forum. The loss of pixels for some people i guess is just to much to handle, To give you a negative example Last battle de-masts a Priv guys christian gets called a c**t ,do i wanna report that? Nah id rather they spend there time on the next DLC.
  12. Yes , they received Woke badge bronze lvl. One question after this patch do I need to do more PvE?
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