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  1. Some people apparently would find this situation “interesting” WTF!!
  2. Ok hands up all those that love raising hostility as a hobby?
  3. You think you can trust this AI to do anything competently? i cant wait for this to land and laugh my tits off, unfortunately this natural progression will seem like an infuriating regression. Belongs in a single player game.
  4. So do I and it was anything but fun , it gets in the way of whatever it is your doing or planning to do, and for what ? To have PVE thrust upon you ? It even messed up RvR On occasion wasting even more time.
  5. Depends why your flipping them doesn,t it? Are you flipping them just so you can open them to all? You guys have obviously learned to take repairs now which is the only positive i can take from this thread.
  6. The crux of the problem is no one in the dutch nation has 6 months spare to let you flip a neutral port.
  7. Good luck keep us up to date, what have we learned so far? Trying to blackmail a nation with incompetence doesn’t pay.
  8. Of course the same applies , that’s why Russia won’t attack the last bastion main port of the prussians in the nw of the map because that would be hypercritical, right? Dont stress though if they do attack it I’m sure the newly established UN server police will show up to defend it. Not. You might get your own thread on the forum though!
  9. One of the funniest threads in a while keep up the good work people, Graf lecturing others on popularity is my personal favourite.
  10. Best practice on an Ai single Elite ship if you can leak that in one broadside your doing it right.
  11. True story,we also craft free hugs at maracaibo and you have qualified as a two for one customer.
  12. Any news on new ships that were voted for?
  13. I can confirm the building of the new dutch nuclear reactor at Coro will be complete by saturday.
  14. You really can’t make this s••t up, well played . gg
  15. Even we have standards, seriously though the clan does lack a good bard for the sea shanties after a Friday night PvP drinking fest.
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