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  1. That reminds me can I have my knife back ? Also, potatoes...
  2. Tried it for first time tonight,did two long sails and a raid and it cut it all down by half,as long as it can't be exploited it'a great for ow sailing i would even consider no tagging whilst using though you would have to drop out or something then a cooldown so its just for travel,but i like it for ow sailing.
  3. No salt at all my dear spanish friend , I would just advise you to read all the posts not just the ones that trigger you.
  4. It’s ok my little salty Frenchman I can tell your still scarred and tormented by the Swedish years you had to endure. I don’t even blame you for changing nations when you lost so much every day. Ironically we changed to Sweden because we wanted to sink frenchies and at that time the Dutch nation frowned upon it, so we moved. you on the other hand return to the nation that spawned you to farm your old sailing friends, despicable and pathetic.
  5. See it’s like joining a battle in OW you make a comment and 2 pretenders join straight away .
  6. Despe is not giving Russian propaganda he is giving spanish propaganda dressed up as a big angry bear. He is part of the glory hunter generation also NN and Vso Not really russian for those read BF , Rus and original Reds. Dont waste your time on pretenders.
  7. Too much work on a mid term to long term basis look at those that still commit to it long term and ask yourself how much time they spend on it , that group shrinks constantly.
  8. Keep telling yourself that brah and you will actually start to believe it.
  9. In my experience you can choose to play with shady shenanigans or you can try to play with a certain amount of respect, those that try to play like little shits i have no time for steeling loot like this or in other cases like using alts to increase the BR as has happened on a few occasions i will always aim to sink and i tell my guys to do the same. I always record it and have never been in a tribunal yet because of the shame they would bring on themselves, i have no qualms about it what so ever.
  10. I would of warned then sank him before he got it or leaked him , either way.i have no time for that crap. Zero tolerance.
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