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  1. I would say it was extremely shortsighted at best,and yes it can get far worse currently i see only two relevant nations in RvR, now imagine when there is only 1. You mean you haven't done that already? Shame on you,load it up and see what a classic looks like btw its on steam so leave the c64 in it's box .
  2. i Know right look at the size of that Chinese clan lol and joins russia. I can see reverse's first meeting with the clan leader.
  3. Times like this when I miss the “ Press Gang” perk.
  4. So my choice is go PvP OR defend my port it has taken my guys so long and invest so much time into forced PVE ? nice choice I see a running theme in this thread of people liking this option are the same people who don't have to fight these battles on PvP server. I don't post out of rage i post because i actually want the game to succeed,but whatever the ship has sailed destination unknown,proof is in the pudding so let's see the result.
  5. So in essence we get to raid our own ports with Alts,and we have to turn up every weekend to defend against an AI fleet which after the first Port Battle will probably attack in the same way it did last time apart from MAYBE a different set-up of fleet composition.Not only forcing more PVE on players sick of PVE but robbing those players of probably the only time they might get to do the only thing they log on for PvP. Im really trying to get my head round the thought process.
  6. I think i learned how to turn in circles in my first week 5 years ago.
  7. When will this drop so we can put a timer on? Just asking for a friend. Although at this point when i ask my clan to defend this i think they may just all laugh,if the boredom of a PVE port battle that may destroy their will to live is going to happen we need to know when to take our medication. I hate being this negative but i cant think of one guy who is not logging on atm who will think great il log on for this.
  8. Your missing a trick mate,if you want him to speak in TS, first summon him,then request he bends the knee.
  9. I think your getting the wrong end of the spanking stick my friend,merely explaining the tale of superior skills of WO over VCO or VSO or OSV or whoever they are today like a good bard should.
  10. This post smells of Desperation. Was it Kingys TS he summoned you to? Give it up man no one cares everybody knows what KOC and WO did to you and your clan i hear Anolytic has a spot for you at the russian council meetings now filling the goblets with wine.
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