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  1. Yes i have never posted a tribunal,can't really see the point but i have video from last week of REDS clan tagging for 25-30 mins in a hostility mission just to grief until the timer is up. So i can post this video if desired which in essence is the same thing as both are done to deny RVR. Please don't make me do it i'm lazy.
  2. You probably missed the part about being over ruled by Russia and they decide over you.
  3. Please don't interrupt the enemy whilst they walk into a well placed hypocrisy trap.
  4. think you will find this is a mostly Danish tasting tears thread.Check the thread Title.
  5. Yea fighting denmark is boring as f~k so improve in RvR or get used to the fact Pbs are one sided and and hold no interest for a nation that does RvR,why would i want to fight 2 pbs against you if i can fight 2 against Russia it makes zero sense Therefore i wont so il put a cork in your bottle, you think i and cabal have not had to fight outside our TZ to take ports? We have fought campaigns against WO before it is what it is this argument has been had more times than i care to remember over the years and it isn't changing,it certainly isn't gonna change because of 5 people in denmark who aren't into RVR.
  6. I remember after the road town or Spanish town PB after it we were hit by a privateer fleet,it was actually a better fight than the pb tbh.I would rather fight Russians,Personally i don't mind dodging crap one sided PBs where one side has no chance as it sails all DLCs so i can fight in proper ones against Russia.
  7. That ship sailed a long long time ago. Let me know when you open a chest and find a magic lamp to rub.
  8. Yes you are wrong,and apology accepted. Carry on.
  9. Well if i blamed every nation for shannanigans and exploits that would include every nation in the game and some of these are still possible in game.However i predict with this it will be like someone has frostbite in a finger so we just cut the arm off at the shoulder. Maybe a clear and concise post by you on the forum that this is a no no and any future action shall be punished until you can hotfix the issue may be more productive. This has the potential to snowball very fast with possibly dire consequences for population.
  10. Welcome to your second job. Not what i expected when i was told i can work from home .:)
  11. You guys should stop taunting lars with blatant facts,they obviously weren't there to screen the same time as the PB: They were just fishing for Danes.
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