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  1. Tac

    Duch nation doesn't respect deals

    Fingers crossed it will bring you guys active and bring you content,a lot of the time though we have to make our own.
  2. Tac

    Naval Action Meme collection

    Maybe this helps to show the vision of the one man band Port battle commander, Reverse/ Redii .
  3. With test server becoming live next week would it be an option to test on there ? Or would this create a large delay to release?
  4. Tac

    Duch nation doesn't respect deals

    Seems to me you have two choices,make content fighting the only other force with numbers in your Timezone which are rats or you get zero dicking around with anyone.For whatever reason the big two in US time have decided not to fight sooo i guess it is only peace in your time.
  5. Because i’m At work and havn’t got time to read the whole thread can somebody sum up the cure for false flags? Which doesn’t include me sat in a port wasting time or being forced to fight Ai ?
  6. Tac

    Duch nation doesn't respect deals

    No sorry, I didn’t even record or stream it as quality battles are rare these days, however in chat there was no mention of Swedes or alts which you would think there might of been once they stared to sink. I’m non the wiser. P.s apologies to Joseph for his golden endimyion loss I would of given it back but Durin put to many holes in it. It made me sad. o7
  7. Tac

    Duch nation doesn't respect deals

    On a side note we we sank 4 of the mpps clan last night in 2 1st rates and a second rate, so if what you say is true we sank our own sailors but that’s news to me. i guess the waters get more confusing in NA as time goes on.
  8. Tac

    Sailing through land (in battle)

    Comley is a dwarf and likes to mine.
  9. Tac

    Freedom Fighters of Philipsburg

    Problem is Sweden is busy fighting two quite prolific RvR and PvP nations already in Russia and Prussia i just don't think we have the time to fit you guys in atm,Who are you fighting atm?
  10. Tac

    Freedom Fighters of Philipsburg

    Yes we will be having a gunboat only Pb list soon , hard times.
  11. Tac

    Freedom Fighters of Philipsburg

    Indeed sir , almost like a gentleman’s agreement, a bit like pistols at dawn without the gunpowder.
  12. Tac

    Freedom Fighters of Philipsburg

    French were raising Rosaly, it’s kind of a tradition whilst the Swedes are busy.
  13. Tac

    Caribbean Invasion News

    This has been planned for ages phillipsburg has been set as the new prime holiday spot in the carribean especially with the completion of the new trump tower complex, everybody is welcome even Russia . I must warn visitors though it’s very difficult to secure a sun lounger with so many Germans already in residence. be there or be square. Discount vouchers are available from the Cabal website.
  14. Forget the game what’s your secret? How did you train your wife ?