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  1. if we are gonna keep this fireship meta why not bring back ram leaks?
  2. "If he dont tag you anymore, then walk your fine stern out the door."
  3. it may help to equip cannons m8
  4. Trying to get the new meta ship with seasoning
  5. NO FINE WOODS REBOOT kthnx this is just more imbalance and pointless busy work to keep those who must stay atop the totem pole with our dwindling population.
  6. Npc raids are shit, they were a terrible idea for pvp server and should be solely on the pve server
  7. My rare OG santa cecelia when everyone got a super SC https://gyazo.com/a44406575386dfd588bfbca2f4afc85d https://gyazo.com/871ab4d82ac24c0e18338449b7576f70
  8. you have never shown up to a port battle that wasnt yours?
  9. back then ships were easy to churn out and didnt require massive time sinks. Which allowed fleet battles to be common in ow and screening
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