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  1. That would be nice, I generally f12 or screenshot each Outpost I have to keep record of them
  2. So many button Mashers closed important ports with all their ships they changed it. Sad really you would think the prompts would be enough
  3. I'd say the rules are more of, guide lines PS if you don't get the reference I'm sad As for review bombs some people are childish and Petty and some have legit grievances
  4. why not have random forests/mineral deposits along the coast where if you find them can exact some resources?
  5. Completing these missions should apply some to the tax of a port.
  6. with how this game works ship variety = content, limiting what ships people can use limits content. I personally dont understand limiting non DLC ships to the lucky or hardcore folk. People want to sail different ships and experiment.
  7. 5k dubloons for 5k wood is a nice place to start. Will encourage more crafting and hauling
  8. Im not worried about the DLCs if crafting ships of equal power is balanced but rare woods worry me
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