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  1. only 14 mill? and resource supplies look dangerously low
  2. naval action's sequel name suggestions: Ill go first Naval Reaction
  3. those are super rare permits and are like trophies, I used to have a stack of conquest marks long after they were useless. you should buy that rattlesnake permit for 100k tho
  4. How do you deal with alts boosting the population of a Nation?
  5. The only time it's a PITA is if you're moving toward the wreck and wind changes against you. Otherwise it's a decent enough system
  6. well I did and it currently seems like you cant find an answer and refer back to the first wall of text as a deflection (do you have carta or navy planking?)
  7. the cost now is the risk and time you run grinding the hostility in the mission. why would you also need anything else? PS im on the 100% clan based game and nations just starting safe locations
  8. Ah yes make naval action more grindy to afford the hostility missions....
  9. I get this error message when withdrawing 101 or more cannons from clan warehouse, maybe if the max stack of cannons was set higher i wouldnt get this error? 'https://gyazo.com/fab09831a166cd413dd08a9c12a4379e PS would also help the warehouse being filled like this https://gyazo.com/9a69bee3daa4c493ee56ef22ac5350b3
  10. It's almost like some people knew bl4ck would implode funny how that works
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