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  1. People craft ships for xp and sell the basic ones, keeping the best builds for themselves
  2. who would have guessed, crafted surps with good guns vs redeemables with mediums, win "GREAT BATTLE" heh
  3. i was hoping this would be, "why do we not have storms in battle yet" which would be epic.
  4. https://gyazo.com/a38809db7b1b7734a246b9583bf0319b
  5. Isn't it fun solving the mysteries of game mechanics and ninja patches?
  6. show us on the ship model where the fort touched you.
  7. Does watching Netflix while sailing around count as playing?
  8. This fresh rvr history sure iss not so fresh already
  9. Yes making repairs should be rewarded with crafting xp
  10. Unless they just gave all the resources back as redeemable. Then you would have a map reset and people could insta pop lvl 3 shipyard on the front line
  11. Life finds a way, to exploit anything and everything
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