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  1. Show me on the diagram where VCO touched you? That's a VCO screenshot, we're the true BLACK. Just read the names. Yours is missing.
  2. Don't derail the thread. The answer was already provided - it's a balancing mechanic against large area control. If you want to argue against it in principle, start a different thread - and better have a superior alternative.
  3. You're not saying anything useful. There's a simple industry standard, called Patch Notes. Perhaps some of the DLC money should be going towards making sure ALL the information is available in ONE place including important nuances like changes in the way join mechanics work. https://store.steampowered.com/news/?appids=311310 100% of the information should be posted in a separate post right there. Not somewhere deep in replies on the forum. You gotta stop apologizing for this madness.
  4. I don't think this implies "any battle". RvR specifically implies 1st Rates, and the requirement to move around in big groups. That last leg of the sail back almost never includes PvP (once you are out of sight of land, and with enough numbers to prevent further tags earlier anyway). Such unnecessary corners of "unfun" need to be shaved off, to leave as much of the actual PvP-time intact. Would you rather spend those 45 minutes sailing a slow group of PB ships safely back to port, or get back, get into a faster PvP ship, and actually show up elsewhere in the OW? Isn't that an actual increase in OW PvP, not a decrease? The time that you spend sailing the 1st Rate back is "Seen", what is "Unseen" is the missed opportunities for other more PvP-friendly activity. Note that his will only work for the PB, not for the Hostility.
  5. Problem outline: This is a summary of a typical RvR session from the Aggressor: 1. Sail out of a port around 30-45 minutes away from where you want to attack. Spend 60 minutes or more because there is no way to match speeds, so Half-Sail juggling is maximum. 2. Fight in a port battle, up to 90 minutes. 3. Lose, and be unable to logoff - now have to spend 60 minutes or likely longer, while being harassed by enemies trying to catch someone sleeping. Considering the battle timers, that often means late night for most people, and it becomes a real pain to execute a strike. Design Goals: 1. Keep the opportunity to engage and sink enemies "after the PB" (whether this is good for the game should be evaluated). 2. Eliminate as much of the boring sailing, especially on the return trip. Solution: Port Battle creates an even larger "RvR Retreat Circle" after it concludes. This circle is large enough to allow one opportunity to get tagged once outside of battle. When every ship in the Battle Group manages to sail outside of this "Retreat Circle", each player gets a "Retreat to Home Port?" prompt button. If they Accept - their ship has to wait 60 seconds while stationary. When the timer is up, the ship disappears, and the player gets ported to their closest outpost. The ship in question cannot be used for twice the sailing time calculated by the game. It appears in port, but is disabled for that duration (grayed out, no access to cargo). Bonus rule: The only acceptable cargo are Doubloons, Repairs and Upgrades. A ship with any other cargo (books, goods, etc) cannot use the Retreat circle. Interception: Enemies can still intercept ships regularly on their way to RvR, or sink them in the Port Battle, or tag them right outside of port, or while they wait on the retreat timer once outside range (this new circle). Whether this applies to offensive anti-screeners (in clans on the PB list) could be an extra feature.
  6. I wasn't responding to a balancing post. I wrote in the line that you cut off that this needs balancing. I was responding to the "this isn't realistic" argument from someone that wants to remove the new system entirely. Removing this system is out of the question. It works well enough as a basis, and if this type of tagging becomes a constant issue, it can be hot-fixed. We should be discussing improvements, not whining about what was done. Reminder: MOST of this game's Customers NO LONGER PLAY. Ask people why they are leaving, and their complaints are the direct opposite of the crazies that decide to stay despite problems. 1. Game feels like a job (yet to be addressed, but getting there) 2. Sailing takes too long between PvP opportunities. This is particularly problematic in RvR battles. 3. Large map and fewer players = fewer interactions = empty boring game = more people leaving. This is a self-feeding cycle. Realism or lack of Realism is not among first 100 issues. Maybe not within first 1000.
  7. Who are you, and what "players" do you represent? YOU WANT FULL REALISM? GO SAIL ON A REAL SAILING SHIP! This is a game 1st, and simulator 2nd. ANY way to speed the grueling long boring sailing in this game is a GOOD. This system may need improvements based on solid feedback. It's a step in the right direction.
  8. This system can be integrated into the PvP kill missions - a trader that struck their colors can be counted (with some cooldown to the count to prevent abuse, like "recently killed", "recently struck-colors"). Great idea. Being able to then pay Reals/Dubs from the ones carried in the Captain's Chest would be optimal, since some traders carry goods that the raider cannot really carry back.
  9. Good, but we should include a different track:
  10. Santa Marta PB was a disaster for two reasons: 1. William Death (Willis) did not call the battle. 2. Tenet was replaced in the PB list by some nepotistic scrub. I regret not having the opportunity to sink you again. A great game requires GREAT ENEMIES! You are the best Arch-Enemy one could wish for in a PvP game! I hope NA North American timezone becomes worth playing again, or some other game places us in another confrontation. Fair winds!
  11. Wasa killing L'Ocean used to be ~4000 XP, now reduced to ~2000 XP. 4th Rate killing Victory used to be ~3500 XP, now reduced to ~2000 XP. 5th Rate killing Wasa used to be ~2400 XP, now reduced to ~1200 XP. I didn't see such a huge XP nerf in any recent patch notes. Please restore the rewards!
  12. There are too many Nations. Sweden should clearly be removed as a Nation and become a Danish flag option in the DLC.
  13. It's amazing how much of the thread is still relevant. A tragedy.
  14. 1. Yes, crafting is too expensive. 2. Don't blame the players, blame the game. The economy only works if some people generate currency via moving objects. To be able to live by stealing, you need the majority to be producing things for you to steal.
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