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  1. Mr. Ink, is there likely to be a server rollback as result, or should we keep playing today?
  2. I would like to see some screenshots for that. I remember the thread where Admin spoke about Port Mechanics and specifically said they are working on a solution right now, not "after release". I think that if this is true, it is a very bad position for PR considering how big the PvE population is becoming. If PvE is to be feature complete on release, the features have to be tested in advance during Early Access / Beta.
  3. All the Admin has to do is make it so that individual clans don't lose their individual investments if someone else takes over. Should be possible to implement.
  4. I am on the PvE server right now, and I have no way to test the Clan Investments because there is no way to Clan-Capture a Port on PvE. I would like to test the port investments before release.
  5. I would like to know when PvE players will be testing the new Port Mechanics? Will they get tested prior to release? I suspect they would also like to test PvE Hostility Missions and PvE Port Battles against NPC ships. Edit: Reminder: Admin wrote in the past that PvE Clans will be able to capture port through "alternative mechanic", and that this will only open up the clan investment options and not change nation (to avoid actual aggression on peace server). I recommend making the capture clan-side only, so no one can interfere with each other or the map (to keep up with the spirit of the server). I just want to make sure this is tested on the PvE server before the game is released. Note: PvE players have expressed a great interest in a Hybrid Server with voluntary duels and port battles, but no involuntary fighting. That is a separate topic.
  6. The other explanation that needs to be handled is Group Kills and help. It takes longer because of DPS requirements, but Clans can push a member to the top of the ladder by securing easy first rate kills. You use 1x L'Ocean to Board the NPC L'Ocean/Santi, which disables movement and all guns, allowing the Friendly player in a weaker ship to kill all Crew and Sails, and do the most Armor damage - securing the kill. Rake damage against crew is pretty high with the right guns and ship choice. 2 people can get to 9000 points relatively quickly if they perfect the method.
  7. This method is fully built into the in-game rules. If you do not like it, the rules should change: Step 1: Find a Patrol Zone in an area where First Rates are common - La Mona Patrol is probably the best Step 2: Take a Frigate or Light-Frigate into the Patrol Circle, and attack a L'Ocean or Santisima (900 BR Each), make sure to be Downwind (!) Step 3: Sail Downwind until you reach the circle edge, while putting some shots into the Enemy (get Sail Damage to mark it as your kill). Step 4: Right before the Enemy is likely to turn, sail outside of the Patrol Circle, but keeping yourself tangent to the circle so you can return in time. Step 5: When the Enemy ship follows you clearly outside the circle, turn so it can intercept you and commit to a turn + fire broadside behavior. Step 6: Survive the barrage and re-enter the Patrol Circle enough to Reset the clock. Step 7: Exit the Patrol Circle again and wait for the Enemy's 5 minute clock to run down to 0. This ensures the Enemy ship stays outside the circle, and since you reset your own timer, the other ship gets sunk first and you win. Your timer stops after winning. Congratulations, you just Killed a First Rate. You can now loot the corpse. Repeat Steps 1-7 until you reach 8100 points. To get the most Dubs, perform the last battle in the last few hours before Reset, since the tie-breaker is the last person (!?) to reach 9000 points. PvE Server Testing: 6th Rate Test: ~2700 points, won the ladder (didn't bother to max). Mercury with no skill unlocks and no mods. Lost one ship - mistake, took a broadside from too close a distance. 5th Rate Test: ~4500 points, won the ladder. Surprise Sab/Sab got the most kills, no skills or upgrades required. Lost a Surprise to timer mistake, Lost a Trinc - unable to return upwind. 4th Rate Test: Killed a L'Ocean with an Aggie on accident, discovering this method. There are paths that are quire possible with heavier ships. but 3rd rate and above is trivial to just win by Boarding/Fighting. Boarding Help Method - alternative method that is also likely used: 1. Make a L'Ocean with Boarding Spec and take Barricades and other defensive skills, Marines, etc. 2. Fight a Lone Santi/L'Ocean and start the fight by softening the rear armor by 25%, then immediately boarding. 3. During the boarding, do not use any attacks, and Defend whenever your crew goes low enough for the AI to Counter-Attack. Slow down the killing of enemy crew. 4. The smaller ship gets behind the Enemy and starts raking from optimal distance and position, starting with hull damage, and then switching to Grape for crew. 5. If the smaller ship does more Crew and Hull damage than the Helper, it will get the kill even if the larger ship wins the boarding. Can be enhanced by allowing the smaller ship to work down the sails with Chain initially, scoring extra sail damage which adds up for to secure kill. This can be done in 30-40 minute fights or less. This is simple enough to do with an Alt-Account / Dual-Box. Suggestions: 1.Make Weekly Ladder Fights 1v1 only, do not score kills in fights with friend or fleet ship help. No help, 1v1 only. (This disables the Boarding Help method) 2. Make the AI Ships Immune to the Patrol Circle timer.
  8. This is a serious discussion, no need to start garbage. Тут дискуссия для взрослых. Не надо начинать срачь. How will people PB if they are Adult Men and Women that have Jobs and support a Family? How will the issues we are talking about be taken care of? Wargaming - World of Tanks - Clan Wars Map had a solution: Map is spread into time-zone belts - restricting Port Battles to a specific range depending on the location. This will allow people of different continents in real life to occupy different areas of the map, and fight along the borders - while not preventing people from doing crazy stuff during weekends and holidays. For example: make diagonal belts, from bottom-left to top-right, so the NA players fight around the US coast (EST Timezone), while KPR is GMT/UK, and the lower half of the map is Eastern-Europe timezones.
  9. It's tragic to see my post from summer 2017 still largely relevant, with design decisions still ignoring the core principle outlined by this thread. Comeback Mechanics are crucial for RvR / PvP games, otherwise no one will play.
  10. I was first to post a score both times. Normally when you do something FIRST in a competition you get the rewards. Я первый набрал 8700, и меня не обогнали. Почему я не #1? This is the current week, I am losing despite being First again: A day later, another player manages to catch up: I made the top score First, and yet again this results in #2 instead of #1. Я первый набрал максимум очков, почему я не #1? Common counterarguments: 1. He did it in less battles (third screenshot): The # of battles does not influence the score, only the # of kills as a limit and Total BR earned. There is no evidence the # of battles plays any significance (and if it would, it would force people to perform the achievement in groups, softening targets for their friends). Если номер сражений влияет, одиночки будут проигровать кланам (помошь в сражениях). Ето плохо. 2. "Ties in game are always granted to the person who comes later" - if true, this is bad design. First come, first serve. In competitions the one that does something in less time should be rewarded. 3. "It must be alphabetical" - I hope not, because that would be very bad design. I would like to hear an explanation of the actual tie-breaker rules from a developer. I believe that Tie Breaker should either be based on "Time from Start to Finish", whoever finishes the task faster gets the reward in case of a tie. If not, then everyone with the same BR score should occupy the same spot on the ladder. There is nothing wrong with multiple people getting the same award. Пожалуйста объясните если знаете точно как это работает. Я считаю что Одинаковый результат должен оставлять всех финалистов на том же месте, или должно решать время от первого до последниго сражения (delta time). This may seem like a small annoyance, but it is also quite simple to fix.
  11. 1. No notification of spotting a Sails-up Player Ship and a large underpopulated map means long hours of staring at boring emptiness before any human interaction in OW, or camping capitals. 2. Capitals in center of map have safe-zones - we asked for safe zones, but not in the center of the map. There should have been newbie spawns without economy just to do missions, not at the center of the map, not where resources can be gathered easily. 3. The map needs to be sized Dynamically - while 100 people are playing, only the very central area should be open (via resources disabled elsewhere or other means). Every nation should have a spawn point outside this area, but relatively close. When server population goes up to 300 concurrent at prime times, a bigger zone of operations can be unlocked, and so on. This can be decided manually by the Game Masters (Admin). 4. We need a Game Master with the tools to spawn and monitor events so fun stuff can happen on the server on frequent basis - several times a week. It is probably easier to implement without automation - you need a person who understands the meta and won't interfere with emergent gameplay if it is already in process (key PB's, raids, etc). It's nice to see Admin working on Sailing realism, and it will help the game in the long run, but it's not what brings people back to activity.
  12. People who don't RvR and don't understand how it works should not be posting in this thread unless OW hunting is referenced. Some of the ideas on the first page were great. World of Tanks Clan Wars had a functional system of gradual time-zone changes - the USA map during 2014 was divided between all the North American time zones, from PST in the West to EST in the East. This allowed clans to have fights against others in their time zones primarily, but also have an option to once in awhile raid an inconvenient time zone just to prove a point. It worked. EU vs NA is a bigger time zone gap but the RvR map is huge and can be easily split up for RvR. It could be done gradually where some places would be very friendly to EU clans, some places very friendly to NA clan time zones, and some places will be in-between and could be set to a wider range between EU and NA depending on who controls the port. This will also end up benefitting OW hunters because with merged servers they will have the maximum number of targets, and traders will not have easy solutions like "I'll just login during off hours when it's safe" because it will always be "prime-time" for someone. It's time to accept consensus and discuss details. ---- RvR is indeed not the reason why numbers are low - they are low because Player Interaction is not sufficiently supported. Admin does not recognize Player Interaction as sufficient motivation for people to stay playing, so he doesn't promote it as much as other features. Examples: 1. Why is there no system to detect Hostility Missions in-progress? These were supposed to be contested but they are not announced on the map so it's very difficult to respond. Easy fix to have a Nation-wide announcement when a port gets attacked for hostility. 2. Why is there no system to bribe for Intel and get heat-maps of player activity, or player based "rumors"? Remove time waste associated with finding where other players are on a huge map and you will see more people stick around. Combat News is great but there should be reports of all battles, including where no one sank. It should be an option on the map to track activity to promote people to sail out and explore such reports. 3. Safe Zones and National Spawns should be moved away from the center of the map. Safe Zones are for rookies doing missions. Safe Zone towns production buildings should turn off if the Nation owns a certain number of other ports.
  13. French were doing quite well hiding the initial targets of engagements - at least one target managed to almost fully repair and re-engage. French also scored the first kill by isolating one of the ships. Not surprising considering they had the wind advantage for most of the fight. It's surprising that we managed to reverse such significant enemy advantages and win. You did incredibly well despite the adrenaline, pressure and adapting to situations. This was the first time I lost a First Rate in a port battle, and I would gladly repeat the experience to have such a glorious battle. I managed to position for some good trades, placed the last few broadsides into the enemy flagship, and went on to capture an enemy ship while sinking. Goodbye Santisima, you served me well. Salute to the French, great fight.
  14. Welcome to the game. I recommend switching Pirate right away. You will keep your sanity and enjoy the game a lot more.
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