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  1. 1. No notification of spotting a Sails-up Player Ship and a large underpopulated map means long hours of staring at boring emptiness before any human interaction in OW, or camping capitals. 2. Capitals in center of map have safe-zones - we asked for safe zones, but not in the center of the map. There should have been newbie spawns without economy just to do missions, not at the center of the map, not where resources can be gathered easily. 3. The map needs to be sized Dynamically - while 100 people are playing, only the very central area should be open (via resources disabled elsewhere or other means). Every nation should have a spawn point outside this area, but relatively close. When server population goes up to 300 concurrent at prime times, a bigger zone of operations can be unlocked, and so on. This can be decided manually by the Game Masters (Admin). 4. We need a Game Master with the tools to spawn and monitor events so fun stuff can happen on the server on frequent basis - several times a week. It is probably easier to implement without automation - you need a person who understands the meta and won't interfere with emergent gameplay if it is already in process (key PB's, raids, etc). It's nice to see Admin working on Sailing realism, and it will help the game in the long run, but it's not what brings people back to activity.
  2. People who don't RvR and don't understand how it works should not be posting in this thread unless OW hunting is referenced. Some of the ideas on the first page were great. World of Tanks Clan Wars had a functional system of gradual time-zone changes - the USA map during 2014 was divided between all the North American time zones, from PST in the West to EST in the East. This allowed clans to have fights against others in their time zones primarily, but also have an option to once in awhile raid an inconvenient time zone just to prove a point. It worked. EU vs NA is a bigger time zone gap but the RvR map is huge and can be easily split up for RvR. It could be done gradually where some places would be very friendly to EU clans, some places very friendly to NA clan time zones, and some places will be in-between and could be set to a wider range between EU and NA depending on who controls the port. This will also end up benefitting OW hunters because with merged servers they will have the maximum number of targets, and traders will not have easy solutions like "I'll just login during off hours when it's safe" because it will always be "prime-time" for someone. It's time to accept consensus and discuss details. ---- RvR is indeed not the reason why numbers are low - they are low because Player Interaction is not sufficiently supported. Admin does not recognize Player Interaction as sufficient motivation for people to stay playing, so he doesn't promote it as much as other features. Examples: 1. Why is there no system to detect Hostility Missions in-progress? These were supposed to be contested but they are not announced on the map so it's very difficult to respond. Easy fix to have a Nation-wide announcement when a port gets attacked for hostility. 2. Why is there no system to bribe for Intel and get heat-maps of player activity, or player based "rumors"? Remove time waste associated with finding where other players are on a huge map and you will see more people stick around. Combat News is great but there should be reports of all battles, including where no one sank. It should be an option on the map to track activity to promote people to sail out and explore such reports. 3. Safe Zones and National Spawns should be moved away from the center of the map. Safe Zones are for rookies doing missions. Safe Zone towns production buildings should turn off if the Nation owns a certain number of other ports.
  3. French were doing quite well hiding the initial targets of engagements - at least one target managed to almost fully repair and re-engage. French also scored the first kill by isolating one of the ships. Not surprising considering they had the wind advantage for most of the fight. It's surprising that we managed to reverse such significant enemy advantages and win. You did incredibly well despite the adrenaline, pressure and adapting to situations. This was the first time I lost a First Rate in a port battle, and I would gladly repeat the experience to have such a glorious battle. I managed to position for some good trades, placed the last few broadsides into the enemy flagship, and went on to capture an enemy ship while sinking. Goodbye Santisima, you served me well. Salute to the French, great fight.
  4. Welcome to the game. I recommend switching Pirate right away. You will keep your sanity and enjoy the game a lot more.
  5. My experience is coming from World of Tanks Clan Wars, where I was in charge of Propaganda for one of the top clans: 1) Tools: Mandatory Discord or Teamspeak/Mumble + Slack Chat. Basically - you need persistent chat and voice, and Discord solves that decently right now. People need to be pestered to always stay logged in even if they have to mute sound or go to the AFK channel. It's important to build that habit and even kick people out if they can't comply. Communication is key. You also need Operational Security: there needs to be tiering of information (and disinformation) distributed from leaders to various levels of officers and members. Sometimes that means deception of your soldiers until the actual movement on the map. 2) You need Statistics or some other way to weed out uncompetitive players. You need people that really like what they read in this article: http://sirlingames.squarespace.com/articles/playing-to-win-part-1.html You then need to have consistent/scientific measurements of every important engagement. You need to record video and watch the replay. Compare it to replays of groups that perform better. Isolate player based decisions that could have changed the outcome. Only after you make multiple player-decision passes of analysis should you consider the question of equipment. So you can benefit from both scenarios in your question - against Experts you don't get to play much but you can glimpse their tactics and try the same. When you lose again, you can repeat the analysis on a more granular level (you now used an effective tactic, copying theirs, so now they actually beat you with smaller skill advantages, so you can learn what they are). Then you take those strategies and tactics and practice them against your own group or weaker opponents, so you get to practice them in a lower stress environment. Your members need a healthy balance between having the stamina to lose for a week straight before winning, but also show up to practices and improve skills to facilitate that win. Losing too often will ruin your group. Playing against weak opponents will prevent growth. It's a balance. 3) Diplomacy and Propaganda is key - Morale is everything in group battles and on the forums. Losing in battles makes enemies annoyed. If they also lose on diplomacy and forums, they might fall apart and you can have your pick of their best players. Diplomacy should be conducted to create a reputation of reliability and stability - people who betray without cause, or are caught lying constantly, will quickly lose influence.
  6. I like this idea, but how do you know chain shot is 80%? It takes more volume (two balls+chain or bar), but the balls may be hollow, though most of the mass is still at the outer edge (property of spheres). Those balls were made to withstand the explosion of gunpowder, they would be have to be thick.
  7. You compared the "automation" of not having to stare at the horizon for hours on end for the hope of a player ship to the straw-man argument of automated-fights. This suggestion is the exact opposite. The interesting chases IN THE OPEN WORLD MAP and the ship fights AGAINST OTHER PLAYERS are the meat and potatoes of this game. The losing of eye-sight on staring at a boring horizon is not. The hours of staring at horizon waiting for a player with raised sails should be Automated as an option on long raids or ambushes. PvP should not require having a Toilet mounted under your seat so you can stay in the same place for hours. This game simulates Age of Sail - where Captains stayed in their cabins unless a live chase or course correction was required. If you can't see the difference and still think the comparison between action and inaction is fair, there is no hope for you or this game. Building strawman arguments is not an argument.
  8. No need to be a toxic scum. Lucky this forum isn't moderated. I would remove low effort spammers from "suggestions" on sight and with a warning/ban.
  9. People who respond to these threads need to indicate whether they are currently trying to play as Hunters or OW PvPers, and if they are active in the game. You should particularly have to prove your credentials if you dare use the word "carebear". It's easy to forum warrior when not playing the game as a hunter and realizing it's a huge amount of effort for the low chance of a player interaction. No wonder most of the hunters quit and the remainder are trying to concentrate between US coast and Mortimer.
  10. Where is the Tribunal case of Pirate vs. Pirate outlaw battle being used to escape OW fight? (the one case was dismissed due to Open battle argument) The one case I remember with NAT vs Pirate related to RvR resulted in an account being suspended. Are you arguing for precedent or do you want your friends to receive preferential treatment from the judges? Pirate vs. Pirate outlaw battle works MUCH differently than NATION vs NATION. - Battle remains OPEN for entire 90 minutes, making it a terrible choice near enemy ports. - Single join circle with result of much closer engagement ranges. Please stop omitting these critical differences. Admission of guilt and intentional demasting in Green on Green is bannable unless you can prove that you had no other choice. The only exception is in matters of loot where the ally is attempting to steal loot from a ship you sank, and even then you have to provide screenshots with warnings issued and ignored. No loot involved in this case. The accused had plenty of options that excluded shooting at their own team - for example they could have captured evidence for their own tribunal report, and left the scene. No one forced the accused to completely demast an ally - removing the bottom masts is particularly suspect in the case of a shoot-through or accidental friendly fire, because in a bigger ship that requires aiming down at the water, at the smaller ally, and not up at the far away opponent. The fact that the accused is offering weak excuses instead of admitting demonstrated guilt should result in a ban to serve as a warning for others. p.s. The accused should have the option to admit guilt, apologize to the community for abuse of exploit, and create a precedent of self-enforcement. If they fail to comply with that option and wait for judge's decision I will demand the precedent to be sustained and bans to be issued consistent with previous cases. I heard the argument that removing people from the game at such low population levels is bad - bin that. The game will lose even more people if garbage behavior is allowed and enforcement isn't consistent. p.p.s. I will delete this post if Tribunal rules are maintained by all sides. If misleading statements are made by non-involved parties I will have to counter them particularly since I have a similar case being reviewed. Silence for all or open influence for all.
  11. When I asked for better Towing on the Suggestions to offset the durability changes, I did not ask for 4th/1st rates. I wanted the main OW ships up to 5th rates, the raiding ships, to be easier to field. One version of that suggestion was for the towing to be in the actual OW - with a bigger ship able to bring extremely undercrewed ships behind it so when you bring your 1st rate out you can also bring a trader and a raider out to the front (even if the towed ships can't fight if you get attacked). Sailing 1st rates is a pain in the ass in the OW but I'm not sure if this change is a step forward or back. Remains to be seen. If it improves the # of battles that happen, perhaps it's for the best.
  12. While I was critical of some of your actions, I appreciated your service. Community promoted moderators are key to a growing game - with checks and balances. I hope the game does bring back the role of the Corsair, while also recovering the role of the Bounty Hunter. I had fun trying to recover lazy lost traders back when I was with the Dutch. Good luck with your projects and hope we get to fight again! Cheers.
  13. I thought about that, but a Surprise is a sufficient investment and can be cornered much easier than a Lynx. People will not be able to afford 3x Speed Upgrade Surprises to serve as scouts - any time it's caught it's a harsher punishment than losing the trader in the first place. If they bring anything slower, it will be chased off or captured. People already have ALT spotters on trade routes, this suggestion gives Raiders an advantage.
  14. Can bump up the requirement for this feature to a certain rate - like 5th rate or higher. If people want to leave 5th rates around to spot, let them, the response will be more targets for raiders.
  15. It would only warn you if the ambusher has sails up. People already AFK-trade, this actually hurts AFK traders by encouraging more people to ambush. Right now AMBUSHERS / RAIDERS stopped playing because keeping eyes glued to monitor is horrible - high effort, low result. Having the captain spend 24/7 on top of the mast is neither realistic, user-friendly, or contributing to PvP.
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