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  1. This system can be integrated into the PvP kill missions - a trader that struck their colors can be counted (with some cooldown to the count to prevent abuse, like "recently killed", "recently struck-colors"). Great idea. Being able to then pay Reals/Dubs from the ones carried in the Captain's Chest would be optimal, since some traders carry goods that the raider cannot really carry back.
  2. Good, but we should include a different track:
  3. Santa Marta PB was a disaster for two reasons: 1. William Death (Willis) did not call the battle. 2. Tenet was replaced in the PB list by some nepotistic scrub. I regret not having the opportunity to sink you again. A great game requires GREAT ENEMIES! You are the best Arch-Enemy one could wish for in a PvP game! I hope NA North American timezone becomes worth playing again, or some other game places us in another confrontation. Fair winds!
  4. Wasa killing L'Ocean used to be ~4000 XP, now reduced to ~2000 XP. 4th Rate killing Victory used to be ~3500 XP, now reduced to ~2000 XP. 5th Rate killing Wasa used to be ~2400 XP, now reduced to ~1200 XP. I didn't see such a huge XP nerf in any recent patch notes. Please restore the rewards!
  5. There are too many Nations. Sweden should clearly be removed as a Nation and become a Danish flag option in the DLC.
  6. It's amazing how much of the thread is still relevant. A tragedy.
  7. No they are not. What's your In Game Name and Clan? When was the last time you sailed for 2-3 hours with First Rates to Grind and Attack a port? Not enough outposts + Small Population = Less PvP because people stick to their corners.
  8. 1. Yes, crafting is too expensive. 2. Don't blame the players, blame the game. The economy only works if some people generate currency via moving objects. To be able to live by stealing, you need the majority to be producing things for you to steal.
  9. If you join the Russian Empire on the PvP server, I will build you a new Aggie as compensation. I was one of the people who reported this issue - an exploit that allowed a ship as small as the Surprise to kill a 1st Rate without firing a shot, by luring it outside the circle, then sailing back. Now NPC's are no longer bound by the circle - so if you want to capture a trader in the PZ, you have to demast or board fast. Combat ship NPC's are quite bad sailing upwind, so they may be pushed beyond the circle over time. If that happens, you might have to wait out the timer.
  10. The problem is that without towing First Rates, RvR on the server will die. First rate speed was greatly reduced, and they are now painful to sail in the open world. It takes hours to get anywhere. 2-3 hour sails for PvP are unacceptable in the long run. We have a smaller server - content making should become easier until we grow 10x bigger.
  11. I wouldn't mind that, but would prefer if we didn't treat all ships equally (Choice between one First Rate, or several Frigates based on rate - see point system proposed above). However, even that would be a good start.
  12. Could you please release the updated August or Current Faction % numbers of active players? Можно посмотреть новый график количества активных играков во всех нациях?
  13. This is on nearly everyone's mind. I would also modify the tow system to be relative to Rate. You get 5 points each day. 5th rates or below cost 1 point. First Rates cost 5 points. This way we can tow more light and medium frigates and increase content significantly. Translation of OP: Бесплатные аванпосты в свободных городах - 8 портов это очень мало для такой карты. Для экономику уходит 2-3, для зашиты патрулей 3-4, для зашиты... для атаки... не хватает.
  14. Willis definitely has the original screenshots, as he called the battle. There are a lot of differences on that screenshot, like the "A" in [BLACK]. Pretty blurry, lets see if I can help: [VSC] Willis, [VSC] Tenet, [VSC] MidnightLight, [VCO] Jarlath Morrow, [VCO] Doug Maoz - did someone change their name? Did I forget someone active? Any of the names not mentioned still play? No disrespect intended. Which one of these names are you Simon? All your current leaders had to do was show up a month before release, and say "We're re-forming the old crew. Come join us and we will give this game another shot." All they had to do was to show an ounce of humility.
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