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  1. Commentary in English and Russian. Check the chat for text elaborations where necessary. Good luck!
  2. Excuses are like assholes - everyone has one, and they all stink. For some this is just a PZ, for other's it's a "Great Battle". It's all a matter of perspective.
  3. I have already proposed a solution, but as you see many people are dishonest in their discussion and do not actually want to see PZ solved. They want the PZ eliminated. Here is some evidence from the thread: There are people responding to this thread who are NOT interested in actually improving PZ. They see it as a threat, and if it worked well and provided PvP content for both beginners and veterans, it would threaten their own vision of how the game should work. They are not answering our threads honestly, they do not want improvement. They do not offer alternative improvement suggestions. They "like" messages that maintain the false narrative of PZ killing OW pvp. SOLUTIONS: The problem with the Shroud Cay (Nassau, Deadman) PZ is access. There should be an easy way to craft and transport ships to Shroud Cay for Nations that are far away on the map. Perhaps there should be an Admiralty "Tow to PZ" option that can be used to transport ship to Shroud Cay that is independent from the daily tow to port. Perhaps the docks at Shroud Cay should have a special capacity upgrade where you can store 5 ships of up to 130 BR each for free, not counting towards your dock total. Perhaps my idea of promoting 500v500 BR instead of just 1000v1000 is a good one to improve accessibility. Improve accessibility and PZ will become more popular. Make it less of a hassle to move Guns and Ships to the PZ. The PZ is an important tool to train new players, and it actually helps the OW PvP, because in the PZ you HAVE TO FIGHT. Because you cannot run, new players who would otherwise run can learn how to fight, and more importantly, Learn how to Sink. PZ teaches them lessons that then make them more fun OW opponents. PZ feeds players into OW PvP, and they are both required to keep the server alive!
  4. The game never remembers my preferred ordering of chat tabs. This is how I like it. You may like it differently. There should be a way to SAVE the ordering. Simple quality of life change. EDIT: I intended to post this in Suggestions... but somehow it got posted in OW Discussion? Must have wrote it out in the wrong tab. Please move it to Suggestions, thank you.
  5. You can start discussing RvR history again, or go to the thread linked and discuss RvR gameplay improvements.
  6. I just deleted a stack of 500 hull repairs while trying to SPLIT the stack. Somehow managed to click the confirm button while expecting a slider. It happened so fast with my new sensitive mouse that I didn't even realize what was happening. Please make the DELETE confirmation menu RED in color and move the Confirm button to the OPPOSITE (left) side of the dialogue box.
  7. These are all great ideas that should be implemented by order of priority. Role customization is a priority.
  8. 1. Opinions are irrelevant, only the arguments that support them matter. 2. Your request for a 1v1 Duel is dumb. Anecdotal evidence is irrelevant. One duel is an insufficient sample size for statistics. Not an argument. Take some time to think of an actual argument, then come back and we will "duel".
  9. Example: You have 1000 Iron Logs in Warehouse. You want to place a contract for 150 reals/log, and want to sell the entire amount. You type the amount as 1000 in the calculator, you will get 150000 + TAX as contract amount shown. If you type the amount as 10000 or 11111, the calculator will properly adjust your max amount to 1000 logs, but the cost calculation will still be 10x the amount, and as result, 10x the Taxes. It will actually ask you to pay 150K in taxes (!). Fortunately from testing, this appears to be just a visual problem, and actual contract seems to be placed correctly. This is a visual bug, but quite alarming when first encountered. Example: Selling 100 salt (max) for 150 reals each, total should be 15K. If you try to add another digit, the amount gets adjusted back to 100, but the price and Tax still displays 10x (!!!) - however it does only collect 1500 reals when placed, adjusting it correctly. Luckily it seems that when I actually clicked Confirm it only subtracted the 1500 tax from my account.
  10. Seems like it was already weekend in Kiev when you asked. Hopefully they will respond on Monday, in the next 12-24 hours.
  11. The enemy captain is fighting you. Translation of his words: "Soon I'll take down your mast, then start boarding you. Are you ready?" "Mother is calling me to eat food. We'll do this video later." What an upstanding fellow, respecting his mother this way! If this is indeed happening near an RvR zone, you are lucky you weren't stranded for longer. It's his right to fight you for 1.5 hours, and if he keeps focusing your masts at range without letting you fire back, that is your pain to suffer. If he tagged you for more than 1.5 hours, maybe you would have a case.
  12. I am not yet actually doing it - but one way could be the "__" length of the bar of the aim. You can compare that length to some feature on the enemy ship, like the distance between masts, and come up with an assessment. To do that, one would first have to test and record the results for popular ships. You could develop a primitive system similarly to the MILS based on just one bar.
  13. False. Someone brought in a discussion about physics, and I said that the physics have to be tested using period conditions, accurate re-enactment, not just a reference to some Mythbusters episode. I linked a video showcasing just such a test. Then the goal posts started to get moved - speaking about the historical goals of capturing ships, instead of the Naval Action game goal of sinking ships faster, going off topic. Read the thread from the start, and stop the spin. We're done here.
  14. I am trying to develop a refined suggestion-proposal to solve many of the issues discussed earlier in this thread. I invite everyone to participate constructively - if you can find a glaring loophole, please let me know. If you can find an elegant solution, please post it for discussion! if you really dislike the idea, please explain why in detail.
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