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  1. ATTENTION - after the server has been rebooted, many players can not download the game.
  2. played around, it's time to go back to the pirate
  3. =The port welcomes its heroes= naval battle Video ays
  4. 08. 09. 2019
  5. The WTF clan invites for cooperation the pirate clans,creating a single capital, to settle in Barakоa and to fight the aggressors of the nation.
  6. In the battle I was intentionally trying to sink the two players, it can be seen in the video as they shoot at me at close range, as otlichayut chips from my ship, as I wrote to them about it in chat. You British provocateur captain 😃 and me funny to read your the text. and stop to insult other players, respect for the opinions of others )
  7. you're doing the right thing by trying to exonerate your clan people, it's not in my best interest to just blame them . The administration of the game there is a log of the battle and they will check on the honesty of these players, I have the chat log where I told you not to shoot at me that it can lead them to permamentnaya ban, I'll post this log later. I have no interest without reason to blame the players. The administration of the game will check who is wrong here.
  8. ☠ WARNING:Gross violation of the rules of the game ! ☠ [JASKS] Tango Fox [JASKS] Mr Meeks The rules of the game are forbidden to shoot their team, but apparently don't know the clan [JASKS] for the shots in the back. asked to bring to the Tribunal the beginning of the battle and the shooting can be seen on the video 04:34 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/472318223
  9. ☠Вступай в крупный пиратский клан [WTF] ☠ Привет, покоритель морей! Предлагаю вступить в нашу эскадрилью для совместной игры. Требования для вступления минимальны и не потребуют от вас ничего сверхъестественного: ☠Помощь в прокачке и ресурсах; ☠Патрули, рейды, пиратские набеги; ☠Живое общение Discord обязательное условие; ☠Возраст 20+. Если ты капитан, то с нами откроешь свой потенциал, если юнга то мы поможем освоится и стать настоящим владыкой этих морей!
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