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Found 4 results

  1. Captains Part 2 of Patch 14 is being deployed today Ships of the line and frigates sailing performance is finalized based on: Sail percentages on individual masts Spankers Jibs Staysails Spirit sails Displacement to sail power (amount of sails in comparison to weight) Block coefficient Waterline length Width to depth ratios now better affect acceleration and deceleration Width to Length ratios now better affect speeds and turning Crew on sails are adapted to the square area of sails Speeds, yard power, turning, sternway (backward speed), accelerations, decelerations were changed for all 3 masted ships. As a result. Performance of vessels in combat is now extremely realistic. If your ships has a bigger spanker or more jibs you will see a slight difference on how this ship reacts to wind. You can fail a tack if you do things wrong and do not use yards. If you try to tack at low speeds you will get completely stuck in irons if you don't use your yards. Example of the failed tack Other changes Speed will be affected by structure damage. If your structure is below 70% you will see a degradation of speed and will have be more careful when conserving structure. In other words you will not longer see light frigates zooming away at 14 knots having 2 bars of structure left. Open world speeds slightly improved at bad winds (you will travel slightly faster) - this is done to compensate to significant changes to square sailer curves Next patch: Part 3 will cover hp, br and speed performance for light vessels (2 masted and 1 masted ships) some indicative stats https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vpd0gIGgJNqaRYqAppB3IbX_TX8zNhx-nVY1jq72QFA/edit#gid=0 Please use this topic to feedback on the sailing performance of frigates and lineships. Patch update 18 Dec Update was deployed yesterday 18 Dec Important: Defence timers added to ports. Clans can set up the timers for hostility and port defense. Hostility generation is IMPOSSIBLE outside of the defense timers. Port battles will always start 24 hours after hostility reaches 100% defense or defence? Fixed a very important rare bug with the cannon reload (which now allows us to bring light carriages back). Thanks to @Cpt. Reverse Ow Traders now drop better loot Sternway reduced to 55% from forward speed from 65% Bot behaviour against the wind improved Bot OW speed reduced by 15% Update 21st December: Experimental Gameplay changesVictory marks (marks received for winning the map) conversion is now only available for the PVE serverImprovementsCrash reports sent only take into account logs of the recent crash (speeding up returning to the game significantly after the crash) Update was deployed today 22 Dec. Labor hours contracts can now be bought for combat marks Victory marks can be bought for PvP marks to promote both RVR and PVP activites Prices for ship notes for PvP marks updated and generally lowered. Wasa and L' Hermione have been moved to PVP rewards and prices were updated Ability to acquire wasa on a pve server will be added next week together with the removal of permits for majority of vessels on both servers. permits will remain for first rates and second rates Distribution of victory marks changed victory marks will be given to top 3 positions on the conquest weekly leaderboard 3 marks for first place 2 marks for second place 1 marks for third place victory marks will only be given to the players who: Have at least one lord protector status in at least one port by the end of the round - bringing his nation a control point or, Participated in a successful port battle during the conquest round (even if the port was lost later on) - bringing his nation a battle point Update has been deployed today - 26th December Removed victory mark requirements in blueprint and permit acquisitions for all ships except for first rates Reduced prices for PvP content in pvp marks because previously the catered to top pvp players but not the average players (it should be better now) Fixed an important bug with bot reload getting stuck from time to time Increased cool down and time to recover crew on the surgeon - surgeon was working too fast and too often during battles and it had to be nerfed. Final changes for ship physics including leeway and adaptation of all light ships is being prepared. New year gifts will be distributed with the forthcoming patch (part 3 of sailing model improvements)
  2. You could perhaps even do away with all the random capture points as result of predictable winds making several points little to obnoxious, instead permitting capture of port after demolition of fort which anchors attackers so that they don't always start upwind, and successful defense so long as fort isn't taking damage. You could perhaps even make the whole thing zen by requiring that certain amount of damage is produced against the fort depending on enemy fleet size as apposed to defending fleet size (by cannon poundage), which means you don't need to go as clan somewhere just because you have to and be there for that same reason- in a clan. In small enough port (that is small winds) you could probably could disturb first rate enough that he would fail. It sure enough could still lead to attackers trolling defenders, but I trust you could come up with some math that would ensure that theres equalibrium with variables like firepower involved and such. In addition instead of hostility system you could require that fort is rebuilt requiring resources proportionate to amount of pounds of cast iron demolition took, requiring that there's also a fleet of indymans somewhere nearby lest defenders chose to regroup and kill of defenders with indyman having to travel through battle instance towards the port. I suppose that with supplies required to solidate capture of fort trolling defenders becomes less so practical but a timer could still be required unless you want to let defenders build up the fort again to which only requires that you check back in every so often in case some lonewolf did decide that he would both destroy the fort and bring the supplies to actually capture the fort. Either way necessity to escort a trade vessel requires frigates either in screening fleet/convoy or in actual port battle instances. Reference to sailing physics and winds come from first several sentences of this post.
  3. Renommee - why their sailing qualities worsen? Dear captains, Why was the Renommee in speed (15kn) and turn rate (3.12) with the last patches so severely trimmed? The Renommee was neither a "super-ship" and she was not a real frigate. With its old characteristics it stood as a "smooth surface corvette" between rate 5 and 6. And with its: - Structure - Armor - Cannons this ship was underlevelt to all other frigates. Only a few players sails the ship, in my opinion only special captains! With their current values the Renommee as a ship has become no sense in "Naval Action" - it can now be completely deleted from the game. But I would like to know before hand why was it so changed? Thank you Jakob Kettler Renommee - warum ihre Segeleigenschaften verschlechtert? Geehrte Kapitäne, warum wurde die Renommee in Geschwindigkeit (15kn) und Drehung (3,12) mit dem letzten Patch so stark beschnitten? Die Renommee war weder ein "Superschiff" noch eine richtige Fregatte. Mit ihren alten Eigenschaften stand sie als "Glattdeckkorvette" zwischen Klasse 5 und 6 und war in den Bereichen - Struktur - Panzerung - Kanonen allen anderen Fregatten deutlich unterlegen. Nur wenige Spieler fuhren das Schiff bisher vergleichsweise! Mit ihren aktuellen Werten ist die Renommee als Schiff sinnlos geworden - sie kann jetzt getrost komplett aus dem Spiel gelöscht werden. Zuvor möchte ich gern wissen, warum wurde sie so verschlechtert? Danke
  4. From the album: Age of Sail

    This is a model of an early American built ship for the Royal Navy. The ship was built in 1748 and lasted for about 10 years before being broken up.
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