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  1. This has nothing to do with perks, you are confusing them with upgrades and skill books. Generally people have the fleet perk because it can be better to capture a ship instead of sinking it. Get some boarding upgrades and books if your worried about boarding. Perks won't help you. Or learn how to board...
  2. Kawazz

    Port Battle bug?

    Its not about it being a server crash issue... the outcomes of this bug were similar. Therefore something needs to be done so this similar issue has a proper resolution system rather than what we experienced. You really are being very defensive for nothing and seem to be missing my point in getting the details right. Like i said I don't care about that port if we did it would of had a timer.
  3. Kawazz

    Port Battle bug?

    You say its not possible but its what happened. No need to debate it. We had one player in the pb today. What we assume happened is the port was flipped automatically because of the bug yesterday, correct me if im wrong Ink didnt this happen once before? To be clear I don't care about the port, this is about getting the right details to the devs so they can fix the issues. I'm not debating you won the first port battle but a second port battle did happen today and there's nothing to gain in debating that.
  4. Kawazz

    Port Battle bug?

    Well there was another PB set today... did you guys not notice? Just wondering because we made sure to have someone there I'm not trying to prove a lie its what happened. Admin will be able to see we had 1 player in that PB.
  5. Kawazz

    Port Battle bug?

    2 PBS, one yesterday and today. Yes, it wasn't during the maintenance because we showed up to this one. Honestly at this point you guys can just take Issacs if you really want a port, we dropped it because we didn't want it. Oh and there's a few theories about why you went after la des. Looks at marsh.
  6. Kawazz

    Port Battle bug?

    There was another PB(s)... ya guys missed it. The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.
  7. it doesnt take long to level up smaller ships... patrol zone is good.
  8. Attack a 25 ship fleet, you'll be happy you did. Have you tried an epic? I guess not since you ignored that...
  9. People complain about pay2win and this is a perfect example of that. What's next a book dlc because its too hard to find all the books? Have you tried to attack a large open world fleets or checked out an epic? The rewards are pretty great and the bonus is the XP. Some people are just playing this game wrong.
  10. What Lenin did is a great skill. I've done it a few times in shallow battles, just 2 ships however and had each setup on its own display. It is not a task for the weak, the fact that he's able to do it with such little screen space is amazing.
  11. @adminSo that's how we'll teleport to outposts? 🙄
  12. We had this for awhile, one day I might bring it back but I truly don't see the need with combat news built in game.
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