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  1. Peace server has the historical map (with no prussians or kurland or what not), start a character there and enjoy spanish gulf for the years to come War server is where all players decide how history turns out and how map should look like (not you alone) please do not post in the language and tone you just did
  2. Hostility is being given to the player (clan) who gets the kill in the hostility points since 2017 - its allowed, but will be fixed based on what developers said Entry to missions - legal mechanic - allowed, until its removed. The combination of these two mechanics (interfering with the requirement to cap the county capital) is a valid option for everyone until it's fixed. Map wipe will fix the issues uncovered by testing anyways.
  3. It was already answered by the developers in another topic. This is how legacy hostility worked and it still works this way, until it's changed. Player gains hostility for his nation. If player nation is different from the mission owner he gains hostility for himself and not the mission owner. It was stated that this feature will be changed, but there is no information when and how.
  4. Lars you were not banned for criticism. You were banned for shitposting and brigading when your last posts deteriorated into trolling. You were always treated with respect here, and same is always expected in return. Shitposting, abuse of developers, trolling and ranting is against the forum rules. You accepted the rules registering here. So please do not complain about them - follow them or just do not login here to post. https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/2346-forum-and-game-rules/ Compare that situation with Koveras posts: Often negative or very negative, broke rules of the forum ban evasion, still posting in the open. Why? Mods give forum members second chance. Our job as mods is to keep critics and criticism so developers can read it, but remove shitposts and shitposters, so developers never see it. For now you are a critic not a shitposter. Those 30 people can request to be unbanned and promise to follow the rules. Some members of the community did so and are back.
  5. All accounts were given money on start some time ago before release. Players traded money and deleted accounts, one guy generated 2 mln, 50k tax is nothing.
  6. Hull speed is the main determinant for ship speed. Longer hull = faster speed. Longest possible hull at the age of sail 65-70m (due to tree sizes). You can read about it here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hull_speed https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Froude_number Any slowest first rate is faster than any frigate at heavy weather (bigger waves) with the exception of long ships like constitution which should be very fast. Lots of first rates were faster than average badly built frigates. Historically accurate and not ridiculous at all. Most 74s were very fast. Cutter on the other hand is faster than any ship in light wind. When frigate can not get any movement in light wind, cutter can sail 6 knots (its max hull speed).
  7. Replacing of context and content meaning. Player base (all future and potential players) is not - concurrent online number (number of players logged in)
  8. This forum dont allow off topic in feedback topics. This is a combat feedback topic. Talking about missions is off topic.
  9. This tavern is national news section and forum rules apply here You accepted rules when you registered an account. 8. Discussion of moderation, warnings and bans is not allowed. Such matters shall remain private between Game-Labs and users. The discussion of forum moderation actions usually leads to flaming and trolling. That is why this type of discussion is strictly prohibited under the forum rules. During the development of the game there is usually no way to appeal. 15. Abuse of Game-Labs employees and forum volunteers is prohibited. We have a zero tolerance policy on abuse of employees and volunteers. This includes but is not limited to personal attacks, trolling. Forum is a place where players and developers can exchange ideas in a constructive manner with the only goal to improve the game. Players who attack or abuse employees or volunteers, will be permanently banned with no right to appeal. So while you can talk about whatever you want - you should continue following this forum rules at all times.
  10. Keep devs and volunteer moderators out of discussions in this section. National news is for events happening in game and the open seas, not the forum and/or development process.
  11. Sailor

    No Christian

    Christian was presented for fulfillment of a developer request at testbed (taking the time off the main game). Everyone could get it.
  12. Some players state that the the current design is ridiculous and such criticism is welcome. You just called an unprofessional indie team unprofessional, questionable but could be allowed if meant in a friendly spirited way. Developers called a statement "10 doubloons for tp is too much" ridiculous (referring to the statement - not the author), and you immediately inferred that it was about you? False statements, misquotes and double standards are not welcome on this forum. Cut such statements down.
  13. Your posts and opinions prove the opposite. All opinions and ideas including critical views are not only tolerated but also welcome. But trolls, people who deliberately post false info to mislead others will get removed.
  14. Lies and false claims are not ideas. The statement: "developers have not implemented a single idea from the community" is a false claim/lie. This forum does not tolerate liars as lies do not contribute ANYTHING to the discussion.
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