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  1. Thx BCH,, Great Pics... The openness of the fields, with cannonade/Small arms firing going on. By the time Gettysburg happened, "Most" troops/soldiers/officers had seen the "White Elephant" in the room...n...knew what battle was all about.)
  2. Cool maybe if you could,snap some pics....of some battle areas,where the battle(s) took place, n any informative boards about the battle. Than post? Nothing like walking over ground where past battles happen..refecting on the confusion/suffering of the Soldiers,an elation of victory....
  3. Yes...The White Line is for the Units ammo level....... a quick scan across icons indicated who should be resupplied/ordered back etc etc...
  4. Good stuff Lava. I see you are enjoying the hell out of this game Bravo Zulu....Lava.........Good Fights/Write-ups. If you would like to learn to use a vid. recorder to record your games. PM me I will show you some good free Recorders n a few Video's how to...k..if you interested.
  5. Did you try n to Validate Game files, thru Steam Game properties? How about reinstalling the Game. What are your rig, CPU/GPU etc? Win 10? The game worked... then some maps won't load? We'll get you up n running others here with more in-depth troubleshooting expertise... Lets us know if you got it running n how...
  6. Here.. guides .....walkthrus... Game play basics...weapons...' https://steamcommunity.com/app/502520/guides/
  7. Yea as Col_Kelly said, also there are tip threads here, https://steamcommunity.com/app/502520/discussions/ Give the custom maps a go, on Colonel difficulty(Dunker Church is a straight forward Battle). Lots to learn, always someone to help. Most new players have difficulty getting by the first Battle in the Campaign. The speed of the unit is affected by its condition, + other things) Each individual unit under different conditions/situations in battle, will impact you Army's performance to a greater/lesser degree. How to tell with a glance which Unit(*Brigade-*Skirmishers-*Artillery Type Gun, etc.) is starting to get stress, learn to rotate Brigades in n out of Battle Line, best Artillery type for what job etc. Routing Units, when will a unit Rout? Where are your units,*Condition/morale levels, Ammo, reloading... Bars, lower left unit info screen. Another Good resource** By Soldier/Col_K-------The Artillerist Guide to the Ultimate General: Civil War...(Thread is pinned here or Steam Forum...) This is very important, knowing different Artillery types/effectiveness. It will take time to familiarize oneself with the information presented. Keep at it....... Read/Watch/Play/ Post..Ask questions here or steam forum. Learn the proper Tactical approach...... know your enemy(Strengths/Weaknesses.) I have over 500 hrs. Still learning.....Great Game....man.... Good Luck n Keep your Power Dry, Brian......
  8. Yes, good suggestions....Also, you can see a number of supplies still inventoried, by hovering mouse over the Supply icon...
  9. Jamieva // Don Delmer.....From the In Game Guide--Command Basics Falling back>The safest way to execute a tactical withdrawal is to use the Fall back command. Press the FALL BACK button or F key and the unit will move back to a safer position while shooting the enemies in front. **In contrast, by ordering a unit to simply move back it will expose its rear to the enemy, becoming much more vulnerable. ***Battle Basics: The following information will help getting started with the basic gameplay aspects of the battlefield. Contents...Moving a single unit...Moving a group of units...Halt...Run...Unit rotation...Range attack...Charging...Falling back...etc...
  10. Here.... The Medal of Honor was the first medal for which all enlisted men in the U.S. military could be nominated. On December 21, 1861, a bill was passed authorizing the production and distribution of 200 “medals of honor.” Designed to “promote the efficiency of the Navy” the medals were would be “bestowed upon such petty officers, seamen, landsmen, and marines as shall distinguish themselves by their gallantry in action and other seamanlike qualities during the present war.” U.S. CIVIL WAR MEDALS AND HONORS Congressional Medal of Honor Navy Medal Of Honor Civil War Campaign Medal Grand Army of the Republic Badges and Medals CONFEDERATE MEDALS AND HONORS Confederate Roll of Honor Davis Guard Medal New Market Cross of Honor Southern Cross of Honor http://civilwarsoldiersearch.com/medals-and-honors.html
  11. Peter. Do as Sterner said first, uninstall/Reinstall Card drivers....Your PC works with other game's. Norfolk has some good insight. You probably know this anyway. Just a suggestion. Since windows 8 there is a program by Microsoft that's checks you Windows OS.This will use a snap from the clean build n goes thru with the check n rebuilds/fixes you OS only. I use it every time I am having issues with my PC,,,.. or just to check my OS health.. weekly. If I am having pc gaming issues I always start here. This way I know my OS isn't at fault. If the driver's update/reinstall doesn't fix your woes...Norfolk's suggestions...Other games work, UG worked before..,,, UG is a bit demanding, but still? First, run from the command prompt admin privileges ( sfc /scannow ) >>This is you OS System File Checker. 1 Space between sfc.../ ----------------------------- https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/wiki/windows_10-update/system-file-check-sfc-scan-and-repair-system-files/bc609315-da1f-4775-812c-695b60477a93 --------Driver Verifier-- tracking down a misbehaving driver-- https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/wiki/windows_10-update/driver-verifier-tracking-down-a-mis-behaving/f5cb4faf-556b-4b6d-95b3-c48669e4c983 Peter Let us know when, n if you are successful...ok..n....GL....
  12. Yes, Franklin was a costly Battle for the AoT, as you said it's a part of or leading up to the Battle of Nashville. One Battle does effect the other, to further add to your info----- Battle of Franklin - Aftermath: The Battle of Franklin cost Hood 1,750 killed and around 5,800 wounded. Among the Confederate deaths were six generals: Patrick Cleburne, John Adams, States Rights Gist, Otho Strahl, and Hiram Granbury. An additional eight were wounded or captured. Fighting behind earthworks, Union losses were a mere 189 killed, 1,033 wounded, 1,104 missing/captured. The majority of those Union troops that were captured were wounded and medical personnel who remained after Schofield departed Franklin. Many were liberated on December 18, when Union forces re-took Franklin after the Battle of Nashville. While Hood's men were dazed after their defeat at Franklin, they pressed on and clashed with Thomas and Schofield's forces at Nashville on December 15-16. Routed, Hood's army effectively ceased to exist after the battle. The assault at Franklin is frequently known as the "Pickett's Charge of the West" in reference to the Confederate assault at Gettysburg. In reality, Hood's attack consisted of more men, 19,000 vs. 12,500, and advanced over a longer distance, 2 miles vs. .75 miles, then Lieutenant General James Longstreet's assault on July 3, 1863. Also, while Pickett's Charge lasted approximately 50 minutes, the assaults at Franklin were conducted over a span of five hours. https://www.thoughtco.com/battle-of-franklin-2360910
  13. Shiloh With the 'Army of the Mississippi" is a good map, multi-phase, buildup to the Final Battle. Maps are smaller, n the Battles are intense. --------- Army of Mississippi (March 1862) This army, at times known by the names Army of the West or Army of the Mississippi (the latter particularly at the Battle of Shiloh), was one of the most important in the Western Theater, fighting at Shiloh, Corinth, and Perryville. It was organized on March 5, 1862, and portions of the Army of Pensacola were added on March 13. It was consolidated with the Army of Central Kentucky and the Army of Louisiana on March 29. On November 20, 1862, it was renamed the Army of Tennessee. https://www.geni.com/projects/Army-of-Mississippi-CSA-US-Civil-War/4246
  14. @ Feuerwolf.......Like you enthusiastic attitude towards the Game...Will have a look at ur new vids, when there up...
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