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  1. Thx BCH,, Great Pics... The openness of the fields, with cannonade/Small arms firing going on. By the time Gettysburg happened, "Most" troops/soldiers/officers had seen the "White Elephant" in the room...n...knew what battle was all about.)
  2. Cool maybe if you could,snap some pics....of some battle areas,where the battle(s) took place, n any informative boards about the battle. Than post? Nothing like walking over ground where past battles happen..refecting on the confusion/suffering of the Soldiers,an elation of victory....
  3. Yes...The White Line is for the Units ammo level....... a quick scan across icons indicated who should be resupplied/ordered back etc etc...
  4. Good stuff Lava. I see you are enjoying the hell out of this game Bravo Zulu....Lava.........Good Fights/Write-ups. If you would like to learn to use a vid. recorder to record your games. PM me I will show y
  5. Here.. guides .....walkthrus... Game play basics...weapons...' https://steamcommunity.com/app/502520/guides/
  6. Jamieva // Don Delmer.....From the In Game Guide--Command Basics Falling back>The safest way to execute a tactical withdrawal is to use the Fall back command. Press the FALL BACK button or F key and the unit will move back to a safer position while shooting the enemies in front. **In contrast, by ordering a unit to simply move back it will expose its rear to the enemy, becoming much more vulnerable. ***Battle Basics:
  7. Here.... The Medal of Honor was the first medal for which all enlisted men in the U.S. military could be nominated. On December 21, 1861, a bill was passed authorizing the production and distribution of 200 “medals of honor.” Designed to “promote the efficiency of the Navy” the medals were would be “bestowed upon such petty officers, seamen, landsmen, and marines as shall distinguish themselves by their gallantry in action and other seamanlike qualities during the present war.” U.S. CIVIL WAR MEDALS AND HONORS Congressional Medal of Honor Navy Medal Of Honor Civil War Cam
  8. @ Feuerwolf.......Like you enthusiastic attitude towards the Game...Will have a look at ur new vids, when there up...
  9. -The 13 amendment would still would of had been made by Lincoln, there's no getting around that.... -Yes Longstreet was right. Get behind the union Army, -The slaughter of Fredericksburg was not even 6 months behind them. His corps(part of was on Marye's Heights, n still fresh/burnt into his mind. IMHO...Longstreet a very capable Field/Corps Commander. Things were not lost on him with major blunders, with either(ANV//AoP) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Fredericksburg -With Pickets charge as the men were marching across that Field (Shout went down the Union line's(Frederick
  10. From a Rock Paper Shotgun interview................ By Tim Stone on May 1st, 2015 at 1:00 pm........ Nick: We are experimenting on a new enhanced game engine version for a next title that will simulate The Battle of Antietam. This engine will make the next game visually superior to Ultimate General: Gettysburg and will use a sandbox system in which you can play the battle from the start to the end, having full control of the army. It’s too early to provide a release date and also we haven’t yet decided if this new title will be sold separately or as DLC.......... https://www.rockpap
  11. {V 1.6 - Rev. 11185} ANV // Custom // Determined. I am sure you are aware of this AI(AoP)Brigades routing thru Player's Brigade: 13:48- 1353: Iron Brigade 14:17-14:21: Paul's Brigade 14:29: Cutler http://imgur.com/a/eQ1f7
  12. Remember this is in all good fun,,,I love a challenge when given, n accepted........... Well Showcase, Koro has thrown down the gauntlet, Its is now up to you to pick that Gauntlet up, n accepting that challenge! Perhaps we shall see then............With whom really has the 2 marbles rolling around. I'm at the betting window, just like at the horse track. You are doing a lot of Barn Barking in your thread. Just like Jockey's/Trainers sometimes do in the Stable's.... But when Parade to Post is called..... they make up 'dime store excuses' as to why there horse is scratched from the
  13. -Confederates Capture Oak Hill- July 1st // 12:45 General the Whole Right Flank is Collapsing! A.A.R. // AoP // Determined I // XI Corps' // Cavalry Corps-1st. Div. Buford Losses: Union- 7624 // ANV- 6598 http://imgur.com/a/a1bgU ======================= This was another Hard Fight by the AI+++ -Buford's skirmishers put up a stubborn Fight while holding Seminary! -The AI was coordinated with there concentrated attacks from the North n NE. - It was a des
  14. Well Mr. Mercanto, I agree with your Feedback/Assessment with the above post. The Artillery being to powerful with Shot at Range /// With Cutler in cover, + an added Advantage stationed on Higher Ground. -Cover is a double edged sword. -Now with the effectiveness of cover, and how I understand it n should mirror a fire fight just like IRL... This will effect the Soldiers 'Line Of Sight', with incoming, and outgoing Musket Fire. Cutler is in heavy cover 78%, This will limit his LOS to Davis. -Thereby his effective fire(Cutler) is limited with not being able to have a direct fire into/a
  15. Mercanto.,, So if I understand you correctly the AI(ANV) is over Powered? Let me know the Map//Setting, you used for your Fight..... I want to play this out with both sides n take ScrnShots of the Battle, with reports. The brigade on the higher Ground with cover usually are the winners in a Gun fight weather AI or Player,,from what I seen/played given the Brigade rating */**/***...... n Numbers involved. If I give up the higher ground(AoP) it is usually I am also getting Hammered with Artillery, while in a Gun Fight...But than again that's me n there are a lot of different circumstanc
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