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  1. Why not pick (or better let community vote) some people from community to take care about that stuff? Something like this: 1 from each nation, everyone votes on the same reported issue and it gets judged after majority vote Pros: - its not your fault if they do a wrong decision since they got voted by community - u dont have to read all that shit - people still have chat and it is getting moderated Cons: - if someone quits the game u have to get someone new - need guidelines and support them in the beginning a bit
  2. And so is your quote of his post. While his time frame might be wrong this was your argument why small battles got closed.
  3. Why is everyone so mad about free Trinc? The Victory DLC is much worse for the game imo I wonder why there is even crafting in this game anymore
  4. Hey, since voted new feature proposals works well it would be nice if we can also vote on stuff which doesnt work and should get fixed or deleted or reworked.
  5. Jo REDS passt glaub ganz gut zu dir. Deren Stärke war schon immer Economy und Grind. Mit Bernadotte im Taktikbunker konnte da eig auch nix schiefgehen
  6. Es gibt Diplomatie und Diplomatie. Manche versuchen das Game interessant zu halten, andere sind daran scheinbar überhaupt nicht interessiert und wollen lieber "taktisch" gewinnen. Sprich mal mit NorthViking, wie er das Game sieht. "Every equal fight is a tactical mistake." Dann deinstallierst du das Game auch über kurz oder lang wenn dich RvR interessiert
  7. Hey Dominique, wenn das wirklich der Grund ist finde ich reagierst du etwas über. Erstmal haben sie ja überhaupt noch nichts entschieden und außerdem kennst du doch das Entwicklungstempo der lieben Devs 🙃
  8. True that, our beloved Russian overlords will find a glorious solution for sure. Im not a virus, im a beer. Names related to the virus are forbidden here.
  9. Magnificient idea! But what will the servers say with BILLIONS of players when the cap is like 3k?
  10. 2 really good changes to stop griefing and braindead zergs with no skill and trash ships, while also moving the activity of screening to basically stopping PBs. Which means setting up a PB has more action and is less boring. I still miss post battle screen to logout after a fight and less grind overall, although Im not sure if its too late for these changes for NA1.
  11. Ja wie geschrieben screening fällt weg aber dafür kann jederman beim Verhindern von PBs helfen. Die Hostility soll ja extra dafür deutlich länger dauern. Mir gefällt der neue Ansatz besser, weil es nichts mehr bringt den Gegner nur zu beschäftigen und dafür zu suiciden.
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