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  1. Another issue that there might be with my suggestions is that there seems to be a limit to the total amount of ships the servers can handle (from what I've read). Well, firstly the fact the player crew and ships have to be used limits the possibility of spam; secondly I think most people would prefer to cut down on random OW NPC spawning if room was made for hauling contract ships (one is random and without an impact on economy, the other is meaningful and player created).
  2. The reason that I put in the pretty strict contract rules is to prevent abuse and scamming. Of course, you can just fill in a trivial compensation amount at your own risk; hopefully the players will figure out where the risk/reward balance is, and how much people are willing to sell their time for, etc. One thing I would like to see though is personal contracts, so you can bypass the public contracting; in that instance it could be a lot more flexible. Likewise within clans. I did consider the postal service and similar things, but I concluded that it would just artificially inc
  3. One thing that has bothered me for a long time is the lack of immersive life and meaningful activity in the OW. What I'm going to propose is something that will hopefully make even those "dead" NPC traders interesting to OW hunters, and at the same time something that may appeal to the aspiring merchant mogul. Traders all know the bore of sailing for a long time in the admittedly rather dull OW of Naval Action, and OW hunters all know how unsatisfactory it is to capture NPC traders even if they carry valuables, simply because it has no impact on enemy players, therefore I propose h
  4. I'm amazed nobody mentioned the PiratesAhoy! so called "Build Mod" or "New Horizons" for the 2003 game, Pirates of the Caribbean (a.k.a. Sea Dogs II). I'm sure quite a few of you must have heard of it or played at least once upon a time. It's still being developed here, and is, I dare say, the best single player AoS game out there, with tons and tons of content - and you can play it however you like: arcade-ish or realistic. I'm currently trying my luck as a smuggler which is high risk high reward (got my favourite officer killed, and almost died myself, last time I tried selling on
  5. That deals with the "immersion", Great! But what about the entertainment? I mean, for me immersion is part of the entertainment, but I know that is not true for everyone.
  6. One of the least immersive parts of the game is the OW travelling. Unfortunately it's also one of the things you have to spend most time doing. I've been dreaming of a non-instance game where everything takes place in the current battle sailing mode - but perhaps I'm just a dreamer and it won't work (unless perhaps for a single player game)...
  7. Loving that sharp bow! It's nice to see some of the old style carrying over to later ships (even though that lateen may not be practical). I can't wait to see one of these beauties in game!
  8. It has a distinct American look to it somehow... Not really my cup of tea... Anyway, I think we need more 3rd rates rather than 1st. (This should also be posted in the shipyard section of the forum, not here).
  9. The only real issue I see is that frigates have too much thickness currently. A six or nine pounder should be better at penetrating at least medium sized frigates.
  10. Which is why there are so few "good" PvP'ers (those that are willing to and can spend the time to get all the best mods). My suggestion was a way to counter this by giving a fair chance to those that don't have the luxury of rare drops, etc.
  11. Sure, I can agree that there should be more cheap mods around; that'd make the suggestion even stronger. You're right about Gazelle, it requires more sailing crew - a very minor malus in my opinion. How about Optimized Ballast then? It's only got positives, and it's piss easy to get.
  12. Gazelle doesn't have any malus afaik. Anyway, that's beside the point. Sure, you can optimise by using the expensive/rare ones (since you get less malus, and can use your slots for other things - but these also have a limit to their effect, meaning any bonus you get will be within reasonable values), but you can't reach a 10% speed increase by stacking expensive/rare mods anymore, so in most areas you'll have an even playing field, only slight advantages in other areas by using the expensive/rare modules.
  13. There are plenty of cheap speed modules for example, and if you can reach the max increase with a Gazelle Bow Figure, and Speed Trim, then there's no real need to search for e.g. Bovenwinds Refit unless you want to use your Knowledge or Permanent slots for other things.
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