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  1. Niels Terkildsen

    Games similar to Naval Action

    I'm amazed nobody mentioned the PiratesAhoy! so called "Build Mod" or "New Horizons" for the 2003 game, Pirates of the Caribbean (a.k.a. Sea Dogs II). I'm sure quite a few of you must have heard of it or played at least once upon a time. It's still being developed here, and is, I dare say, the best single player AoS game out there, with tons and tons of content - and you can play it however you like: arcade-ish or realistic. I'm currently trying my luck as a smuggler which is high risk high reward (got my favourite officer killed, and almost died myself, last time I tried selling on Puerto Rico, getting caught in a four-way fight between bandits, smugglers, natives, and soldiers!). I play using the DirectSail mode, which means I sail directly between the islands instead of using the World Map. It's great. The only thing I'm missing is the sailing mechanics and combat of NA.
  2. Niels Terkildsen

    Why not have sailing in the OW?

    That deals with the "immersion", Great! But what about the entertainment? I mean, for me immersion is part of the entertainment, but I know that is not true for everyone.
  3. Niels Terkildsen

    Why not have sailing in the OW?

    One of the least immersive parts of the game is the OW travelling. Unfortunately it's also one of the things you have to spend most time doing. I've been dreaming of a non-instance game where everything takes place in the current battle sailing mode - but perhaps I'm just a dreamer and it won't work (unless perhaps for a single player game)...
  4. It may be a bit rude to say, but I believe NA:L will be the only way the NA developers can release a successful game in the end. NA:OW has been limping along for so long, it seems unlikely that it'll ever succeed in retaining enough players for a big OW/MMO to function properly - and in turn bring in new players (which in turn is a vicious circle that only leads to abandonment); not to mention the financial aspects... Ship combat is what NA is good at, and that really shines through in NA:L. I did not take pause from NA:L because I suddenly found the combat boring, but rather because there wasn't enough players to populate matches, and because I was waiting for three major things: wipe, new sailing model implementation, and F2P release. With those things, I can't see why NA:L couldn't be a low maintenance side act alongside the OW-game that could even provide a steady income from microtransactions (paints, premium ships, XP-boosts, etc.) and perhaps a portal for some players to move on to the OW (until its inevitable expiry date). I'm sad that I can't drop in and have an hour or two's fun in NA:L when I feel like a break from all my everyday menial tasks. No other game has succeed in making sailing and cannon shooting such good fun. It would be a pity if it drowns in misdirected (though well intentioned and admirable) ambitions. I'm only speaking for myself. I know that some people don't like the ship combat without a context (OW), but I'm sure there's a market for a good AoS F2P combat game if it's allowed to spread its wings, which NA:L clearly hasn't been yet.
  5. Niels Terkildsen

    State of the game.

    Game can't be dead before it's been alive. You'll have to wait for release with that attitude. I'm waiting for release (or at least the inclusion of the new sailing model) before I play again, for much the same reason as you, but I don't see a point in complaining about it at this stage of development.
  6. Niels Terkildsen

    29 December 2017 patch notes

    I'm hoping to see the new sailing model in NAL soon. Been itching to try out the new leeway feature and see what all these changes do to PvP.
  7. Niels Terkildsen

    'To govern is to populate'

    Please... I just have to call BS here. 1) Going back to battles that were always open would be like having a big lobby where you could just pile in and have a big scrap, completely ignoring the logics of positioning etc. Sure It may be fun as a big, jolly practise arena in NAL, but it has no place in OW. 2) Durabilites make no difference at all in terms of solving the issue you're complaining about. Ships themselves are cheap cheap cheap, what costs money (time and sweat) is getting upgrades and books. Those need to be seriously looked at, not hello kittying durabilites again.
  8. Niels Terkildsen

    Admiraal de Ruyter - 1806

    Loving that sharp bow! It's nice to see some of the old style carrying over to later ships (even though that lateen may not be practical). I can't wait to see one of these beauties in game!
  9. These are the only ones I could find: https://imgur.com/a/93V1m
  10. Niels Terkildsen

    Teams working the system

    Nation chosen doesn't affect anything, it's only you who see the flag you've chosen - everyone else has the flag of their own choice. I think what may have happened to you is that you were in a frigate and were paired with a frigate of a similar size rather than together with the smaller ships. At least that's what I've found: when I go out in my Cerberus and there's a decent number of unrated, but only two frigates, you risk getting into a separate battle with only the other frigate player. That happened twice to BoomBox and myself - I think because I was the only viable player to match him with while he was in an Indefatigable. (Btw, BoomBox, I'm sorry for ending the battles with circle cap, but I just find it too tedious to play against - and with - so many bots).
  11. As long as you know this, you know pretty much all there is to know:
  12. Well, those are not my words. I have only praise for what you've done up until now; that is also why I passionately hope that we won't take a step back - and I do hope that the "arcadey" things we're seeing now is the result of the fact that many variables (like basic speed and turn rates) haven't been adjusted. This.
  13. It's odd: sailing the ships in combat has been one of the few things that worked really well, and yet now it's being completely rewritten. I sure do hope that this won't be messed up, because that'd leave NA with very little going for it. As it looks now (admitting that I haven't tested it thoroughly myself) this looks less like a change for realism than a change for a more fast-paced, albeit more advanced, sailing profile, borderlining on the arcadey.
  14. That looks insane. How is this more realistic? Coming out of a tack without going below 5.8 knots... and being able to go almost 6 knots backwards when backing sails and depowering. It looks more like the performance of a rally car than a fully rigged ship.
  15. Yes, but my point is: will it be done by the actual turning of yards (by the auto-skipper), or will it just happen "magically"? I know that auto-skipper optimises for speed, and that turning has always been enhanced by proper use of manual sailing, but I'm more concerned about how sailing physics may function completely different depending on whether you're on auto-skipper or using manual sails. Just like vazco says below: Another concern: During the little testing I did after the first experimental patch, one thing that I reacted to, as has been mentioned before by @maturin for example, is that you were unable to heave to; that is, the pressure on the sails made you spin on the spot when you were standing still, without the use of rudder, and in a much too exaggerated way. I wonder if this is still true...