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  1. --Privateer--

    Muskets, the new golden marines?

    I lost a 5 slot fir/crew boarding l'Ocean against a Christian with about even crew because of this. I had Marines 15, 5 Rings, and Nassau Fencing Masters. I attacked into a Musket Volley (usually good to do) and lost about 380 crew vs their loss of about 80. They did not have Marines either. I don't have a screenshot of the battle, because I stopped playing after that. I don't know if Germann xx1v is a good player, but I don't think it matters when hiding behind broken upgrades. A game has to require and reward skill to be fun. In order to require skill, a game has to be predictable. If I don't know the outcome of attacking into a musket volley before I click the button, I cannot make a tactical decision as to whether or not I want to do that and it simply becomes guesswork. There is no skill in guesswork. It made sense when marines was the only boarding mod that had any real effect because marines are visible to the opponent, they know if you have marines and they know how many, therefore the outcome was predictable. Also, the marines I have on my ship refuse to reload any cannons, but now apparently any crew member can pick up a musket and shoot with 90% accuracy.
  2. I've had contracts set for trade goods in Tordo since the update a week ago. Not a single trade good has made it into the shop at this port. It's at least believable that my teak contract in Grand Turk is not filling due to AI traders carrying teak not reaching the port, however no one hunts traders in the Gulf, they should be reaching Tordo. So what's the issue, is Tordo not a trading port anymore? Maybe a short summary on how the economy/trading is supposed to work now would help.
  3. Tordo and Parrot Cay aren't dropping trade goods anymore. But the map trader tool says they should, when will that be fixed.
  4. Any idea when trade goods will start dropping again? Specifically in Tordo and Parrot Cay.
  5. --Privateer--

    Prussia and Pirate Peace Dealings

    Well, in my In my experience, no peace agreement lasts forever, and when that happens guess who will be stuck putting timers on 10 ports instead of one. I only make this offer for the sake of the Mort Rats.
  6. --Privateer--

    Prussia and Pirate Peace Dealings

    My thinking is 10 worthless ports are still worthless, where as Grand Turk has some value.
  7. --Privateer--

    Prussia and Pirate Peace Dealings

    Prussia has contacted the evening clans of XXXXX and VCO suing for peace. Since we're online in different time zones and Banished and Capt Cid keep missing me, I'll move the discussion here. First Item: I don't mind holding just a few useful ports with timers rather than a gaining a bunch of useless ports. That being said, I think other pirates (who don't pay for timers) want some ports back. Second Item: Lorimers and Mayaguana were bought from Prussia (specifically Banished) and then taken back. Because of this fact we would like this deal out in the open. Third Item: The Pirates need to receive their part of any future deals in advance of Prussia receiving their end of the deal. Evening pirate clans will cease offensive operations against Prussia (neutralizing night flips). Prussia will cease operations against pirate ports. Prussia understands that the daytime pirates are not covered by these deals and operative outside of them. VCO/XXXXX will not assist the daytime pirates offensively against Prussia. As far as the agreement, we would accept the map below. Also you can have Ragged if we get Saint-Nicolas.
  8. Firo Nebule in a Hercules tagged my Santisima while I was waiting to enter a US vs Pirate battle in the US reinforcement zone outside Saint Marys. Firo Nebule had no intention of actually battling my Santisima and only kited for long enough to ensure that the battle in the reinforcement zone was closed (10 min). The battle was heavily weighted towards the US anyway, 11 vs 7. Firo Nebule was griefing, wasting time, and denying content.
  9. --Privateer--

    Development plans for the H2 2018

    Sad reacts only 😥
  10. --Privateer--

    Development plans for the H2 2018

    Yay! No ship loss I hope. Edit: Also the last dueling room, the ships had to be the same BR, this time +/- 100 BR difference would be fine.
  11. --Privateer--

    Close hostility missions for allied players

    It is important to keep the ability of 3rd party nations to join hostility. I think it's easy to see when a 3rd party is helping vs taking up slots and the latter activity should be punished rather than the former activity removed.
  12. --Privateer--

    Development plans for the H2 2018

    So... when are the paints?
  13. Currently if a team has 3 bellonas in an enemy circle and the opposing team has 3 requins at the upwind edge of the circle, the bellonas are not able to capture the circle. That is a problem. Similarly if a team controls a circle, lets say they have multiple line ships in the circle, but the opposing team parks a single requin at the up wind edge of the circle, the controlling team will not accrue any points. This is also a problem. The first problem would be fixed if a circle was controlled by the side with most BR in the circle instead of most ships. I'm not sure how to fix the second problem.
  14. Sort of hypocritical to say you want even brawls in port battles, then the Spanish fleet, including 7UP, shows up to a deep water port battle with a fleet that is 75% shallow DLC ships.