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  1. I started a battle in the patrol zone vs an elite ai + fleet, and it was not a patrol zone battle when I entered. All of the AIs fleet was in the battle and there was no boundary circle. I submitted a bug report. The ship I was in sunk, because there were a bunch of elite ai that should not have been there, and I would like it back. I have a video of the battle if needed, but I would rather not upload it at the moment, hopefully the information in the bug report is sufficient.
  2. Chances are at least a few of the people you used to sail with still play, so you might want to ask around see if there's anyone you recognize. If not, I'm sure any nation would like the addition of an experienced sailor, I know we certainly would in pirates. You should probably know the current political situation too, which is Russia, Dutch, and Britain currently have the most population with Russia being the clear winner on the RVR and PVP side. Pirates, US, and Swedish also have enough people to fill port battles. So any of them would be a decent choice.
  3. The British never did get me, but my santi was eventually done in by the shrinking circle. A disappointing way to go by poor game mechanics.
  4. I did a port raid, sunk all the ships and captured the indiaman, however I had to sail down wind to sink the last ship and had already captured the indiaman. It then kicked me out of battle before I could sail back to the indiaman to put crew on it. edit: I also made it back to port in my santisima, so it is fair to assume the rewards would have made it back too.
  5. Pls admin, I need a Diana. Make a tournament or something, I'll duel em for it. (ง'̀-'́)ง.
  6. Not allowed to sink loot stealers anymore. 😢 However, an easy counter in a situation like this is to disengage the AI, assuming it has more crew than the would-be loot stealer, it will pull them. I've done this even against loot stealers of my own nation. Example: Me boarding AI lineship, loot stealer in Wapen pulls up next to AI line ship, I disengage. Lineship pulls and boards Wapen, I re-pull AI lineship and now have a free Wapen. 😉 Although I would argue loot stealing is a valid tactic if they are in a different nation.
  7. As I understand it, the magazine is just a hit box located somewhere in/on the ship. You can light the ship on fire just about anywhere, and the fire spreads from that location. When the fire reaches the magazine the ship explodes. So if you light a fire close to the magazine, it explodes faster than if you light a fire that is far away. It's sort of luck based at the moment, because we are not given diagrams of where this stuff is. It'd be neat if the devs would give us such a diagram, so we can either aim for or aim away from the magazine/pumps, etc. It would add a whole new level of depth/skill. P.S. everyone seems to board everything these days, if you don't want to get exploded maybe try to sink ships by shooting them.
  8. the problem is the 15 slots for the friends list that should be unlimited and by choice of the port holder (if it is a friendly nation clan ) all nations have more than 15 clans..and that is the problem..... not the bonus, or the port size . No matter how big the friendly clan list is, the owing clan can still assert control over the other clans. If they don't play nice, they won't get on the list. Which is a problem for most nations, but especially pirates, since they are vastly different views on what a pirate clan 'should' be, ranging from lone pvpers to RVR clans. Yet all should have use of port bonuses. This would be fixed by having significantly more possible crafting ports, not every clan would have their own, but there also wouldn't be 1-2 ruling clans.
  9. I like the 33 point idea. More ports should be possible crafting ports, so 1-2 clans can't claim the best ones and force everyone to their will, to get on the friendly list.
  10. BL4CK needs to get caught up on the mechanics, this happened over a year ago.
  11. This paint scheme would look nice on a Christian (similar shape), or maybe a l'Ocean since it is French.
  12. Buy contracts can already not be placed on trade goods, and that seems to work well. I do trading and can always get trade goods at shop prices, where as players can't seem to help inflating prices by nearly 30x. In a functioning free market, some time or labor would have to be added to the rum in order to increase the price, i.e. sailing it to a different port or something.
  13. In Mortimer and probably most capitals, the price of Rum is very high. This is because players place buy contracts for the rum that drops in the port, and then sell it for many times the buy price. This tactic is harmful to new players, as they end up paying nearly 300 reals per rum, or are forced to go without. Established players can craft their own rum, and often do, so it is only the new players that are being hurt by this. Yet, it is often the established players who are placing the buy contracts, looking to make a few reals at the expense of the new players of their own nation. I propose that buy contracts should not be able to be placed for rum.
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