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  1. Sorry if off topic, but how do you scuttle your AI ship? I can't seem to do damage to my fleet ships.
  2. I run into this error when I try to change my profile picture. What does it mean? Do I need to free up space?
  3. how do I manage my attachments? I need to free up space.
  4. nah, I don't care about how long people have played. Maybe scores over time, divided by number of ships sunk to get the average, and then scale each one by the BR of the ship you were sailing so herc vs herc battle is just as important as santi vs santi. Some people don't like line ships, but they can still be good pvpers.
  5. I agree with all your points, a ranking system based on normal OW battles would be nearly impossible as it is hard to get a good comparison between players. Ranked battles could be limited to the solo patrol zone, or possibly include battle is started in the OW between matching ships (I know they're rare😢). I was actually thinking the OW stuff would mostly determine initial rankings; after that they would mostly be determined as in my suggestion below, with maybe slight shifts from OW content.
  6. Comparisons to other players is the only reason I want the rankings. I keep offering duels to everyone to show I'm better, it would be easier though if there was some leader board I could point them to instead though.
  7. I'd like to see a player ranking system, not a daily ranking, a permanent list. I don't know how the rankings should work, that can be discussed. However, one important thing is it should be a ranking of player skill, not based on time spent. The daily pvp board is just total BR sunk, so that's obviously time based. Once there is an initial list of player ranks, people should be able to challenge those ranked above them, and if they win or the challenge goes unmet, they move up the rankings.
  8. I started a battle in the patrol zone vs an elite ai + fleet, and it was not a patrol zone battle when I entered. All of the AIs fleet was in the battle and there was no boundary circle. I submitted a bug report. The ship I was in sunk, because there were a bunch of elite ai that should not have been there, and I would like it back. I have a video of the battle if needed, but I would rather not upload it at the moment, hopefully the information in the bug report is sufficient.
  9. Chances are at least a few of the people you used to sail with still play, so you might want to ask around see if there's anyone you recognize. If not, I'm sure any nation would like the addition of an experienced sailor, I know we certainly would in pirates. You should probably know the current political situation too, which is Russia, Dutch, and Britain currently have the most population with Russia being the clear winner on the RVR and PVP side. Pirates, US, and Swedish also have enough people to fill port battles. So any of them would be a decent choice.
  10. The British never did get me, but my santi was eventually done in by the shrinking circle. A disappointing way to go by poor game mechanics.
  11. I did a port raid, sunk all the ships and captured the indiaman, however I had to sail down wind to sink the last ship and had already captured the indiaman. It then kicked me out of battle before I could sail back to the indiaman to put crew on it. edit: I also made it back to port in my santisima, so it is fair to assume the rewards would have made it back too.
  12. Pls admin, I need a Diana. Make a tournament or something, I'll duel em for it. (ง'̀-'́)ง.
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