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  1. There's a Official Naval Action Discord which has basically replaced this forum. Only the mods can send invites so I can't get you one, but you could try asking for one in the unofficial discord here https://discord.gg/wPBNQjKHQj.
  2. DEMONs not inactive, just decided not to increase the port points because it's basically not worth while, especially since Baracoa is the main pirate crafting port. lol, I wonder if Spain thought it would be undefended XD
  3. Probably, considering me and my clan don't play much anymore. Though, I bet I could still take most people in a 1v1.
  4. Found two ganks in progress in the patrol zone. Helped out where I could 😁
  5. politics wouldn't be such a large issue if there was a substantial game for solo players
  6. It is different if you tag. However, for arguments sake, I don't remember that exact battle, but lets say I jumped in after you had started a relatively even battle with Storm. That is the type of mechanic I would like fixed, there should be no 2min timer, if the BRs are within 10% the battle should close instantly. Maybe mechanics like this would not be for everyone, but I would like to see them on a portion of the map much larger than the solo patrol zone.
  7. I imagine it's because the following screenshot is basically what can be expected as far as unorganized/solo pvp. I of course was able to leave the battle due to superior upgrades and skill, however, what if I had slightly worse upgrades or was a newer player trying to do missions. I have suggested many times on this forum to force more even battles, however the loudest voices are always the organized groups which are the very same groups who profit off ganking.
  8. The only thing better than one Wapen is a pair of Wapens. 😍 Here are my Wapens. They've been around since before seasoned woods were a thing, and I've not yet felt the need to replace them since they've made it this far.
  9. Looks like they did put a warning in the chat before. If a lynx joined my line ship battle, I would assume they were there to loot steal and ask them to leave.
  10. This does not matter, the group member has to be in the circle when the timer reaches zero. There is no Rattisvan in this picture.
  11. You must have been in the patrol zone. You can't escape patrol zone battles in the first 25min. And you have to stay in the circle. You would be able to escape a normal battle if you don't take damage for 2 min. Why anyone would tag a basic cutter in the patrol zone is beyond me.
  12. What the US would do with Islamorada if they were cool.
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