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  1. There is a fee already. The problem is balancing the fee between clans who play more casually and clans with alt fleets of 20 indiamans trading 24/7. I don't think holding ports should be reserved for only the latter type of clan.
  2. It's in the game, I have 2 of them. They can drop from wood chests.
  3. This does not matter, the group member has to be in the circle when the timer reaches zero. There is no Rattisvan in this picture.
  4. You must have been in the patrol zone. You can't escape patrol zone battles in the first 25min. And you have to stay in the circle. You would be able to escape a normal battle if you don't take damage for 2 min. Why anyone would tag a basic cutter in the patrol zone is beyond me.
  5. Yes, you must be in a trade ship to enter an enemy port. Welcome to the PVP server, and welcome to Pirates!
  6. I think this thread has some potential. I have many times seen suspicious activity by various players which on it's own would not be sufficient for a tribunal. If everyone reported such activity in an outlet like this, I think some patterns may emerge concerning certain players or even clans, which could be enough for the devs to look into. I of course have no problems with people owning any number of alts, however farming them is not fair to those of us who put in real time in the OW doing pvp.
  7. What the US would do with Islamorada if they were cool.
  8. I've got a note as well, however, I'm saving it, in case the devs make it so notes can have port bonuses.
  9. If he surrendered, then the ship was not sunk, which means the person who did the most damage currently "owns" the ship. Only they would be able to loot, unless they right click on it and make available for all. Combat news shows your friend did the most damage, did they also try to loot?
  10. Sounds to me like someone wants easy AFK trade routes in the open ocean with very low risk of attack and high reward. Basically Bermuda 2.0.
  11. Yes, after that battle, one of your clan Worms declared that someone in your clan was better than me at pvp (laughable), I later sunk Worms and offered to 1v1 anyone in your clan who is up to it. Accidentally being sunk by a friendly does not reflect on my skill.
  12. I don't think a battle where you lost a 2nd rate to a lone wapen, then ran for an hour until I was accidentally sunk by a friendly really is the image you want for your clan. My offer still stands, I'll 1v1 any one in KRAKE because I'm better than everyone in KRAKE.
  13. @admin I have questions about the privateer fleets: Are they working as intended? Is there really supposed to be a instant kill zone around enemy capitals? How can the AI 1st rates catch a 30.0 kn ship in the open world? When the Trinc main ship of the privateer fleet tags me at the edge of the circle, are the 1st rates supposed to spawn 500 meters ahead of that location right next to me? If they are working as intended, then I have many suggestions. If they are not working as intended, I would like to report the incident recorded below (f11 sent at the time) and request my ship back.
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