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  1. There does seem to be a correlation between size of R zone and amount of noobs in a nation. If a player needs to leave the R zone to get resources, they will, and they'll eventually learn to pvp. If they have 14 ports in the R zone, they will never leave and never learn to pvp. I think removing the R zone would help the non-pvpers in the long run, they'd probably complain for a week, but eventually they'd learn. I'd even go easy on them for a while, to help them transition. I like the idea of removing the R zone, and expanding the Capital zone a little bit, just enough for missions to spawn in. These missions should not drop doubloons but maybe even give 1.5x normal xp. AI fleets shouldn't be able to be attacked in the Capital zone. And it's not as if noobs would be unguarded elsewhere, wasn't that the whole idea behind the square forts?
  2. I legit sat next to your second rate in my second rate and said "1v1 me" and you wouldn't.
  3. Some trade goods do seem to work how you suggest, for instance China Tea, Gold Coast Ivory, Versailles Terracotta, and Sevres Stained Glass. I have noticed random drops of these in small quantities (up to about 50 goods total) Although, Sevres Stained Glass has only randomly dropped in Tordo about 3 times since the UI update, I keep a very close eye on this port and there have been no taxes from other players buying the goods. Maybe the drop rate is higher in more frequented ports? Also, some trade goods do seem to drop in large stacks and then never drop again. For instance in January, I bought a stack of 3k Batavian Spices in La Bermeja, 2.2k Sumatran Pepper in Baxo Nuevo, and 3k Cape Coast Honey in Sisal. These ports made zero taxes before this, so when they suddenly made some taxes, I checked and they had large stacks of trade goods that were not there before. I bought all the stacks of trade goods and the ports have all made zero taxes since, and I have checked them every so often and the shops are all completely empty. I will try to document the trade goods in the gulf more closely, but I think empty shops and zero taxes is a good indication that nothing is dropping. Thanks for replying, my comment was a bit off topic
  4. The economy needs to be more predictable. I have done a good bit of trading and I still have no idea where or when trade goods drop. Most the ports I traded at are now empty and have not had a single trade good drop in months. If players had a consistent source of income that they could rely on, they'd be more willing to take risks. As it is, the economy is unfair to new players. For instance if a large stack of goods drops, lets say 3000 Sumatran Pepper appears in a port. A new player would go in their t-brig and buy 17 peppers to sell. However, a certain Privateer may show up, and buy the entire stack of 3000 peppers for 12 million reals, set up an outpost, and trade the whole stack over a week or two and make 30 million reals. So the economy works for such a Privateer, however, it does not work for the new players who are probably confused as to why all the ports are empty. How to fix it? Instead of having goods drop all at once in giant stacks, have them drop many times a day in really small stacks. More like how the economy worked before the reals/UI update. The economy becomes more predictable and the ports always have at least a small amount of goods.
  5. I have seen this tactic used outside Saint Mary's as well, and know for sure WTF clan has lost multiple ships to similar reinforcement zone traps set by the US. The US players don't even get the kills in these battles because the AI do 10X the damage of any US player. They just pick up the loot after the AI do all the work. One obvious solution is to have the game check if a player is in the R zone at the beginning of a tag, rather than 9 seconds in. If they're outside when the tag is started they don't get a R zone battle.
  6. Could be fixed if crew loss was different, maybe a ship shouldn't be able to lose more than half its crew, or rakes past that point get ~1 crew per pass. I agree. Again, could be fixed if crew loss was different. I'd be outside KPR tomorrow getting ganked in one of my Santisimas if there was some assurance that I would be sunk instead of captured, but no, it's always stern rake after stern rake after stern rake. That really takes the fun out of being ganked so no one wants to get ganked anymore. Imagine if people had to sink ships, using... cannons. *insert pikachu meme here* yes no this completely defeats the "Battle is always open for the weaker side" thing. No one is going to jump in on the weaker side of a battle that they will then be locked into for 1.5hrs. We see this in the patrol zone all the time. If we're willing to do such major changes, maybe bring back outlaw battles for all nations? This would possibly limit ZERG nations because the ZERG nation would have a lot of infighting due to so many people and clans where as smaller nations would have less infighting due to less people being more willing to fight for a common goal.
  7. If I get a stupid paint instead of a Rouge Noir Santi paint, I'm gonna be mad.
  8. I lost a 5 slot fir/crew boarding l'Ocean against a Christian with about even crew because of this. I had Marines 15, 5 Rings, and Nassau Fencing Masters. I attacked into a Musket Volley (usually good to do) and lost about 380 crew vs their loss of about 80. They did not have Marines either. I don't have a screenshot of the battle, because I stopped playing after that. I don't know if Germann xx1v is a good player, but I don't think it matters when hiding behind broken upgrades. A game has to require and reward skill to be fun. In order to require skill, a game has to be predictable. If I don't know the outcome of attacking into a musket volley before I click the button, I cannot make a tactical decision as to whether or not I want to do that and it simply becomes guesswork. There is no skill in guesswork. It made sense when marines was the only boarding mod that had any real effect because marines are visible to the opponent, they know if you have marines and they know how many, therefore the outcome was predictable. Also, the marines I have on my ship refuse to reload any cannons, but now apparently any crew member can pick up a musket and shoot with 90% accuracy.
  9. I've had contracts set for trade goods in Tordo since the update a week ago. Not a single trade good has made it into the shop at this port. It's at least believable that my teak contract in Grand Turk is not filling due to AI traders carrying teak not reaching the port, however no one hunts traders in the Gulf, they should be reaching Tordo. So what's the issue, is Tordo not a trading port anymore? Maybe a short summary on how the economy/trading is supposed to work now would help.
  10. Tordo and Parrot Cay aren't dropping trade goods anymore. But the map trader tool says they should, when will that be fixed.
  11. Any idea when trade goods will start dropping again? Specifically in Tordo and Parrot Cay.
  12. Well, in my In my experience, no peace agreement lasts forever, and when that happens guess who will be stuck putting timers on 10 ports instead of one. I only make this offer for the sake of the Mort Rats.
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