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  1. Planking 1-3 (book) is now +4%HP -4%speed, completely useless.
  2. There were 8 VCO attacking the US before the Ays PB, we got about 7 US in separate battles, and 22 US still joined the PB. If all the US worked together it would have been 29 US vs 8 Pirates. I wouldn't say that they could not defend themselves, rather they chose not to. The 2 US which I sank outside the Ays PB did not even equip cannons. It seemed like the plan was "make a mad dash for the PB, they can't tag us all".
  3. This may come as a surprise to some people, but there ARE capital zones! 😲 A player is 100% protected in their capital zone, AI sail into capital zones, loot tables are normal in capital zones. There is really no reason a player could not live in their capital zone. It should really be common practice not to sail out of a capital zone with out being prepared for pvp.
  4. Which mods do I stack to get this cannon angle? 👀
  5. If they made it free to play, I think they'd get enough income from dlcs to keep a server open for a very long time. (and fix the low player count) However, that strategy is probably not well aligned with the devs plans. (cash out and move on)
  6. trolls would take some of the well known clan names, before the clans could claim them.
  7. I think it would be fine to keep learned books on the pvp server, it won't create a unbalanced playing field in the beginning, since we won't have slots to put the books in for a while anyway. And by the time we do get slots to put the books in, all the very many new players would have books as well. I hope so. ☠️
  8. I beat a Elite Pavel vs my legacy Bucentaure. Just sailed parallel doing normal broadsides, took about 5 min. Not sure if it's because Pavels are really bad or the legacy Buc is good.
  9. I boarded a Elite Bellona vs my Christian, it was harder than normal, but really not as bad as some people have been describing. 800 crew vs 600 crew. It helps to take advantage of the ability to shoot while boarding.
  10. Why's the Christian's HP in yellow? It's still lower than the Bucentaure.
  11. ^ I like this idea. ^ I am/was fine with the xp wipe when it was just 120k xp to max rank, but with the new ranks it seems like it will be way more than that. Some people who have been playing for a long time are no longer at the highest rank. I won't quit playing if/when the xp is wiped, but I don't think I'll spend the time to grind pve fleets until I'm back to Curse either. It would be nice if skill or real experience could be taken into account.
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