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  1. Imagine more like 10v1, "everyone get their shots in before it sinks" 🤣😭
  2. I've never been sunk by a fort in this manner, and I doubt anyone else has. If it was a valid tactic that got results I would not complain, but in reality it only wastes time.
  3. Instead of a bunch of BORK writing the same thing, I was hoping for a actual discussion. Can anyone think of a reason an attacker would need to use a fort?
  4. But that's where most the players are.
  5. It's not only a problem when starting directly under a fort. I'm sure this scenario would sound familiar to any pvper. Someone tags you, not under a fort, but within a 10 minute sail. They immediately start sailing towards the fort, only turning to kite a bit. You are faster, but not fast enough to catch them before they reach the fort, so you stop out of range. They come back a bit, so you put your sails up, but they immediately sail back under the fort. You start sailing away, so they don't waste any more of your time. They say something stupid like: WhAt? DoN't YoU wAnT tO fIgHt? Forts are supposed to be for defense, they are not there to fight your battles for you, and they are not there to help you troll people. I don't see any scenario where an attacker should need to use a fort. If they can't sink the enemy on their own, they have no business attacking them in the first place.
  6. I would like forts to not help an enemy if that enemy is the one that clicks attack. I get tagged too many times by trolls with no intent of fighting, that run straight to a fort. Most recent incidents include: British Rattvisan tagging my Christian when I sailed past the fort at Carlisle. (obviously no intent of fighting) Russian LGV I chased towards Cap Francais started to tag my Wasa when they got in range of the fort. (obviously no intent of fighting) Spanish Cerberus tagging my Wasa outside Remedios when I chased them too close to the forts. (obviously no intent of fighting)
  7. I think they already decided, as far as I know we lose all XP but keep learned books. That's good enough for me, in fact I think it's better than keeping XP.
  8. Yeah, I'd like to see the damage increased as before, but crew loss decreased. I took 416 crew off a l'Ocean in one pass with a Christian, it seems a bit out of hand.
  9. New topic? Wait... nvm. Also, WO doesn't even own San Agustin... yet. At least use the correct port names.
  10. --Privateer--

    Money Log

    Is there a way to see further back in the money log for the clan warehouse? It only goes back a few days and I would like to see back to the last wipe. I'm imagining there would be at least someway to see my actions. Sort of like the chat log.
  11. I can see how it would appear that way to an outside observer. Especially since it looks like Santa Fe took GB away from Port au Prince, but really we just need to plan better.
  12. We only had that info as well, but that's the whole point isn't it. Missions used to last forever, you could take them, and a year later start grinding out hostility. You could have missions for counties that later changed hands or turned neutral. We showed it needed to be fixed, the devs fixed it, job well done. 😁
  13. What is the criteria for joining an enemy nation's capital battle, why can I join some and not others?
  14. Free Camp du Roy, bring back the pirates of the South-East. 😉
  15. La Tortue is closer to the Pirate capital than Little River is to CT, and Saint Mary's is easily twice that distance. I'd say 'on your door step' is a bit of a stretch.
  16. I'd like alliances, but I want Pirates to be able to play too. If we're going to be just like any other nation, we might as well have alliances too. If we get some other special mechanic like outlaw battles, then I can see why we wouldn't get an alliance.
  17. In my opinion, there would be more US timezone players if there were more US timezone ports. As it is, there are very few ports which US timezone players can actually set port battles so we end up doing the same port battles over and over, and fighting the same people time and time again. It is bound to become boring. This was true before the wipe as well. The US nation actually has a chance to put Kidds and Bermuda in the US timezone and I wish you luck in that area. If you don't think you can hold the islands alone I'm sure pirates could assist, for a share of those Madagascar Jewel taxes of course. sorry to be a bit off topic admin 😉
  18. UWU that flipped La Des in the shallows is a pirate clan. Might want to get informed before you go saying things. It’s the only pirate clan I mention using the alt thing. I believe what I said is still correct? Only two clans have taken ports. Maybe you are the one who is ill-informed?
  19. We aren't trying to stop anyone, we just want a fair shot at claiming ports which are currently neutral.
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