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  1. Then no one would buy the DLC because people with the blueprint would just craft and sell them. Best option would be a unique paint or skin for the Pandora. Or just give us the yacht. Or any unique item. It is very disappointing that the Pandora won't be unique to testers. And it'll look like I bought the DLC when sailing it.
  2. I entered a battle in the R zone at KPR in a fir+carros indef. It ended up being a 4v1 and soon my indef was in pretty bad shape. So, I boarded the Hercules, took control of it and proceeded to sink the Trinc and Belle Poule. I also went back and looted my sunken indef, I ended up with a few thousand doubloons in my hold along with some mediocre mods and was the last one afloat in the battle, a clear victory for me. The feeling of victory against such odds quickly faded however as I was not able to keep any of my doubloons, or upgrades, or extra repairs because I was on a DLC ship and they all stayed in the hold of the ship when I exited battle. And, when I exited, it popped up in combat news that Hades had sunk a pirate player near KPR, which he most certainly didn't. Pretty much, the mechanics of the DLC ships punish other players and can turn battles that should be sound victories into losses. It's like a built in trolling mechanic.
  3. Ship notes staying or going with the first wipe? sorry if it has been answered already, I only got through reading the first 10ish pages before giving up.
  4. So not only will non early access people be able to buy it, but I'll also look like a DLC using noob when sailing it? I'd rather get the yacht tbh.
  5. I was making a joke. I said a few posts back that the devs should add something to draw players out of the R zones. (which would be content)
  6. Everyone's complaining about the wrong stuff, it was maybe implied that we'd be keeping our XP, but honestly if I had to choose between keeping learned books or XP, I would choose to keep my books. You don't even have to be max rank to fully crew a 1st rate anymore. One month after release and everyone will have line ships again. What we should be concerned about is the game not feeling like it's anywhere close to being ready for released. Maybe this will change with the next updates, I hope it will. However, I have not seen any indication that the necessary changes will be made. My main concern is there are still R zones, rear admirals still hang out in the R zones, pvpers will still camp the R zones, and new players will be sunk around the R zones and quit the game. A couple months after release, we'll probably be back to the same 500 people who play now. Again, I hope this changes, but I have seen no indication that it will. There needs to be something, some area or part of the map that draws people away from the R zones, call it a pvp zone for lack of better name but it needs to be more enticing than the current pvp zone.
  7. Best idea yet, hope it doesn't get lost in all the complaints.
  8. It will probably be better for the new players, and leveling up isn't too bad, but still. Maybe if xp was converted into reals or something at release, so it wasn't a total loss.
  9. I'll post the first idea, which is a mash up of previous ideas and some global chat discussion. Move the GB capital to Belize and move the Pirate capital somewhere, maybe Kidds Island. (not my idea, but I like) This would free up the center of the map around Jamaica for some sort of pvp zone, but it must attract non-pvpers too. The ports in this zone could maybe not have timers, and they could have really good drops. Maybe all the AI in this particular zone are capturable, all the way up to 1st rate. (what could a capped cedar/crewspace santi do to a crafted LO/WO santi anyway) Doubloon drops could be higher in this area. Maybe battles stay open. Outlaw battles? Anything that could attract players. The main point being, move the capitals.
  10. With the low server population and the giant map, it has become increasingly hard to find consistent pvp. This has led to 'hard core pvpers' camping capital/reinforcement zones to find players. They end up finding and sinking new players, who then quit the game. The Devs seem to realize this is a issue and have tried to bring players together away from the capital areas first with 'rumors of sunken fleets' and then with different variations on the 'pvp zone'. Yet it seems even the allure of getting ganked in the 'pvp zone' with no escape timer, for rewards the likes of which can also be found capping ai traders, has not drawn the numbers of players away from the capital zones that the devs were probably hoping for. So, this topic is for making suggestions on how to attract players away from the capital areas, and into one place for easily attained pvp. First lets ask: Why did the previous attempts fail? How I see it, there are three types of players: the pvpers - solo or small groups, can easily replace ships, go looking for pvp (I'd guess <10% of the server population) the non-pvping rear admirals - max rank, yet stay in the relative safety of the R zones, maybe because they don't have the funding to replace ships (most of the server population) the new players - actual new players, different than noobs Under the current system, the pvpers camp the capital/reinforcement zones looking for the large portion of the server that is the non-pvping rear admiral population, because that's where the players are. The previous attempts by the devs to make 'pvp zones' only tried to attract the small 'pvpers' population, which is simply not a large enough group to sustain consistent pvp. (also low rewards from zones and 100% chance of being ganked) So, I think any new suggestions should ignore the pvpers and instead focus on trying to draw the 'non-pvping rear admiral population' into one place, and the pvpers will follow, leaving the capital areas as places for new players to level up in relative safety.
  11. I remember getting chests and lots of XP from Port Battles in the past, and sometimes gold marines. Even if the port was lost or ships sunk, it was almost always worth it. Especially since we were all using captured 3rd rates at the time.
  12. Could be fixed if crew loss was different, maybe a ship shouldn't be able to lose more than half its crew, or rakes past that point get ~1 crew per pass. I agree. Again, could be fixed if crew loss was different. I'd be outside KPR tomorrow getting ganked in one of my Santisimas if there was some assurance that I would be sunk instead of captured, but no, it's always stern rake after stern rake after stern rake. That really takes the fun out of being ganked so no one wants to get ganked anymore. Imagine if people had to sink ships, using... cannons. *insert pikachu meme here* yes no this completely defeats the "Battle is always open for the weaker side" thing. No one is going to jump in on the weaker side of a battle that they will then be locked into for 1.5hrs. We see this in the patrol zone all the time. If we're willing to do such major changes, maybe bring back outlaw battles for all nations? This would possibly limit ZERG nations because the ZERG nation would have a lot of infighting due to so many people and clans where as smaller nations would have less infighting due to less people being more willing to fight for a common goal.
  13. If I get a stupid paint instead of a Rouge Noir Santi paint, I'm gonna be mad.
  14. I lost a 5 slot fir/crew boarding l'Ocean against a Christian with about even crew because of this. I had Marines 15, 5 Rings, and Nassau Fencing Masters. I attacked into a Musket Volley (usually good to do) and lost about 380 crew vs their loss of about 80. They did not have Marines either. I don't have a screenshot of the battle, because I stopped playing after that. I don't know if Germann xx1v is a good player, but I don't think it matters when hiding behind broken upgrades. A game has to require and reward skill to be fun. In order to require skill, a game has to be predictable. If I don't know the outcome of attacking into a musket volley before I click the button, I cannot make a tactical decision as to whether or not I want to do that and it simply becomes guesswork. There is no skill in guesswork. It made sense when marines was the only boarding mod that had any real effect because marines are visible to the opponent, they know if you have marines and they know how many, therefore the outcome was predictable. Also, the marines I have on my ship refuse to reload any cannons, but now apparently any crew member can pick up a musket and shoot with 90% accuracy.
  15. I've had contracts set for trade goods in Tordo since the update a week ago. Not a single trade good has made it into the shop at this port. It's at least believable that my teak contract in Grand Turk is not filling due to AI traders carrying teak not reaching the port, however no one hunts traders in the Gulf, they should be reaching Tordo. So what's the issue, is Tordo not a trading port anymore? Maybe a short summary on how the economy/trading is supposed to work now would help.
  16. Tordo and Parrot Cay aren't dropping trade goods anymore. But the map trader tool says they should, when will that be fixed.
  17. Any idea when trade goods will start dropping again? Specifically in Tordo and Parrot Cay.
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