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  1. This paint scheme would look nice on a Christian (similar shape), or maybe a l'Ocean since it is French.
  2. Buy contracts can already not be placed on trade goods, and that seems to work well. I do trading and can always get trade goods at shop prices, where as players can't seem to help inflating prices by nearly 30x. In a functioning free market, some time or labor would have to be added to the rum in order to increase the price, i.e. sailing it to a different port or something.
  3. In Mortimer and probably most capitals, the price of Rum is very high. This is because players place buy contracts for the rum that drops in the port, and then sell it for many times the buy price. This tactic is harmful to new players, as they end up paying nearly 300 reals per rum, or are forced to go without. Established players can craft their own rum, and often do, so it is only the new players that are being hurt by this. Yet, it is often the established players who are placing the buy contracts, looking to make a few reals at the expense of the new players of their own nation. I propose that buy contracts should not be able to be placed for rum.
  4. Not so, even if locking the BR is not wrong, the Devs have stated that joining a battle with no intent of fighting is against the rules, so at least that part should be punishable. Although I'd recon the whole thing should be punished. Especially if this is a thing that they have done repeatedly, as RepairyMcRepairous said.
  5. Ans from HAN clan joined my side of a battle against 2 swedes. I originally thought this was to help me, but he had no intention of fighting the swedes and only joined to lock the BR, so my group members could not join my side of the battle and actually help. He originally pretends to 'help' but misses every shot, eventually he just puts his sails down and sits, providing zero assistance. He didn't shoot an enemy's hull even once, although they gave him clear shots. It is clear they knew he was working with them. Jump to these times just to see the intentional misses. 5:19 6:21 7:37 9:38 (links in video description) I would say this is as bad as sinking my boat in green on green, as I would not have lost the battle if he did not lock the BR. Also, I would have played the battle differently and run from the start, if I had known he would be of no help.
  6. Fisherman paint for more ships please. Especially for the Christian and Ingermanland. (Inger desperately needs more paints) On the Christian, I am imagining similar to the Molsted paint, with a wide green stripe on top, narrow yellow stripe underneath, and then a dark bottom.
  7. I agree an example has to be made. A slap on the wrist or warning simply opens the door for all sorts of activities that are "against the rules".
  8. Says the ganker. I however like the 20 min join, since I'm seemingly always on the receiving end of a gank, it's nice to be able to get some help. Also makes gankers think a bit before attacking, when near a populated enemy port.
  9. These pointless support and tribunal topics about the ROE are getting a bit repetitive. We should all know how it works by now, the Devs obviously know how it works. If people still feel the need to post/complain about the ROE, maybe move to the suggestions topic. Battles close at 1:28:45 on the battle timer if the BR is within 13%. Battles close after 20 minutes if the BR is not within 13%. Pirates can join both sides of the same battle, if the battle was started between two nations that are not pirate. Easy enough to remember, it can all be written in 3 lines. In this specific case 1 - (600/700) = 14.2% > 13% hence battle is not closed. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  10. A fellow pirate, @Storm Crow discovered a major bug when deleting paint. If you have a painted ship set as the main, and try to delete a paint from the same kind of ship that is in your docks, it instead deletes the paint from the main ship. (f11 sent as well) I confirmed the bug and recorded it in the following 35 sec video. It would be much appreciated if @Storm Crow and I could be compensated for the lost paints. Thanks.
  11. Well I'm excited. Also, where'd you get a Diana?
  12. Why does it even do a check to see if the enemy is close enough when attack is clicked? It only actually matters after the count reaches zero, this should be a easy change, have it count down, then do only one check for distance. I'm starting to think it's just some savage trolling by the devs.
  13. The attack button should not become clickable until the target is close enough to attack. WAY TOO MANY times have I been following a ship, and the attack button turns red and becomes clickable, so I click it, only to get an attack failed message that says the target is too far away. And then a 30sec cool down where the target inevitably gets to port or finds a giant AI fleet to hide next to. I suggest the attack button remain unclickable and not turn red until the target IS close enough to attack. There's no reason to have this overlap where the button is clickable but the target is too far away. Have it overlap the other way if you can't reconcile it with the ping.
  14. I'm not sure loot stealing is tribunal worthy. Devs should give us outlaw battles and we could handle it ourselves. 😉
  15. It doesn't matter if you think it's a valid tactic, griefing is and always has been against the rules, just like green on green, just like alt farming. However, people don't seem to take it as seriously because a) griefing is poorly defined b) it's hard to prove c) Admin has yet to deal any 'real' punishment out for it. Maybe a tribunal with solid video evidence and a demotion for the offending party would force people to take the rule more seriously.
  16. This is a persistent problem, I think the devs need to start dealing some harsher punishments.
  17. what does this mean? is it like the pirate frigate for pirates?
  18. maybe it's content, did you try joining one?
  19. I figured out how new players should learn. You're welcome. 😁
  20. Could we get the duel room back, but as a practice room, where we can only fight people from our own nation? It's an indispensable tool for training. The practice room lets you try new things and refine skills. Back in the day we practiced demasting, leaking, boarding, stern raking, and anti-stern raking maneuvers. If you lost, you noted your mistakes and tried again. This is impossible in the OW. Not only that, but most of the people who did use the duel room to practice are STILL PLAYING. This is because they learned the skills to be able to sail alone in the open world. This is how we get Rear Admirals who can PVP vs Rear Admirals that get clubbed outside their capital. They aren't getting clubbed because they're at their capital, they're getting clubbed because they lack the skills not to be clubbed. In the OW they get sunk before they can learn, and eventually become disheartened. A practice room would solve this. P.S. You can't say no one used duel rooms, but also they took people out of the OW. It's one or the other. 😉
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