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  1. I still do not see a valid reason for the whole if the attacker has a lower br then they should not get reinforcements but the defender should...The only person I see benefiting from this is the lone raider who wiped out a trader in his fir/fir hunter and is worried about a hunter fleet coming after him since only a specialty built interceptor would have a chance to catch him and hold him for the rest of the fleet. Is there another reason for the aforementioned position?
  2. So along those lines add another option to ports, we have available to all and nation. Add Allies only to the mix seems to be the direction that this thread is headed. Keep in mind though, there will need to be a way for clans who are not allied to be able to gain access to the port. This can be done in a couple of ways, enable clan vs clan combat or allow traders to still gain access to the port (granted then you will need a way to restrict access or interdict those traders to prevent smuggling). So unless I missed something this can become rather complicated. If you go with the clan vs clan option than small clans will get wiped out entirely by large clans who wish to bully others. What is to prevent this from occurring? Small clans will need to become either a single large clan or have it where allies can assist each other even in cases where they are fighting with clans of their own nation. Again, can get a bit complicated and tough to prevent it from being abused in a way that is outside the intent of the system. As far as votes, the only way to get alts from making small clans and causing problems with the votes is that each clan gets a number of votes based on the number of ports they own. While this may exclude small honest clans, it will prevent abuse of the system by alt clans created by other nations.
  3. Raekur

    Sendable Ships

    I cant really accept that a hard core pvp player would be ok with this as it would deny you the entire reason why you play, player vs player and thus would remove a large number of possible combat marks. Also think of it this way, if the person sending the cargo actually sees the ship leave port he could in fact escort the ship and engage any raider that approaches. This would be a good thing for the trader as he could ensure that even if he loses the battle, his cargo will be about 30 min sail time away from the raider and thus is safe. It reduces his risk to a minimal level and the trade only loses a low price ship in the process. Either way, the trader wins. This is about the only scenario where I could be both sides winning with this option.
  4. Raekur

    Sendable Ships

    The hard core pvp players wont let it happen as it could be used by traders to move cargo over great distances. This would deny them easy pray for their combat marks.
  5. just to give you a little insight, I have made it to the pvp boards a couple of times..not one of the top but I did make it a point of trying out every aspect of the game to gain a better perspective on the different play styles..it's called testing
  6. Well said, this points out why most of the things I want to see is a balance that helps new players instead of making it where they will be the sheep for an extended period of time. The starting from nothing and building up has become massively more difficult up until the recent patch that started putting class 6-7 ships near the capital ports. Before that the grind from 0 to a decent crew size could be measured in MONTHS not hours as some (who I suspect have not had to do it recently) believe. Sometimes I wish per account you could have 2 characters instead of one. This would enable us to test from scratch without completely wiping out everything we have.
  7. On 3/5/2019 at 9:12 AM, Costa de Castilla said´╗┐: This clearly shows your have very lite knowledge of how pvp in general, what drags people to it and the different aspects of it. And I am not here to enlighten you, but pvp is more then just deciding a time and place and then "duke it out". This ain't Naval Action "legends". So stop trying to limit gameplay and learn / play the game instead of feeling sorry for yourself and other new players having a "hard" time. Adapt, learn. It's not that hard to avoid other players, and if you completely want to avoid pvp then there is a server for just that.:). Thank you and have a good day,.. Next! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This and one other post from you towards me was the reference in question. I will agree that combat medals may be purchased....provided that they are on sale and are not costing 100,000 real per for example. Combat medals will become nothing more than a very high priced trade good with the price being 100% controlled by the pvp player with little to zero competition. Not necessarily a bad thing, but not a good for the server thing either.
  8. You might want to do some research first. You accused me of not knowing anything about PVP, to some that may be true to a point as I am not one of the hard core pvp players. From your comments I can tell you have little experience in crafting or non pvp activities. Currently 20 of the 42 craftable ships require a permit. Of those 20 there are 10 that a permit can not even be purchased (Devs claim to be rebalancing them). What this will eventually lead to is that the best skilled pvp players will have the highest capable ships and the rest (casual, pve, trader, etc) will be unable to even defend against these players except in the rare occasion where they are travelling around in a large fleet. We will see players refusing to commit their best ships to combat due to being unable to replace them. This has happened in the past when the devs decided to make it more difficult to replace ships (reference Fine woods for example). I believe you were the one that made reference to Naval Action Legends, funny as that is exactly where I see this game headed as things continue to change towards empowering the pvp player over all others. I disagree with the OP that the hard core PVE player is an option in this game due to the fact that for traders to make an acceptable level of profit it now places them at sea for over an hour or 2. I believe that this was done so that there would be more targets in OW for the pvp player to go after. While this is a risk most traders will accept, I think forcing it was a bit over the top. Even trade goods dropped by the AI require you to sail clear across the map in most cases. This is why I feel the game is reaching the point were it is unplayable by a solo player who is not a raider as he simply can not maintain an income of materials to sustain losses that will eventually occur.
  9. First I am not feeling sorry for myself, I am getting tired of hearing the pvp community whine like little children because they want to go gankfest all over new players right outside the capital. Attacks in this area make it a little difficult to avoid as you seem to think when you have new players in weak or slow ships going against 15 kt boarding vessels. I have no issues with pvp, I have issues with a select few twats who want the entire game altered to their singular play style. And since the pvp players have made it such a wide spread occurrence of them going after low level players along with one pvp player being bold/brash/idiotic enough to actually threaten to do just that upon game release I find little merit in what you say.
  10. Raekur


    The thing is, it is NOT the best ship in every class. It is every ship that is rank 4 and up except the Agamemnon and then several of the other ships INCLUDING a couple that were just introduced and can not be deemed as "best in class". Also, Best in class usually signifies a single ship, not multiple ships within a class. One issue I see with this is that eventually only the hard core PVP players will have the "best" ships and the players who enjoy the game or aspects that are not PVP will be very easy prey due to not being able to even the playing field except to travel in hordes, which will spark off complaints from the PVP players as it has in the past since it will not be a "fair fight" even though this whole permit approach is instituting an unfair fight to begin with. Currently 20 of the 42 ships now require permits, I fail to see how this is making only certain ship rare.
  11. Dont discount the capabilities of a monthly subscription for being able to support a game. There is also the possibility that upon release some of the existing players may purchase some additional account for use in either crafting or storage. Monthly subscriptions may give a moderate amount of rare goods or items as incentive to maintain the subscription. (LOTRO for instance gives 500 coins each month to those that pay for a subscription which is about the cost it would be to buy them outright so neither side is losing on the deal). There is also the possibility that some form of store currency might be created and like LOTRO there could be purchasable minor cosmetic items or boosts that could be purchased. I have been part of many games that started off as subscription then converted to f2p (with people voicing concerns that the games would die due to the decrease in revenue) and still survive and even grow quite a bit by the use of a store and it selling minor items. I believe there is a suggestion area in the forum, take a peek at it sometime or if the possibility of a store and being able to purchase minor items (like paints) is something that would interest you, post it or start a poll...cant hurt to ask.
  12. Raekur


    Same place as Rattlesnake Heavy, Renommee, Endymion, Indefatigable, Constitution, Wasa, Bellona, Christian, and Santisima. None of these ships can be built currently as they are being rebalanced (is the reason I was given) I have not seen any actual post listing these ships and why they were removed other than that.
  13. While I understand your perspective I would like to point out a few things. If is is a new player than chances are he will have to go back to a basic cutter and beat on some 6th and 7th rates to earn enough reals to buy a ship, crew and guns anyway. During that time he would be able to collect at least a small variety of cannons from the ships he beat. If the player is a experienced one than chances are he has other ships that are already outfitted and the gun sale option is mute. The real issue is for ship crafters who for some reason do not have a forge yet. This can occur with low rank players who are also low level crafters and do not have the money yet as building cannons is an all or nothing kind of deal, no option for partial loadouts due to lack of resources. On the other hand as was mentioned for medium guns, just craft and sell them for a little less than the AI. it just means that you have a hard ceiling for the price you can charge.
  14. ah, ok. I think she misunderstood and had the cash in hand and was unable to put it in the warehouse prior to the wipe
  15. Wasn't clans supposed to receive 100,000 real after the wipe? The clan I am part of did but a friend's clan did not. She has submitted an F11 twice on it but there has been no reply or resolution. Just wondering if there was some specifics towards only clans of a certain size got it while small clans did not..have no idea at this point why she was excluded.
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