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  1. That is my point exactly. The decision to not pull other players in just to avoid the possibility of a player being attacked seems odd since there is a mechanic in place for dealing with it. What mechanic is available that will allow group members to actually attack together without having to spend time just getting into the combat?
  2. Drama creates toxicity. Part of the reason why the population is decreasing, again. Creative ideas create content. Ideas that allow players to work together on a common goal, that creates content.
  3. Ok, so got a reply about why group joining was not functioning on the pve server as it is on the pvp server but it seems more of fixing a small issue by creating a much larger one. The reply is as follows: Captain, there is no bug, on pve server it works as intended and differently from pvp server To rephrase, attack does not pull players into battles on pve server to avoid intentional trolling and killing other players by attacking NPCs While I understand the concern, isn't this possibility covered by the rules for green on green and tribunals? Players are very quick to go running to the tribunals for even the slightest thing, why punish the entire player base with hard coding that prevents what should be normal operations? I was out playing with my wife last night as she tagged 3 ships for us to engage. Due to my not being able to join along side her she had to fight all 3 ships while i spent over 4 minutes trying to sail up to her position with the wind in my favor. While some may not consider this a big deal and may even go as far as to make comment that she knew what she was getting into or she needs to learn. This delay in assisting a teammate seems a bit over the top considering what minuscule situation it is attempting to prevent. There are a number of things players can do to prevent being pulled into a battle, and even if they are they can just sail away.
  4. I have spent several years on the pvp server and only recently moved to the pve server due to the toxic nature of the players on the pvp server. The maneuvers that require the anchor were the ones I was referring to, most all the others I agree are to a degree possible and only take practice, but good luck getting the time to do so without getting ganked. Learning under fire while it seems fun in the movies and such, does not play out well when it is personal. This is the main reason I suggested several times that new players to the game should start on the pve server then "graduate" to the pvp server once they feel they are skilled enough to do so. On another note: any chances on getting a response to my question posed in this thread regarding the group issue on the pve server?
  5. I remember this picture being presented to show what was possible, too bad that no ship in this game would be able to duplicate the maneuvers.
  6. So I asked about the group joining setting on the PVE server where other group members are not pulled into a battle automatically and the response was "Working as intended". I would like to know the reasoning behind this? How is forcing the other group members to have to hang back in order to be at the join circle better than being able to attack from a formation? Just wondering what the rational is.
  7. Well it has been over a week and it seems that there is no interest by the staff to investigate this.
  8. Are you sure that the new nation will be inserted using the impossible nation template? I suspect they will be given a small block of ports to begin with.
  9. Not really willing to dive into the cesspool discussion of port timers but regarding game labs adding an additional server, I highly doubt it. Low server population was the excuse for eliminating the US based server. Since the population has not improved and in fact may have declined from what it was, what makes you even think there is a remote possibility that a server will be added?
  10. I think what is needed in order for this issue to get any attention is that any and all players who have experienced this need to provide screenshots and documentation. If the staff sees that this is not just an isolated issue then maybe it will be fixed.
  11. So would this indicate that there will be other nations based on sales? Next is who, Japan and Canada?
  12. Still wondering when the group join issue on the PVE server will be fixed. I have made 2 reports regarding this issue and not once has an admin replied to it. Multiple players on the PVE server have mentioned this issue but will not bother coming to the forum to report it. Is this actually a bug or is this working as intended? If it is working as intended then I would suggest lowering the fleet sizes on the PVE server as going after anything over +6 would be suicide for the person tagging the target.
  13. @admin any chance this can be looked into?
  14. Will wait and see if this gets any attention.
  15. In case there was any confusion on the prior test. Server time of engagement 03/18/2020 05:12 Upon entering the battle: After group member joined after using the join circle: Is there any additional information needed in order to investigate this issue?
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