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  1. Just had a thought, if the idea to remove the ability to tow is to get people out into OW more, then shouldn't the ability to hop from outpost to outpost also be removed for the same reason? If the end goal is to get ships moving across the water then being able to avoid combat simply by switching to a different port would follow the same lines of thought.
  2. With the ability to tow ships comes the ability to respond to an enemy presence. Take away the ability to respond to reported enemy activity you will have less people willing to leave port. It is simple math. Enemy is sighted at a port that is 100k away. With the tow option players can respond and leave port to drive the intruder away. If they have to sail for 20 min to get to the area the enemy will be long gone or in battle with someone and little chance for the swords to still be visible. So, take away tow and you remove a chance for some pvp. So the question is, do you want it removed because you think it is hurting the game or is it because of the exact situation i mentioned above and you were the "intruder" who suddenly found several ships in pursuit to drive you out of an area? Also take into account that there are several players who do not have massive amounts of time to sail from port to port so their play is limited to fast response not long sail to look for someone who has already sailed out of the area. Suggestions are good but there are many factors that need to be weighed against to determine the overall effect they will have on the different types of players here. Removing fast response aids the pvp/raider and no one else. Port battle groups know well in advance what is going on, Nation defenders responding to hostility may already have ships in the area but not a guarantee so a quick redeployment is usually needed. For traders the tow option is not of significant importance unless they find a very good amount of goods to move, but even then the smart ones will figure out a way to sail the needed ships to the area and carry some goods while they are at it to make some money for the trip.
  3. Bringing a friend, same results as bringing a fleet ship. The only advantage is that the friend option gives you a captain who hopefully is not a complete moron and can actually aim.
  4. This is a known aspect of missions for quite some time now. Some even use this to their advantage by bringing in a fleet ship and telling it to instantly escape so that it leaves more xp and money for the player.
  5. Funny coming from someone who said my points were invalid. So I provided you with an example of what one person who is a small clan is doing to earn the right to get access to the port bonuses. So if all you want to do is purchase some piece of paper to get access to the port, then I will vote hell no on that. It takes a massive amount of time and resources to build up a port and all you want to do is toss pennies at it (with no indication that the owning clan gets any of that other than taxes).
  6. Do I think the port assets should be open to all members of a nation, NO. For more than just the reasons provided here but mainly due to several small or individual players who wish to sit back and do nothing and reap from the hard work of the other clans. If you want access to the port, show that you have some value to the clan that runs the port. I have a friend who operates a single person clan that does 90% trading and about 10% combat (primarily being a holy terror in a mortar brig to even rattlesnakes). She does not play often but when she is around she contributes and does not complain. Hell, she even produced and delivered over 10,000 stone to one of our ports to help build the defenses. What have you provided to the port you are wanting access to? Have you helped that clan with generating money or helped in transporting materials? Have you sailed along side them in combat and proven your worth? Or are you just wanting to build better ships without ever getting off your ass to earn it? If you have proven yourself to a clan, I seriously doubt they would charge you for being on their friends list because you have proven that your value is far beyond the minuscule amount of CM or reals you could give them.
  7. Before you decide to eviscerate the large clans for being a little restrictive on who they permit into their ports I would suggest you take a look at the massive amount of resources needed to get those bonuses and defenses set up. Moderately sized clans can take up to a month just to get 3 or 4 bonuses actually activated, then on top of that with the new marking system on the ship info card it now shows Exactly where the ship was built making that port a target if that ship is captured by the enemy. On top of that is the nice little 254,000 real PER DAY cost to maintain a timer for the port. So if you are wondering why some clans are getting a little over the top as far as picky, that is only part of the reason. The other part may be that many clans within the same nation act like total a-holes towards each other in the area of assisting when they call for help. I used to be part of britain and I swear besides using a cattle prod it was near impossible to get anyone to help if I got ganked near kpr. Your best bet is to try to align with one of the smaller clans and help them build up a port. Doing so (if they are honorable) should get your clan a permanent spot to access the port for building. Beyond that, there is little you can do and forcing the players to release control of who gets access to the port will not solve anything. What you are suggesting could be turned around and used by alts to get ships built at a certain port that has all the bonuses and then smuggle the ship to an enemy nation. Do you really want to spend the time to build up a port just to have to face off against an enemy that is using it against you?
  8. Raekur


    You notice he did not mention Spain. (snicker)
  9. Got to love the 2 sided crap from some people. You know the ones that will say "if you don't want to be attacked outside your prime time put on a timer" ... shortly followed by the comment "People who use timers are cowards just trying to avoid a fight" So it seems that some players can't even make up their minds how they want to insult people.
  10. it actually worked just fine, guess either you don't remember or were not part of PVP2. Before the merger there was over 300 players online at a given time and it worked just fine. The merger is what hello kittyed everything up for those players that were from PVP2. At least on that server when maintenance happened most of the players were asleep. Now maintenance happens and the us based players get to wake up to a long list of port battles that they could not do an damn thing to stop. Then to make matters worse, lets add the frontline mechanics into the mix thus reducing the number of available targets a nation can go for. And lets not forget VCO's little bullshit move of taking Saint Marys. But I guess ever since VCO got booted from the US they have had a major hard on for trying to be a thorn in the US's side ever since. Hell you jokers even tried to pull Britain into it at one point until the British council told you to jog on. So as far as the player base not being large enough for 2 servers and that is the reason to keep one server, that is complete bullshit as PVP2 had plenty of players. But then again, I dont think you were there so how exactly does your uninformed opinion justify you calling my statement bullshit?
  11. The only way that the player base will not feel they are getting screwed over and avoid the start that occurred last time is to bring back the US server. The devs need to realize one very solid fact. If the game continues on a single server than it will continue to lose players from the american side of the globe as those players are getting a little fed up with waking up and seeing the map filled by the soviet side of the globe. There will be no way for the US side to ever get a fair shot at it just due to time mechanics. The game may get some new players upon release but their willingness to remain will be short lived as the game will be "complete" with little indication of any major changes to equalize the time differences. The only other way to stop the blitz of neutral ports upon launch is to limit the number of ports a nation can attack to 3 or less. While this may upset a few people it will in fact be good in that nations will have to be more selective on where they are going to attack. Plus it will ensure that ALL nations have something to go after from the start instead of just having to watch port after port fall to enemy nations sitting at your front door and not being able to do a damn thing about it.
  12. You know full well that will never happen. There will be disagreements over who should own particular ports (trade hub, location for raiding etc).
  13. This could be an issue though if you can still build deep water ships in the port and then tow them out.
  14. Well to be specific what VCO did was not in fact cheating, it was making use of an exploit. Along the same caliber as duplicating ships and their contents. That was not labeled as cheating but an exploit until the dev's could toss together a patch to prevent it from occurring again. I don't remember the dev's going after anyone who had used the exploit prior to it's discovery. So you might as well chalk this up in the same box. Should VCO have continued with the hostility after discovering that it was not working as intended - Yes plain and simple. I have known VCO for a very long time and there is one consistent thing about them, they will do what is in their best interest before the server or anyone else. But the same could be said for a few other clans as well though.
  15. Raekur


    Does it really take 90 min to get to 1000 points with all 3 circles capped? Last I checked it was about 40 to 45. So where is the 90 coming from? If you want the port, you tolerate what is needed to get it. Sorry, I dont mean to sound like I am attacking you but the plain fact is both PVP and Traders have activities that demand a large amount of time. For the PVP/RVR it is the hostility mission and then the port battle (which amounts to usually one to four times a week). For the traders it is one to three hours (at least) on a daily basis (longer if you are part of a nation that will not assist in ridding raiders from the area). With the increased cost of keeping a port and now building up the defenses for a port there has been a heavy burden placed on the traders to now help support a clan (cost involved in both gathering/producing/purchasing materials as well as upkeep). So every aspect of this game requires a commitment of an extended period of time that will include sitting on your thumbs.
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