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  1. Loki runes are annoying, always have been and always will be. This taking control and running for the horizon is not anything new.
  2. There are still a few situations where green on green leaves some confusion. If you are attacked by a teammate, under what conditions are you permitted to return fire to protect your ship if any? If you are attacking an ai and someone joins your battle and sits there waiting until the target is killed to rush in to steal the loot, can you do anything to prevent it? While players may have varied opinions on these, I have yet to see anything from an admin other than "You are not allowed to fire on a teammate". Does that mean if you are fired upon you might as well drop sail
  3. While i understand koltes wanting to help remove some of the toxic behavior I doubt his idea will ever get any attention. The main focus of the pvp server has always been sinking other players. To aid in that endeavor, trade runs were lengthened to force traders (easy kills) to have to be in the open world for 3 times longer because a few complained they were making more money than the pvp players (why this is a surprise is shocking). Crafting was simplified so that ships could be replaced faster (except for trying to get materials to the crafting ports is still a nightmare sometimes). The ove
  4. Trade ships have always been treated as fodder for pvp hunters and I do not see that changing any time in the future. Your best bet on leveling up your trader is sit there at the capital and slowly gain by beating up 7th rates or sail with a friend who can board the target while you shoot it at point blank range.
  5. To add to this, it seems that now it is even more difficult now than it was before to get to a target that is upwind.
  6. The options are either build, buy or capture a new ship. If you are low level, I suggest either buying a new one or if you have no money to work with use a basic cutter to go capture a 7th rate and use that to work your way up. Typically if you are part of a clan they can supply you with a new ship. Losing ships is as much a part of this game as sailing for hours.
  7. The Cerberus shows up at craft level 1, the Indiaman shows up at craft level 2 and the Indefatigable marks level 3 to give you an idea. Ship availability is linked to your personal craft level and your current level of shipyard has no bearing on being able to craft new ships. The shipyard is a limiting factor the same way that base resources are.
  8. Because if they can just upgrade a ship in port instead of having to keep building ships to get the one they want, the crafters will spend less time moving supplies to their crafting port. The game has always favored the pvp players over all others. There were too many complaints by the pvp players that there were not enough targets in open world due to, capitals protection zones were too big, crafting was too easy, trade runs were too short...get the idea...
  9. Wont happen, it would cut down on the amount of time that targets for pvp players are in the open.
  10. The issue i have was the reason I was given as to why the entire group does not join like they do on the war server. I understand the reason is so that players do not get dragged into a mission and attacked, but isnt that what the tribunal is for. How is making it difficult for the rest of the players a better option over a method of finding these players that want to grief other players. Beyond that, what prevents these griefers from just joining into someones battle and still doing the same thing? As for needing 6+ players, not everyone usually has groups that size at all times who happen to
  11. I would add that groups be able to join a battle at the same time. This having to sail to the join circle severely hampers groups that want to join and use the time after neutralizing the target to practice sailing together due to BR locks. The having to sail around also is an issue as it leaves the tagger to fight a fleet alone for 2-3 minuets while the rest of the group sails to within range. So either enable group joins as it is on the war server or remove BR lockouts.
  12. I am sorry you encountered this issue. But you can expect it to continue until such time that someone is able to capture it on video. A group of friends of mine also thought it was someone entering a mission and waited just under 2 hours for him to reappear. Nothing, so your guess is as good as mine at this point.
  13. While this is true, for this situation it is the only thing that can be done to get any investigation into the situation. I have submitted 2 reports on this exact situation with as much data as possible to location, time, people involved, etc. Without an actual video though, it was dismissed and even the topic was changed by an admin to Fake News. This was part of the reason I am taking a break from playing on the pvp server.
  14. This is not the first time something of this exact nature has occurred. You will need video evidence to get any kind of investigation done. Screenshots are not sufficient for this kind of issue.
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