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  1. I have said this before but seems that the hardcore pvp players distracted it because it would remove their easy kills for pvp missions. Make tradeships rank 8 and remove them from counting towards pvp missions. The idea of going after a trade ship should be for economic or resource hindering reasons only. Not because they are an easy kill towards a mission that is intended to be for sinking warships. Not long ago these lazy raiders even wanted to be able to capture a ship and then teleport it back to base to sell the cargo without having to leave their hunting grounds for the amount of time it would take to sail the prize back, not to mention it would make them vulnerable to being intercepted due to the decrease in speed. This only showed that the raiders are very one sided in their thinking and could care less about balance. Wasnt the teleport to port option removed because some pvp players complained that it made it too easy for traders to make it to port with some of their cargo?
  2. There are still a few situations where green on green leaves some confusion. If you are attacked by a teammate, under what conditions are you permitted to return fire to protect your ship if any? If you are attacking an ai and someone joins your battle and sits there waiting until the target is killed to rush in to steal the loot, can you do anything to prevent it? While players may have varied opinions on these, I have yet to see anything from an admin other than "You are not allowed to fire on a teammate". Does that mean if you are fired upon you might as well drop sail and let him sink you? Seems really sad if you are in a L'Ocean and some snow joins your battle and starts shooting at you. Either way if you fire or not it would seem that you lose the L'Ocean.
  3. As annoying as that tactic may be, I have seen several hunters do the same thing.
  4. So I guess what you're suggesting is not lowering BR but a limit to how many ports a nation can own. Just lowering the BR would not stop large clans from just taking the ports before any small nation could.
  5. I agree this may have been a counter to the rather callous suggestion of forcing the pve players onto the pvp server. I agree with your comment on the population as I will log into both servers during the day and have noticed that the population on the pve server is growing while there is a slight decline on the war server. Regarding putting any kind of pvp on the pve server, NO. If a player wants pvp, then we have a war server for that. Same but reverse to the pvp players who chastised the players that wanted to focus on going after ai on the pvp server. The pvp server has developed into a very toxic environment, do you really think that is something that should infect the pve server so a small number of players can get their pvp fix?
  6. Consider the other side so to speak. If a player has gotten frustrated with the nation he is part of due to either dictatorship run clans or other internal nation issues what options do they have. With forger they can switch nation and not have to rebuild everything. With deleting the account they start from scratch with nothing at all. Do you think most who are that frustrated will continue playing when they have absolutely nothing? Before the forger most would just leave the game. With it there is at least some level of player retention. Some may not like the ease there is with switching but there is still the hassle of having to move everything to a location that it can be retrieved from. While it is easy to move ships it is not an easy thing to relocate repairs and other items without risking losing them. So it is not just a click and go.
  7. Deleting the account zeros out the experience. The only thing tied to the account is the tutorial.
  8. While i understand koltes wanting to help remove some of the toxic behavior I doubt his idea will ever get any attention. The main focus of the pvp server has always been sinking other players. To aid in that endeavor, trade runs were lengthened to force traders (easy kills) to have to be in the open world for 3 times longer because a few complained they were making more money than the pvp players (why this is a surprise is shocking). Crafting was simplified so that ships could be replaced faster (except for trying to get materials to the crafting ports is still a nightmare sometimes). The overall development of the game has always centered around one specific focal point and I doubt any content that deviates away from this will ever see the light of day.
  9. I really do not see the reason for this level of hatred towards the PVE server. That server gives people a place to play without the complete crap show that is going on with the pvp server. Hell I used to sail with Cuzn and his friend a while back and he seemed like a decent person, until this. No one is forcing anyone to play on the pve server, same as no one is forced to play on the pvp server so why the sarcasm? But forcing those on the pve server onto the pvp server will be about the most unintelligent thing anyone could do at this point. If you can not see why, i suggest you look back at the aftermath of what occurred after the 2 pvp servers were merged and the net loss of population afterwards.
  10. What exactly would be the point? Do you plan on eliminating the PVE server because the population on the PVP server has dropped again? I doubt that removing the PVE server will gain anything more than players never playing naval action ever again. Every time that a choice has been forced upon the players it has resulted in a net loss not a gain. The PVE server offers a respite from the overwhelming toxic nature that the PVP server has developed into. Remove this option and the only thing that is gained is an unwanted outcome.
  11. Actually no, since you are not the one considered to have the kill against it you can not interact with it. At least that is the situation i have experienced.
  12. I have seen several hunters on the war server use this tactic to avoid being sunk by players. This tactic has been in use for quite some time and is nothing new.
  13. Trade ships have always been treated as fodder for pvp hunters and I do not see that changing any time in the future. Your best bet on leveling up your trader is sit there at the capital and slowly gain by beating up 7th rates or sail with a friend who can board the target while you shoot it at point blank range.
  14. To add to this, it seems that now it is even more difficult now than it was before to get to a target that is upwind.
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