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  1. May be a good idea but a little too late to stop the seal clubbing of new players that have already left. This should have been put in upon release. Some say it will bring hunters to the capital areas but face it, if you are going to fleet up and bring enough to deal with 6 large and 2 mediums, i doubt you would waste time going after a single target and pass up the chance to go after the target you were there for. At least now low rank players might get a reprieve from being smashed daily by fast moving 5th rates.
  2. Well with the number of people who complained that the brig was a cheap way to kill something expensive, the solution was to effectively eliminate the mortar brig instead of making towers and such cheaper. Not only is it impossible to solo train up in a mortar brig, it is incapable of actually doing the one thing it was intended for. I used to love operating the MB, now I wont waste my time with it. There have already been a few threads on the subject with no posts from the developers so do not expect things to change. Best to just avoid towers and focus on warships to take out the defending fleet.
  3. And you just exhibited the same egotistical attitude as those that were squashed by the PVE players. Dont think that just because someone plays on the peace server that they lack the ability to totally piss all over your cheerios.
  4. Looks like the population on the PEACE server is about to resemble the War server. First it is forced pvp with the loki rune (and the crap response of "he attacked a NPC" is NOT valid enough of a reason). Now we have aggressive AI which will further enable use of the loki rune to rape players since it will not only include a player attacking a player but the loki user automatically has friends and from the sound of it, quite a few at that. Simple solution, remove the damn loki rune from the peace server. As to the aggressive ai, players will just have to be more aware of their surroundings. @Wraith be careful, the last time a group of PVE players came to the war server, several PVP players got schooled, HARD. (it was on PVP2)
  5. How about a upgrade or perk that increases the radius for looting. Currently have to be close enough for a crewman to literally jump from deck to deck. For instance: Longboats Loot Radius +.50 Oak x50 Hemp x50 Cotton Sails x1 If you want a penalty included then the maximum weight is 100 that can be retrieved without closing to the normal loot radius. Cooldown timer of 60 seconds to prevent spam usage to retrieve multiple small items. Clan GA
  6. Not that I dont believe you but I broke up 4 ships all Teak / Teak and what I got was as followed. Hercules - 2 coal and 5 fir logs Hermione - 8 Iron and 1 Lignum Vitae log Hermione - 9 Iron and 6 fir logs Pandora - 8 Teak logs and 50 provisions. None of the ships spawned with seasoned wood and out of the 4 ships broken down in an attempt to get Teak I received 8. So based on my findings, I doubt that DLC ships will be the next rage storm that will be supplying massive amounts of building materials to anyone.
  7. I am not sure how DLC ships being created with seasoned wood is such a game breaker. Every time I have broken up a ship i get maybe at most 5 pieces of wood. Considering the amount of wood needed to craft a 1st rate it would take months to gather the wood needed. Even a Victory needs 2537 wood for the hull, so with 5 DLC ships in game currently yielding on average 3 pieces of wood each (15) it would take you 157 days to get the wood at minimum IF the luck gods were on your side giving you the exact same wood for each ship every day. Dont really see that as game breaking.
  8. I think the point that @Wraith was trying to make is that if you did not have the mission you would not see the crossed swords. The only occurrence where someone will see the crossed swords near a port is for a port battle. The NPC raids have been a bit buggy in that when someone joins others get locked out if they do not join in under 10 min. Either way, if this was a mission that was selected from a distant port by someone else, you would not see the swords at all, only the mission owner will see them. I would suggest you try again and if you see the swords, get a screenshot of your current missions in the mission tab (Q) and post it with the crossed swords in the background of the shot.
  9. Raekur

    boat unlootable

    Just to ask the obvious question, was the deck below water by the time you came around to loot it? There is a finite time to get to a ship before the looting becomes unavailable.
  10. Raekur


    If the port went neutral it was from one of two things, either NPC attacked and won or the port owner released ownership of it. In either case, if the buildings were not native to the port (Hemp and Stone Block in this case) but were investments then these would be lost when ownership of the port switched to neutral. Hostility for a port is done via missions taken from another port. Since Gibraltar is a county capital it can be attacked from the nearest hostile port. Players take hostility missions from there and run missions and if successful it will generate hostility against the port. Once the hostility level reaches 100 a port battle is set provided the missions are completed within the range of the port battle timer for the port.
  11. I dont think you quite understood my point. While yes there is upkeep for those ports you want a timer on, my suggestion would affect the amount of funds gained from taxes. So instead of a base 10% larger nations would be under a higher tax rate and thus would earn less from taxes. Imagine that even if the port owner set the tax to 0 there would still be a flat imposed tax of say 10% thus reducing the money earned by taking trade goods there. This could prompt traders to deliver their goods to other ports belonging to a different nation since the tax is nationwide. The only way for the affected nation to gain that tax level again is to reduce the number of ports they own.
  12. I wasnt thinking of a large amount but 1 xp per min would be nice reward for evading 5 to 1 odds. And considering how difficult it is now to even rank up a mortar brig every little bit helps. As far as someone in a SOL rate doing this, (i only have data for the first box for a Christian as a reference) the first box of a christian would take over 35 hours to open using this method.
  13. The main issue I see with that approach is that larger nations would aggressively go after ports just to gain more resources to counter the loss of available plots in their main ports. This would not curb the larger nations from taking over the map but actually give then just cause to do so. While yes it would force them to have more merchant ships in the open world to move the supplies I don't think it would be much of a hindrance to them as they would be able to form a large fleet to move the resources. Small nations would be choked to death for lack of resources and inability to keep up production to counter losses incurred defending their ports.
  14. What about imposing a income tax based on the number of ports owned? This tax could be considered a maintenance cost for internal relocation of funds from outer colonies back to the capital and would be money not given to any player or clan. Even if a nation with a large number of ports wanted to compensate the loss by capturing more ports it would be a diminishing return until the large nation gave up ports to balance out their income. The only tricky part is determining what the number of ports are that establish a balance for the nation and how much of a penalty is imposed by having over this number.
  15. Where are the patch notes that state that the battle closes in under 12 min? I hopped over to Truxillo today to see how many were in the battle defending it and there was nothing, no crossed swords or anything giving any indication the battle was even underway. In a normal PB defenders and attackers are able to join within the first 20 min or so, why is this being done so differently? Is this an intentional attempt to just drain money and resources from players? Maybe instead of calling them Raider battles they should have been referred to as Kobayashi Maru engagements.
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