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  1. there is no point of the looting system if you can't get to it before it goes underwater or if the other npc's can just run them over and make them go underwater where you can't get it
  2. not all players want to do pvp so even if its just for the pve server and it would help the new players get up to that level to do PvP because they can learn to go up the level of play for npc until they can do the hard and then do pvp then if they wanted.
  3. who goes into a group that would steal once found out you do not group with them anymore and any clan or anyone would not group with them too
  4. if this keeps going on why would new players keep coming to play there should be a zone system for AI npc like there a zone for easy, medium, and hard modes zones has you go up in the zones the drop rate on higher tier items have a higher change to drop. it will help the new players and keep the old players who knows how to play and would like an harder AI npc.
  5. why can't we just have Row boats for looting? it can take too long to get loot when kill an ship and having to go into head winds
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