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  1. These suggestions apply the PvE game. (I haven't played PvP, since my rank was wiped upon release, so I won't comment on it.) In PvE: 1: Make port-to-port trading more profitable (I suggest by at least 100%) so that trading once again becomes an interesting and worthwhile pursuit. 2: Increase the rewards from delivery missions (I suggest by at least 50%). 3: Increase the frequency of sealed bottles (I suggest by at least 50%), and improve the loot found on the wrecks. 4: Increase the number of elite NPC ships (I suggest by 100%) because they hold better loot, and therefore provide extra motivation to play. 5: Make the loot from NPC ships correlate to the NPC ship's size (bigger ships should carry better loot). I could suggest many other improvements, but the above are what I consider the 5 main things that I think would reduce the widespread discontent, while being easy to implement. I hope the @admin will take heed.
  2. Thanks! So the lines have no relevance on the PvE server then?
  3. When you mouse-over a capital port on the map, you see orange lines connecting that port to other nearby ports. What do these lines indicate, exactly?
  4. I want to be able to choose my battles and not be subjected to unwanted attacks. For this reason, I play exclusively on the Peace server, now. I wouldn't mind PVP, if I could opt for "PVP battles by mutual consent only".
  5. Personally, I am strongly against the idea of aggressive NPCs - but that is the subject of another thread.
  6. Delivery missions and trade trips become very tedious after a while. Why not make them more interesting? The occasional floating barrels/chests/wreckage, containing worthwhile, varied booty would be one suggestion. The sighting of these could be announced by a shout from the ship's lookout. Also, port-to-port trading should be made more profitable, in my opinion, so that once again, it becomes a worthwhile pursuit.
  7. My vote (aggressive NPCs): In PvE: NO! NO! NO! In PvP: I don't much care.
  8. Surely, it can't be too hard to fix, can it? I now find I could delete our clan description text, but now we are stuck with an empty text box, into which we cannot add new text! Please, @admin, get it corrected...
  9. I was doing the Leogane Patrol today for several hours. The game often crashed, just after I finished and left a battle. Then I discovered that none of the damage I had inflicted to NPCs (several battles) was registered in the patrol events window of the UI. So unless I can get my damage reinstated, so I can claim my combat medals, I have just wasted several hours. I submitted an F11 bug report at 5:54 GMT today. I'm hoping the @devs will look into this.
  10. Yes, I have 'send messages to all players' enabled. I received your mail message, but no regular chat messages. I replied to your in-game mail message, saying that I still cannot edit the clan description - even when I follow your suggested workaround, exactly. I have tried several times, but without any success. Further help would be much appreciated.
  11. Thanks; but I am not seeing any in-game message. Where is it? It has not appeared in the game's chat/mail interface.
  12. PS - Hopefully one of the @devs will provide the answer to this. I still cannot get it to work.
  13. Ok thanks. I did the bug report now. Unfortunately, I didn't make a note of the bug report number.
  14. Oh yes, of course.. I forgot. No, I haven't done a bug report (yet) because I've only once had any response from a bug report in the past. But I guess I will do a bug report now.
  15. No. Not yet, because I've rarely had any response from past F11 bug reports.
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