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  1. With a fleet of three Indiamen, I can make only about 20k doubloons in a full, long, real-world day, doing delivery missions, since the doubs nerf. So making 50k doubs to level up my shipyard, for example, seemed ridiculously punishing. If it were just one full day of boring grind, that would be bad enough!
  2. Why was it deemed necessary to nerf the availability of doubloons? I'm not sure about PvP, because I only play PvE now, but the extra difficulty of obtaining doubloons has made the game excessively arduous, IMO.
  3. Excellent - thank you! I thought that was the case, but wanted to double-check.
  4. r0 To move our clan warehouse to a different port, is it necessary to dissolve the clan altogether (after emptying the warehouse) and then start a new clan (with the same name) at the different port? Or can I just delete the old clan warehouse, without dissolving the clan? Many thanks.
  5. The La Mona Patrol Event used to be one of the worthwhile patrol zones, compared to, say, the Antilles one, which has always been terrible due to it's bad positioning. Yesterday, I did the La Mona one, and found that it has changed drastically. I spent nearly eight hours, tediously and patiently patrolling that zone, and found only one LGV in all that time. Mostly, the only targets were a very occasional trader brig. It took me eight hours to earn a mere 12 combat medals, and loot a pitifully small number of doubloons. This is absolutely ridiculous. Can the @admin please do something to rectify this? Excessively nerfing the doubloons available from delivery missions was bad enough, but combined, these punishing changes have made this game more trouble than it's worth, IMO.
  6. Introducing PVP into PVE in this way, is the worst idea I've seen in this game so far. No-one I've seen, on PVE, likes the idea. The sooner the idea is reversed, the better - before even more PVE players quit the game in disgust.
  7. Removing most of the doubs from delivery missions seems to me like yet another piece of miserly and unnecessary nerfing that will surely result in the loss of more players. I'm just glad I have reached the stage where I rarely need to do delivery missions any more. I welcome the wind speed boost, but it doesn't mitigate the doubs removal, or the stingy profits we now get from trading, IMO.
  8. These suggestions apply the PvE game. (I haven't played PvP, since my rank was wiped upon release, so I won't comment on it.) In PvE: 1: Make port-to-port trading more profitable (I suggest by at least 100%) so that trading once again becomes an interesting and worthwhile pursuit. 2: Increase the rewards from delivery missions (I suggest by at least 50%). 3: Increase the frequency of sealed bottles (I suggest by at least 50%), and improve the loot found on the wrecks. 4: Increase the number of elite NPC ships (I suggest by 100%) because they hold better loot, and therefore provide extra motivation to play. 5: Make the loot from NPC ships correlate to the NPC ship's size (bigger ships should carry better loot). I could suggest many other improvements, but the above are what I consider the 5 main things that I think would reduce the excessive grind and resulting widespread discontent, while being easy to implement. I hope the @admin will take heed.
  9. Thanks! So the lines have no relevance on the PvE server then?
  10. When you mouse-over a capital port on the map, you see orange lines connecting that port to other nearby ports. What do these lines indicate, exactly?
  11. I want to be able to choose my battles and not be subjected to unwanted attacks. For this reason, I play exclusively on the Peace server, now. I wouldn't mind PVP, if I could opt for "PVP battles by mutual consent only".
  12. Personally, I am strongly against the idea of aggressive NPCs - but that is the subject of another thread.
  13. Delivery missions and trade trips become very tedious after a while. Why not make them more interesting? The occasional floating barrels/chests/wreckage, containing worthwhile, varied booty would be one suggestion. The sighting of these could be announced by a shout from the ship's lookout. Also, port-to-port trading should be made more profitable, in my opinion, so that once again, it becomes a worthwhile pursuit.
  14. My vote (aggressive NPCs): In PvE: NO! NO! NO! In PvP: I don't much care.
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