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  1. Change the environs to look like the Caribbean: add palm trees, exotic birds, proper sunshine, fewer, briefer storms and bluer seas!
  2. Everyone I speak to strongly dislikes the new Ships Auction search feature, introduced a few days ago. Please scrap it and revert the Ships Auction it to how it was before. Or you could add a button which enables us to browse ships as before the change.
  3. Would it not make sense if we could damage ships (e.g., reduce their remaining hit-points) by ramming them?
  4. The performance of elite AI ships is very unrealistic, especially with regard to their speed. I suggest slowing them down a tad, and make their sails a bit more vulnerable to chainshot. A ship shouldn't still be moving like a speedboat after you've put 5 chainshot broadsides through its sails... even if it is an "elite".
  5. I would like to have 'N', 'S', 'E', and 'W' on the battle compass (in addition to degrees). Why have only degrees marked on the battle compass?
  6. I vote for "Fleet" or "Company" - anything but "Clan"!! And also, the "Map" should be called the "Chart". (Maps are for land lubbers.)
  7. Indeed. It sure would avoid a lot of confusion for new players.
  8. Please add some gold leaf to some of the sterns in paint jobs in the 'Painter' DLC, and give us some paint jobs that are less downright dull and drab. Give us a couple of halfway-attractive paint jobs for the Indefatigable.
  9. In any case, I feel that the sextant should only use up one perk point.
  10. Also, I think some attention needs to be given to how some items stack, while others don't.
  11. I am bemused that a 12-pound long gun (for example) used as a chaser doesn't behave the same as it would if if it were one of the side guns. Chaser gun elevation often seems faulty; frequently we aim high, at a sail, but the shot mysteriously hits the hull! Furthermore the spread/dispersion/accuracy is often really bad when a gun is a bow chaser. The shot sometimes flies wildly outside the boundaries of the aiming beam.
  12. I'd like to see an overall improvement of the weather and climatic appearance, to reflect the real world Caribbean. Problem solved.
  13. I think that when firing a broadside in 'random' firing sequence, the broadside should be shorter in duration than broadsides fired in one of the consecutive, sequential modes. Why? Because in random firing mode, each cannon crew would fire their particular cannon as quickly as possible, without waiting for the adjacent cannon to be fired, before firing theirs.
  14. I've been saying this ever since I first bought the game during Alpha. All the unnecessary clicks and confirmations make that aspect of the game seem awkward, clunky and unpolished to me.
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