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  1. will Sea legends be supported by Geforce experience considering the nvidia is adding more and more options for gaming to their software ?
  2. man if the game wasnt a total shit fest with woods i would have gladly joined the conquering of belize
  3. holy shit i checked naval action map GB getting owned
  4. On the exploits with flags poll question. the special friendly message to those who confirmed that "they have already found exploits with flags"We have zero tolerance policy to exploits and captains who said there are exploits must report them.Knowing about exploit and not reporting it is against the rules. Their nicknames are recorded in poll answer - if you voted that there are exploits please report them asap. i dont know any flag exploits considering i find that breaking up admirality ships that cost 7k and then getting the new woods that are worth 5x the price and
  5. since new woods came out before they were released you could buy them off admirality ships and break them up and get like 14 wood you sell for 3,5k each and you bought the ship for 7k 

    is this considered economy exploit ? to make money?

  6. sounds like a fun experience and only logical to get rewarded for helping your allies
  7. we do things together , all seasoned woods you basicly get yourself if you join privateer fleets you ofc get 1 chest each , dubloons the same for port raids shipyard i payed for myself , and the fir S + dubloons it cost the stone blocks ,fir etc resources like that are from everyone having diffrent kinds of buildings so we can help eachoter
  8. @Ink considering the amount of people trying to log back in will this crash the server?
  9. yes thank you for releasing an event again im very happy you are getting some action back into naval action with this event hopefully this will get the player base to get up again
  10. already has 27 points permit drops on regular event is something the devs could come up with
  11. lol admin removed all the posts on your topic xD


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    2. Urchin


      Yeah but he made his out of Fir so still crap. One good rake and he'll lose a third of his crew.  If you have any basic blue Wapens I'd be interested in buying if they are anything but Fir.  

    3. mexicanbatman
    4. mexicanbatman


      I can build them now but i also have a 4/4 blue teak teak

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