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  1. no because the redoutable isnt op and spammed at all
  2. people complain to mutch i sail a victory i know it heels over more than normal on turns so just dont do that
  3. @admin can you edit posts or do something to old post that already have been reviewed so we know the diffrence between old ones and new ones
  4. its downvoted because the people that cant play for long time that cant have first rates crafted dont excist because you can just buy first rates from people you can earn alot of money in an hour of sinking AI for books dubs etc and make money and just say in global want to buy l'ocean or ask some one to craft one the people that want these DLC are the ones that just want throw money at ships to get easy access to free seasoned woods or a free ship to fight in patrol zone with out sailing their nice gold ones
  5. mexicanbatman

    Server down

    wooden chest will stay in your inventory ? they dont have timers on them
  6. You dont have to craft you can just buy ships of people instead you dont use real money but reels and dubloons
  7. change the redeem timer to every 48 hours for 3rd rates and up so its not as mutch spammed and people that dont have mutch time to play will still be able to have a DLC 3rd/first rate and people that just bought it for seasoned woods get less
  8. Nice to see the victory buff tho very happy with that been long awaited
  9. release admiraal de ruyter for everyone ( permit drops i dont care how it drops it up to the development team to balance that )
  10. fair enhough i understand yall get frustrated aswell you are just people i just hope that you understand some of our frustrations aswell im only critical because i love this game i wouldent be critical if i didnt enjoy it as i just usualy then go play something else also edited my last post in fairness to being only banned from forums which i meant
  11. a gift is a gift its always nice to recieve gifts we just didnt expect it to be a trinc considering you said it be worth 40-50 euro so like close to redoutable maby we just greedy? i dont know anymore it just doesnt feel worth 40-50 dolla to alot of people also alot are dissepointed you are banning them from FORUMS removing posts and breaking promises so i wouldent count on a great appreciation at the moment
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