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  1. I was working on leveling up my implacable killing a buc, about an hour into battle a loki jumps in while i'm repairing. And POOF, he's gone. I had him down to 300 crew, and shredded his sails so he couldn't prevent my repair. So I understand that may be frustrating circumstances for a Loki. But Serriously? I like the Loki feature, I think it's fun. BUT this is a whole new level of trolling that shouldn't be an option. Part of the risk with the Loki is you may jump into a hopeless situation. Allowing escape is detrimental to the whole mechanic.
  2. I dont know if having a lot of players in open world searching for the treasure fleet in close proximity causes your servers to lag or what the deal is. But this is the first time I've ever felt like saying f this game. now i'm back in no lag, but all the shipwrecks are picked clean, when I had them in sight right when they appeared!!! irritating AF!
  3. I've had my game freeze 4 times and kick me out. I was sailing right where the shipwreck fleet appeared on the map, and suddenly my game keeps freezing and kicking me ouut WTF, i finally get back in and theres enemy players everywhere and the shipwrecks already looted when i was right next to it when it appeared you got to be kidding me!!
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