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  1. Yesterday at server time around 12:50,24/Aug. our clan lad "Steven Gerrard"was sailing with HMS suprise, then the Russia BSTDI clan(One of the CNS' ALT clan in Russia) "Admiral Essen" with indefatigable attack and trace him in the battle. later France CNS clan "STX2333" with Christian who joined the battle at our side, but he demast our suprise and let his friend Admiral Essen to sink "Steven Gerrard". As all i can know, those chinese guys are not the first time to cheat in Green on Green method. Such a toxic move in the game, and SHAME ON them. Please do the right punishment to them!
  2. Hello every decent captain in naval action, allow me here to speak the truth about Sink111 or STX111 (what ever the name, he changes everytime) in CNS clan. it could be a long story, so if you are interested, please grab some popcorn and follow my description. The story starts a year ago, probably in 2019/6, when i left EAR clan in GB and go for Sweeden. Back then, i was in a clan called KYLIN, but i stopped playing for a while due to some nothings of life. After i came back, there comes a new guy called Sink 111 (used to be HAN clan,joined us for some reason which i dont know), he i
  3. The Battle was happening around 16:14 2020/3/30 sever time. The weird thing was dron441 boarded AIT side by side, and grape AIT 's nearly full HP L'Ocean,.just look at the grape kills in the screenshot. side boarding, grape killing full HP Ocean like 40 crew everytime. And look at the reload speed of his grape 15 seconds per side? like nearly everytime? PLZ do check his data, and inform us if there's anything wrong with this guy. @Ink
  4. 1 clans from the same nation can be hostile and fight at each other while clans in different nation can be allied. 2 condense the size of OW map, and only researve carribian sea. 3 cancle the WO , which means cancle the mechanic of battile timer and tagging, map will switch when player running out of one. 4 bring back the mechanic of the wood forest only produce in a certain ports but only the nation capture it can have access to producing the wood log 5 bring back the mechanic of ship component used for construction ships. 6 one can join pirate only with the permits o
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