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  1. 46,3% seems as odd number. Could it be 4 first or biggest multipliers? Then again, 4 is odd, or even even in thes case πŸ˜‰
  2. @William Death What you say may or even is true, but that wasn't the point. We shoudn't be plaing the guessing game related to our ship. We have a counter for hiting enemy's masts but not ours. It's still not telling if you penned or not, but that's fine. It's a guess regarding enemy's ship not yours. For knowing how many hits you can take, from what distance and from witch caliber you kind of need a calculator, and not everybody is blessed to have one. Unless we go full PvP approach then yes, you can get that much better if you can know this by experience. Also sync problems might be a bit confusing regarding mast hits. I'm not saying they are, but they do exist πŸ™‚ How is that not capped at 30% or 40% ?
  3. It's not in OK spot as long as you kown the amount of enemy's crew and loaded guns but not the state of your own masts. Somone even proposed the rough indication of green, yellow, red to let even the field
  4. Deleted then edited Edit: I was thinking about both sided effect. Like, you can not be boarded with less crew, but also can not board enemy with the lesser crew since you're defender not attacker. Turns out it's falwed when two DD ships meet.
  5. Can we grant things related to crafting and exp generation? Things like hull/rig reps, cannons should allow players to gain even a little crafting exp to help them move forward. For now the only way to increase your labour hours wallet is building not so cheap shipiard and smashing biggest ship you can day and night. I like the idea of being dedicated to crafting gives you an edge but being the only way is silly. If i remember right Rum used do grant exp when procesed from Sugar. If it was that much exploited can't it be somchow limited? Let's say something achivment related: Craft 10 000 rum to get 200 craft exp. TL;DR Grant new players ability to increase LH wallet with other ways that just shipyard.
  6. More o less the same general idea with diffrent take on it. So make it addition not stand alone project: Boatswain's Whip Materials: Hemp - for obviuos reasons Bull Shark - that's the great idea you've got Malcolm3 (explained in quote) And one of each log - for a nice handle and to force a gathering 1 Live Oak log 1 White Oak log 1 Caguarian log 1 Sabicu log 1 Teak log 1 Oak log 1 Mahogany log 1 Bermuda Cedar log 1 Fir log I would set a bit diffrent effects though Effects: Crew transfer 3 (it's gonna make you move faster πŸ˜† ) Crew hitpoints -5% (as those injured can not perform) Morale -10 Cannon reload -7%
  7. What about making seasoned woods, ya know, seasond? You can put the wood in the shed for let's say a week and after that you can take it out seasoned. If you want it faster you can pay extra labor and material. Then you're just playing with limits. How much wood you can put in? What would be the ideal recovery time vs the price? Etc.
  8. Can't we add them to the pool? What's the harm in buying permits for CMs or VMs? You can start with CMs and keep going with VMs
  9. Not for long... not for long...
  10. I migth have misunderstood the second point of Preperatoin part in that post (it was lastest info we got in that time): https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/31428-npc-port-battles-explained-war-server-and-peace-server-information/ As most developed ports means in fact multiple of one. I just wrongly assumed it would be only the top one and even if not it would be the first to recive the beating . But by the same post, ad. 5, Friday hosti should not stand. Likewise i would like to know the ports that are in range of attack (love to play the guessing game, aren't we?) and why they were choosen. Was Caracas pick by random, or by the lack of timer? Is Les Cayes endangered by tax, or Cumana steals the show as fully developed port? Correct me if i'm wrong, but by the current rules it goes like that? You get top 3 nations by leaderboard You take in order 10 richest (tax) ports from the 3 nations,but no less than 1 per nation (let's say it would be 6 from nation A, 2 from nation B and 2 form nation C) You got a poll of ports from nation A, B and C, and choose one randomly
  11. I would still like to get an aswer as to why Caracas was attacked in the first place other than this rule: That was announced AFTER NPC raid was set: As said bfore: Both ports are 49/50 points (literally the points you use to develop a port so the're the same in that regard) and tax diffrence is quite big I would say. Edit: How do you make "Reveal hidden conttents" label?
  12. We didn't put the timer on Caracas since night attack on weekend probably could be held and it shouldn't be a main target. That beeing said, I did not expect hostility 2 days before to push it to Monday morning... This is a good question tho, both ports are 49/50 points (literally the points you use to develop a port so the're the same in that regard) and tax diffrence is quite big I would say. Edit: Yes, I know that till 18/11/2019 10:00 ST it's still "Sunday". I'm mainly sad about hostility 2 days before (it's great for the prep time tho) and target choice. About raid time, seems we drew a short straw
  13. What about the cap? Something like when you go below 80% you can't repair above 80%. Those are arbitrary numbers, but could be made to set multiple points/stages of repair (50%, 30% etc.). Howewer this wouldn't work for sails or crew... so only hull apply.
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