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  1. 1. Base is 30%, but it changes with Marines. Marines get the rest % from 100%. For example, assume 100 Crew: Base muskets should be 30 With book marines 15: [form base] 30% + 15%*100 [marines count] * (100%-30%) [remaining % left for marines] ||||||| [70% that one is weird as it 100% - crew muskets] The funny part starts now: With Marines 15 and Redoutable Muskets (crew muskets 0,1) [10% basically] [from base] 30%+10% [from redoutable] + 15%*100 [marines count] * (100%-40%) [remaining % left for marines] ||||| [60%as now crew muskets count is 30%+10%] So with 100 crew, Mar
  2. May I ask how will it work with Prolific Forger? Will it reset the Karma?
  3. Outpost Slots It would be nice to have the ability to gain/buy at least 2 more outpost slots, they can be even tied to the free ports only. We have a such vast and beutiful world that trying to fulfill home defense, together with clan duties and private economy in free ports gets overwheliming on the places you can use. Even the ability to freeze/lock 2 outposts, to reopen it later, so you would not need to haul everything back and have the space for a new one to check out the spot, would do much good in that matter.
  4. I do like you but it's a meme topic after all P.S. As any native member i'd hate to see a country as an excuse
  5. So with the upcoming™ port points change will it be worth going for M&R 4? 🙂
  6. I think you're missing the point. What they care about is that the ship has already been made and in is the game files. What they care about is that the ship took time and resources to make and is gone. All that's needed to change is just making it available.
  7. I would say it's more about sacrifice of the other bonnuses and the lv3 to lv4 jump(Crew 4 is must have for rep and board, probably Gunnery 4 for juicy 5%pen with all those S woods, and the choice is left with Sail or Hull 4). But yeah, mast protection is no pen or no mast, really. In some cases Elite French bonusses are not even worth it, bumping mast hits from i.e. 6 to 7 for takedown. Personally i would go for more HP buff than thickness. Adjust and see might be the approach 🙂 Edit: I think you meant it for the lesser ships wich could sacrifice a bit of sailing speed and close quart
  8. Just to make it clearer: both cannon weights are coded as "2" whereas 42lb is coded as "1". @Ntweedie2007 I think you'e looking for this
  9. Deleted then edited Edit: I was thinking about both sided effect. Like, you can not be boarded with less crew, but also can not board enemy with the lesser crew since you're defender not attacker. Turns out it's falwed when two DD ships meet.
  10. Can we grant things related to crafting and exp generation? Things like hull/rig reps, cannons should allow players to gain even a little crafting exp to help them move forward. For now the only way to increase your labour hours wallet is building not so cheap shipiard and smashing biggest ship you can day and night. I like the idea of being dedicated to crafting gives you an edge but being the only way is silly. If i remember right Rum used do grant exp when procesed from Sugar. If it was that much exploited can't it be somchow limited? Let's say something achivment related: Craft 10 0
  11. More o less the same general idea with diffrent take on it. So make it addition not stand alone project: Boatswain's Whip Materials: Hemp - for obviuos reasons Bull Shark - that's the great idea you've got Malcolm3 (explained in quote) And one of each log - for a nice handle and to force a gathering 1 Live Oak log 1 White Oak log 1 Caguarian log 1 Sabicu log 1 Teak log 1 Oak log 1 Mahogany log 1 Bermuda Cedar log 1 Fir log I would set a bit diffrent effects though Effects: Crew transfer 3 (it's gonna make yo
  12. We didn't put the timer on Caracas since night attack on weekend probably could be held and it shouldn't be a main target. That beeing said, I did not expect hostility 2 days before to push it to Monday morning... This is a good question tho, both ports are 49/50 points (literally the points you use to develop a port so the're the same in that regard) and tax diffrence is quite big I would say. Edit: Yes, I know that till 18/11/2019 10:00 ST it's still "Sunday". I'm mainly sad about hostility 2 days before (it's great for the prep time tho) and target choice. About ra
  13. I'm guessing it's pure OW related as filling PB BR would be harder depending on diffrent people showing up with diffrent ships. I'd rather go for a kill count or reputation system that could alter your/ your ship's BR by a couple digits. The mods path isn't so bad since best ships often use best mods. Do we cound guns such as Edinos/Naval/Blooms? On the other hand it's an MMO, so gear is "everything". Edit: There's also a popularity path. It's kind of unrelated to main post but still connected to topic. You could adjust the BR based on popularity of the ship. In theory it should autobalan
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