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  1. 1. Base is 30%, but it changes with Marines. Marines get the rest % from 100%. For example, assume 100 Crew: Base muskets should be 30 With book marines 15: [form base] 30% + 15%*100 [marines count] * (100%-30%) [remaining % left for marines] ||||||| [70% that one is weird as it 100% - crew muskets] The funny part starts now: With Marines 15 and Redoutable Muskets (crew muskets 0,1) [10% basically] [from base] 30%+10% [from redoutable] + 15%*100 [marines count] * (100%-40%) [remaining % left for marines] ||||| [60%as now crew muskets count is 30%+10%] So with 100 crew, Marines 15 it should look like this 30 + 10,5 = 40,5 muskets With 100 crew, Marines 15, Redoutable Muskiets 40 + 9 =49 muskets EDIT: I would need to double check this, as crew numbers and crew muskets had diffrent roundings in numbers, but should work more or less like this. 4. It's 18 per round but 5 is eaten by command switch at the start(or just for Brace) leaving you with 13 per round Never checked if you're keep to Attack/Defend you get 18 per turn or 13 per turn I think Book Boarding Parties also, with value depending on the rate of the ship Also there are some old game files that might lead you to somewhere Path from the main folder: Naval Action\Database\DesignModel\Boarding
  2. I would say the problem is not that you can make 70 daily, but the fact that for those logs you abandon crafting of everything else. Limit the shead process ability to some fixed amount and you keep your supply with Labour Hours to spend on other things
  3. May I ask how will it work with Prolific Forger? Will it reset the Karma?
  4. Admirality Ship drops a Note, while Raiders grants a chest. Check the rank at the beginning of the battle.
  5. The best would be something like reload shock icon to inform you if ship is tagged (might be a green/blue one). As it's the same case. You can deal enough dmg with 3 ships chasing to keep enemy taged but none of the ships dealt enough themselves to keep him tagged. So if let's say limit is 3%HP (it's not, but let's assume) and each ship deals 1%, so 1%+1%+1%=3% target ship is tagged. But at the same time none of the individual ship could keep him in battle(1% per ship), that's why it can not be tied to shooter ship. Hence it's the same case as the reload shock P.S. Even better would be a 2 stage icon, with 1st stage showing 2 mins to leave and 2nd indicating 1 min to leave the battle.
  6. Outpost Slots It would be nice to have the ability to gain/buy at least 2 more outpost slots, they can be even tied to the free ports only. We have a such vast and beutiful world that trying to fulfill home defense, together with clan duties and private economy in free ports gets overwheliming on the places you can use. Even the ability to freeze/lock 2 outposts, to reopen it later, so you would not need to haul everything back and have the space for a new one to check out the spot, would do much good in that matter.
  7. I do like you but it's a meme topic after all P.S. As any native member i'd hate to see a country as an excuse
  8. So with the upcoming™ port points change will it be worth going for M&R 4? 🙂
  9. I think you're missing the point. What they care about is that the ship has already been made and in is the game files. What they care about is that the ship took time and resources to make and is gone. All that's needed to change is just making it available.
  10. I beg to differ, Spanish refit on the other hand... I did not do much testing, but with limited things i've done the mythical "Yard power" changed nothing
  11. I would say it's more about sacrifice of the other bonnuses and the lv3 to lv4 jump(Crew 4 is must have for rep and board, probably Gunnery 4 for juicy 5%pen with all those S woods, and the choice is left with Sail or Hull 4). But yeah, mast protection is no pen or no mast, really. In some cases Elite French bonusses are not even worth it, bumping mast hits from i.e. 6 to 7 for takedown. Personally i would go for more HP buff than thickness. Adjust and see might be the approach 🙂 Edit: I think you meant it for the lesser ships wich could sacrifice a bit of sailing speed and close quarters pen for better masts. In that case another (+/-)50pp apart form the RvR one is needed (Nassau FTW).
  12. Just to make it clearer: both cannon weights are coded as "2" whereas 42lb is coded as "1". @Ntweedie2007 I think you'e looking for this
  13. Getting back at the demasing. While being undemastable is not the desired outcome rising HP of the mast would be a nice stopgap. I hope we get some counterplay tho this apart from wasting your sail rep to replenish HP of mast ONCE (at the begining of the sail rep). Because the rest of the sailrep part is useless then, you have like 70-170 ppl with 100% doing nothing, not even fixing the mast while the rep is ongoing. Why not? For now it's like you could only repair pump/rudder at the beginning of the hull rep.
  14. Sure, but why make it DLC? Can't we make free ports as free outposts?
  15. 46,3% seems as odd number. Could it be 4 first or biggest multipliers? Then again, 4 is odd, or even even in thes case 😉
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