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  1. Do you mean more relaxed or should I say a little laxed then there is on the other forums/subforums?
  2. Hello everybody! I haven't been here for a long time, but now I need to visit due to what recently happen on a small community site. Anyway, when looked around a bit I wonder where in what forum should I post and after finding this forum I thought this might be the right place, but if it isn't the right place moderators can move the thread to the correct forum. What the title says. I miss a general discussion forum for anything else that aren't related to the Ultimate Gettysburg game or other games. Which is similiar to what AFK Mods has.
  3. If anyone here having trouble to understand Swedish can use this online dictionary. Of course it's between American English and Swedish. http://folkets-lexikon.csc.kth.se/folkets/
  4. Although I agree with this, but I find these sites (AFK Mods, TAL) too also have the same atmosphere as it's here on Game-Labs. I would like to bring up something else that I notice today when I looked at the list of recent topics and what I'm talking about is of course what language should be used in a topic title, and AFAIK English is the most common used language for almost every forum on the internet today so why not have the same *rule* here too.
  5. I must greet a fellow countrymen since I'm also from Sweden. Welcome to Game-Labs!
  6. I was curios if there were any files in the Downloads area, so I clicked on it and got this message. I assume the downloads area haven't being configured yet or is the download area only available for UGG's team members and the UGG testers. So how about using this thread for forum issues instead of starting new threads when it happens. Also feel free to change the topic title if necessary.
  7. You can always view an users content by viewing their profile then click on the Find Content button, which allows you to list posts and/or threads in pages depending how many posts an user have. Of course only posts that you can read is available due to different permissions each user has. Or you can describe a forum by viewing a forum IIRC.
  8. I think this article on forum etiquette will due for the time being a least it's better than nothing.
  9. After much thought I came to conclusion that only icons is enough information for the player. I also wonder if there is gonna be the same things as it's Napoleon TW meaning showing the units morale or is it the same as it's in Empire TW an units banner is flashing.
  10. I just want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and I hope you'll have a memorable Christmas.
  11. Thanks LTao. @Husserl: You too. I bet you have since you're part of the dev team.
  12. Hi all! Just sign up and thought I should share of what I know about IP.Board in general. I made a mistake to post this in the wrong forum, so that's why I edit my post and make sure I posted in the correct thread if not then feel free and do whatever you want with this post. I'm a member on BSF and there they have something called a Manage Notes feature that can be accessed via your profile in the pull down menu. If the feature in question is useful for this forum then get it since it's free.
  13. So here you're Husserl. Nice place you got here Nick. EDIT: --removed-- Because I didn't notice a forum for site improvements.
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