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  1. I like it. But no speed buff. Maybe a crew buff. Speed buff would mean you could never catch a pirate or get away from one.
  2. They didn't use to correspond with OS coordinates though last I tried.... that was a long time ago though.
  3. Not true. I was in a battle that started 21k from La Mona. It ended right at the La Mona docks. Only about 40 minutes of sailing. And to my knowledge, f11 doesn't give an OS coordinate in a Battle.
  4. I personally would rather deal with the exploits than the retag griefing that goes on these days.
  5. I think the whole system needs scrapped in favor of a real time avcom system.
  6. A fully loaded India man goes about 9 knots. That's fir/fir and about six speed mods. Before I took my 8 month hiatus, you could easily capture any loaded trader with even a first rate. True story, my clan and I captured a bunch of Indiamen near tortue with teak/wo 1st rates lol.
  7. I'd say make teleport to port only activate if you are the defender in the battle. Attackers should not get the option. Also make it limited use, like once every 3 hours or something
  8. Yup, if you end up in shallows, just have an /unstick command that every other mmo seems to have that will move you to the closest deep water. Wham, bam, thank you, ma'am.
  9. We used to have it. The gankers whined and cried and it was eventually removed.
  10. You would need to send less crew aloft to maneuver if you only use battle sails. The less sheets in play the less crew necessary to handle them. And Redii is also correct that at battle sails, it's a more stable gunnery platform as you reduce heel. There is a point of diminishing returns on that though, if you go too slow you will be more at the mercy of chop.
  11. A loaded trader is going nowhere fast in this game, unless they fixed the massive speed drop from being loaded? A trader sailing at 8 or 9 knots is not going to get away from a 14 or 15 knot raider. I haven't hunted traders since I've been back or bothered to use one myself as I have plenty of raw materials stockpiled.
  12. It is a little different. Traders aren't goijng to escape a raider. It's also not going to take 4, 5, 6, or even 10 hours to conclude that sort of action with no way to effectively break off action. Since the developers have elected to not weigh in to this discussion, from now on, I am going to return the favor to any Dane I see. I'll make sure I have plenty of time to keep them tagged and unable to break off the action for as long as possible. I bet I can get it to over 12 hours if I put a little effort into it.
  13. The issue is they can retag an unlimited amount of time. Once out of the protection zones, there needs to be a way to break off chain tagging. In the protection zones, sure tag as much as you want. If the raider stays in the capital area, all bets are off, once outside, however, there needs to be a way to break the chain tagging cycle. I had another brainstorm: make it so that you can't target (no white circle) another player after dark so that grief parties have to work in their line of sight, not being able to see a targeted player miles and miles away. This would allow the person bein
  14. No player of any game has the right to use game mechanics to force someone to stay in game. This game has poorly concieved mechanics that allow other players to do just that. No successful populated mmo allows blatant griefing of other players as much as this one does. Maybe that's why there are only 400 to 500 max online at peak times, when games that are far more hardcore than this one have tens of thousands playing at all hours.
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