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  1. Slim McSauce

    Cannot progress on War server

    The journey too the missions and back is what's killing new players. I don't think anyone expects to be ganked 20 seconds from the start of the first area you start in.
  2. Slim McSauce


    Fleets are just plain stupid. Hard lock 3 ships in fleet with TRADERS ONLY and warships locked to 1 ship and that's the captains, and give fleet as a CAPTURE perk so you can send ships you capture back to your waters without having to take an hours sail back or sinking them uselessly for doubloons.
  3. Slim McSauce

    New upgrade slots for particular ship use *only*

    It's more efficient to gank 3 groups of noobs than it is to fight an even battle and risk losing your ship as well is time it takes to return to your group. Imagine how hard it is for noobs to maintain noob status, it's just as hard for vets to retain vet status.
  4. Slim McSauce

    New upgrade slots for particular ship use *only*

    ganking is necessary to aquire wealth. No one can afford to lose multiple ships a day, some even one. Ganking is acceptable once and a while but to prefer ganks over even fights it a bit like a bad addiction. That's the problem we seem to have this meta, is player's ferocious appetite to completely dominate every battle and getting wealthy. If that means spending 2 weeks straight doing nothing but hitting tbrigs in your req fleet or slapping noobs 10 to 1 then you bet your ass people are gonna do it.
  5. Slim McSauce

    New upgrade slots for particular ship use *only*

    It'll just be used for the same meta stat hoarding (boarding and speed) like always
  6. Slim McSauce

    Very Low quality PvP

    Req is actually cancer, hands down the most annoying thing about NA right now. Muskets being the next annoying thing. Both need to be changed imo
  7. Slim McSauce

    Yet another map: Naval Action map

    damn alright then
  8. Slim McSauce

    Yet another map: Naval Action map

    Is it possible to track kills from combat news and display that info as a heat map? I would pay for this.
  9. Slim McSauce

    A way to reward the loser.

    yawn, that's casual shit.
  10. Slim McSauce

    A way to reward the loser.

    The loser gets insurance, unless you're a big loser sailing captured ships. in that case you deserve to rot for wasting everybodies time. JK!
  11. Slim McSauce

    Community discord server

    I like discord, it's better than TS for most things.
  12. Slim McSauce

    BAITY the clan of nobodies and noones in it.

    I'd rather end my pathetic life than join your clan of degenerates. I bet you're a pirate too.
  13. Slim McSauce


    Here's one I've made if you'd like to hear. Reputation based on integrity and following the laws of the sea. Unlock the ability to attack you nation, AI and player. Once you break your oath go rouge and attack your own, you lose rep and become and outlaw, then a pirate. In the positive reverse you go civilian, privateer, capain, and admiral and each one gives you bonus to trade and labor, as well as unlocks admiralty. and every day you move 1 point towards neutral. So a PvP kill over 100 days grants you 100 reputation,a perfect record and lots of benefits. A battle with friendly AI is 10 negative reputation points, friendly player, 25 points and say -5 reputation is outlaw and -20 and below is pirate, with all the benefits of being a pirate. If left alone for a while you default to neutral civilian, no permanent bonus or malus.
  14. Slim McSauce

    Clerk not doing it's Job to the fullest

    When they fix patrol zone ROE the majority will realize its a lot better than standard OW roe and demand the bridge between the two be gapped. Once operations unlock there will be hardly anyone doing the patrols anyway.
  15. Slim McSauce

    Clerk not doing it's Job to the fullest

    for the record TS is only useful in battles, people just chat info like that on nation where everyone can get it.Everyone would use it by default.