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  1. War server will never have Alliances or a diplomacy system.
  2. It may just be the P2W stigma that gives people a negative view of alts. People see it as a barrier to entry when the economy is dictated by one person with 10 copies. Just like you found the need to buy multiple copies to compete with those who did.
  3. Yes. Are new woods necessary? We already had nearly every facet covered. Not sure why, but this seems like filler. Maybe someone will disagree but I don't see any expansive benefit, just more number crunching.
  4. depends on the mast HP, which conveniently isn't shown (why is this not shown?) @admin
  5. 14k hp @ 15 knots is still powerful, it's just not all powerful. Still a good set up for hit and run.
  6. This is a great change that will improve the quality of battles immensely, many German and American captains will be pleased at the return of boom and zoom, and preserving energy through efficient manuever that will extend the range of their tactics in the right direction! Inb4 turn n burn weenies try to tell you otherwise. 20knts across water is nuts, hope you know what you're doing 🤣
  7. No but that can be addressed if it does become a problem. Right now the aim is to get the pace of combat right and that requires reducing acceleration values closer to that when the game launched, and combat focused. As admin stated ship accel values have increased upwards of 200%. That makes a huge difference how battles are played ( see old gameplay footage ). With most things there's a balance, a "just right" point to acceleration and I expect the team will feel their way there as we do more testing of newer features.
  8. Crafting was the entire premise of a functioning economy but then gamelabs took a big stinking shart on it. Too bad because if economy got better from that point we may have normal cosmetic transactions like csgo and the devs would be wealthed up staying away from anything remotely p2w.
  9. I loathe the type of player who purchases this game and expects all the traditional rules to bend for them to be cluckhello kittying casuals. It's like you're really gonna tell me you can't spend a few hours or so a week grinding so you can have fun times, that you spend real world cash to have ships imported to you by god himself, hmmmmm? Not only that but you force real players who earn their keep and don't cheat to play with these credit card warriors? No thanks Gamelabs, you can keep your bribe.
  10. Another refresh. This triggers me to have two versions of the same ship and one be inferior. A poor use of resources tbh, and Diana has been in queue for how long? Seems wasteful.
  11. Looking back, old crafting was really good. Though it was mature but unrefined system with how much clicking was involved (old UI problems), the attention to detail was second to none. hate to say it but crafting should have stayed how it was.
  12. You can have it, NA will long have a successor by then. It will take years for this game to drop below 300 active, depending how it ages it can still grow from here.
  13. yea, gamelabs needs to fix demasting. It's still too weird that there is no damage indication like there is with hull and armor. What are they hiding that which is in plain sight? I wan't to know the condition of my ship.
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