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  1. Everything regarding PB's is too akin to heavy system shock. Within a day, a mere blink you can log in to find a multiflip took your most valuable ports. This is not a risk/reward dynamic, it's a stick of dynamite ready to blow for the unlucky nation who finds himself in this situation. If there's one thing we should've learned by now is that our worse possible fears are likely to be realized. US knows this well, losing ports to treachery is not uncommon. Players are susceptible to total demoralization. Why PB's and RVR have been such a problem it's a Lobby-Style battle trying to fit itself into an Open World Sandbox. Logically speaking there's every reason for a side to bring 75 player captains to a defense. Screening has never been acknowledged as a feature. It's always been just a part of RVR, never a mechanic. If screening was an official stage of RVR like hostility is then maybe we could get a grasp on how it plays out. Pure sandbox terms, you block out people from escaping into the alternate Arena-scape Your second solution is more viable, we could double down on PB's being purely Arena-content in the same way NA:L is. Problem though is the transition between the OW Sandbox and the PB Arena will always be rough. If you want the most seemless transition with the least amount of room for error, go full sandbox and make PB's a series of battles near and around the port, less immediate than a single battle, more room for player involvement, greater variety in tactics, less transition problems. That's my take.
  2. The question is does offering the hardest fight first grant players the best experience? For me it makes just as much sense that you'd trade the smaller ports first, setting up for the large set piece battle. I feel like people end up taking the capital and getting their fill.
  3. people ask the devs for raids for years now and we're finally to get them and people are upset? I don't get it either.
  4. It should be really easy, most people do not understand a sextant. A simple button that you press, available once every 10 minutes or so would leave a dot on your map that fades over time. You can have your normal sextant function, with the ability of tracking your position over time. This is substitute for proper tools to let us map and chart our journeys.
  5. RvR isn't really content for single clans light on members. You'll always end up screened out by larger opposing force, it's not worth trying to balance it out. We're getting raids which is more geared towards that anyway. I imagine being a large nation with lots of territory will make you big target for attack. but I don't think that's happening because PB's are just such the hassle for most of the population. For some reason I don't think frontlines are really working, instead of being strictly enforced I think it should be more of a build up with the ability to jump paces. for example if you added a supply item that allowed you to take heading on a port further away.
  6. You'll be rewarded for the time you spend not afk, speeding up travel times and hopefully making certain tasks less tedious and time consuming. You will still be able to afk sail, but you won't get any extra reward for doing so, it'll just be regular travel.
  7. Interesting that you mention teak as a candidate. That would be quite the meta bender indeed.
  8. I am almost a few thousand hours experienced but I certainly haven't it made by any stretch of the imagination. How far you want to go is up to you, you can make it simply selling what few good items you happen to acquire. Your first million is practically waiting for you at the end of the tutorial, which may take an hour or two.
  9. I said no. Starting over again, it was not that hard. Travel wise, you just hop between allied fleets, or along your coastal guns. Money making wise, sell the things you collect. Easily enough to sustain. Combat, well play smarter than your foe. Choose your battles wisely. Define your idea of difficult.
  10. I don't know, maybe? What kind of question is that anyway.. Everyone was new at some point, not all of us still are. You know KPR has always been a warzone?
  11. Economy feels good as it is. Why would you change it? It took a long time for it to get this stable.
  12. Missions close immediately, on OW if you attack a ship/fleet with higher BR the battle will close in just 2 minutes. I think it's more about new players not understanding the rules.
  13. deadline for the first wave? the men are growing increasingly eager in their restlessness.
  14. Raids will do that too. Many times your nation organizes with nothing to do. Raids will be quick, everyday content that doesn't take much planning or set up, you do right away when you log in and hopefully do it repeatedly in a day and get good rewards to it. Like it should be some mainline pvp content, in real terms it's probably going to overshadow PB's at some point.
  15. I just feel like you should be able to see the damage like you can your hull. There's no telling how well your masts will hold up. I notice when I'm shooting high masts I tend to fall just up to the main sail, on ships with only 3 tiers of masts this means I'm not able to peel off the weakest points of the masts at range (where ball should be most effective) Ball in my opinion should be most effective at chipping off the royal and topgallent masts posts, and less effective at blowing way the entire masts from the base just above the deck. Where full demasting from the root should happen is when structural damage is taken, either from the bow, the stern, or focused through the side, mainly the former two.
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