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  1. The concept isn't lost on anyone. There's just no value in afk sailing. Having trade winds you could adjust normal travel to perfection instead of one size fits all. This isn't a college grads minimalist art project, walking away from the computer while you sail for 2 hours through nothing isn't gameplay.
  2. Simply a genius idea. I completely forgot that there's 100% accuracy for grapple, it's also instant pull. What an overlook, there certainly could be more to grappling then press g once and done.
  3. I didn't read most of this. Honestly the entire game world is trash and the sandbox is so wacked out I swear the people thinking of this stuff are smoking freebase rocks (:see painter DLC). You get 1 tow because why not and you can't get any more because we are very bad at sandbox-ing here. It makes no sense so here's what you can do, because we agree the gameworld is big, lots of it goes unused. Here is what you do: make it bigger. Yes make it bigger, OW speed needs to match up with battle speed, OW speed being twice as fast is retarded on paper and in real life. So make it bigger, it will look better. What else? Open ocean should be fast travel zones, it's all empty space that will never be used, so make it fast travel, like warp so you can traverse the countries. The result? faster travel long distance, slower travel short distance. Better ROE timers, better scaling of objects like land and cities, ships will look not oversized anymore. Better strategy, more population focused into coastal areas, less afk sailing through open ocean, no more need for tows. ez.
  4. Anything to make the Patrol zone not disgustingly shallow? Like some has to work right? God I could only imagine having an almost perfect tool for facilitating pvp and not having the know-how to use it to the game's advantage. Seems like everything about the pz is just only bearable. Plain white bread pvp, sitting ontop a massive dinner platter. bleh
  5. No fresh minded person would consider keeping pirates a nation. The correct thinking is that one starts off as citizenry, they become a privateer, or an officer in a nation. They break a law, attack an ally, sink a trader, they get excommunicated into outlaw status. They become a pirate. That's how it works, not in anyway that the people in this thread imply. You pirates who want the benefit of a collective nation while also having EXTRA mechanics to yourselves. Seriously, get real. You play too much fantasy pirate nation. People want the real deal, not the silly parody.
  6. For one pirates are not a nation, pirates are outlaws and outlaw is a status. You commit a crime and you become an outlaw, you privateer without adjudication, you are a pirate. We have pirates only in name, they're just an ahistorical nation in this game, not real pirates. We don't have privateering so I don't think we can have pirates yet, that requires some lore building.
  7. It only waste time if you take the bait. Showing your time is more important to yourself by not indulging people not looking for a good fight is your best move. We know pvp is spare sometimes, but the result of chasing someone to their fort is always going to be unsatisfactory, unless of course you have the size to manage the risk, or like a mortar brig or something. Actually keeping a mortar in your fleet to switch too any time wouldn't be a half bad idea. Otherwise spare yourself the dreaded dead end chase.
  8. If they head for the fort sail away immediately. You don't have to follow them. It's your victory if they tag you and retreat.
  9. We actually lost Australia with the merge, server reset falling right on their prime time, with that went NA's best content creator as well.
  10. Attachment is the impediment to enlightenment. Let go of today for tomorrow. It's the formula to success. If you have faith in the game, you would be okay with restarting. What's there to be afraid of? If the game is good then you'll be refreshed with a wipe at release.
  11. It's one of the most inconsequential activities there is. Don't be smug. Reviews are tanked, numbers are down. There is every reason to believe this game is trash and that your taste in game is trash.
  12. It's a video game trying to portray war. If it doesn't satisfy people's expectation of war then it's a fail. I bet you couldn't find a single other game, whether it be MMO, single player, open world, or RTS that has the defender decide the time of attack for the attacker. Like you literally just said it yourself, a majority of players are frustrated with timers, even though statistically they work OK. That to me means the design of RvR is not satisfactory, quite the opposite. It would mean (in my estimate) the way RvR is set up, how when and why it takes place is...phycologically irritating. NA's portrayal of war may be so far from reality and games similar that it might actually be damaging to those who try to participate. Very much not something to be taken lightly (I don't say it lightly), but that's what happens when game design and the reality which that game is based around don't mesh. Like I said, everything that follows the axiom that in war "defenders decide the time of attack" is false, illegitimate, antagonistic to what we know to be true. Timers do not work for that very reason. My suggestion may not be great but at least it follows real world sense. A port being decided in arbitrary times by arbitrary numbers does not.
  13. That's precisely the point. Imagine if you wanted to create a proverbial structure of war using just words and concept like you were writing a book, and at the very foundation of that book you wrote that in war, the defender dictates when the attack takes place. That would already be daft and your book from there would have no legitimacy. That's exactly what RvR is right now. War, like actual war how you imagine and see it is not at all representative to what NA portrays as war which is RvR. The war we have is like if you took an Arena MMO battle instance and put an Open world around it, then made players grind AI at a certain time to get a single Arena instanced battle the next day. Just one battle for about an hour and that's your war in NA. No it does not satisfy anyone. It's just a cary over system from the early days of NA, that's why it needs rewriting.
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