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  1. All bonuses are sugar, really. The ships themselves are balanced. Wood types, mods, even books are decadence for the fantasy crowd. We never needed any of these things (See NA:Legends) or classic NA; just authentic combat. That's all that's neccessary for a good game.
  2. Jump points like E.V.E across continents. Set coastal sailing speed back to a natural <15 knot state. Open ocean travel is not a strength of NA
  3. Servers can't be split at this point. I don't have to remind anyone the old US server. The game DOES have too many nations and not enough coalition. If you did split servers, the problem gets worse because you have half the population spread between the same number of nations. The source of the issue is TIMERS. Timers take the spread of playerbase of 12ish nations and multiplies it. It's just too simple of a fact that no one clan can be available for all hours of the day, and the same can be said for some nations even. So what really can be done? Obviously alliances are a start. I think that can be agreed on? It should be at least. Timers, PBs and Hostilities should be looked at next. We've had these battles for YEARS with very little in the way of alterations. They're the same from what they were, even before the Open World part of it. I think we're about due for an overhaul, because everything we do is for the port, essentially, that's the goal of regions It's not going to solve much to split up the playerbase further between servers. The problem IS split between nations and through timers. The solution is coalencing these aspects, so players can have RVR at any time without that time granting advantage to any one side. So maybe get rid of timers all together and make PBs into PCs (port campaigns). Something which would take place over the span of many battles, perhaps days of conflict scored in a manner that doesn't reward zerging and avoiding certain timeslots.
  4. Denying a free fight? Does that really happen? Lol
  5. The only thing spoiled is the taste in someone's mouth when they sail across the map only to find the game forgot to mention there is no way to smuggle themselves into a port.
  6. - You will respect everyone and not use such posts in this forum. Warning issued - Hethwill, the moderation team
  7. Flags should come back but taken seriously as the potential is very good to add more mid-late game content. Since nations have no content I would suggest flags be personal between factions, no one else can get involved. Flag would have to be pulled within 3 hours of the intended target ports time window, to avoid exploit. Whether it's a clan-focused feature or nation focused, it will be a good mechanic to have. You can imagine it increasing the frequency and availability of fights several times over. The quality of the fights will depend on ingenuity of the devs.
  8. You think everyone is the same and they'll pick a nation with most ports instead of taking it into consideration to join the underdog, or the nation that is neither top not bottom. Also difficulty levels fall apart outside starting zones. You can't definitively say any nation is easier than another. ALSO labeling nations in such a way would actually lead to what you say, people picking what the developers call "easy mode nations" because a new player would be led to believe that is accurate when it's not. An actual map of active territory is more accurate than going off difficulty levels which is just mere speculation and theory.
  9. The solution has always been this. When you're missing a large chunk of periodically correct content, such as small arms, you're not going to find it anywhere else. Balance in an age of sail game requires you too encapsulate, in essence all the common tropes and feature of age of sail. You leave out big chunks of the puzzle like deck fire and you're left with huge gaps in the overarching meta that will be filled with just pure nonsense like a snow glued to the arse end of a Bellona which doesn't pass the smell test, even for a newbie. NA looks good, but is so incredibly impractical and unfinished in it's most core of features which get almost no focus
  10. I wouldn't put it in the chat, I would put it on the map. NA still has a problem of conveying what's actually going on to the point that if you were to curiously log in, you would see almost nothing indicating wars, conflict, relations, or events. To someone who didn't spend the initial 2-3 hours of tracking chat for call outs and kill reports, you would assume nothing actually happens in the game world and that the only thing taking place was idle chatter, pure chance sailing encounters and the odd PB.
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