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  1. So I was thinking about ships logs and their usefulness, and they're not very useful at all. You can activate one and get no battles just on timing alone. The battles you do get may or may not be the battles you are looking for, and by the time you get there it may be over. Point is ship logs don't really do much to facilitate combat the way they should. So I figured why not come up with a way that everyone can find combat in a way that doesn't require sailing for hours on end searching along large expanses of ocean. Why not improve ship logs to include current sightings of enemy shipping in f
  2. Simply a page to look up current fleets in your nation. Info would include leader, member count, and area of operation. Fleets can be open/private. Open fleets allow anyone to join without requiring the leader to send out invites. This would make it easier for players of similar mind to team up and coordinate within the game.
  3. The redeemables don't carry over, the tutorial rewards don't carry over either anymore I think. If you haven't done the tutorial then there's still opportunity to receive some items.
  4. It would be cool if victory conditions were implemented and defeated nation would get absorbed by the victor, and towards the end of the current campaign it was like two giant alliance between coalitions. That would be totally sweet and better than just a periodic reset.
  5. That's much better than what it is now. Ports having pre-determined bonuses makes things interesting. resets not so much, but it may be necessary to save defeated nations
  6. That's sort of the point. If the looting mechanic disrupts the flow of battle what even is the purpose? Choose between winning a battle and keeping the loot. That's a choice I would rather not have to make, especially considering what drops from sunken ships can be so valuable and the whole point of a battle.
  7. Why not add a grapple button to pull wrecks towards your ship? I've been playing Shogun 2 now that I have time at home, ships in that game shoot one grapple as a tether and use it to swing around you, I've seen this effect in Sea of Thieves also.
  8. Well there are limitations on what can be done, but I think it's a must to attempt at a solution. I would compromise if every ship had the option to fit swivels. Swivels along the deck and in the tops, that you shoot like regular cannons (but not tied to cannons to avoid the accuracy bug) It's enough to give the function served by small arms fire, and maybe effectiveness could be determined by combination of all boarding mods a ship has. So everything from musket count, grenade bonuses, and anything else related would influence the power, reload, penetration, etc of the guns It's n
  9. Maybe what you're asking is not the right question. Just because you buff some numbers doesn't make the game authentic. You're asking for boarding mechanics, not musket buffs but actual musketry as you would hope to see.
  10. Normally muskets would be going off at all times when in range, regardless of being locked into a grapple. This game only simulates half of what muskets really did, same with boarding cannons.
  11. Welfare ships probably shouldn't be more powerful than crafted ships. That or severely limit them to backups, not the go-to.
  12. This is going to be so much better than SoT. or any other age of sail game for that matter.
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