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  1. Automatic tow to nearest port after every battle. More emphasis on initial tags instead of repeated ones aimed at delaying for reinforcement. It's already unrealistic that after sails hundreds of km in battle you're let out in the exact same spot you were tagged in. Though from a realism standpoint tow to port doesn't quite hit the mark, its certainly more efficient from a design standpoint to get players to commit entirely on a single tag. There's already in incongruency where a ship can be faster in battle, but slower on OW which causes a lot of problems. In my opinion there is no ideal to be reached, this iteration of Naval Action cannot be made to work to a degree that is satisfactory because the engine wasn't designed with Over World initially in mind. NA was designed as an Arena game first and foremost and it shows with how incompatible the two instances are. Lots to learn for the successors to not make the same mistake, but as for MMO's this has been one of the better ones despite it's flaws. Don't consider me writing anything off, but know that all good things come to an end.
  2. There is nothing to be done about alternate accounts. The best you can hope for is that your game mechanics promote people playing on one account as much as possible, and to less extend, dissuade the use of auxiliary accounts. I don't agree at all with it and that's why I've never used an alt. I think it's incredibly unfair play and the cause of much toxicity on the War server, whether it be suspicious of spies, the accusation or persecution of new players suspected to be alts/spies, or the known alt who has free reign to troll on the nation they occupy without ANY repercussions, whether through game mechanic or adminstrative action. It's a grey area and has been incredibly abused.
  3. Yep I feel as if both are sort of lacking from one another. What is war without the occasional peace? Accommodations should've been made from the beginning, because the option to be a civilian merchantman, or recreational non-combatant is not there on the War server. The game assumes everyone is at war with each other at all times, which imo isn't good sandbox. Mutual duels on Peace is not toxic because there is not a culture obligating you to take the battle. I think it would be beneficial as an option.
  4. If you're still excited keep going. If you're like me you've achieved whatever it was you wanted to achieve in NA. For me, there's no content worth grinding out the hundreds of hours, I've had all the battles, I've seen the war and in the end no one wins. When people get to the point where money is not an issue, and their ships outmatch the average by 20+ percent in all aspects, they continue to take joy from it. That wasn't me, hitting the top is boring. The rise was the fun part, but once you hit the top you may realize what's up there is unsustainable.
  5. When the first green on green battle is had because someone broadsides another for not leaving their battle, and that person decides to fire back, potentially sinking their aggressor in self defense, who will be in the wrong? The rules on this need to be laid out because it's only a matter of time.
  6. Though I hate to knock NA, you can tell it was and is too ahead of it's time. Before we even had combat mechanics down we had an Open World and were running into all the problems associated with it, which have served to be nearly impossible to truly resolve due to engine limitations. I'm just glad to see the assets being used to their full potential. Ultimate Admiral:AoS is looking to be quite the flagship title for Gamelabs. I will definitely be considering picking it up full release.
  7. Then comes the issue of once warning is given, an all out green on green battle happening which possibly sparks the beginning of green on green clan or even nation conflicts. None of this being mechanically supported in game would spell disaster, friendlies joining other friendlies, giving them warnings to leave and then sinking each other claiming rights to loot, XP, or battle join rights.
  8. Sorry but this makes no sense. Why would pirates have a Nation, let alone a discord? You're an outlaw privateer, not a member of any collective force. -1 from me.
  9. How toxic of him to steal your loot, though you are on the same side you should be working together. I would petition to your admiralty to have him labeled as a thief and a pirate to be taught a lesson. This should be possible in the sandbox. It makes more sense than having a pirate "nation"
  10. You know, most of the idea's that have turned sour were not proposed by community but were implemented by surprise. Thing's that nobody asked for or even thought to ask for. The suggestions that reoccuringly show up in the forums, periodically by different types of player each time drumming up moderate support without fail are the ideas that are bouncing in the collective minds of NA players. Those are what we all want but how often do we have to ask before we get it? Is it even possible to count up how many threads have been made on raids and such? New mission types, blockades? It one patch to implement the most standard of pvp and economy missions and the effect of the change was so great we almost couldn't handle it. If each patch adding something new each time instead of trying to rewrite what's already in we would've had a killer game by now. Ideas that drum up hype and make people viscerally excited get no serious attention. Everything we get is to fix some problem. Port bonuses was suppose to save RVR. RVR is flawed in a different way, it's not accessible. It's shallow and repetitive and is dictated by clans and not nations. Battles have no dynamic to them, no landings, no supply logistics just the same groups of people playing COMP style NA. RvR somehow, although being the entire reason for Open World NA comes out as the same placeholder carryover from the original NA before OW. It's stale as can be, yet people want to "save" it. Not compatible!
  11. Why were they introduced? The balance was already too shifty with mods + books. Delta should have been reduced, instead it was doubled.
  12. Swivels have the same treatment, can only be used on 1 or 2 ships? I'm pretty sure they could be hammered into any post. Considering we aren't getting musketry and small arms fire with crew visualization any time soon, this is vital to simulate the combat of crews in close range, not just the firing of the battery and the effect thereof.
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