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  1. Like the people who are already moaning about it. Aggressive AI is a natural progression, you should've expected that can't just run through a blockade of 10 AI fleets within your horizon and not expect anyone of them to take exception to your presents
  2. Probably just within friendly territory. He says RVR too so a possibility of sending AI fleets to attack enemy ports nearby.
  3. No it's not, there is no benefit either way. The advantage of crafters should the ability to pump out more ships. Wood type is already enough of advantage. Refits can stay as minor RNG.
  4. I said it before, I'll say it now. RvR was never good.
  5. Slim McSauce

    Weekly Frigate

    See, even the game knows USSUS and USSC are frigates. @developers
  6. The mere fact you can pay for infinitely redeemable ships (up to 4 a day) is pay2win. It's bypassing the economic flow of the game in favor of casual play. It also gets in the way of the MMO aspect because the ships take over almost half the the demand for ships, reducing demand for crafted ships by half, lessening the ship economy...by half. That's not a joke, that's a huge hit to any potential shipping business can have. There's a good reason why smart developers don't sell the "essence" of their games for cash, and stick only to cosmetics and vanity items.
  7. I for one also praise the implementation of p2w mechanics in my retail priced games. I'm glad the cosmetic paint DLC is still half unfinished despite being months since eta. I'm OK with being able to pay for the advantage. I like the option to bypass the ship economy. I have little time for MMOs. Don't ask me why I play them.
  8. They did! A lot of people saying this is a much better solution than having the ships themselves be redeemable. You could redeem the permit, put it on market if you wanted, have some build it for you, or build it yourself. You could sell the ships, the ships could be capturable not immune to capture. Overall a lot more sense. But no gamelabs had to be the ultimate casuals and remove all crafting from the equation making it a dummy boy system of redeem every day, no selling, no capture, no market around these ships which could have existed, bolstering and justifying their implementation into the game.
  9. For PVE here's how it goes. The AI, if left to it's own devices will only every pick a. grenades or b. deck guns. It will never throw muskets unless you pick muskets or grenades or deck guns. AI is all about managing your prep. When it throws deck guns or grenades, you attack. You can immediately attack with still 8 seconds left, as long as you do it quickly the AI will never counter you, it will stick with it's move always. So when your attack carries over to the next turn like it always does, you may wait for the enemy to throw defend and immediately throw muskets. The other option is to immediately throw brace, then wait for it's deck guns/grenades and throw a last second attack, if you have enough prep. That's it really. The method for boarding AI is pretty much completely solved. The only thing you have to worry about is 1. the number of top deck guns on the ship, it will determine the effect of the enemies deck guns move, may forcing you to start off only attacking into grenades, and 2. the crew and if elite AI, mods/marines on the ship making boarding MUCH harder stat on stat wise.
  10. It does bother me with crafted ships. The last thing we needed was the delta between the have and have not (non pejorative) to increase. All the extra bonuses, crafted or not makes one thing happen, trash players chances increase slightly when they have them, and decrease drastically without Veteran and skilled players chances stay roughly the same without the bonuses, but increase drastically with them. So in the end when comparing newbs v pro's you've decreased the overall chance of the lower denominator of player to compete without extreme help from mods, and greatly boosted the skilled players relative immunity with the mods (which they're almost guaranteed to acquire because they're at the top) Put it this way. A standard player has access to some regular ships, give this player a Renomee. A good starting ship. He needs it fast because when you start out you need to learn positioning and how to engage/disengage. You craft it Fir/Fir or Teak/fir for MAX possible speed. He even gets lucky and lands a ship with "Good Hope" refit for a slight boost in sailing. A few standard upgrades later, he has a decent ship, topping out at 14.5 knts, little armor, few guns, but fast and very maneuver. A perfect ship for a new player. You know what the first thing he runs into? A purple 4/5 port bonus Trinco with 4/5 on all bonuses, teak/teak, 75 thickness topping at a whopping 15knts loaded downwind. That's what all these stacked bonuses do. It increases the berth between the standard and the elite. The elite players are already elite in skill, then you give them elite super ships and they become dominant to almost an absolute. You give a standard player the same ship? He cannot utilize it in the same way. The idea that complicating ships to such a degree and thinking you're helping the little guy giving him access to the best, is false. It's counter balanced. The fairest play is when the outside influence of mods and upgrades is lessened, not increased. At least then it's consistent. Compare right now the stats between a standard frigate and a decked out frigate. The decked out frigate has SOL levels of thickness, corvette levels of speed and turn, insane resistance all around and unfounded ability. While the standard frigate has frigate thickness, frigate speed, frigate turn. It's no match. Balance has been screwed over. It was bad when gold ships became a thing and increased the already too high spread. Port bonuses made it much worse, crafted or not.
  11. Because the problem you describe with "not wanting to craft ships" is to buy your ships from other players. Instead of fixing whatever economy issue there was gamelabs sold out like a bunch of cowards.
  12. It's not your fault, you aren't making the game, but a few things - I don't like crafting and moving stuff around Buy ships on market, but because DLC now exist there is less demand for ships on market. - I like the DLC ships I do too.
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