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  1. That's such a waste though. Remove the outpost limit, add some type of tax bracket for people with more than 10 outpost, more than 20 etc. Please stop pigeonholing our progress, your limits on what players can have is a real damper on conquest. You can't branch out with so few ports.
  2. That's what should happen, you got 1k of each in your chest and if you run out at sea, make for nearest port and restock like you would depositing your doubloons. Nothing worse then running out of repairs mid sail when you're out on the OW doing pvp. You can use your whole hold of repairs in a single battle now so yeah we definitely need some kind of consumable stash to keep us from running out.
  3. the captain is just one man who directs the ship, the officers are the ones wwhich are more or less the same thing as ship upgradesho relay down to the crew, some positions like this that we could have officers to upgrade for would be an improvement, that way you're upgrading your crew along with your captain.
  4. no limit on buildings would be better, if I can afford 10 buildings then let me have 10 buildings. The limit makes no sense, name 1 business in the entire world that is only allowed to open 5 stores. It's not a business if you can't grow.
  5. I'm not sure, zergs in OW battles don't seem to be such a severe problem for pvp players, part and parcel they would say. I don't think PB's and RVR are much different in that sense, a zerg is powerful but only as powerful as it can reach before it slows down. Upcoming "front lines" rvr update may already have the solution in pocket, who knows but RVR does need some attention.
  6. All mods are vary from slightly to very over powered, I'll give an example, rigging which gives like 15% mast turn speed and 10% sail raise speed as well I think as a required 7% crew decrease. In plain terms that's a mod that adds 30% bonus with no downsides, and pretty much all mods are like this and once you add it up you have 5 mods and 5 knowledge slots adding a variety of bonus which can easily add to a ship that's twice as good, to a ship that had 3x better stats than the original and sometimes better. Mods are there to cover up some really broken stuff while breaking stuff themselves, for example demasting is completely broken and the game is literally unplayable with stock or captured ships, you will get demasted in the first broadside worth of shots, almost guaranteed and there's nearly nothing you can do about it. It's just broken, simple fact. To fix you have to go allll the way back and unfudge the game at it's core, basically austerity 2.0 (which we're partially in) except without re-adding all the crap that causes us to do that in the first place, that way maybe the cycle of recreating the game every year is broken and you finally have something that isn't crap covered in crap. Let's learn this time that ships create balance and mods destroy it, so make every ship, stock, competitive and balanced and make mods tweaks and not the make or break of ships and maybe it works.
  7. and with no hype surrounding it whatsoever. Maybe 4 months ago this would've be huge but it was literally a stealth patch between wipes, like not even release like they originally said but in smack middle of the worst period of testing where we're about to lose all our stuff again and maybe again after and THEN maybe the game will be playable. Whatever I'm gonna buy it but it's laughable how tone deaf this all is.
  8. Well no it's not that, paints and cosmetics should be the only dlc in the game but that's not the point. We have 50 something paints which is going to grow to 100+ in the future and instead of selling them individually, for 2-5 dollar a piece, you sell them all, and all future ones for 14 dollars? That's like 10 cents a skin which I know it takes more than a minute of your time to create a new paint scheme, I can't believe you'd promise all skin to ever be added for 14 bucks. You've slaved yourself, good luck ever finding the motivation to add more skins. If it's a tradeable item then that be better or worse. One person buys the pack and sells his skins, until everyone starts doing it and they're worth nothing, either way I just don't see why you wouldn't go the traditional route and do a by-item sale and not a full pack for skins, that also promises all future skins with it making you never actually have to go in game and do anything to get, you buy it and gg you've completed all content revolving around skins.
  9. so they're items you can redeem any time and transfer?
  10. ugh this again. All paints for 14 dollars, great now there's no reason for me to play the game and earn paints, I have an infinite amount of all of them forever, *facepalm*
  11. More realistic combat most likely. Remove all things artifical, return to fights to being desperate conflict between not just the ships, but men aboard which you command. Things like on board musketry, swivel loadouts, things that are crew focused and captains decisions like full sail at risk of higher mast stress, or a fire lighting up your hanging sails, reduced cannon accuracy and reload as well as say a reduction in whole of the influence of mods and repairs in combat. It's easier to balance 30 something ships with subtle variations than thousands of crazy variations of the same ship a mod can create, turning the same ship into something it may not or should not be, like 15knt 1st rates, indestructible masts or whatever other ludicrous thing mods let you do to a ship that isn't considered normal.
  12. There's many things wrong with this posiiton. The most obvious being if the problem is that a experienced player will always crush a new player with less than 10 hours 1v1, then why wouldn't you take steps to fix that? If your game isn't competitive then the majority aren't going to bother themselves fighting these experienced players, there's no use getting crushed repeatedly by players who you will lose to every time.
  13. The point is one ship is at 0 structure and 100% water and is still holding on to boarding....even though the ship is 100% filled with water. That's officially sunk isn't it?
  14. No it wouldn't, there's serious deformities in pvp meta and it's a lack of solid conviction as to what an age of sail pvp conquest game is. Instead of focusing on conquest, realism, and balance we have patrol circles, no raids, blockades, no grand strategy type naval actions that go hand in hand with an over world. The mere fact that patrol zones exist how out of touch we are to what the game needs and doesn't need. PVP server died when the focus went to mods and loot over balance and conquest. Now it's a epeen fest for people who think adding mods to a ship, none of which have any downsides is a skill worthy of an age of sail setting. You hate being ganked, yet pvp server players defend the right to gank and be ganked, even though it happens all the time. They want their "freedom" so they won't rebuke the harm that a gank or be gank meta causes to people who just want to play a fun sailing game with good battles and pretty graphics, and an OW that justifies it's own existence through content which you otherwise wouldn't get from a lobby based or patrol circle FFA arena zone.
  15. What I've heard recently is that PVE server is the server pvper's are going to want to switch too, I mean the people who favor ganks and whatnot will stay in war, but the pvper's who want good battles consistently and don't mind sharing a space owned by Peace players will enjoy this change.
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