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  1. I wouldn't put it in the chat, I would put it on the map. NA still has a problem of conveying what's actually going on to the point that if you were to curiously log in, you would see almost nothing indicating wars, conflict, relations, or events. To someone who didn't spend the initial 2-3 hours of tracking chat for call outs and kill reports, you would assume nothing actually happens in the game world and that the only thing taking place was idle chatter, pure chance sailing encounters and the odd PB.
  2. lets be honest, it's about pooling a fleet of ships that anyone can pick from or only certain people can pick from with restrictions so when pvp afronts and people are scrambling for fits you can assure your clan is well prepared in predictable and well suited crafts for the task at hand. The mere transfer of ship is an underselling of the value a feature like this has.
  3. Hitting a mast is an accomplishment when you're doing it by eye, with no stabilization of any kind. Hitting a mast is easy in NA because guns are a century more advanced in their accuracy than IRL. If there was no stabilization or aim assist, we'd be much closer to historically accurate
  4. You did not balance for any type of wind except the one we have. If you did balance for a "light breeze" a 3rd rate's sails would not fill completely as they do. The ship would have a max speed of 14kts but only reach 10. Light ships would be using all their performance and not even be measured in performance the same way as ships of the line. A light ship speed would be determined how strong it's masts are, and how stable it's shape is from capsize in heavy gusts, where it's performance is strained. A heavy ship would not have to worry about it's mast breaking or capsize as much, and would be a more straight forward measurement. If you ever did decide to go the wind route. It would be almost too late. You've filled all performance niches with gear bonuses. Your gear determines how fast your ship goes, not the wind or the conditions of battle.
  5. It should have stopped at Speed built Bellonas. 14+knt SOL's of course make everything obsolete.
  6. Grinding for woods is not content. Seasoned woods was the norm, not the exception. Wasn't on the road map. Nobody asked for the addition of MORE wood types in the sandbox. LH expenditure and the high requirement, appeasing more power to the top.
  7. green zones didn't work, remember? veterans would gather around them and screen, never actually tagging each other.
  8. What BR is the mortar brig? 25% damage ain't bad for a single ship.
  9. The combat in NA falls a bit short and is held back by some technical limitations, such as being unable to support deck combat that old total war and new UA titles feature. That's a tough critique because we know it's the technical limits that are the reason for that, but of the design for gunnery, I think the ease of aiming, use of gyro stabilization and the overall accuracy of the ship's guns created a dilemna of; how do we balance damage models when skilled player can land their entire broadside on a single masts? Not by chance but a very effective, almost too effective result of just how point-and-click ship to ship gunnery is in NA, and how it detracts from the total accurate representation of the combat. As for the rest of the combat model, it varied from update to update and from the point of the introduction of the structure bar, onwards had various flavors and too me the best era was the one with the most balance, which has to be the months after austerity which fielded many variety of roles. Then gold ships were introduced and ships which had upsides and downsides became homogeneously better than their counterparts. You can make a case that individual ship balance doesn't compete on the same level as group balance, but I liked when there was more certainty about the capabilities of the ships you faced. Too many variables and stat chasing widened the gap further, beyond reasonable for the setting of the game. Combat could have definitely gotten better treatment if that was the only focus. 7/10 OW was a disaster and I'm not sure if anything but a list of mistakes could be drafted from it....4/10 Overall 6.5/10. The engine is out of date and the technology behind NA is obsolete. sorry to say, further development for NA would be charity. Nothing to be gained at this stage. ;c new game time!
  10. I think NA had a good run for a niche mmo inspired and created by an indie dev studio located somewhere deep in the Ukraine territory. World politics aside I think they did O.K with the combat, presentation and all. O.W. being an unmitigated disaster. I would have rather had the combat instance fleshed out completely more than anything. Storms would have been cooler than the OW since in this game's development that was an actual choice that had to be made weather or not we can include those conditions into the shared server space. Decisions like that don't put you in a good position. O.W could have been done a lot better, and I mean A LOT better. It was all about the map and people looking at it and knowing exactly where to go. All the information one would need should have been right there on the map. Map tools and lack of insight gained from the map was really draining though it really captured the days at sea feeling NA:II should take a page from the UG:/UA:AoS playbook and ditch the eco for logistics, take a serious crack at being a platform to expand on.
  11. Automatic tow to nearest port after every battle. More emphasis on initial tags instead of repeated ones aimed at delaying for reinforcement. It's already unrealistic that after sails hundreds of km in battle you're let out in the exact same spot you were tagged in. Though from a realism standpoint tow to port doesn't quite hit the mark, its certainly more efficient from a design standpoint to get players to commit entirely on a single tag. There's already in incongruency where a ship can be faster in battle, but slower on OW which causes a lot of problems. In my opinion there is no ideal to be reached, this iteration of Naval Action cannot be made to work to a degree that is satisfactory because the engine wasn't designed with Over World initially in mind. NA was designed as an Arena game first and foremost and it shows with how incompatible the two instances are. Lots to learn for the successors to not make the same mistake, but as for MMO's this has been one of the better ones despite it's flaws. Don't consider me writing anything off, but know that all good things come to an end.
  12. There is nothing to be done about alternate accounts. The best you can hope for is that your game mechanics promote people playing on one account as much as possible, and to less extend, dissuade the use of auxiliary accounts. I don't agree at all with it and that's why I've never used an alt. I think it's incredibly unfair play and the cause of much toxicity on the War server, whether it be suspicious of spies, the accusation or persecution of new players suspected to be alts/spies, or the known alt who has free reign to troll on the nation they occupy without ANY repercussions, whether through game mechanic or adminstrative action. It's a grey area and has been incredibly abused.
  13. Yep I feel as if both are sort of lacking from one another. What is war without the occasional peace? Accommodations should've been made from the beginning, because the option to be a civilian merchantman, or recreational non-combatant is not there on the War server. The game assumes everyone is at war with each other at all times, which imo isn't good sandbox. Mutual duels on Peace is not toxic because there is not a culture obligating you to take the battle. I think it would be beneficial as an option.
  14. If you're still excited keep going. If you're like me you've achieved whatever it was you wanted to achieve in NA. For me, there's no content worth grinding out the hundreds of hours, I've had all the battles, I've seen the war and in the end no one wins. When people get to the point where money is not an issue, and their ships outmatch the average by 20+ percent in all aspects, they continue to take joy from it. That wasn't me, hitting the top is boring. The rise was the fun part, but once you hit the top you may realize what's up there is unsustainable.
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