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  1. But it isn't possible to do, so we need like a TP to nearest port or something after battles, or much longer invisibility timer as well as retag-timer so people can get some distance considering the battle in the timescale of the game has been going on for weeks relative to the OW, popping out to a revenge fleet on top of you is not fair.
  2. that's hardly qualifies as pvp, it's just a quick and easy kill, not an actual fight which takes skill and effort to do.
  3. You cant even really get a battle in an hour, a not trash one that is, unless you go to pz or something which I mean is like a lobby game on the scale of OW. If you look at the map 100% of the time you'll find almost no info as to where the real hotspots are.
  4. None of these special currencies are required if you just rewarded the action normally. CM are the only thing that really needs to exist aside reals. PVP pays out both, RVR pays out a larger amount. The extra currency for rvr seems redundant, you're trading them out anyway, seems like division for the sake of division, really no other game does this (that I know of) for their trading/combat/crafting. It's all one and its scaled high and low depending on the action, with maybe one special currency for very specific action. Very strange I will say that we have some 4 or 5 different currencies in game. I couldnt imagine a game like eve or similar sanbox title splitting their main currency into 4ths for any reason.
  5. do it again but record it next time.
  6. hey, so was she, but I can't keep her. I've got my own principles to uphold.
  7. plz no, i have too much time on my hands as it is. No but really, devils advocate going hard, I love the OW, it's a very ambitious task to take on a genre that does not yet exist. It would just be nice if we had a clear vision, and knew your intentions behind some changes like eco and crafting, and would address the dissenters because some of us have valid arguments and bring up good questions that even if are not quite based on the mark are questions that will likely be asked until they're answered, otherwise we have no idea what you're trying to do with some parts of the game being the way they are. For a bit of an example, what are you trying to achieve with patrol zones? They're currently being placed near freeports in areas that were previously already quite populated for PVP. I don't mind them being in these spots but I don't feel as if you're using the PZ to it's full potential. There's a lot not going on in a large area of the map and if you empoyed PZ more as a tool to facilitate pvp in more variety of areas (my idea, you probably saw was to put one zone at every 100% hostility port, that way people in each nations see it and flock over to the port for general carnage.
  8. That was not a good promise to make in the first place. Games get wiped on release coming out of alpha/beta whatever. That's just what happens when games come out of testing stage. The wipe is a promise saying "hey, our game is in a finished state, from here on you're playing what is essentially our final product), of course patches go on for as long as they can but the wipe is the sacrifice that every game makes to usher in the release. If you're game doesn't require a wipe prior to release can you really say that it's final if the progress made in testing is still valid?
  9. Why not? don't you want to have an advantage over those who play the game? All you have to do is pay some cash guy and you could have unlimited ships like us
  10. The old austerity patch had a 'simple genius' aspect to it. Yes it was hard, but it was fair and somehow the way they did it promoted people working together and the difference between then and now is that then people actually did work together in large groups, not just clans but as a nation we worked as one. This new patch has a 'complex idiot' or 'idiot complex' to it which has everything overly convoluted with no clear reason as to why we need multiple currencies when one and two worked fine. Seems the intention with all these extra changes is to pack as much perceived complexity into the game, but because it doesn't fit or necessarily make sense in the game it kind of falls flat. This is mostly eco/crafting, most of the other changes are OK to good and I would draw the line at RNG crafting, that's about where we lost it with balance (which mod meta was already a killer we we're trying to lock up), after finally getting some handle on mods and stacking we did stacking mods 2.0 and waved bye the progress. So yeah this patch has the options to make money but because there's a bunch of difference currencies it's a complete mess and lack of true free market means you'll never run a real business, because we have a sort of communist approach to outpost and building slots, which ironically has created the worse type of unequality there is in that the dedicated crafters who could be funding their entire nations with ships, repairs, mods, whatever have no more ability to do so than the non-dedicated crafter. Both are hard locked to a very very arbitrary number of businesses, and the size of their business is hard locked as well.
  11. that's gonna be a yikes from me, Vizzini. Sorry you forgot how to read.
  12. that's why you're just a player. there's a reason for everything and if there truly is no reason having more than 1 monetary currency while again, you probably won't be able to find an example of any other MMO doing this then you've probably lost your intention behind the mechanic, which makes the whole system moot because...well. The game is played for the most part how gamelabs intends it to be, so if currency exchange is intended for the reason to offer exchange, well most games use one currency and it automatically skips that step. That's most likely because that step is actually not a gameplay element but a gimmick. I bet you can't argue for adding another currency to the game but I can argue to revert to 1 currency like most games and I'd be right because not only do I have an intentional reason behind it that makes sense and offers gameplay benefits, I'm backed by tons of examples of it working while in this game economy is actually fractured because of it. So you can argue there's no intentionally reason behind it, but I['ll tell you that's exactly what's wrong with it.
  13. Same, again I don't see the benefit to splitting up the currencies every chance you get, I don't know of any other MMO that tries to do that, probably because it end up being extra convoluted when you can just have 1 monetary currency and say a reputation type currency that works for pvp rewards. Oddly enough the devs are quick too add another currency type but have never explained the benefit of doing it which leads me to believe it's one of those "trust us, we don't know what we're doing" type deals
  14. check again, you get dubs for trading and delivery missions. I'm sure you also get reals for kills but those aren't pvp currency either. also you can't sell market items for doubloons which will leave the common player wondering why gold pieces are fractured and split from the market. It may somehow make sense to you but again, no other game splits their main currency like that. Money is money you should be able to use it how you want otherwise its not a sandbox.
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