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  1. It's so when you have 5 books, 5 mods and port bonus your ship isn't completely OP.
  2. It's not enough to repair the rudder, urgent repair should do 5-10% sails and 5-10% internal structure.
  3. Now that I'm using the perk I really like it, but it suffers from the same thing as fleet 1 perk did in that, in no way is it some special ability to be able to find yourself on the map. Each ship of the time had a sextant and multiple people trained to use it. As a perk it does not fit. It should be a regular ability.
  4. It's not an excuse for the players. Before you could not do it because finding pvp relied on country capitals. Now not so much, we have RVR staging up and front lines and what have you. You could do safe zones now while the population is good and protect the new players, without interfering with pvp, you could not before.
  5. exactly why the release was the best decision. Develop for the high end not the low end
  6. It was because when there's only 300 people on the server you have no choice but to hit capitals for pvp, now we have 1000+ and we can afford to arrange some protections for the new guys.
  7. This has nothing to do with the wipe which is actually moderately successful.
  8. 1000xp daily login mission for to redeem a special daily login chest
  9. Unity is fine. Don't let the size of the post throw you off, it's mostly pretense. The idea it'self is very simple. When it applies, create more than one instance so if a group of of hundreds meat on OW the size outside more seamlessly transitions into battles. If you have 50v50 you don't want two 25v25's, you should want 3 17v17's give or take. The benefits are that you can have larger groups sizes on OW fighting each other. You leave a bit of room in each battle so reinforcements can join which gives more flexibility to when you get 100 or more players in the same area. You don't want to max out the instances one by one, you want to lay the battle first and give players the choice to reinforce. It's how it work work if there was no limit, you would just join the battle regardless. This is the only possible work around since we cannot raise the limit per instance above 50.
  10. Short version? Come on now. You know better Norfolk. Your wife is a nice lady when she cooks!-slim
  11. The game is not optimized for more than 25v25. In a 30v30 scenario you have 4 groups instead of 2, two tags instead of one which result in worse balance due to the first battle being immediately locked down, and the second battle being a mere 5v5 and those battles not being interconnected in any way which makes for group play above 25 more difficult that it should be. With less steps all the player has to do is group up and make the tag, the instancing will make 2 instances of 15v15 instead of 25v25 I 5v5. This scales upwards so even in the case of large 50v50 face offs you get 3 instances of (17v17) -2 in one of the battles. Which actually makes room for another 50 whole players to join as reinforcements within the 3 instances of that one battle. You just don't get that sort of optimization without a system like this. Players can't group up according to what the enemy brings to optimize battles, put it to the design and it will do it better than any of the players could. Not to mention port battles with this system would blow the current one out of the water. If each of 3 Pb instances had a limit of 7 1st rates, OR 15 SOL's and the rest 4ths and below. Your clan who would've brought 20 1st rates anyway to your PB would still do that, spread amongst 3 battles instead of all being dumped into one, and on top of that each side has like 30 slots PER PB for smaller ships of the line. AND ON TOP OF THAT another 25 slots for 4th rates and below. Tell me that isn't better than the 15v15 SOL and like 2 frigate PB screenshots posted.
  12. Why yes! Turns out by incredible coincidence that the release of NA is taking place within the matter of days! This will surely generate the much needed boost in population.
  13. I doubt your doubt. It's really no more than an ROE change. If tag number is greater than the value x then add an instance and split teams by a factor of .5-.75 with minor change to some UI in the cross swords menu. It should be elementary coding for the developers. It's whether or not they feel this is worth the time and effort to add (which I think it is). Thank you for your support.
  14. Not sure if you noticed by most F2P games have Subscriptions on the side. Yes subscription-locked is outdated but subscriptions are usually fine, especially in economies where you can buy the subscription time through in-game currency.
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