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  1. For what its worth Im going to put my view. People have been irritated by many things on release and a general feeling you didnt get much for help to test the game. I have come to see this differently, its a different view for sure. Being able to do the exam is a bonus to long term players! New people not being able to do the exam straight away makes sense. How could they? Bought the game, logged in, did the exam, now Im at 280 crew, if that was the case then we (the people who put in the game testing) would of been given less. We were given advantages and yes its hard for a new player? Did you want an easy game? Because if you did this is not it! In fact as time has gone on I can see we were given many small advantages. People will always want more, its human nature. Look at it this way, a person buys a car and they have never driven before, they then think that because they bought a car they automatically qualify for an easy driving test? Really????
  2. Dont set sail on the 13th ... And dont set sail on a Friday .... Just sayin .... LOL
  3. I didn't want to wait for the wipe to take a look at how it will be. After 4000+ hours and full docks and warehouse, I reset my account last week. My thinking was, find out what it's like to be at zero, spend a week playing from that position and see what I come up with. I think I can see how it's going to go initially. So it went like this for me, took some passenger deliveries on the yacht. Put 6pd on yacht, took a trader brig, did some cargo deliveries. That was reals and gold set. Did the first part of the exam crewed the dlc Herc, ranked up a couple, did the final exam and dlc requin. You probably can do that in a day at a push with no interference. The first day there will be interference so.. Left it at that point because then it just becomes grindy. It was easy to do this with clear seas this week, so not a clear picture. My guess you will see requin out on the first day. Conclusion, you can get up and running quite quickly, then its just repetitive but I guess the requin players will have a good time initially. If you have not got DLC Requin and DLC herc ... I don't think you are going to be smiling at the start.
  4. Can someone tell me. Preferably admin. If I reset my character or even character and nation. Will I still keep the testing gifts, the yacht and the Pandora? I am assuming there would be no problem with my DLC herc and req since those are bought on steam. So yes if I reset my character, will I keep the yacht and Pandora?
  5. It really does not matter now. The die is cast. Move along please, no rubbernecking the emergency services have been called. Leave this train crash with the armchair admirals because they know best! LOL
  6. WHAT THE DEVELOPERS HAVE TO SAY: Why Early Access? “Sea Trials is a long age of sail tradition. Captains of that time had a chance to test their vessel and provide feedback to the Admiralty on what needs to be changed to make the ship perform better. Extensive sea trials are required by the Admiralty to fully test if the ships in the game are seaworthy and ready for fighting.”
  7. Whatever answer you get to this question .. how can you rely on it?
  8. I enjoyed playing the game, yes I believed them when they said your XP is safe. As time went on I thought they will surely wipe everything. I could not really understand why they said your XP will be safe (I do now) so I went along with it. No regrets I had a good time (4000+ hours) When the DLC ships were introduced, I thought to myself, if the wipe takes out everything I will just DLC a couple of ships and play occasionally. That's what I intend to do, no more grinding for me. Nope been there done it, got the badge. On the topic of, 'you will keep your name, your name will not be reset' ... seems an obvious move to me, what better way to sell the DLC forger (good business idea, It has to give them some return). On reflection of the whole situation, I can safely say I had my money's worth. For new players the game will be ok, however, I think they missed the boat, the fun was had in its development in my opinion. Looking forward to summer outside now.
  9. You don't need F11 and you don't need the sextant ... to know exactly where you are. Remove them both, if you cant triangulate then you probably shouldn't even call yourself a captain!
  10. I have played this for a few days now and I have come to the conclusion its looks good and plays well. Its actually sorted out some problems that I never thought would get sorted. As one player said 'multiple accounts are dead now'... took a while for me to understand that. Doubloons are not such an issue as I originally thought. Nope, I think this works, but there will be people who don't like this. Its hard to tell the effect of having existing 1st - 4th rates in the game, you will only find that out with a whipe, but getting the results could take quite a bit of time unless you are applying a statistical model in the analysis. I think if there is any feedback from me at all, it's my sympathy for a new player. They will just have a learning curve, but then that's half the fun of a game.
  11. All the bleating about pve and pvp etc ... wake up, yes its the pvp server but the game by its very nature has to include travel such as trading, which to me feels like pve ... if you want it a pure pvp server then scrap the shops, stop the trading and sell ships online and lets play 'world of warships'. Its a total joke. Look there is not a trader that sets out on a two hour sail from the gulf to the other side of the map that sets sail with the intention of pvp.. yet if they dont do that trip then maybe some pvp ships dont get built... so its part of the game to have pve aspects in it. While im here, one other totally stupid issue is, you will be disconnected, do they really expect a trader to sit at the screen for hours on end doing nothing.... if you want pvp then make it pure pvp ..... oh yeah forgot they tried that 'legends' .... how did that go?.... ermmmmm
  12. I wonder if this is just to address the Patrol 'crazy ring' ... i mean I notice that not much goes on now .. its just whose going to patrol bla bla bla .. and the local waters are empty .. so maybe this is to try and get people wanting to gank in the safe zones back... see how it goes but Im moving in the direction of playing other games now. This game used to be good, not so enjoyable now which is quite sad. Just as an example, I frequently have experienced enemy players just sailing straight past me because they are going to the ring, nothing much worth doing outside the circle ... thats how it seems.. otherwise why sail straight past an enemy player ... its happened loads of times. Yes I realise we are still in testing, its the only thing thats keeping me in ... living in hope!
  13. I dont think its a coincidence that they included the 'crazy circles' PATROL ... given that they are going to sell ships. You need ships to be used up don't you at a rate that's not sustainable .. think business. £$£$ Could it be used with ports, most probably... will it be? Probably not ...
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