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  1. at first your reward is the ship, the cargo and the fun u have, if u win. creating a special item as reward is the wrong way. a modifier for the gold reward u get after fight should be enough.
  2. If u dont share details - we have to make assumptions of everything about how na works. If we not know how should things work in na we cant decide if something is a bug, or not.
  3. BasePrice for Food supplies is 41 (API) - so for eu - trader u have to set the price of ur buy order to 164 at least, in a Port where Food supplies can be produced. Or just buld a Food suplies building and craft it. cant check if it will work with 164, just tooked a look into the item data of the api.
  4. Yeah, its the right work to disable it ... omg someone got insane reach buy taking the same delivery order ... go deaktivate it, hurry! Hope they fixed the overflow bug also ... @admin so u say, getting the same combat order is no bug, but getting the same delivery mission is a bug and using the mission is an exploit ... well done
  5. u can take a look into api data to get a clue where items are available. In my example with MT / Atwood the requested item where ship building materials, which can be cheap self produced if u have enough resourcen and labor hours (contracts). Lot of ppl dont like to trade, fighting or selling the cargo is there only income, after wipe u got a lot less reward for fighting and a lot of players where crying - so they fixed it, so again un dont need to trade or sell cargo again, and if cargo is sold, its often for a real cheap price - so a trader can buy rare trade goods and gains a lot of profit.
  6. Would be nice, but they arent even able to make complete release / change notes.
  7. All Marks as reward for sinking a ships are so wrong, remove them. as result for rewarding sinking a ship at the end of a battle is that ships and there cargo arent worth anything, becouse u got a higher reward when u take the marks instead.
  8. Remove PvP Marks, and there will be no alt farming. Anyway who cares about someone or somehundrets who kills one and the same guy to retrive some pvp marks. Whats the result, someone get alot of PvP Marks and got nice items he will loose in a real fight, or he sell it to someone and get rich, but who cares? Instead of wasting time for investigate this, the developer should spend the time in making things better, and maybe come to a final conclusion for alt farming. In another Post admin or ink mentioned that there will be a asset wipe - so the effort for pvp marks is waste of time anyway.
  9. Better they remove trading at all, would also fix a lot of other issues with trading and eco other stuff, admin proved with his question that they dont have a clue of what they have implemented there ... An other exemple is Trade Route MT -> AtWood - build an Outpost at Atwood, take some indiamans and bring the needed goods to atwood and than just teleport from MT to Atwood, taking 3 Missions, teleport back and fullfill the misson. No, not teleporting is broken.
  10. dosn't matter, its a computer game. U can grind endless gold - ok, not more than 2,1 billions - eco is poorly implemented and thats the price for that.
  11. can u explain what is ment with exploits? buying cheap and sell high is not an exploit in my opionen and if ppl still sell items for low to get rid of them - mhhh traders profit. but still its a bug that u cant earn more than 2,147,483,647 gold.
  12. Bin erstmal raus, habe erstmal die Schnauze voll. Werde mich erstmal wieder anderen Spiele spielen, dieses ewige hin und her und wir korrigieren in die richtung die am lautsten schreit nervt.
  13. Thanks, was dragged into battle, couldnt repair crew .. and had to fight undermanned - thanks for the 18 minute repair timer! Dont support this crap anymore. Playing eve-online again.
  14. Mittlerweile sind sie ja wieder zurückgeruder ... wie immer - Victory marks gibt es nur noch für Spieler die aktiva am RvR Teilnehmen, bzw sind wieder tauschabar.
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