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    Can't delete outpost

    but you get like 3-4 different warnings and a code to type... if you still mess up and delete something you didn't want to then after all that you deserve to loose it all I'm now stuck with 3 useless outposts across the map that for me to just delete will take hours of real time to basically do nothing. How is that good game design? The warnings literally say "this will delete your ships in that outpost" but it wont let you do it anyway? so why have the warning or the option to do so?
  2. So when you go to delete an outpost you receive a warning that you will loose all ships and goods in that port if you choose to delete the outpost. That's fine. However, when you type the code and click confirm it tells you "unable to close outpost - port has docked ships". So now i have several outposts in what are now enemy controlled ports, with ships in that I don't want, that are far away, that I can't TP too and I can't delete. Do I really have to sail for an hour to go to a port to scrap a basic cutter just to delete that outpost and sail for an hour all the way back?
  3. First off, no need to immediately jump to name calling. Second, we were not about for the hostility. We don't live in the game and cant be on all the time. 3rd, what you call strategy is what we call boring kiting (kind of the point of this topic). 4th, we brought what we could, all very well to say "well you could of brought X players in X ships.." You play with what you have at the time. 5th, so your "strategy" is full Bellona fleet split in half over 2 points with a few Requins ( kinda proving this topics point with those, but moving on..) so you think at most 6 Bellona's could take on their 3 L'Oceans, 2 Vic's plus all the rest? Well that's a nice thought Flinch. trying to keep things on track. The whole point of posting this PB was to show that while premium ships are a problem in PB's they are not THE problem it's the cirlce/points mechanics that are at fault. They seem to discourage people from actually fighting and just encourage kiting.
  4. Flinch, thank you man as you just perfectly illustrated my point. "The goal is to control enough circles (2 circles) to gain points.." This is the mentality caused by the current mechanics that causes the kiting problem. We (KOTO) don't see PB's that way. We see a port battle as a "battle" an actual balanced team vs team fight. You've done hostility, you want a fight, were here for one lets go, fight to the death., best team wins. Not a "well you chase me and i'll chase you and we'll go round in circles capping points never firing a shot..." but hey we won! yay us. In short we want to have some action and some fun. taking/defending the port matters not at all to us. The game has to much tag/chase/tag/chase game play as it is and port battles should not be that. Clue is kind of in the name, port "battle". Greg, if you re-read what wrote i never mention that we lost the PB because of premium ships. PB mechanics are the problem, premium ships just make it worse by encouraging the kite mechanic and we don't care about the loss of the port or the port battle we care about the loss at a chance of a proper fight.
  5. While the Brits brought premium ships into this fight and they do encourage and exacerbate the problem of kiting in PB's. It is also the fault with the current design of port battles that makes this a bigger problem. Case in point (see screenshot above): The Brits attacked the above port and then just proceeded to run for the entire time. Never once attempted to fight us. Just let their greater numbers and small ships cap the points. I and most of our guys in KOTO only logged on in the hope of having an actual fair fight (first time most of us have been on in a month) and this sadly wasn't to be the case. We didn't even fill our BR in the hope the Brits would actually try fight us for once. I don't blame the BCC (though i think it's a shitty tactic) but they just played to win and we played to try have some actual action (fun) and this is the result. I wouldn't be surprised if half of BCC's side never fired or hit a shot for the entire PB. SO much fun!!! Port battle mechanics are the problem and the premium ships just make it worse. P.S. Perhaps "Naval Action" should change it's name to "Naval Chase" seems are more appropriate name these days....
  6. Why no Pinned Port Battle mechanics topic? I know the dev's have said they will not be working on RvR ports/port battles till other things have been patched/changed (wrong choice in my opinion) but surely a pinned thread/topic for port battles in the combat mechanics discussions "area" of the forums, so you can gather feedback ahead of time is a good idea no?
  7. When you spot a ship/fleet/battle at sea in the Open world and then click on it, you then have to mouse over the box that appears in the top right of your screen to get further information on the target. Can this be made an option in settings to be a "toggle on/off" so if i click on a target i get all the info straight away without having to hover my mouse over the panel. Would also make sense that when i click on a player at sea who is in my clan it tells me the exact ship they are sailing. Would also make sense for this to be true for players of the same nation. (Experienced seamen could tell the ship just by the cut of it's sails while it was still just on the horizon). Not knowing at a glance what your close ally is sailing, who you have sailed with many times just seems wrong to me. Ability to scale the new UI "tabs" (hold/fleet) not only bigger than their default (as already exists) but also smaller would be nice. Also would be good if possible, to be able to make the player/fleet/battle info panel that appears in top right of screen when you select them in open world smaller. The new map, (much better looking than the old) has too similar colours for neutral and free towns and makes it hard to tell the difference. The port icons are also very opaque/washed out (especially when zoomed out). Making them hard to see. Pirate/Prussian ports being the worst affected.
  8. KOTO will donate some goodies. When you closer to the time we will see what we got to donate. a few rare books and a crafted 1st rate of your choice perhaps.
  9. this was limited due to server load. You used to be able to have 5 ships in each of your eight ports ( if i am remembering correctly) so 40 in total and with the bigger player base NA use to have this was a huge amount for servers to keep track of (especially with upgrades/cannons/items in their holds) so that's why we have what we have now. Basically it's done to save NA running costs. this would just make the resource pointless and further reduce the need for people to sail away from capitals or attack ports. A few more ports that produce the in-demand resources (like copper)spread out elsewhere on the map would be better idea. I might be wrong but whaling was not added to the game because it gets into tricky legal waters, so to speak. Same as adding slavery to a game. Yeah it would be nice to have but with political correctness and the legal side I'm pretty sure its not going to happen. This was in the game and they used to damage your sails but was removed/toned down as players didn't like it. This is meant to be possible when the new UI is implemented.... supposedly anyway. I'm just a regular player so while i think i'm right about what i've written above I may be totally wrong.
  10. So you saying, we got an eta on a post about an eta.... lol
  11. Hey Felix Great work on the map continues i see. Really good job, hats off to you. Especially like the addition of wood types and ship comparisons. Nice to have it all in one place. Is it possible to add onto the ship comparisons, the amounts of hull/rig/rum needed to activate one repair. Also base thickness value for the ships would be a handy addition. Once again great work. o7 Dev's should pay you to add this to the game to replace their map!
  12. No, that would only be true if i said you cant trade for books, you have to find them yourself off the Ai. Which is not what i said.
  13. come on Z4ys think about it. You have access to the PvE drop only books.... its called trading. There is already an entire page of books you can buy with combat marks from the shop and combat marks drop from pvp and pve. If a player doesn't want to PvP they still have to trade other players to get the pvp marks to buy anything. there is no imbalance. At least not one that requires everything to be buy-able from an AI shop for any currency. Improved drop rates and balance of which books drop from AI would improve the situation. If more people were putting these rarer books up for sale then this topic wouldn't exist. Your goal is right but i think your method is wrong. What next... ship knowledge takes to long to unlock I want to be able to buy the slot unlocks from the AI shop... come on. that's all i got to say on this topic.
  14. Their usefulness is the same regardless of PvP or PvE its just your perspective that adds value to one over the other. Foucs does not mean sole purpose. If it was then there wouldn't be crafting/trade goods/Ai/epic events etc PvE gives a foundation and meaning/value to PvP content. you can already buy many books for pve marks in the shop but yes, not all of them. I get that you want easier access to items by playing just the way you want to play. No one likes being forced to do something they hate doing just because they want the end reward for doing it. ( hostility missions to get port battles is a good example ) That's why trading exists in the game but there's a real danger that if you make everything available in the shop to buy with whatever currency you have then within a week everyone will have everything and they wont really of played the game. The rarer books take time to collect. This gives them some meaning and value beyond what they actually do which is no bad thing. Collecting and then making the "five rings" for example is an achievement, sure it takes time and effort and some luck but the satisfaction of "earning" it matters. Being able to just buy the 5 books books in a few clicks is not a good game design nor is it good for the game. Making the drop rates some what higher for certain books, as mentioned before, would really solve any issue with access people have. If more people were putting these rarer books up for sale then this topic wouldn't exist. Yes your right. Many of the books/upgrades are just pointless and bad and need reworking. Something I think will happen after the bigger changes are done, like the UI. Removing some of them however I'd disagree with.
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