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  1. we didn't see this coming /s but in all seriousness this is a problem. I just wish we could purchase flags like in the old days instead.
  2. you are also neglecting to mention your Russian friends made that "vibrant war" a joke. nonetheless, we made an agreement and both sides seemed tentatively content with the outcome.
  3. I mean, am I wrong though? we all hate how it is setup currently.
  4. fact is, the game has turned to such an extraordinary grind that no one wants to lose a valuable "crafting port." outcome is, no matter which nation, people have and will stop playing due to high developed ports being taken. ...tl;dr honestly this is seriously a "blame the devs" scenario. We told the devs we hated the hostility grinding and the mechanic abuses (exploits) that happened. We wanted less grind. so instead we change it to "different grind" and it's even worse. congrats guys, we played ourselves.
  5. Personally... I would have thought working on a better alliance mechanic would be a lot more enjoyable and rewarding for players than to restrict and make it harder to PvP...
  6. It seems like a constant issue of which will never be solved. some Spanish ask GB for surrender, some "other" spanish stated they never surrendered, they just didn't plan on doing anything, and some still ask things from GB, and even some others asks things of Sweden. it begs the question - Which Spaniard do you believe is the new "leader?" FNI may have negotiated just for themselves and no harm or foul to them - but other spanish clans wanted a few different outcomes.
  7. not doing RvR on a daily, practically hourly basis, has honestly been such a godsend for most of the players that I have talked to. People still want to RvR, but I don't think anyone was enjoying the non-stop grind after a bit. so maybe this new Flag system (better than the old.....maybe?) will encourage better OW PvP by "telling" people where to go for it.
  8. I am not blaming anyone, but I have heard that it's just you need to sink the ship you were "originally" in when the battle starts. In many cases I've heard the players just use the ship they captured in the "next" mission and rinse and repeat. I assume it's "working as intended"....but it's certainly a creative way to get doubloons. "off topic" but couldn't we say this suggests that Doubloon income could use an improvement for non-PvP related activities?
  9. I've been on both sides of being screened as a form of "griefing" and being screened as a form of PvP content. With the addition of this "item" so that a PB can get into a port battle is at first nice to consider. because the PB fleet wants the PB content. but the players outside also want content in the form of PvP. lets take the term Screeners out of the process. instead taking it to the core of what it is. a Port Battle is essentially a "signal" to the server informing folks where players are likely to be when looking for PvP. Effectively, a port battle is the ONLY way to hav
  10. We actually discussed this interestingly enough. You'd think with all these people not working, there would be more people to play - we actually found majority of us are "Essential" so it turned out not to be a change.... I suppose that's a good thing?
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