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  1. This is not a US unique problem. You want to find ai to fight, you have to get closer to enemy ports. The upper antilles is also just 5th rates, where do people go to fight larger ships and do larger missions? They have to sail into other regions that tend to have enemy players nearby. If you want safe missions you accept the missions that are given in that region.
  2. Agree. Repairs, guns, and mods should give experience. I'll allow ship crafting to be the most efficient way to level up - but all crafters should get experience.
  3. Teutonic

    AI Angles

    Ai doing repairs would create so many problems, I can't even. I don't want a 1 hr long battle with 1 ai ship....
  4. all the repairs were giving 1 xp each.... that changed? . that was the way I was going to make all that xp...
  5. Teutonic

    AI Angles

    thank. god. it was getting to the point where even angling didn't help you versus ai. I happily await the fix.
  6. There is nothing wrong with delivery missions as they are. I'd adjust them personally but well we can talk about that later. They help all players regain money when losing ships. If anything, Cargo/passenger missions are a HUGE success, honestly one of the best additions to the game recently :). The fact that Cargo Delivery missions have no collateral cost is further reason to get them over anything else. someone is chasing you and you are about to be caught? well I'll just delete these missions no problem - "woooosh" increased my speed because i have no weight in my hold... I am still being chased? alright well I can just surrender delete the missions and get new ones somewhere else. I'm not advocating that they should have a collateral cost, I'm just trying to create a picture in why people do missions instead of trade goods, when "trade goods" should be the best money maker. Why do I have a problem with it? As other folks have said, a lot of activities are rendered "too risky" or "not good enough" because of these missions: 1. Trade goods - the fact that short to mid range trade good runs are piss poor in profit and money making ability. it is largely agreed that the only way to "actually" make decent money with trade goods are 2-3+ hour trips (4-6 hour round trip). When you factor in all the risk, the purchase price and sell price of trade goods, you realize you could make a ton more money (reals) for less time with cargo/passenger delivery missions. In fact, a large amount of trade good runs that would be "short to mid-range trade runs" are a net negative after factoring in tax, that's just straight up messed up. This NEEDS to be fixed. 2. The adjustments on xp and real rewards for sinking NPC ships is still "low" and I think further adjustment should be made. my solutions? as follows A. All cargo and passenger delivery missions should have a reduction in real rewards of 10-25%, but always have a doubloon reward. These missions should be skewed in making more doubloons instead of reals. B. ALL trade goods that are sold at ports that consume the item should be giving a good 20-40% more in revenue. and honestly I'd say it should be even higher of a sell price (30-50%). Trade goods should absolutely be the #1 way to make the most reals in PvE activities. C. Sinking ships should again be giving more reals and XP. I'd honestly double everything here, for both PvE and PvP. ------------------------ want a further alternative solution? A. seriously consider lowering all costs in building prices, I think this is a huge issue for a lot of players in that a big reason for everyone feeling poor or not having enough cash is directly due to the prices of "everything." I'd honestly rather have a game where i make 1,000 reals and spend 800 reals instead of what we currently have where I make 100,000 and spend 95,000. It just feels incredibly swingy with 1 minute i have 5 million reals, and the next minute i have 50k reals and once again really poor.
  7. 1. Lower BR on Ports - allow for more mid-sized battles and mid-sized clans to take part. 2. I agree with @Havelock - Carronades on shallow ships are way too oppressive and the 32pd Carro needs to get out of the shallow water. This really should be looked at further as it is also a Mast/demast issue as well. 3. I would love to see the player voted ships be added to the game soon like the Tremeire (spelling), and the Dutch 2nd rate (wrecker?) 4. I would LOVE, LOVE some further balance changes. Ships like the Essex are poorly placed and could use some love, same with the Pavel. I personally think Balancing should be consistently looked at - maybe a patch every 3 months for small balances tweaks. 5. AI/NPC buffs are too oppressive and really should be toned down. What frustrates new players most (for what I have seen) is the sheer outlandish nature that some NPCs seem to be able to do. the rather ridiculous arc of fire for cannons, their insane reload rate. It all needs to be toned down by a good 20-30%. 6. Lastly, a hard look at adjusting the economy for Cargo missions and Trade Goods. I have said it in other threads, but I propose the following: reduce the Real rewards for all cargo missions by 10-25%. Make it so every cargo missions has a doubloon reward. Short - 800 doubloons medium - 1,200 doubloons long - 1,800 doubloons Increase ALL trade good sell prices by 20-40%. The goal is to make Trade goods the primary way to get the most reals possible instead of cargo missions. Cargo missions should be for folks who don't want to sail far distances past a 20-30 minute sail Trade goods should be for players who have the time to sail 1-2 hour trips and they SHOULD be making a lot of money.
  8. but realism! history! /s I would love to see a nice gesture towards na-map and felix's dedication in making a wonderful interactive website.
  9. quite interesting to see! and I thought we were sorely behind in the port investment race.
  10. I'm just waiting for that moment when the wars start. looks like Prussia and Russia have there. anyone else?
  11. would love some sail paints.
  12. It's almost like when you bring the first big toy after release, that somehow your upset that a nation does everything in its power to take it from you 🤔
  13. I'd much rather Lower the crazy damage output that the NPC ships give out then change the current XP grind. People are already nearly sailing 3rd rates. Bring the godly AI buffs down a huge notch and then it actually wouldn't be that bad. It's not the XP grind that is killing new players - it's the sheer ridiculousness that is the buffs and 360 no scope stat buffs on AI ships.
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