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  1. The French certainly have the player base to still enjoy RvR content. although it could also be that they just all had time to play today.
  2. back when the doubloon value was around 100 real(s) per doubloons. 4th rate "value" was somewhere between 350-500k each, depending on your nation's market. so this 200k Aggie, could be 1. captured ship 2. bad wood combo (people won't buy it) 3. someone who doesn't understand how much "more" they can make
  3. exactly. crying fools yelling "BIASED" are also the ones that don't want to write anything.
  4. I don't mean to sound blunt, but a group of players were thinking of doing raid missions and the rewards, quite frankly, are just flat out bad: Honestly if anyone ever asked, I'd tell them to never do raid missions and instead just farm privateer fleets...or heck, if you (or your team) want combat medals, just farm some hunt missions. it goes like this Victory Marks? probably the only reason to do raid missions IF you don't take part in RvR....but honestly if you're doing raid missions you have the ships, just just engage in RvR. plenty of ports to control, plenty of ways to make victory marks of your own. not to mention players sell them at la tortue for 20-30k each. Combat Medals? Hunt Missions, PvP missions are just flat out better return on your investment then ever trying to "farm" them with these raid missions. don't bother Doubloons? look at me straight and tell me that after splitting up the rewards to your fellow group mates after a raid that you got enough doubloons for your time. PvP and Cargo Delivery missions are better farming then this and less risky based on the ships you use. Real(s)? 10 minutes, in ONE traders brig will literally get you 2x, 3x, or 4x what you're earning here. Again, just like doubloons, after you split it up (which I've never seen happen) it doesn't even cover the cost of repairs used. I encourage more screenshots of possible raid mission chest rewards to give a more fair assessment. I personally have never seen the rewards be higher than 30 VMs/CMs and that still is rather lower of rewards when you split them to your group mates.
  5. 1-2 weeks before the trade change, repairs were anywhere between 250-500 at la tortue, rum got down "almost" to 150 per. last night they were: Hull: 750 (ranging from 500-800 over the day) Rig: 450 (ranging from 300-700 over the day) Rum: 500 (ranging from 250-500 over the day) when I look back even further, repairs were around that price a month after release. now this is clearly not a vast amount of data to make an argument. but I tend to base the "open economy" by La Tortue pricing, and at least based on that to me, prices didn't change all that much, and now i actually have cash to afford to price of the good. in Sweden, we have multiple clans that are quite competitive with pricing their goods for selling and so almost all our primary crafting/outpost ports have repairs around 150-200 and rum about 100. from a Swedish perspective goods are getting cheaper to buy, not more expensive.
  6. you should do some convincing of you GB brothers then.
  7. agreed. a stiff breeze kills a snow. i just fear the snow v snow "wars" and a snow wins in 1 broadside :P. but a Snow also has very little limitations in what it "can't" do and a highly skilled player can essentially because indestructible with one. Now those players just got a huge carro boost...nightmares are abound.
  8. it is interesting because some mods/books do have lower bonuses based on the better rat of the ship. ...but not all mods/books do. so there is some issue with it.
  9. careful now, we don't want to upset the DLC abusers 😘. I stand by my original statement though. Seasoned Woods were a mistake and are fine woods 2.0...they should be reverted. otherwise, Game is actually in a great state.
  10. - havoc takes san juan as denmark - havoc fights stuff - havoc decided to switch nations - havoc takes san juan - havoc continues to fight stuff A nation is a mechanic in game for uniting clans within it, a nation does not "own" capturable ports, clans own the port and they do how they see fit, whether that means they allow or deny other clans access to the port. The fact that some clans feel utterly slighted because another clan decided to go to another nation is nothing new. It justs seems that people find it easy to target havoc because.....? If clans/nations don't like a clan owning a port - take it, and stop crying.
  11. The fact that you will always make more money then 1 player doing trading versus your very own "fleet," shouldn't be the reason to nerf prices. You will make more money than anyone in any environment. But the 1 player will suffer more with less profit. Eve has the same "issue," everything that would help tye small groups or solo folks, will always help the large groups more. That's just how it goes.
  12. I agree it is working. The entire argument I originally had was that a casual (2 hours or less daily) was not able to make enough money during their play session, while ships, materials, and goods were sold at such a high price. Now with the trade good change I have seen more folks enjoying the game, more folks able to get what they want without too much trouble, and frankly we aren't scrapping by like we used to. The hardcore players that had the alts and time to play didn't think it was a problem which is untrue. The broken aspect was that trade goods were worse than cargo delivery missions and we only ever did those missions. Now? Everyone is enjoying making cash, port owners are happy because they are making money, pvpers are happy because there are more targets in the OW. Heck even RvR players are happy because they see a reaspn to continue to expand their empire. If there is anything to complain about, it is that passenger and cargo missions seem redundent to trade goods. I would suggest that they become primarily doubloon rewards. Now everyone is trading nonstop to make money to.....never use it? Majority of players are doing 1 to 2 trade routes a week to supply their enjoyment of the game for the rest of that week.
  13. and they have a 10 day limit. so for 5 days you could amass all the dub cargo missions near your outpost from 4-6 ports. then you could sail them all at once and make a hefty dub gain :).
  14. The only reason I will disagree with you here is because combat medals can be traded in for mods/books that are flat out more powerful than the majority of what you can get by crafting/farming. In my opinion, this game has a real problem with gameplay that focuses too highly on getting the best gear. Those who "lose" the race effectively can't ever "win." That being said, I think I could be convinced to make them non-tradeable if we took a look at balancing Mods (which seems to be what will happen?). as a side-note, I'd love if we could trade our victory marks to the admiralty store to buy combat medals or doubloons.
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