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  1. these are the questions worth asking. feedback is asking for the fireship damage to be turned down but the answer we got was to just "put water buckets on your ships to stop your ship from exploding."
  2. ... Because going back to players just spamming and moving cargo delivery missions was better? It's finally now worth trading trade goods again. It's finally worth the whole time of 1-3 hours of "afk" sailing to gain the reals that we should have been gaining. If inflation is created and people start selling resources/ships/goods at a higher cost, that just makes it an easier incentive for players to decide to craft or extract their own resources instead. I won't say whether you opinion or unpopular or not, but I will say that the players I know that continue to play enjoy the trade good system a lot more as it is now and because of it they have been able to make money, make ships, and do more activities before since the risk of PvP has been diminished in their opinion.
  3. good. just in time to be taken by Russia
  4. no lie, because silly decisions for patches. BORK will officially end open recruitment, a number of clanmates have decided enough is enough and now with the fine "seasoned" woods. We are taking and official step back from the game. BORK will still be a clan in NA, but I will no longer actively participate and nor will many others. Thank you to everyone for the battles, the community, and for sinking me all these few years.
  5. if you saw some screenshots of some players warehouses/money you'd realize that these same players can literally supply a nation with multiple port battle fleets - all they need are the privateer chests, and those hardcore players that want to win badly will absolutely go deep into the grind. will it happen immediately? no, but the moment you find out your opponents whole fleet is these pent up seasoned wood suckers. that's the end there this is fine woods all over again as you point out, and it'll end the same way it did before.
  6. I don't think I can personally continue to be cordial on the forums :P. we had some actual suggestion discussion about this, about BR for ports. like quite literally word for word on what should be done. instead it's almost the opposite. then this magical new building is another crazy grind on what is basically fine woods again to which was probably the single most important factor that had the largest amount of players leave....but HEY, lets do it again boys. and now on top of that it seems we have some new hard caps. This. Is. Hilarious.
  7. to convert ONE teak log to a seasoned teak log requires: 1 Tool 3 Doubloons to STAY competitive and WIN the perception is now AGAIN, that you need the best of the best. when the best of the best becomes so hard to obtain, we are left with the atrocious fine woods patch. that's it guys, I'm out
  8. hol' up. you aren't going to balance the game to make things useful because historically the 32pd carro was just always better? in order to save precious game space I guess we should start deleting item files out of the game because they were in general disuse!
  9. it's definitely a photo shop, I mean look at these ones. prime fake news right here.
  10. meh. I'd give the game a 7/10. it's got good parts, but still needs improvements. if small battles/trafalgar was brought back, I'd bump it to a 7.5 or 8. and 7/10 is really not a bad score. I've had real enjoyment with the game, but also real headaches and so the score changes. but 7/10 is the current decision.
  11. i mean, to be fair, a skilled player can do it solo. but that's not what I'm looking for....if the perceived value of doing 1 raid chest mission is not worth doing when you have "6" people for a max group. then in my opinion, the goal for making a small 6 man group mission successful has failed. I'm not saying raids are bad, I'm saying that the reward is still not worth the risk for a 6 man group and that should seriously be looked into.
  12. that seems like quite the time commitment... 🤔
  13. if I recall correctly, the US does want to take part in RvR, but no one apparently wants to do shallow water RvR....?
  14. lol there are more Danes on the forums than in the game playing it seems.
  15. Teutonic

    Fun > Winning

    I own one account, my account. if i even wanted to, i would never review bomb :). so while it is a different thread, the fact that we are able to stack battles on top of each other to hide "other" battles, is just not "good." if we don't call it an exploit, we should at least be unified in agreeing it's shit for gameplay, shit for good experience, and yet another reason why players get frustrated and end up quitting for a while.
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