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  1. 1. correct - labor hour generation is not affect by anything - it is a constant regeneration rate. (iirc, currently it is 100 labor hours an hour) 2. correct, increasing your crafting rank increase the labor hour wallet maximum, nothing else. example Crafting rank 1 has 1,000 LH wallet, whereas crafting rank 4 has 2,134 LH wallet maximum.
  2. interesting 🤔 he lost the Swedish support for a different reason. But I guess it's both of our faults for not helping him fight and get into the port anymore right?
  3. even worse when you explode too.
  4. You can actually change nation without paying any money. Just delete your character and remake a new one. A better idea would be to delete port bonuses so the loss of "all ports" isn't preceieved by the players as utter devastation.
  5. enjoy your new found freedom - you're free from the shackles that bind us.
  6. map/account resets due to wins or losses would make me lose interest in playing, that's a clear cut promise. map resets to "combat" Russia's expansion into taking over the entire map is just a boring temporary fix as they'll just do it again. If there is any such thing as a round, or 3-6 month map reset and the current port investment difficulty stays as is? yeah I be out guys.
  7. I mean honestly WO is on the right track. you get bored of a game, bored of the timezone that ends up avoiding you and bored that everyone around you isn't doing anything... you decide to play another game for more enjoyment. simple. I think a lot of players more recently are starting to trend towards it too. recent Russian RvR has made at least a chunk of players I know decide it isn't worth continuing - and I'm not blaming Russia, but if russia still wants food to farm they should consider splitting up.
  8. ooof. if it comes with asset wipes...
  9. so you're telling me I shouldn't add more? We got sunk by some Russians in a couple battles before the battles too. you give and you take at the Nassau PZ.
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