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  1. Teutonic

    We want outlaw battles!

    Honestly outlaw battles is just a bandaid to what people really want: -Clan Wars - being able to attack anyone that isn't part of your clan or 'alliance'. I still don't understand why we can't try it. @Christendom would problably agree?
  2. Teutonic

    Empty sea

    Sid Meiers Pirates was an awesome Single Player RPG and I agree, a lot of what was done in that game could be attributed into Naval Action. I just don't have high expectations at the moment and that frustrates me.
  3. Teutonic

    Empty sea

    Empty seas suck and are boring gameplay. At the very least there should be exploration like mechanics in play so you can actively 'do' things while sailing long distances. Imagine being able to find random loot (like a better mechanic than fishing) and you can go to it to interact with it. Imagine finding lost treasures along the coasts and being able to grab it before others. But meh, it won't happen.
  4. Teutonic

    Bow guns for frigates without?

    no, ships without bow guns have the control perk and already have their own interesting gameplay.
  5. So traders don't want more trade goods and they would like more information. So we decide to have more trade goods and no information? Wow. Dumb.
  6. Teutonic

    Deep waters PBs since last wipe

    the rewards are flat out piss poor compared to patrol zone or regular OW PvP, or even missions. a regular or casual player sees this and goes "why spend my limited time getting another useless port, when i could go enjoy x, y, or z?" I don't necessarily see anything wrong with it, just a change of player perspective. You see it now with more people going to the patrol zone due to better rewards whether it be through NPC grinding or damaging/sinking players... Or it could just be the decline in population has forced people to go to areas that promote engagements, which could be good and bad. I don't care anymore. You still have clans like HAVOC who would grind ports for a fight and some players with too many doubloons to count, but if an opponent doesn't show, there is no fight. You have the current cycle for Deep Water RvR: Deep water ships for a big group of players have an expensive cost associated with them (4th rates to lineships). Due to this high cost, players do not wish to fling them left and right like we had done previously. Because players do not risk these ships like before, engagements with large ships declines drastically. Ports to attack or defend happen only to the most important ports for varying reasons that clans or nation deem fit to rationalize using expensive assets. Since this is the case, port battles and hostility to grind them rarely happens. Finally, when you look at the possible rewards to taking a port over the possible losses and expenses you or your group decide it's not worth doing. Is that better for the game? Maybe? Personally, I don't think so. you have a system that negatively affects everyone but the "I only play to PvP players" which in turn leaves you only with a very small niche group to an already niche game. You have end-game content that can't or won't be done consistently anymore which bores players who loved to engage in that content. the Devs have centralized the game into one type of play-style while alienating trading, empire building, and casual players. Sure, you've made one crowd happy, but at the expense of the overall game. I advocated for lineships to be more expensive, and I won't lie that I am happy they are more expensive, BUT there is no reward for players to accept using them in any shape or form. You can't make something more expensive while also restricting the economy and reward system and expect an improvement. I'd be content if the economy and reward system was more lenient for all types of players, a system to PROMOTE more varied gameplay while still allowing assets in the game to be expensive. We can have great risk in a game if the game has a proper backbone to support the risk and reward, and the game currently does not support the risk.
  7. Teutonic

    HAVOC vanished from clan leaderboard

    HAVOC has ascended from the leaderboards and have become gods. it's the only explanation.
  8. Teutonic

    Naval Action Meme collection

    By that count, memes are off topic since they have nothing to do with in-game. I heed Cramer's word, it's time to sell sell sell!
  9. Teutonic

    Clerk not doing it's Job to the fullest

    Biggest issue for people looking for fights is that there is "pretty much" no way to accurately inform folks where to go. we have a delayed combat news about hostility --- which should be changed to report hostility missions being STARTED We have combat news telling us of folks being sunk, but by the time you check it out the enemy is long gone or already in a battle and there is hello kitty all reason to wait. Basically I'm all for mechanics or HOT spots to help inform the player base of where action or player density is happening. what we have in the game at the moment is bare bones crap that needs some serious updating to be more PVP friendly to allow players to get to the action.
  10. Teutonic

    Match the Hostility to the new cost of 1st rates

    Can you imagine trying to grind a port in 5th rates? Would be nuts to do so. I agree that hostility missions need a pass and changes be done. The fact you can grind hostility with npc fleets with the current change in how they spawn for nations is nice though.
  11. Teutonic

    Ship Slot Exp waaay too high

    yikes. ship mastery is too low? riiiiiiiiiight....
  12. And yet the difference is that in the patrol zone you are awarded based on the damage you did in a battle from a mission. If every battle had rewards that were given based on damage from a mission then we wouldn't be here with this issue. But right, we apparently can't do that because 'impossible.' EDIT: I am not against having to loot a ship to get rewards, and also having to stay alive to keep those rewards....but the motivation for people to pvp has definitely dwindled. This RNG factor of doubloons is infuriating. At the very least there should be a minimum doubloon reward for every ship in their hold instead of it being empty.