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  1. I am not surprised the devs went with a nuclear option after a knee-jerk reaction of anger/frustration....to put it bluntly. I dislike that a change is made that the majority dislike (at least voting on the forums) and yet are told a solution is being made right now....any other development would inform us a change is being made and NOT change what we currently have until the new and improvement mechanic is ready. It just starts feeling like development wants to have some righteous indignation in order to satisfy some hurt feelings? I am surprised that we literally warned this could, would, and will happen for ages and it only "just now" became such a problem as to need a drastic "fix."
  2. I'd rather have no PBs, then what is about to happen. I still have to work :(.
  3. and if you cared to consider clans moving around and time between the fights, you'd figure out that the majority of players you fought those one or two times are also no longer in sweden. So if you cared to fight a swedish port of 20k BR in the US timezone you'd find out that the amount of players has not changed since then.
  4. so players aren't allowed to change their opinion? how short-sighted do we have to become to realize that players, people, everyone can and will change their opinion over time?
  5. voted yes to surrender and no to escape. but generally I am in agreement with others - I would remove it.
  6. the next time a nation flips a port I want to flip and fails to capture it, I too will complain.
  7. Teutonic

    Quarantine Stories

    Yep, Fairfield county, Norwalk area. thankfully stocked up on paper towels and toilet paper beforehand *whew.*
  8. I've said it in other threads. I'd honestly be happy to change port bonuses as they are now - to crafting/resource bonuses to allow for more interesting "ship trim" options in crafting. I'd love to craft ships with 'redoutable refit' or something - but you can only get those refits through captured ai ships. that being said, since the port points change (where the devs increased them overall) It hasn't nearly been as bad an issue as before, and since DLCs get port bonuses (albiet at random) as well as choosing seasoned wood without cost I don't see much of a reason to complain anymore. There are many things I would like to change in Naval Action, but this one isn't high on the list. There are actually really a lot of 50 point ports now that are super solid crafting bases and many of these ports are not all defended to the utmost degree. definitely recommend groups considering the need for crafting to goo out and explore!
  9. Teutonic

    Quarantine Stories

    Connecticut has partially shut down, and the state government has been shown to be ill prepared for this pandemic. Granted I don't think many states in the US are "ready" but responses from a few states have certainly been faster and more efficient in their resources. Every school in a 25 mile radius from where I live is closed until mid/late April (and the universities/colleges have gone into 'online only or closed' for the rest of the semester), multiple companies have decided to have all their employees work from home. the commute to work today was empty...no traffic. Work is allowing folks to work from home for a set period but "encouraged" everyone to keep going to work. which is why I'm here on the Naval Action forums instead!
  10. Guanica, Canalete, Buena Vista, Saint Nicholas just to name 3 that happened this past week. multiple screening/rvr warfare around Port de paix and Saint Nicholas (again) as well. "non-existent." Right.
  11. my C point refers to the current allowance of ships in Port Battles. we still have the old system for deep water ports allowing all ships in within a set "BR range" and the only ship that is excluded from this range set is the mortar brig. the deep water port battle BR range is 90BR to 900BR. Niagara at 90 BR is smallest ship allowed in. (if folks have evidence to the contrary though, I'd like to be updated) This BR limit is what makes me believe why the 1st rate/lineship BR spread is not "higher" than 900. I'm suggesting that the Devs should not work on this system because it can create confusion IF they were to adjust BR on some ships. Instead the System should have ships be put into 2 catagories - Shallow or Deep - (like how it is for OW sailing).
  12. the gamer in me wants option 1. but I feel like it could also drastically change how we fight in battle now which could end up being a negative. so I'm not sure on the solution.
  13. I can't believe it's still going. the amount of salt spitting is absolute nonsense now. time for folks to stfu and fight in battles. I'd like to actually hear about the following wars: Pirates vs US GB vs Prussia France vs US incursion
  14. Quoting for reference. - I think current Port BR limits are ok, the shallows at 900 BR is too low in some places. but I think the larger problem with shallow water port battles is that a Fort is just way too crazy. If the 42pd guns on a fort could be 12pd for shallow instead, or even just have no forts in shallow water ports...whatever the change, a fort is too strong for shallow water. - Requins should not be allowed in deep water port battles, in fact no shallow water ship should be allowed in deep water port battles. I think that would solve a glaring issue that we, the players, have decided to just tolerate, but never enjoy (le rekt kiting in circles forever). - banning shallow water ships would mean we "should" have a deep water mortar ship (could be a 5th or 4th rate or whatever the devs decide). - I am in agreement with @rediii on a BR change for ships and his proposed list. the only change I made was to lower the Pavel to 600...honestly even at 570 it probably still wouldn't be used. The largest issue with the Pavel and Victory is that they are the only ships in the game with a different waterline stat then the rest...and i see no explanation or reason to why it is that way. - I also believe Forts/Towers in some ports are completely useless, and in others are truely valuable...I'm not sure how to "fix" this, except to consider a change in circle placement. if changes were made by the above points, I think you'd find yourself a solid....dare I say, perfect port battle system.
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