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  1. I'm just massively surprised the great mastermind Thony - you would think would bring something more substantial than a mercury. Continuing to talk with a large mouth while you hide behind a wall of actual competent players. bravo....?
  2. shroud cay is also incredibly far away from Spain and US ports. 🤔 There are parts of the map that could do with some freetowns for sure.
  3. Lets say a nation is constantly below the "max" number. what's to stop a nation that is above their max limit from creating or purchasing ships for cheap from a nation that that stays below the max number? I suppose it could create a market though.
  4. I miss the times before PvP marks and combat medals, back when people PvP'd and captured ships because they wanted to, not because they got a shiny coin that had to be used for "better mods." I miss the era of durabilities based on the rate of the ship. I miss being able to both see who my enemy is and talk to them in the OW without having to ask first in global. I miss flags, it could have been improved instead of scrapped. I miss Naval Action before the Thickness Meta.
  5. since the shallow patrol zone is not a "great battle" to some souls. I'll place 'em here now:
  6. then they would stop playing. I thought you wanted more people to fight, not less...
  7. on the other hand it's nice when you have someone aiming for masts the whole battle while you attack their hull, then when they realize they can't demast you it's too late. ...I still feel like mast thickness should generally be a lot higher and if you want to demast someone, you first need to lower their structure a bit.
  8. Talked about it with my clan mates. If the peace server got port battles against other player clans - pvp server would be dead. At this point - if you put ANY form of consensual type pvp on the peace server, pvp server would die.
  9. I'm not even thinking of RvR, I'm thinking PvP. I would have accepted 1. Group Missions 2. 4-5th Rate Limited Patrol Zones
  10. Wasa vs aggie cost is also hilarious. the only major difference is doubloons, which is 92 more doubloon cost. hello kittying lol. Even if you make the Wasa a Combat mark permit like the other lineships, it will still outperform pretty much any ship that "could" fight it. You're right, compared to the other 3rd rates right now, Wasa is not OP, but now compare it to any 4th rate and high end 5th rates. There is no, and i mean absolutely no reason for anyone to sail a 4th rate with the Wasa as it is currently in game. quickest changes would/could make a slight change to make 4th rates economically more enticing and reduce Wasa effectiveness without butchering it. Further changes could be made down the road: 1. increase Wasa doubloon cost - bare minimum 3,000. maybe bump it to 4,000 doubloons. 2. increase the Wasa's BR to 450 3. Reduce all doubloon costs on 4th rates by 50%. Example: Aggie would be 1,355 doubloon crafting cost instead of 2,708
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