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  1. One thing that keeps getting to me. Either the damage is still a little too high or the HPs on all the ships is still a little too low. I am on the side that HPs on ships is still slightly too low. I would adjust the HPs roughly as so. 1st rates seem about fine. 2nd/3rd should have a 5-10% hp increase. All lineships should be able to fight each other on a relatively similar scale - 1st should undeniably be the "best" but the 2nd and 3rds should not be off the table for a battle. I am worried that the 2nd rates with low hps will literally never see the light of day. Or we should drastically increase HPs on all ships by 10-20%. Lineships would still blow 5th rates and smaller out of the water, but 4th/5th rate fights would become more enjoyable. It's possible that the biggest problem currently is carronade damage when it comes to lighter ships - but I do not know an easy fix without lowering carronade damage. In order to stop lineships from becoming an OW hunting monster we definitely need to look at 1st and 2nd rate speeds @admin. Either those rates need a heavy wood limitation or their base speeds need a nerf. Historically speaking maybe 4th and 5ths were not faster than lineships - but when it comes to a game we need to understand that it could potentially cause problems for game balance.
  2. Teutonic

    Duel/Small Battles

    We went on 2 "no repair" journeys - first battle was us in all store bought frigates. Some pirates came and chewed us up. we got some damage on the board for patrol rewards though. 2nd No repair journey went a little differently. We found the pirates who smashed us up, but their Christian player seemed to have left.... a few things to note @Velhelm Von Marrius decided to be a fireship and didn't put any cannons on his frigate - so fireship doesn't work GG guys o7. I definitely recommend more people do more store bought, no repair battles :).
  3. I'd love for speed values and mods/books to normalize to the chart like yours. I've said it before - These changes aren't bad IF we adjust speed on lineships to be slow and mods/books bonuses to be adjusted. We NEED a lineship speed nerf across the board for this new damage DPS to be acceptable in my book.
  4. Realistically speaking i'd love for someone to pinpoint me to a group that doesn't use 1st rates. I know you fight equal ships, but if i am increasing hostility by 5% every battle versus someone in a 1st rate doing 15% - i think we know where we all go to.
  5. I skimmed over what was said in the previous pages so I apologize if these have already been stated. 1. Hostility missions need to be easier to access for everyone - as it currently stands if you don't have 1st rates you don't do hostility missions. 2. Rewards/loot in hostility missions and port battles need to be greater. Players should be rewarded chests or resources of money if you win. You can do this by making them redeemables or having them go to the nearest outpost. 3. An owner of a port should be able to control who has access - but I firmly believe that resource distribution would need a hard look at for this to work. 4. An owner should be able to customize a port to their liking but you can't make a port do everything. For example you can choose between better trading opportunities, or better defense (forts or larger), or better crafting incentives, or more special resources - but you can only choose one and it cannot be easily adjusted. As a side note I still think BR limits are key to allowing smaller groups and nations the ability to participate, but having more ports have larger BR limits in the deep water would be nice. I think there are far too many deep water ports at the 2,400 BR level. If anything - let shallow water ports be the main form of smaller port battles. EDIT: i have made a number of suggestions in the past which I argue would create a lot of incentives for RvR. I'll summarize them here: 1. A nation controlling a county/region of ports should give all ports in that county/region a maintenance reduction. Enemy nations can disrupt this by taking and holding one port. 2. Rare resources should be distributed in the county/region that the main port resides in. The main port should always produce the most, but the rest of the ports should be able to get some as well. This creates more ports having more value and if someone wants to truly control a resource - they must control the county/region. 3. A clan should be able to create "clan buildings" which can further enhance certain clan goals. These buildings would act similar normal buildings but for the strict purpose of rare resources. The buildings are expensive and created where the clan's warehouse is placed. These buildings then 'steer' the rare resources from a port of their choosing. Basically creating a siphon. If enemy nation owns the port - extracting is expensive, if nation owns the port - it is standard cost, if your clan owns it - there is a cost reduction.
  6. Would be awesome if the ship that was crafted by a player also showed the date when the ship was created. I would love to see how long a ship "survives" before sinking or how recently the ship was created if captured.
  7. Teutonic


    teleport should not have a fee. period.
  8. Teutonic

    [PvP] BORK is recruiting

    Updated for 2019
  9. I agree - I feel we need a couple "trafalgar" events with 10-20 players to see the implications. if only we had those small/large battle buttons in ports again.....(please bring them back)
  10. Teutonic

    Capital Zones

    lets be clear - a capital water "zone" should be invulnerable to pvp - new players and players in the nation SHOULD be allowed to do something that guarantees they don't have to pvp. BUT that activity should not net a lot of income. Something should always be there for players who don't want pvp - even on the pvp server - it should just be a small place that doesn't allow for many rewards. EDIT: did not mean to sound petty - I like your decision and support it, I just hope it is clear to old and new players what it does. we want game mechanics to be clearly visible and understood.
  11. I'd mirror some of @rediii's and @Hethwill's request at this time - increase the costs or amount of resources it takes to build lineships now. the damage lineships dish out is awesome now - but a price should come with that and it should be exponentially more expensive. people may lose 5th rates quickly if they engage poorly against a lineship - but it should literally be a drop in the bucket and "already replaced" mentality. - adjust HPs of all ships still - lineship vs lineship fighting seems fine, but as you get smaller (6-4th rates) the damage of guns and HPs of ships seems odd and should be looked at. - I would argue for a reduction in max speed for ALL lineships, by a factor of 1 to 2 knts each. In this new damage model smaller ships should always be able to out-run larger ships (even if it is not entirely accurate, for game balance it is needed). Essentially a 5th and 4th rate should always be able to run both in the OW and in battle against lineships. The threat that a lineship brings should always be the devastating broadside it wields. Never should a lineship be able to be "fast" though - if a lineship has more speed AND more broadside power than any other ship then we are going to have a worrisome issue. I'll state it again, I truly agree that lineships should have the ability to rip up smaller ships easily - but the offset should be that they can never catch them if the small ship decides to run or stay away.
  12. A thought: Testbed - broadside damage 5,000 and 20 crew die to being hit by cannonballs What if we reduced the damage of cannons, but increased the likelihood of crew dying so a broadside may look like this 3,500 damage but 30-50 crew would die. I feel we can fine tune a system where warships in the lineship catagory should still do a lot of damage through hull AND crew. I feel larger crew loss would help create a battle environment that could do a few things Less crew = 1. prolonged fights due to every action taking longer. 2. the player having to make important decisions - do i focus more on cannonfire? do I add my crew to sails? or should I repair now in hopes to come back late? or should i go for boarding? Granted this would need to include a more in depth mechanic for crew allocation to different jobs on your ship - it may add some complexity.... but it could be more rewarding. Further thoughts ---- I think the idea I want to portray is that a lot of players dislike how anyone can take damage and lose crew only to just repair all the damage and get all the crew back over the course of a battle. I would heavily support something in our damage model that would create "permanent" damage. After a ship loses X amount of armor or crew, there should be a limit to how much you can get back (as your new maximum). all the effort and time a player took to damage an enemy is nearly instantly gone and it's almost like you have to restart - that shouldn't happen. If i was to lose 50% of my HPs and loss 200 out of 500 crew. I could only repairs back up to 70% as my new maximum HPs and only be able to fully repair my crew back to 400 for example.
  13. I think some tweaking of damage and hps is in order - but definitely accuracy should be looked at. 1. I feel thickness should be nerfed universally by 10-15% 2. Structure hps should be further increased on all ships. 3. Cannon damage could be further tweaked - it will be hard to strike the right balance, but it is looking like we are getting closer to a near perfect model 4. Cannon accuracy should be significantly reduced.
  14. i would like for that to be a factor, but in practice the bigger gun has always been better for about 95% of NA fighting. the only 2 ships I have heard that players consistently downsize the guns is the Endymion and the Wasa. There is not enough of a trade-off to downsize your guns and an unfortunate factor to the gun damage being increased and the DPM also increasing as you get bigger guns is that now there is even less incentive to have smaller cannons.