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  1. There are a number of rare resource ports under EU timers. You could just take them.
  2. Permits are being dropped and there will be 10 rare ships.
  3. There is only 1 ship in the list of 10 that I disagree with being rare, and that is the Rattlesnake Heavy. All the rest are fine by me. My issue was the permits on 54% of ships (from intrepido) was absolutely bonkers. I much prefer the new smaller defined list.
  4. Please no SOL DLCs. We are already borderlining obsurdity with the rattvisan.
  5. Eh. I'd prefer resource costs be what they are now. but extracting a resource gives the port controller reals based on how many resources have been extracted. the way you put would be taxing resources, taxing on buying and selling, taxing on creating contracts, and taxing on trade goods. taxes, taxes, taxes. At some point it's just too god damn much. There is a reason why people are doing the cargo delivery missions instead of trading trade goods now....
  6. If it's the PvP zone then that's generally accepted to be a Free For All, Alliances mean nothing there
  7. Grind harder @William Death ya noob.😗 I will take your unwanted endymion's.
  8. hopefully the patch will come in a few days... maybe by Tuesday the 23rd at the latest?
  9. Personally I am honored someone thought to use my name, but also sad that someone would use my name for ill will :(. but those who are friends with me on steam know my real steam name and my profile picture (which is a Tiger Tank).
  10. It's responses like these that I enjoy. This is a good change. But i have a new question....what do victory marks do now?
  11. I don't own any alts. And my review isn't a shit one liner :P.
  12. I disagree on your fixes - but I agree that fixes/adjustments should be made. - Keep RNG moving Forests - Add a portion of the Forests to be public - Clan cannot control 100% of the forest. - Different ports should have different supply amounts. Instead of only being 1 million logs. some should be huge like 1 million, and others should be smaller. This would allow for the forests to "jump" around more and give a little more variety and relief. Huge supply ports would still be hotly contested. - Decrease the prices - More variety to clan mission amount I agree. something like 2,000 logs, 5,000 logs, and 10,000 logs. Make it so the bigger the mission - the less the price per log is (you save more buying in bulk) - Should nearly double the amount of possible rare resource ports. If there are currently 20-30 rare wood ports, there should be more like 40-60. I think my personal irritation with the current clan mission stuff is A. no one outside of clan and nation would know where it is - which means the information is not there for other groups to wage conflict. it's a game and you need this information available. B. There should at least be a portion always available to the public "nation." Granted this supply could run out faster than the clan mission, but it should be available nonetheless.
  13. A small clan of 10 or so people can fill and enjoy deep water ports at the 2-3k BR limit. A small clan already struggles with deep water ports at the 5,000-7,000 BR limit. And before anyone says - 7 1st rates is not a proper PB fleet. I agree there should more more ports with higher BR - but lets not forget that if you do it too much then you're back to sqaure 1 where small clans just never have enough people.
  14. I think it is due to the higher damage of heavy cannons compared to the 1st rate HPs. Personally the HPs for all ships are right where I think they should all be. But i suppose if anything, lineships may like another small 5-10% hp bonus. A few battles with lineships showed me that repairing early is important and attempting to diminish incoming damage is even more important.
  15. As odd as it may be from a "historical accuracy" standpoint. I agree with @Hullabaloo. a lattice system would probably be better manually touched on instead of lazy distance based numbers. although I still think the bahamas should be under a different set of rules...
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