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  1. to be fair to these videos. the exam ships only just changed a few days ago.
  2. it's a little crazy how quickly fire spreads and how quickly you can explode because of it. I do not believe this is a good change. I think a way to make a fire-ship an interesting strategy choice is nice, but this is the wrong approach.
  3. then if you don't like the governor or president, what do you do? accept that for a month of your time playing the game is not going to be enjoyable for yourself?
  4. and here I am, saying in the same post that when i didn't like it I took breaks. who knew. and I still share that same view.
  5. trade good prices are not controlled by players - they are based on distance from the originating trade good (except for some). the farther you go, the more a trade good sells. What is frustrating is that the profit you make is not really worth it. Actually in some cases you can buy a good and sell it somewhere that supposedly "buys" the good at a higher price and still lose money because of taxes... I don't like that
  6. I've done 2 now - I still don't feel like the money I get makes it worth the time...
  7. I'm not surprised. There are groups of people who are planning to try and "ruin" the experience of all new players just to get back at the developers. it's their choice, but I don't know why you would continue playing a game if you don't like it anymore. Is the game perfect? No. Naval Action could use with a lot more changes and additions. I just hope to get there. I regularly have taken breaks from the game when I am upset about it, I come back later and enjoy the game more.
  8. I think reducing the weight of trading goods doesn't quite solve the profit margin being low. you'd still only be making a 60% profit, it's just you'd be able to "move" more at once. I know that means you can also make more money per run, but your margin would still be low, and I think the margins of profit are too low.
  9. maybe you're in a nation that doesn't help benefit players then - in sweden we have a number of ports with low tax rates and a ton of people use them. but hey as you said "I knew that defense was coming - see look everyone, an elite player is beating up on us." A clan and the members in a clan took the effort to gain a port and take it. Why should they then lose or change something because someone asked to. I mean ffs - something that benefits a solo player or small group will ALWAYS benefit a large entity more. That's just how that stuff works. So why not take increases in trade profits, it helps you. it helps clans. it helps everyone.
  10. I adjusted my math - it was not entirely correct on above post (I have edited it). but yeah - Clans should all be allowed to take what they "deserve" but if Admin and players still want a Nation to matter in a sense, then the nation should be able to profit a little bit off the success of expansion.
  11. So... A clan should just be expected to pay for a port and a timer with no tax income? I'm all for giving benefits to small clans or solo players, but this makes me feel you don't quite understand what a clan pays in maintenance fees to control a port - or maybe you do but you don't care? it's 4,000 reals a day for a port - then it's 20,000 reals added on to create a timer. Then if a clan wants the increase trade goods or reduce labor hours that's a 10-20% increase in the port maintenance. This is a better solution and one I have advocated for. increase profits of consuming trade goods by 20-40% and I believe much of the gripes of traders will be settled. if you bought something at 500 and sold at 1,000 with ports at 10% tax rate either side. You'd pay 550 and sell at 900 after taxes are funded. meaning a 350 real profit per trade good. that is around a 63.6% profit margin. Example: Trade route to buy good at 500 and sell at 1,000. We include taxes into the costs: Buy good at 550 reals (tax included) Sell good and get 900 reals Profit = 350 reals = 63.6% profit If we increased sell price by 30% (so it now sells for 1,300) Pay good at 550 sell good and get 1,170 Profit = 620 = 112.7% profit margin Now it looks a lot better. Maize, Beans are cheap trade goods that regularly have trade routes that are only 10-20 minutes that are like this. EDIT A trade route I do is buy Arctic fox pelts at 6,300 and sell for 14,450 (estimates) this is a 2.5 hour trade run. After Taxes included it looks like this: Buy good at 6,930 reals Sell good and get 13,005 reals. Profit = 6,075 = 87.6% profit margin If we increased good sell price by 30% (so it now sells for 18,785) Buy good at 6,930 sell good and get 16,906.5 (but reals don't round so we round down) = 16,906 Profit = 9,976 = 143.9% profit margin When I look at the Margins and the profit of money - I see a trend of the following: 1. You can make good money with short trade runs - but usually it's only 1 way. 2. Shorter trade runs are useful for players with a low amount of reals/assets or short on time. 3. Long distance trade routes are really only worth it if you have a lot of money, and I personally think the consumption price should be further increased. Increasing the sell price of goods will allow more people to get more money in time frames that suit them. It will allow more tax income and more players to make a better thriving economy (at least in my opinion). BUT we should also probably have more money sinks so that we can all get richer, but not make inflation go crazy.
  12. Well yes - We are not in normal circumstances. but I don't really count this time before a wipe as a main reason in terms of what "normally" stops folks from wanting to RvR.
  13. heh. Sometimes the mighty fall and lose a ship, it happens. Keep the ship and use it yourself. as Moscalb says, the wipe is coming anyway so may as well use it. Or you could be truly an evil person and break the ship up :P.
  14. If it is possible though - could we adjust survival in battle to be a choice? Similar to when you repair - you press 5 and then choose a type of repairs. You should be able to press survival and then have 4 options -- none, minumum, standard, heavy. That way when something happens like leaks or a fire your setting on survival can determine how many crew members you want to send to fix it.
  15. Probably 2 main reasons for RvR dwindling in activity. 1. Alts in other nations bypassed the nation limitations - fixed now that clans control it. But I feel the nation should still have access to a portion of it. 2. Players didn't/don't want to spend time killing AI to make a port battle. To be honest I don't think it is that bad anymore.
  16. Woods that have a better fire resistance stat sounds pretty nice now.
  17. Fire seems a little heavy handed - but i really haven't had the chance to test it... I'll withold judgement until later.
  18. I've said it before - The Attacker shouldn't be able to gain reinforcement bonus for being lower BR. but as for Bellona vs this fleet - The fleet could kill the bellona even if it is unlikely.
  19. I must admit - Streamers help give the game a good first look for many people who are thinking of buying the game. Naval Action is not really an exciting game in terms of Streaming, and maybe it's true that Admin holds them in a nice regard. I personally think more people should stream. Stream your battles, Stream the action around you. the Streams also tend to be the easiest way to find issues, bugs, and you instantly have a recording of those issues.
  20. I'm looking forward to some interesting fireship situations.
  21. Some good changes. Anything on group missions? I would love them back. Anything about the speed of lineships?
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