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  1. if the implacable was not in the 3rd rate class, the redoutable would be the top of it's class. the game has it set as a 3rd rate. Now go check on the 3rd rates in the game. - Bellona, USS, and Connie's only strength compared to the redout is that they are faster and can run away from it. - Implacable is basically a copy, lowers stats, but more guns for higher broadside weight. we could argue it's "on par" to a redout. - 3rd rate? a crap Bellona, laughable to even consider using - Wasa? arguably cheapest of them all with some good traits. when I look at the current 3rd rates, their stats, the possible theories of how a fight would go. the only 3rd rate that would beat a redoutable is the implacable. the redoutable CAN beat 2nd rates too. as far as it goes, we can safely say the Redoutable IS the top of it's class. the Devs have already stated they are taking a look at bringing the other 3rd rates up to it's level.
  2. i also very much remember Wasa as a 4th rate with 24/18 gundecks in the test server. when it reach live it was 32/24 and STILL a 4th rat. So the fix was make it a 3rd and the rattvisan was born!
  3. but-but. my 3rd rate groups missions are easy right now. don't you dare take that away 😭
  4. I'm touched to be considered equal 😀. Truth is we were fighting battles in the windward channel and totally forgot there was a PB. We even had plans to go to watlings for ow pvp and forgot that too. Just #UStzthings.
  5. truly interesting times we live in (in NA).
  6. yes, you can craft deep water ships in shallow water ports. Yes, you will have to tow them out of the port in order to sail it away.
  7. Personally, I believe we should be able to invest port points in order to create rare resources like wood. That...or When controlling an entire county, the owning clan of the capital should be able to have that port drop rare resources. I personally always found it irritating that resources used in crafting modules we found in unconquerable ports. I do agree that if we are to have them in the nation's unconquerable capital, then all nations should have a resource used in a good mod. It would definitely be a boon for all players to have the ability to personalize their owning ports, or pave the way for economic success through trade exploits.
  8. so is everything said in that discord and mail fake news? 🤔🤣
  9. the continued trend of DLC ships should be that they have a "bad" BR to power ratio compared to normal crafted ships. if it continues to be the trend, then i can better accept DLC ships as a whole.
  10. Ah.... I was hoping for anything except 1st rate dlc. I thought it was to be safe from dlcs. Ah well, it's a losing battle.
  11. don't worry. we all know that screenshots can't be sent to phones - ...wait
  12. there's a difference. 10 havoc do a hostility mission to flip san juan. 1 random swede "invites" 9 russians to flip truxillo. if you don't know what's wrong with that then I can't help you. there was a suggestion before that seems so obvious that we have to question why it wasn't fixed before -- the nation creating the hostility mission is the only nation that can enter the attacking side.
  13. in Eve Online, the Devs made it explicitly clear what is allowed and not allowed when it comes to mechanics. however, in Naval Action, we don't have clear rules regarding what is allowed and not allowed in a lot of "issues." There's a difference.
  14. maybe random fire could have a bonus to reload shocking an enemy? but then i don't know how you would "make" that work.
  15. again, if you guys are seriously ok with "how" this was done. then no one is going to like what is coming.
  16. pretty much everything I have wanted. happily await for this hotfix. I do wish we could get more insight and explanation on BR changes of 3rd rates (and ships in general).
  17. you realize that if you're all fine with this and it somehow becomes "alright" as liq said, it's going to cause a huge shit-storm of game breaking proportions and in the end no one will have fun. no one is going to like what comes of this if THIS is not addressed NOW. this isn't time to be smug about how we found a way to abuse the RvR system, this is seriously something worrying.
  18. Mosquito Cay PB Swede Fleet Commander(s): Teutonic (HAVOC Support) British Fleet Commander(s): --- Outcome: Swedes defend against the bee swarm. Really tough to fight against, requires a lot of communication from your fleet bros. Thanks to everyone who was patient and sailing close.
  19. To further add confusion...you could PREVIOUSLY - purposefully have lower crew even if you are a higher rank to get a BR reduction. I'm not sure if that got fixed or changed.
  20. Teutonic


    redeem hercs/requins multiple times in shroud cay. have gotten port bonuses every time.
  21. That's actually broken. If they could just be limited to the circle range that is shown when you mouse over a capital, that would be wonderful.
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