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  1. I am surprised you haven't ignored him yet :P.
  2. Then remember that a majority of players don't follow line tactics and wouldn't care - instead just blobbing. I think it would be a nice thing to see, but currently you just need to tone down the AI reload/damage and I think folks would be content with how they are for the time being.
  3. Personally I'd say the RNG wood factor is something good to keep. I wouldn't mind a slight change though and taking crew space off the RNG list.
  4. Good to hear. Will we have any indication of how these Guns will act differently from what we currently have? what may be their perk compared to long guns or medium guns? Also nice to hear that you're still working on getting a patch out quickly. Could you give us any example of how Real and Doubloon rewards will look like after the patch?
  5. I made a thread about this in the past. The general idea is that it's not changing how "long" something may be built, only how the process is done. Currently it is as follows for ship crafting 1. You gather resources 2. wait for labor hours 3. click to craft and ship is crafted instantly For Buildings 1. Wait for labor hours 2. click to instantly get resources out of the building I don't believe this is realistic and it's a rather lazy way of crafting. A full cycle of crafting should happen like this (and Fovos stated it as such): A. You go to your buildings and request 2,000 oak - it costs 10 reals per log B. The building works on your request (lets say 20 minutes) C. while the building is working on your request you can go do other tasks, whether that is requesting more resources from all your buildings, or a battle, or PvP D. Building requests finish - you now haul all your goods to your shipyard E. At the Shipyard, you want to Craft a Trincomalee. Shipyard shows what resources you need. You have them all? Good! F. You click to craft and the then there is a timer, lets say 1 hour before the Ship is done. Once this process is done you have your Trinc. Oh and by the way, you could go back to your buildings and request more resources while you're waiting for the trinc to finish. ---------------- Essentially the "new" wait time is not of labor hours, but of real time. The overall effect should be that you would still have to wait for things to be finished, but you can do more economical tasks then what is limited now. In terms of economy/market players may actually place materials and resources on the market - some people always want everything as quickly as possible, other players don't mind waiting and getting others to buy their goods. I would argue that a "timer" like process would invigorate the economy and make it more lively. EDIT The Labor hour discounts from ports and buildings would turn into a mechanic to speed up the timers. If it takes a few days of labor hours to fully craft a 1st rate from resource to ship - then this timer process would roughly be equivalent to that.
  6. I agree with the Frig, Essex, and Pavel. Pirate Frig could use a little love. they really need some love. if it's not a HP bonus - they should have other nice attributes compared to their brethren.
  7. i can't confirm - but I believe the Peace server may be safe from the wipe.
  8. If you like the Swedish flag, BORK and THOR are good US Timezone based clans to join. Otherwise, HRE (HREKK too), CABAL, and PURG3 are solid EU clans to mingle with.
  9. You're not the only one selling resources - it just seems like people buy them instantly and if you get online at the wrong moment you may never "see" the market :P.
  10. short distance econ missions are sometimes even better than the long distance ones - and on the plus side you can work it to stay in friendly ports. I do feel some of the reasons to not having missions given in enemy ports is a reason to take those ports to gain the benefits.
  11. The issue with that is there would literally be no Money sinks in the game and it would straight up lead to inflation. You need Money sinks in an MMO to level the economy (or at least try to).
  12. that's literally the example that we don't want. If you have friends on the other side and you don't help kill them with you're "green side" then why should the Brits not want to shoot you off their team? Then they get punished for it because you can abuse the join battle system and they can't? Come on Willis - lets not make it seem fair to the 2 nations that get tossed around because of it. Any other group doing this is not only tribunal worthy, it's a shitty thing to do. You can enter 1 side with a 1st rate, bugger up the BR levels specifically so your friends can join the other side and you then reap the rewards of killing both sides? that's utter nonsense.
  13. I agree. but it shouldn't be taxed in addition to the cost to get resources out of my building - Rather, the Port Owner should get a portion of the cost that normally is consumed as a money sink. To be more clear with an example. I extract 1,000 oak logs from my building - it costs 10,000 Reals. The Port Owner should get 10% of these reals. So 9,000 Reals would be the "money sink" (consumed) and 1,000 Reals would go to the Clan bank of the port owner. --------------------------------------------------- What we don't want is to have players taxed on top of the cost to take resources out. We don't want the player to have 1,000 oak logs cost 10,000 reals and then an additional 1,000 for tax cost (for 11,000 total)
  14. when it comes to a battle like Brits Vs French, pirates should NOT be able to join both sides. When one pirate choose a side, other pirates must choose that side. Pirates Should get Outlaw battles back - and those battles should be the true FFA battle.
  15. The problem with this is from the screenshot. You have your pirate bros and you see a battle, what better way then to clog up the BR on one side, so that you can get your pirate friends on the other side - then you deliberately ignore each other and kill both sides. You said they "shouldn't" do this - but it's exactly what they do. Outlaw battles should come back, but Pirates should not be able to join either side like the screenshot in OP unless their are significant changes to how pirates work.
  16. You're going to have to give me an example and a screenshot because I 100% am confident it doesn't work that way.
  17. Actually no they can't. Only Pirates can join both sides in 1 battle. To make it more easily understood Battle against Brits versus French a swede can choose to join either side, they choose Brits. Now any player in sweden can ONLY join the Brit side in the Battle. a Pirate can continue joining both sides regardless if a pirate joined the brits or french.
  18. I'd love to go back to 2016 NA and have free timers and free ports with no taxes. We aren't though as per Developers direction. So I'd rather find ways to solve the economic deficit - and the main contributor to the tax issue are cargo missions, They directly ignore the economic system put in place and you can make a crap ton of Reals without ever giving a cent to the owner of the port you got the mission from. I'm 100% not advocating for tax on missions, I'm suggesting that the rewards should be adjusted. A port with a timer should not be such a tremendous burden on the owner - unless they limit access to everyone in their nation.
  19. less of a gank, more of pirates abusing the fact that they can enter both sides. more reason to just kill pirates?
  20. I vote this entire page gets deleted. as a side note, I've seen more GB battles with less and less HAVOC players and they still win. Not sure what the big question is supposed to mean as it seems GB is doing just fine with less HAVOC influence. Now back to more Screenshots please.
  21. If a whole clan has to spend time PvEing in order to maintain ports - they will not want to maintain it because it would take away from PvP activities. Personally I think the port maintenance fee cost of 250k we have now ONLY works in putting a timer on the county capital. You're essentially paying maintenance fees for the entire county. Previously we would put timers on ports that were important for 50k a day - in some cases county wide, we ended up paying less or more depending on the county's importance - but because of the lower cost, a clan could split the costs up to what they could afford. My clan could pay for 1 or 2 50k Maintenance fees, but we cannot pay for a 250k timer unless we spent all day Econ grinding... The current timer cost also only works if you have the Tax income to withhold losses - Because cargo delivery missions essentially make more money than trade goods, and you can do them in a shorter time-frame than other trade routes - most ports are losing out on tax income. That's why I suggest that Trade goods become more profitable and Cargo missions have their Real reward lowered and Doublon reward increase. People can still use those missions for quick Real making to replenish big losses - but if you want to make the "big bucks" you do trading with trade goods. After all, you have a higher risk as trade goods because you MUST buy them first before selling them. With cargo missions - you lose them? oh well, just delete the mission and get a new one.
  22. No. and here's why. Anything that benefits a small group will benefit a larger group more. Anything that doesn't benefit a large group will hurt a smaller group more. Taking Tows away won't make large groups have to think more, it will just make small groups lose more.
  23. Costs even more doubloons to teleport. I'm not mad, just disappointed. Hope to see more things come quickly, a nice patch so far.
  24. I do like to see forts and towers be "better" and more influential - that should be the defenders advantage. In fact - I'd argue that 1st rate/lineships should work in tandem with mortar brigs to destroy forts and towers. It should also be difficult to repair a fort or tower (it already is). I wouldn't be surprised if groups start killing forts/towers Just to place an economic hit on the enemy.
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