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  1. Selling Gold 5/5 - Strong Rig - Teak/White Oak Ingermanland Starting price 2 Million Doubloons offered are valued at 100 reals each. Auction End Date - September 28 (US East Coast) - Transaction will be in La Tortue.
  2. even if we just had a flat increase of 2 outpost slots for a total of 10 outposts - it would drastically improve the freedom of choice and the player's ability to join in more activities around the map. Having a free outpost slot in every freetown would be pretty much perfection.
  3. I cannot agree with you in your assumption that the majority of folks disliked it. In fact I would argue that the players that currently play would not only encourage capturing to be more valuable, but also that PvP missions and combat medals should not be in the game period.
  4. George Town Port Battle Outcome: Pirates successfully defend through point/circle gain. Swedes were largely able to hold the wind for the first half of the brawl and nearing the end of the fight the Pirates had the upper hand. The expectation was if the battle went on for 5-10 more minutes I believe more players would have sunk with a higher portion of swedes. Trial by fire taught us some lessons that will be improved in the future :).
  5. Teutonic

    Docking Fees

    this is taking the carrot away and hitting people with another stick. If the point is to try and "stop" people from spamming 1st rates in their docks the effect will instead be that people get more frustrated and leave. but some questions concerning this suggestion. 1. Would I be having to pay a fee every time I un-dock and dock? 2. do all ships pay a fee no matter what? 3. economically speaking, what should a player who starts from scratch reasonably "do" if they undocked and attempted to dock and couldn't because they found out they have no money to be able to enter? 4. in what way is a fee waived if you sell to admiralty? Do you pay the fee when you enter and if you "choose" to sell to admiralty, do you get that money back + the normal cash you get? 5. do we have a firm example of a group spamming captured lineships yet? is it really that much of a problem?
  6. the zone doesn't properly inform anyone of what is allowed unfortunately. but the Leogane Patrol zone is similar to La Mona, and those 2 PZs have always had a 4th rate limit in the past.
  7. Teutonic


    This is the tribunal section. (so wrong section of the forums) But to answer your question - no everyone started from scratch at release.
  8. funny you say that heth should do some serious RvR. He is - have you been paying attention? saying his opinion is worth less than shit is shitty as well. RvR works for nations with large motivated populations. The point is to make RvR "work" for smaller populated nations who still want to take part in RvR at a smaller scale. 1. Lower BR ports 2. Change front-line system to attack regional first.
  9. Chailang and his group used to be in a small nation. but essentially yes - a clan in russia talking big like they are threatened is a nice joke.
  10. an increase to sealed bottle chances could help alleviate the rare resource issue. Or the 25 special ports that randomly drop the rare resources to "come back" or be known. or the clan delivery missions become more numerous in order to help players know where they can go to get resources.
  11. hint: Kill port bonuses, delete the needless ship stat boost. lets actually make economic bonuses. suddenly no one worries about how their ship is worse than the other players. Just one nation could build more ships with less resources. Take the stats away and make it about the skill of the player :).
  12. I can see 25 Wasas being infinitely more efficient than 11 1st rates, the problem becomes - do you have enough players to do so? Most don't. @van der Clam I will say if it's 5k BR and you bring 5 1st rates then the opponent has a really chance to outplay and outmaneuver your 5 guys. I'd love to fight that as I would then easily be able to hold more circles and force a hard decision for the small 5 man fleet.
  13. my boys are thankful for the shakedown that players brought out for the PZ zone.
  14. it's more than just range. forts have increased range, a literally shit ton more of HPs, and Mortar shots do less damage (reportedly) the only Fort I have seen destroyed was on Reverse's stream when he attacked Basse-Terre and used about 8 ships to pound at the fort (and not move) until it was dead. I would actually argue that some ports are probably impossible to take unless the defender is absolute shit i.e. - Nassau.
  15. After a number of players took a much need back seat to the game - we are back in style :).
  16. MG are solid guys. hope to see more of them in the coming weeks. good fights all around
  17. crafted ships are literally still superior, it doesn't stop a skilled captain in winning with a captured ship. generally it allows for more PvP with more ships that people don't fear losing. the economy is already hello kittyed with cargo missions anyway....
  18. which honestly.... should be totally fine.
  19. agreed, thickness should not be above 80, even after mods.
  20. as per normal routine - I sink Deadman's Cay PZ last night, our largest battle in the West coast primetime.
  21. -checks- No seems the VCO clan is still pirate. Nation hoppers? For someome who hates nation hoppers, they sure do love when clans leave a nation to join under the pirate flag.
  22. well I didnt know you were on the Peace Server. on the PvP Server these cannons are selling at a high price allowing you to make literal millions in an easy fashion.
  23. 2 minute join timer, with a 20 minute reinforcement timer for lower BR side is good now and levels out the BR so we don't need an arbitrary BR limit for zones now. If you want to be in the fight with your friends, you now sail out instead of waiting in port, this is a good change for the PZ.
  24. can we confirm that a nation has a 25 man PB fleet with all special guns? that would be nuts
  25. It is true. you actually make more cash killing elite and selling the loot than doing cargo missions, fancy that - fighting in a battle gives more! Now....if only we could loot cannons off player ships too...
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