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  1. I'd put repairing at the top of the list, and changing shot, and the AI should try to escape losing battles when there is opportunity to, and it should have unpredictable actions in boarding. The AI not repairing seems like the most massive deficiency.
  2. The problem with the grind is that you're always trying to catch up with the no-lifers, who are two ranks ahead of you and curbstomping you in higher rate ships that are somehow faster than your pedestrian LOLbote.
  3. But all you have to do is board and exploit the AI's inability to win boarding
  4. OK, but now it just tests whether you know the same mistakes the AI always make. Read forums, follow formula, $PROFIT$.
  5. These exams test your understanding of the fatal weaknesses of the lazy AI design
  6. IIRC the demasting tutorial usually takes several attempts, since hitting masts with individual shots is pretty hard.
  7. Took me the full 90 minutes to do it last year. Will be LOL to see how long it takes now with the new damage model.
  8. Maybe. The odd development decisions have caused years of hair-pulling. However, we're getting what we're getting and I'm going to make the best go of it that I can. We're all frustrated about this and that and a few other things, but there's no excuse for disgruntled people peeing in the pool trying to spoil things for everyone.
  9. Kill our enemies See them driven before us And hear the lamentation of their women
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