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  1. At some point in the distant future there will be a reset. Then people will have fun finding stuff all over again.
  2. Barbancourt

    Choosing a Nation [Peace Server]

    The national capitals are on different parts of the map, and the nations will have mixes of players from different timezones. (I couldn't say what the different peace server national populations are like) All of the ships are available to all nations, and the only thing that changes is the flag flying on the back in battle.
  3. There are no "Safe Zones". I went through the whole PVE/PVP forum war in Elite Dangerous years ago where I play entirely PVE, and they did the right thing with keeping them (mostly) separate so everyone could enjoy the game (mostly) in their own way. PVE players don't want to be confined to a "kiddie pool" section of a larger game world.
  4. IIRC 800 in a T-Snow is the most I've seen, and for whatever reason I only find 200+ in T-Snows. Finding materials for repairs is usually more exciting.
  5. Yes, AI need to be enhanced and expanded in several ways. (and less in some of the ways that they are already artificially enhanced)
  6. There is already a variety of BR limits in port battles. Though shallows are a bit of a different animal than low BR deep water ports.
  7. "Specialists"? Shouldn't 7th and 6th Rates be used by newer players for quite a while, even with the Tutorial levelling? I was using Mercury and Snow for months when I started. (However, with the new AI spawn there's an unfortunate lack of other 6th and 7th Rates to attack.)
  8. Ah, somebody trotting out the mythical 6000 doubloon AI trader again...
  9. Barbancourt

    Muskets need to go

    Playing "rock, paper, scissors" is never fun. This is one of the areas of the game that needs a complete rethink and overhaul.
  10. PVE players don't want to be restricted to some corner of the map. They want to PVE over the entire map.
  11. Do these rich trading NPCs now come in fleets with proper warship escorts to keep them from being easy loot pinatas?
  12. Barbancourt

    We want outlaw battles!

    They could just jump out blind and if they don't find something they like enter another outlaw battle. However if you have 3+ people involved you can use this nifty thing called a "spotter"
  13. Barbancourt

    We want outlaw battles!

    post battle join and tag timers don't negate the OW position and surprise that has been gained.
  14. Barbancourt

    We want outlaw battles!

    "others?" Good luck with that. Population was 87 when I was on last night.