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  1. Barbancourt

    Grape does not reset timer

    I think I still have the Coward perk... 👺
  2. Barbancourt

    Question (looting system sucks)

    The configuration of ships on the screenshot sure makes it look like the attack would have had a hard time
  3. How fast do you need to build? I'm used to accumulating the resources over time into a stockpile, and I don't have to worry about labor hours for anything except the final shipyard step
  4. Barbancourt

    PvE Invasion Fleets (New Epic Event)

    Could be interesting. On the other hand, alts would spread the info to enemy nations and suddenly ships would be appearing from all over the map to feast on the carnage.
  5. I greatly enjoy the new simplicity of my shipyard warehouses, as well as being able to get rid of the docked t-brigs that were needed as warehouse extensions. One thing shipyards have always needed is storage space - for ships in progress, and for ships completed but not delivered. Perhaps you would prefer if the "crafting recipe" for the ship showed all the old components, and you completed the ship over time by crafting the different parts of the recipe as you acquired the materials, instead of having to accumulate everything in your warehouse for crafting the ship in one shot. So, you'd see progress on the different components in the recipe, until all the components were 100% and then you could hit the GO button to "craft" the ship.
  6. Your friends and even acquaintances will craft you cheap ships for free all week long if you simply bring them the materials.
  7. Barbancourt

    Question (looting system sucks)

    A fleet of em
  8. Given that harvesting resources and accessing outposts is more difficult now, isn't that welcome? Plenty of $$$ from fighting warships. Give me oak and fir so I can make repairs and ships.
  9. Then those ships should not carry enough loot or XP to interest non-beginners. An unescorted LGV should not be more lucrative than a Pickle or Privateer, since it puts up less of a fight.
  10. Barbancourt

    Very Low quality PvP

    . Unfortunately yep that's generally the only path to "success" in this game for most players.
  11. Maybe just 3 in the middle - Tumbado, La Mona and Shroud. I like having to voyage to get to the outer free towns for the first time. Outposts in all free towns should all be freebies with free teleports though, to help people participate in the game, where it happens and when it happens.
  12. But if you want to progress on your knowledge slots in Hercules, Cerberus, Renommee, etc it's what you gotta do. It would be nice if the 5th Rate missions were split between the upper and lower ends of 5th Rate, because there is such a huge range within "5th Rate".
  13. There's a huge difference between "can" and "do". Many of us haven't seen anything like that, and what doubloons you can get have to be saved up for upgrade blueprints and eventually ships.
  14. Barbancourt

    PVE AI?

    I don't mind searching for something, which is part of why I like the BIG map. I just want to feel like I'm eventually going to find "it". Ho, is that sails on the horizon!?! Crap, it's an Essex with 6 mediums in fleet - useless. (leaves room for a couple minutes to make another cup of tea)
  15. Barbancourt

    Basic cutters in patrol zone

    The point of joining a nation is to be part of a nation. That means sailing out of your national capitols and saying "howdy Joe" as your fellow nationals sail by, following your fellow national peeps around the national waters to (at least in your mind) keep the riff-raff out, trying (or just hoping) to participate in the RVR in some way, starting your shipyard, delivering iron and gold to your clan warehouse, etc eh, without planking the AI cleans my clock with its laser beam cannons and ballet-dance sailing manouvers. It's much easier and safer to just sink the AI and use the cash to buy ships from the ship shop, and then you get the XP, loot drop and mission progress as well.