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  1. Nope! You will see whatever flags and paints I dang well want to show you! Except if they bring in fugly "clan flags". Those could have an "out" option.
  2. If that's true it's a huge problem with the damage and repairing model. Long cannons should be the primary armament choice.
  3. W I P E as soon as the W-word is rolled out the activity stops and everyone waits
  4. well...I'm not a shark, so I can't help in that area lol. just saying that the primary way to avoid being a seal is joining the seal clubber club
  5. Nobody wants to spend their precious time following other players around instead of playing their own game, and the whole "coast guard" wild goose chase routine is usually a huge waste of time for everyone involved anyway. Seals will generally stay seals. Most players have achieved their ceiling a few hours into their first brig or frigate. The only way to become a shark is to join the sharks in a very time intensive way.
  6. The port owner should have a cut of anything that happens in their port.
  7. First, to deny them to enemy warship access, second to collect taxes, third because most clans will want their own ports. People can "grind AI" anywhere.
  8. All missions (all activities, really) should pay taxes to the originating port. Cargo, passenger, delivery, hostility - everything.
  9. Hmmm, that's not what I call "kiting." You're talking about disengaging. Perhaps the tag rules should be changed so that a certain amount of damage has to be done over a period of time to keep ships in the battle instance, rather than simply landing shots.
  10. In the end I had to turn off the top two decks in every situation except broadside-to-broadside trades at close range. The unevenly distributed second deck of carronades was also causing me to miss shots that had to be aimed as a sweep, such as rakes and firing during turns. Landing the main deck of 32 pd carronades has to be the priority, and I guess I'll just load the second deck with cannons specifically for chain and grape situations. But the "fun" doesn't stop there. I tried to board an LGV and discovered that there is no "fire deck guns" in boarding! Why is the most potent boarding option not available? The ship is going to need to be loaded with boarding mods/knowledge to try to offset the lack of "fire deck guns". What ARE the silly swivel guns doing during boarding? It's going to take a while to figure out how to use it effectively in combat, or whether to chalk it up as a suicide ship. Fortunately it's pretty, fairly fast and handles nicely.
  11. No testing until release? LOL Wipe everything. Cold turkey! Let's finally START testing.
  12. there isn't a "line" if multiple nations can take the smaller ports in the county
  13. With the new RvR changes it's going to be important to be able to select County capitals, all ports in a County, and show the County boundaries again. (if there's a way, I'm not seeing it right now)
  14. That would eliminate the stated intention of "front lines" (which seems to be moving back towards county scale control of the map)
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