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  1. The flag pack needs to come with pennant options for the tops of the masts
  2. Barbancourt

    Using Doubloons to remove upgrades

    I don't like it.
  3. Barbancourt

    Cannon diversity

    Well, they just got done adding a stack of new trade goods and upgrade modules. Aside from storing more stuff in players' inventories it's just a few extra numbers to indicate a different set of characteristics. However, I'd rather have more ships.
  4. Barbancourt

    NPC's Hunting Spots - PvP Server

    I went down there in the autumn and found few NPC. Some of the AI sail directly out from the ports and u-turn far out at sea, making them hard to find when following the coast. Isla de Pinos was always good in the past, as well as on Testbed Biloxi/Mobile area Lago+Gulfo de Maracaibo, before it became infested with potatoes floating in a puddle of vodka Trinidad & Tobago
  5. Barbancourt

    When is testbed closing

    Most of the time I was on Testbed last night I was the only player. Someone else joined just before I left.
  6. Barbancourt

    Increase NPC spawn rate, decrease fleets

    AI fleets could scale with the size of the player group the same way they do with missions, and perhaps whether it scales with player count or not could be attacker's choice after the tag? The same AI fleets could serve both small and large groups in that way.
  7. Barbancourt

    Yet another map: Naval Action map

    Today I've been having a lot of trouble with not being able to click some ports
  8. Barbancourt

    Increase NPC spawn rate, decrease fleets

    Heh, because despite some predictable behavior the AI is twice as good as I am. In larger ships fleet of 2 ships two rates down is a 50/50 battle for me. I have to use boarding or kiting to survive that.
  9. Barbancourt

    Capital Zones

    It offends them when players don't want to be their leisure toys. I was always puzzled what the point was when they'd chase my empty LGVs around knowing there wasn't going to be any sort of battle when they caught me. "PVP!" was the only answer. Big whoop.
  10. Barbancourt

    medium vs long cannons?

    Penetration is my primary concern. No pen, no damage. It's also nice to have more of your shots go where you're trying to aim them. Mediums also waste some of your limited chain to dispersion. You can afford lower pen and higher dispersion if you're really good at manouvering to stay at the right range for mediums to be effective.
  11. If damage is going to be done much faster it would probably be good to get rid of the "prepared" perk.
  12. You can't farm doubloons very well in a reinforcement zone. In open waters I spent about a month "farming" doubloons, and only made about 2500 or so total - I can't remember the exact number. It just isn't a problem. There's nothing about players playing the game that's "bad for the game".
  13. Barbancourt

    Trim Redundant Woods

    I use a lot of sabicu. It has that crew protection bonus
  14. Barbancourt

    Where did the NPC's go?

    Half of them in useless fleets of 3-15 😕
  15. They aren't about "need". They're about giving players more options for using different areas of the map, as well as generating some extra incentive for people to use that part of the map.