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  1. Asus Z97-A - i7-4790K - 24GB Asus STRIX GTX 970 4GB My machine has a 970 GTX from 2015 and it's very jumpy on "ultra", which is something I haven't experienced in other games. I haven't tried tweaking the video settings yet, aside from turning vsync off. Hopefully the smoothness will improve as the game matures.
  2. What's the point of this wierd system? (cheat codes?) I used the actual name of a famous chief and got very negative attributes in return. But instead I'm supposed to plug in semi-random characters/words fishing for some inexplicable uber-bonus to pop out of a weird mysterious algorithm?
  3. Does na-map accurately model which modules/books/etc will stack and which won't? Why not? Out of all the ships in the game it's the one that you're least likely to lose, and it's also probably the most useful ship in the game.
  4. It's higher BR port battles that exclude players. Those are typically fought by the same players that are always at the top of the NA food chain. There is usually room in lower BR port battles for players that don't normally get to take part in the large ones, since smaller clans can set up those battles and manage who gets into them.
  5. You say that like you seem to think it's a bad thing?
  6. My impression is that they only become "crew space" ships after you've defeated them. That's a nice haul of obusiers though. It's usually more like 5 or 7 and not in a size you want a the time.
  7. No, because nothing is more boring than attacking trade ships LOL. My best story is that I've never lost a cargo, only empty ships with repairs. Fleet 3 ships, avoid risk, and make wise use of the server maintenance time. But trading is dead, so your time is better spent grinding XP anyway.
  8. They aren't "cartoon nations". They actually existed, and under different financial circumstances could have rubbed some coins of newfound fortune together to purchase themselves some shiny new ships. The game isn't a historical reenactment, and it's pretty clear that the game is going to deviate quite far from history whatever nations are included. Maybe you don't enjoy a bit of alternate history, but many others do, and it provides a greater variety of choices for the players.
  9. All of the nations are historic. Next thing you're going to be complaining about french players sailing Victorys and american players in any line ships "because it's not historic". There aren't enough nations to handle the oversized personalities playing the game as it is.
  10. Yeah, Aves patrol zone was always dead because there are very few NPC there.
  11. How is it any less ridiculous if you slap a different cosmetic flag on it? Forcing people to join groups they don't want to join and forcing people who don't like each other into the same nation is not going to improve the game.
  12. Most of us don't get a significant amount of XP from PVP. Grinding the AI you get much more XP and your ship is still floating afterwards.
  13. You know they only reason they invited you there was to make war on Sweden. So, we are at war.
  14. The title of this thread should be changed to the more appropriate "Sweden under attack", to reflect what's really going on.
  15. Nobody is entitled to anything based on some canned game description. ("we should have it easier - it says so in the rules") If the Dutch wanted to park in front of Fort-Royal they could easily do that regardless of Bridgetown.
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