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  1. The Adrenalin driver is newly installed, since I built the machine less than two months ago. The problem did not change in the last two Adrenalin driver updates. I did try clearing the shaders cache, but that did not help. I think I did "F11" it about a month ago, BTW.
  2. I built a new machine recently, and when I play Naval Action on this machine there are always a lot of gaps/holes in the land on the coastlines, so I can see under the land. There is probably some setting I can change to fix this, and I'm hoping someone can suggest what it might be. Graphics card is Rx 590 with up-to-date Adrenalin 2020 driver installed. My previous machine which didn't have the problem had the same Rx 590 card, but Adrenalin 2019 drivers. Example screenshot linked below: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2201288504
  3. Sure, which is fine. But since we can't review/study the enemy ships or battle log it's harder to decide whether success/failure is a result of your ship design, or just the luck of the matchup. If you make an adjustment the next battle is against a different ship, so you can't really evaluate your design adjustments or the differences between your opponents.
  4. In the first 3 battleship battles I faced one with torpedoes in the first battle, another with 330? main guns in the second, and one with 229 main guns in the third. I can't remember anything about secondaries, armor, speed, ranging systems, etc. I can't remember what kind of damage I gave to or received from each.
  5. Is there a log of our matchups in the Naval Academy? Every time I start a battle it's against a different ship build, and I'd like to see what the builds of both my ship and enemy ship in previous matchups were.
  6. Ships (both sides) in my battles are often missing a broadside-to-broadside enemy (slow and constant speed) at 500-600 meters range by half a ship length or more in azimuth beyond the bow/stern. 🙈 It isn't just ranging, but they can't even point the gun in the right direction some of the time. I don't see enough smoke displayed in the battle to explain it away as poor visibility.
  7. The guns fire at such bizarre angles it just doesn't seem like things are working properly. In a certain other PVP game involving Warships unrealistically derpy gunnery is a balancing mechanic, but in this game there's no need for such artificial derpitude. It really detracts from enjoyment of the game. Really enjoying the new ironclads
  8. laptop, say hello to desktop
  9. Somebody sure needs a big christmas present! ;D When I started playing This Land Is My Land the devs told me my GTX 970 was barely adequate. I started shopping for a replacement but think I'll hold off on a big GPU purchase until next year. Ultimate Admiral isn't as graphics intensive though.
  10. I'd also like to have a permanent log of all my battle results, which would include my ship design and that of all the other ships in the battles. This would help when evaluating what is or isn't working during several attempts at a difficult mission/challenge.
  11. This evening I was stuck in "too dangerous to go that fast" x1 speed mode when I couldn't even find the enemy for more than 45 minutes, and all my own ships were also far apart searching the horizons. Thankfully I found that dang TB just before the battle timer expired.
  12. Asus Z97-A - i7-4790K - 24GB Asus STRIX GTX 970 4GB My machine has a 970 GTX from 2015 and it's very jumpy on "ultra", which is something I haven't experienced in other games. I haven't tried tweaking the video settings yet, aside from turning vsync off. Hopefully the smoothness will improve as the game matures.
  13. What's the point of this wierd system? (cheat codes?) I used the actual name of a famous chief and got very negative attributes in return. But instead I'm supposed to plug in semi-random characters/words fishing for some inexplicable uber-bonus to pop out of a weird mysterious algorithm?
  14. Does na-map accurately model which modules/books/etc will stack and which won't? Why not? Out of all the ships in the game it's the one that you're least likely to lose, and it's also probably the most useful ship in the game.
  15. It's higher BR port battles that exclude players. Those are typically fought by the same players that are always at the top of the NA food chain. There is usually room in lower BR port battles for players that don't normally get to take part in the large ones, since smaller clans can set up those battles and manage who gets into them.
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