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  1. This and paints will probably be up there with the best updates but we shall see once it is actually implemented. Great work so far! Still wish you had charged more for paints and other cosmetics instead of more DLC ships... there are still a lot of ships without bowfigures that you could sell bowfigures for or what about customized crew voices / uniforms? A expansion DLC that allows you to create outposts in europe or even east asia with the ability for more RvR there?
  2. I wouldn't mind some of the best flags being ingame-unlock only to make them somewhat special but they should cost CM, not doubloons and most of them are pretty meh anyways...
  3. @admin This would make a great and historically accurate flag.
  4. Thank you, mate. I appreciate the information.
  5. Please restrict NPC aggression to capitals! Bring the zone back but instead of "call reinforcement" all NPCs in the zone attack enemy players and maybe even join battles on the capital nation side. Nowhere else one the map aggressive NPC on the war/pvp server, please... Everything else is great. Especially this one sounds promising:
  6. So basically DLC ships are where they should be - not straight pay2win but a nice backup / reserve option and people complain about it? People used to complain about DLC ships being pay2win on these forums constantly. First everyone moaned about them hurting the game and being pay2win and now this - it's simply pathetic... No port bonuses for DLC ships, please.
  7. I know but is it still worth it over another 2% speed mod or so? Yeah, my question is how many do I need to reach it with full hold? What are they called? Like improved sextant etc. ...
  8. I know but what I asked was what mods do I need to reach it ( when fully loaded ) ? Basically you can surpass the speed limit to reach 15.5 at weaker points of sail or with full hold, at least this is how it used to be...
  9. I have somewhat lost overview with all the new mods in game now... can anyone tell me what permanent mods to put on Traders Lynx to get maximum speed out of it? Is elite pirate refit still worth it instead of another regular speed mod?
  10. Ok, cool. But is there a replay of such a "good strategy" battle where the attackers take down the fortifications and win? Would be neat to showcase how the new model works? All I read is "It's fine", "It simply takes a more strategic approach now" and "people can't aim or aren't properly perked / geared" etc. but where is the replay of just a single PB that would demonstrate how it works now? No doubt you can destroy the forts but at what cost? Maybe with 5 Mortar Brigs firing from behind and island ? That's 5 ships and a bunch of BR less for the attackers, only to deal with fortifications and since accuracy and reload was nerfed on MB, they are much less useful against ships aswell as already mentioned several times...
  11. @Vernon Merrill @huliotkd @rediii So have any of you actually tested it in the new model or are you just claiming it is fine without having tested it? I agree it used to be way too easy to take down forts and it would make no sense with the new system but they really overdid it, like they always do, it seems... I really want to know how long it takes with say 5 Mortar Brigs fully modded for reload. Probably hard to find ports with forts and little enough enemy activity to let a MB have a go at their fort but I might try that.
  12. Well, I did hit the top of the wall and it did damage, just so little it was barely noticeable. Do you know how many hits it would take to destroy a fort? How many Mortar Brigs would be needed to do it efficiently in a actual PB?
  13. I saw my balls hitting the actual model of the fort, the actual walls... it did hello kitty all. Why can admin not simply give us some hard numbers, if it is fine? Also I am still waiting for a full replay of a winning PB fleet taking down the fortifications. How come nobody has one, when every battle is always recorded by someone? inb4 Forts getting ninja nerfed next hotfix without any communication from devs...
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