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  1. It was nice 2v1 battle until I stucked in a place where is no bottom and no shallows - look at screens (I have more of them). And I was slaughtered like baby. I know that being sunk is a part of this game, and trust me I did that a lot, but come one, not like this. Could you devs please at least compensate me lost. It was rly nice ship with cooper , sextant and all that shit.
  2. Any DLC with books knowledge on the horizon? I want to throw some money to save few months of my life
  3. Sorry mate I really understand you and all economy/crafting related arguments. But still, if NA devs are forcing me to spend crazy cash for ships, I do not want to waste my time grinding cash for upgrades. It's simple as that.
  4. What can I say. I see negative reviews and I also see in game world full of players with normal crafted ships, DLC flags, DLC ships and DLC paints... so....
  5. Agree Meraun. But also I do not want to pay for a ship this crazy price and than be forced to grind cash to buy proper upgrades. Give me fully equipped ship.
  6. It's simple - time is money. Some peeps have time, some have money. I do not want to waste my time, but I can easily waste my money. Other may say that they don't want to waste cash, but have time at their disposal. Devs need only allow them to craft ships which others can buy.
  7. At the beginning I would like to assure you that I have really enjoyed and do still enjoy playing Naval Action, but I have to address some concerns about latest ship DLCs. I’m aware how the games business works and that you are trying to introduce in NA model from other eastern games, like IL-2 Sturmovik or DCS (premium planes). I fully accept that and I even accept the high prices… except for one thing. In both of the mentioned games when I decide to buy a plane I’m receiving a fully equipped plane, with the same capabilities as any other plane of the same type which was bought by other players. In the event of a PvP confrontation only player skills decide who will be victorious. In our present reality in NA I’m receiving a ship which is missing few extremely important pieces, like guns and upgrades of my choosing. This basically means that someone who payed this high price for a ship will still have to grind for hours to buy proper things to equip the ship, to be able to PvP and fight as an equal against other players. And we have to do this every time we lose a purchased ship. In my opinion this is a huge problem. Some people have more time, some less, some are more wealthy some less, and the game should provide each groups with the necessary means to be able to play together. So if you have time and don’t want to spend cash you should be able to get resources and craft any ship you want with all possible upgrades. On the other side if you treat this game as a way to have 1-2h of fun after work and have no problem with spending money, you can buy DLC with a ship and ALL critical equipment – maybe not in elite versions of refits but still with at least moderate versions. You are paying for one ship a price which is higher than the price of the game – please do not force people to grind and buy stuff every time they lose it. Forever yours – Bloody 😊
  8. Same here. No Pandora DLC. I bought NA before it was released on Steam even.
  9. Exactly, as you mentioned some time ago we, who, play this game for 2-3 years are bloody motherhello kittyers, and tutorial should be for new player, which will want to test this game after release. Right now its kinda awkward. First you have some simple lessons, engagement, and right after that hard battle. I'm not sure if any new player can do it. Really.
  10. Hmmm in my game Exam in under tutorial button, so....
  11. Exam is the part of the tutorial mate... So I kinda know what I'm talking about. So devs should put a guy who has never seen this game and after 3-4 days playing it force him to pass whole tutorial, with exam. If he manage to do it, than tutorial is good.
  12. Official guide to pass in game tutorial?! That's something really new in the whole game industry. Seriously Until now I thought that tutorial is the thing which suppose to introduce game mechanics and stuff to new people. And is shouldn't require 2K hours experience and guide to pass it. Come on. It's really fcuk logic
  13. You can't buy ship in enemy port when you already have one. So no, its not working
  14. but its cooper plating beauty.....
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