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  1. BloodyRaven

    Can't leave port :D

    You can't buy ship in enemy port when you already have one. So no, its not working
  2. BloodyRaven

    Can't leave port :D

    but its cooper plating beauty.....
  3. BloodyRaven

    Can't leave port :D

    Case is simple. I logged out in enemy port which was open for all. Today the port is closed to all, but me and my ship are still there and can't sail out. It would be awesome to let me get out
  4. BloodyRaven

    Pirate nation fix / being nationless

    I have an idea how to change the Pirate nation into something more similar to real pirates. As many of us here are aware, the Pirate nation right now works like every other nation in the game and we basically have nothing that would allow people who want to be free and PvP whoever they want – do this freely. But since you already changed the game from nation-oriented to guild-oriented, we could actually have a nice mechanic, which would allow people like me to be nationless and also be able to sail, earn cash and be happy. My idea is quite simple. Change the Pirate nation into whatever nation you want – even Italian. And then allow players to be nationless. At the beginning players without a nation will be able to enter any port in the game, in whatever ship they want. But later everything will depend on guilds that hold a specific port. Some can ban some players because of whatever (they don’t like some guys etc). After some time, this would lead to creating small groups of buccaneers/pirates who are allied with some guilds, which should be similar to the real word. A nationless player would be able to have bases and build buildings only in free ports (like La Tortue) – these would be the center of their activity (they are centers even now, tbh). This idea/mechanic would allow players like me, who don’t want to be attached, cooperate with some friends who are spread over all nations. At the same time, we will be able to earn cash and prosper. Maybe I’m wrong (you will tell me ), but IMHO right now people who want to be like Pirates and roam freely are mostly in Prussia. And to earn cash, they have to use many alts accounts.😊
  5. BloodyRaven

    Grind discussion

    For me the biggest issue are knowledge books which drops only from PvE grind. You can PvP a lot and be quite successful with that and still game won't reward your wins with books. You basically have to do PvE missions/battles all over again and have hope for some nice book drop. Or simply earn so much gold to be able pay crazy prices for books like Art of Proper Cargo Distribution which is now like 4-5mln?!
  6. You know... last time when I was waiting for such a MMO sailing game was 2006-2007 and Pirates of the Burning Sea. So....
  7. hmmmm this is could be good and bad news tbh. Arena could really succeed and also kill open world game. We will see. P.S. 80% - yes we cool
  8. To be clear. Arena won't be a part of NA? Another, independent Steam product, right?
  9. You know.... I feel really confused right now. Am i under attack? Why? All I wrote is based on admin posts on this forum, and on present situation. What will happen in a future - who knows. So relax. I really believe that your team can overcome all obstacles and deliver solid game.
  10. These are my thoughts about this game and developing. I don't need developer to write what I think. Negativity - I play this game on daily basis and I really like it. But I also know what people say and I see mixed reviews on steam (more or less last 4-6 months), compared to very good before... 80% - it was you who wrote "The goal is to solve the 80% of new players never reaching the brig." in Q&A. This sounds like a problem. And it really is. Why should I post link to Steam page?
  11. I'm aware that this subject is deep as an ocean, but I wanted to keep this text as short as possible. People don't like to read these days And it wasn't my intention to analyse every rage, ban etc. here. All I wanted is to be realistic about this whole project. From both sides, devs and players.
  12. Hi guys, I have been playing this game since Sea Trials and I really enjoy it. Unfortunately, the latest community rage and the whole aggression between some of its members and developers forced me to write my opinion and thoughts about that. I hope some of you will agree with me and let them do their job as they intended to... Whole article was published here: http://www.gamepressure.com/e.asp?ID=1448