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  1. Guys there is no point to fight here on the forum, especially that the best and most fierce players from Sweden (yes, Havok guys), and are not part of this discussion as far as I can see. For me they were the real driving force of Sweden in this war, and they were awesome enemies in terms of skills. But IMHO they didn't lose because of wearing of. The lost because of ego and bad behaviour. If you want to win in a war against such a big nation as Russia, you have to have not only great fighting skills but also diplomatic. Treating people like shit doesn't help you getting allies, and you need them as fcuk. If you know history, you probably know what I mean. Anyway o7 to redii, Liam, Tspoon, Liq and others. I hope you will stay in game.
  2. Same here. Game crashed in the middle of the battle.
  3. I have no idea mate, but after all this crap on forum from yesterday I would like to know what have really happened
  4. Hmmmmm @admin As far as I know, today after daily maintenance Truxillo should change to Swedish port. And it's neutral. Can you explain, please?
  5. I haven't seen you pointing that when Havok flipped San Juan (blocking all possibility of port defence - simple exploit) and basically killed Danish nation.
  6. I'm not mad or angry. I'm not even PB player, coz I do not like sailing big ships. I'm simply pointing that these so called "exploits", like Swedes are calling them now, are normal in open world games with global diplomacy and economy. These games copies real world in that areas and you WON'T change it. That's why these games are so bloody cool to play.
  7. Nobody cares why you've bought the game. It's open world game with politics, economy and all other shit. Your nation was using exploits in the past, so expect others to do the same. And if you want to fight in even battles go and find some simple multiplayer games 10vs10 or so...
  8. Anyone who played MMO games like Eve Online is aware that things like deception, spies, treachery etc are quite normal and part of the game experience (for example - https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2017/09/hilarious-spectacular-eve-betrayal-destroys-player-group-costs-trillions/). Anyone who will try to prevent peoples imagination in that area will basically kill the game. Havoc was using that "tools" in the past (San Juan), Russians also and probably other nations. I don't see any reason why Brits can't. If you can't win in open battle simply outsmart enemy in other way...
  9. It was nice 2v1 battle until I stucked in a place where is no bottom and no shallows - look at screens (I have more of them). And I was slaughtered like baby. I know that being sunk is a part of this game, and trust me I did that a lot, but come one, not like this. Could you devs please at least compensate me lost. It was rly nice ship with cooper , sextant and all that shit.
  10. Any DLC with books knowledge on the horizon? I want to throw some money to save few months of my life
  11. Sorry mate I really understand you and all economy/crafting related arguments. But still, if NA devs are forcing me to spend crazy cash for ships, I do not want to waste my time grinding cash for upgrades. It's simple as that.
  12. What can I say. I see negative reviews and I also see in game world full of players with normal crafted ships, DLC flags, DLC ships and DLC paints... so....
  13. Agree Meraun. But also I do not want to pay for a ship this crazy price and than be forced to grind cash to buy proper upgrades. Give me fully equipped ship.
  14. It's simple - time is money. Some peeps have time, some have money. I do not want to waste my time, but I can easily waste my money. Other may say that they don't want to waste cash, but have time at their disposal. Devs need only allow them to craft ships which others can buy.
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