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  1. I did not say that Dk-Ng didn’t have RvR players. Just not many players that are RvR players. Dk is lucky with the RvR players that are in the nation. They are skilled and thats why they can compensate for filling the last couple of spots with random players. I have not made any statement abouth DNP, I said I dont care.. Where you get your knowledge abouth DNP, I can’t know, but the picture you try to paint, is somewhst different from what I see. My day Yesterday in NA. - Woke early, so traded som ressources, sailed my Wasa to Ponse. Logged of. - Went to work. - logged in to see if they needed a player for the Pb.(If I remember right it was 24vs 25, BR 17 k vs 20 k) after Pb sailed my Wasa to San Juan. Met a Russian Trinc, trying to kill a danish traderbrig. Killed the Russian . Sailed to habor and logged of. - Spend time on other things and got dinner. -logged in took a couple of Ai’s. Saw 3 Swedes, a Trinc, a Pandora and a Ratt. Engaged them and had a short fight before they killed my. Logged of. Thats a typical day. Not much gank there. But yes I take part in ganks. Just so few of my battles. Other days I spend in PZ. Mostly days with Nassau and Deadman. Normally get 6-10 fights to farm CM. If I am lucky 2 of this fighte will not be a 1-2 vs 6-10. But you are right all DNP players do is ganking.
  2. In all fairness, if ppl can pick a clan to change nation it would be BF. There will always be ppl that think a games will be better if better balanced. But truth most players dont care abouth RvR. It is just a game. The day before Ponce PB, I only needed 300 exp, so I could sail a Vic, just signed up as a replacement, so I brought a Wasa. If I cared abouth RvR, I proberbly would have gotten the exp. Most players I guess feel the same, so few actually care abouth RvR.
  3. No it wouldn’t change anything. To my knowledge BF has not been part of the war against Dk. Dk struggle because we don’t have : - Enough ppl high enough rank - To few ppl that actually want to do RvR - Not been good enough to use timers so it fit oure main play time - Not been good enough to make the right choise where to have forts. Yes Russians have lots of screener, but for once I actually have not seen them complain abouth other nations screening against them.
  4. To be honnest it only took so long, because you have stayed silent. @Anolytic found out it is better for his ambition, to keep you on a tight leach?
  5. We just dont belive in a OW peach deal, because we know it never will hold. Tryed that plenty of times with the Swedes, and it been broken everytime. Salty. Me? Plz show me a post where danes have showen a ss of us killing swedes. No we don’t care abouth ships. Long past that. Neither do we care abouth RvR (The guys I play with). Long time since we had a goal, that could rally us. Think it was back to when Dutch was at Fajardo, and we decided to screen against the dutch all the time. But now as I read his post, he basicly have declared a OW PvP war against the danes. That might actually be a goal that can make us be active again. We are only 8-10 guys, so you should easy win that war.
  6. Yeah, funny ppl that won’t limit PvP. But sounds like you actually think sinking a couple of ships matters. But keep posting to boost your moral. Danish captains don’t need ss of oure victories. If I got it right, it was the swedes asking for a OW PvP peace, not the danes. Was it because you felt sorry for the danes, killing so many of them, ore was it because the swedes got tired of getting killed by danes? But Any how, who can complain abouth getting some PvP?
  7. Well the pop is for the devs to care about, oure job is to play and have fun
  8. Just wisper, but getting louder in the taverns in Christiansted. A new dictator is on the raise. This captain have allready refused to serve another dictator, neither will a knee be bend this time. Even in semi reteriment, do to old age, this captain still served his nation a Santo Domingo and Nassau. Even engaged 3 Russians to take some stress of the failed Pb fleet at Higuey. The reward for this is, if the wisper, in the taverns is that the Squadron of DNP only will be given second hand ships, unless they bend there knee to the new dictator. I only serve the King, and never a throne pretender.
  9. But what would Crissy do if Us got great and with PvP players. That would not be nice to do to him.
  10. It will never happend. To many clans. Even if the top clans should agree to it, it is impossible to uphold. To many clans and alts in the game. Unless we get an alliance system in to the game, it will never work.
  11. An OW PvP peace will never work. it never had and never will. To many different clans.
  12. It is actually a combined nation. Danish-Norwegian.
  13. Well if you are a good customers you can get a good deal on ships, so you can keep fighting. Unfortanually it is supstandard ships, that no captain at his full mind, would sail into battle,(Read dlc).
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