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  1. It dosent matter if they was told ore not. They tryed one way, lets be honnest, so far it is a fail. Ppl offer s solution on how we maybe can save this game. That we still are a few that love. Lets just hope devs still belive in the game, and maybe will try to save it.
  2. Actually no to late. Devs still develop the game, ore atleast they claim so. But you are right war is as a war server should be. The result is it will be an empty server with no content, for a limited player base. Pretty sure thats what devs also have realised. Thats why they will start develop on peace to make a game for the commen player base.
  3. So on that logic. A small nation with few active RvR players, actually need no ports in the game, since they only can put up very few players and not a full Pb fleet. Witch mean they no way can’t defend the port. Ore is it only if they show up with one player that statement counts?
  4. Now go wash your mouth with soap. That is blasfemi. But we proberbly will see soon. Think devs are working on that idea on the peace server. woundre with server will end up with the higest pop.
  5. Well lots of posibilities. Many have been told by many players. The short answer is to change the game, so the concequence of RvR isent devastating. But that was not what the top players/clans wanted. They wanted the power, so devs gave it to them. When I started playing. A couple of years ago. I didn’t really had to worry if I got one ported. I could still still build competive ships. If I lost a first rate, I didnt have to grind dubs, to get a new one. But ships had to be expensive, top clans wanted it so, because it needed to hurt ppl if they lost a ship. They got the game they wanted. Power to the strong. They begged to make this game abouth logistic and a game, that favored the top clans, and they got it. Just sad that to many of those in smal clan/nations, refused to fight on those terns. So make shipyard bonus a personally/clan based thing, if it should even be in the game. Make ships cheaper make rare ressources avaiable for every one(They largly have now) That might help RvR, but where is the fun, if you can’t destroy ppl ability to fight. Where is the fun for the top players/clans, if we take that from them. It is a war game, so it is fair enough it is build as it is. Just dont expect to many that dont belong in the top want to fight on those terms. Devs have been told many times so. But they wanted to Lissen to top clans and please them, isted of take care of there player base.
  6. You must go to other pz that me. At best I get an even fight against Russian. That maybe in 1 of 10 fights. Rest I just get ganked. But that not the Russians fault, just bad devs work.
  7. A few yes. Most, no. Fact is most dont even care. Problem is those that want to do RvR. They can’t find any to fight ore simply not get a Pb fleet, because of lack of players that want to do RvR.
  8. You really dont get it, do you. Most player dont care anymore. Those few that actually does, can’t get the rest to care. When I started to play a couple of year ago, RvR was great. Since they just have change after change, so more and more ppl just stopped wanted, to do it. Russia can take every port on the map and it wont change the fact. To few want to do RvR as the game is now. Ppl play the part they think is fun and spend the time on the game, they think is worth the players time. For to many RvR is not worth the time and effort.
  9. Can’t talk for everybody, so just for me self. Nothing to do with affraid. I allways been on DK-NG. So never been in the strongest nation. Devs just made a gameplay, so RvR for me no longer is appealing. RvR is to: - To much grind - Dont like frontline system - Port bonus is imo simply the dumpets think they ever have done -mono Pb make it a bit boring -Fun is the PB Fun s the forum interaction. That just means I play the parts of the game I like. If as right now RvR just imo is bad, why should I do it. If I end up without Pb bonus, I just have to sail withouth. Still can do the part I like. Dont care abouth if I win ore lose.
  10. Simply. You think it will bring more players? War can’t attract many playes. It is for the few. A good build peace server, with content and balanced game mechanic and maybe small amount of PvP/RvR has a chance to grow. So when it happens, I am pretty sure peace will be the High pop server, and war only a shadow. Maybe like global was in worst case.
  11. Most new guys dont sail Indiamans. Most likely an alt. But if he only could Crew 120 guys, it could be a new guy, since he hadn’t taken the exame.
  12. Nice try. But you failed. You prasied another player. He can only tell how his greatness, is the reason for all is succesfully around him. On a sirious matter, we can take alot from red. There will to grind and doing borring stuff, day after day.Just look at Vera Cruz. 10 KK almost each day. I can hardly motivate me to do one Big tradeun a week. Often you x can see @Anolytic sail with 5-8 chars full of trade fleets. I simply just dont have that drive.
  13. Well I bit they most have done. Would they ells be the second on the server?
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