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  1. joined with 20-25 crew and around 85% sails lol
  2. It would be cool to make Fir/Cargo space ships
  3. Wood types makes shipbuilding more flexible and affordable to people that can't afford to have all ships Teak/WO or LO/WO. Wood system also motivates to capture specific ports making particular wood type, if you would want to have access to higher quality wood. Also - it makes profit to someone who will manage to cap that X port and starts to export wood exclusive to a strict list of ports. Merging woods wouldn't have any sense now.
  4. 998 points, last ship was sinking (0 structure) and server crash.
  5. Parchin

    Stuck on loading

    Nic innego mi nie przychodzi do głowy, a takie rozwiązanie pomogło w moim przypadku. Powodzenia z rozwiązywaniem.
  6. Parchin

    Stuck on loading

    Jeżeli masz internet 3G/LTE w telefonie który ma opcję Routera i masz możliwość użycia wi-fi na komputerze, możesz spróbować się zalogować do NA korzystając z tego internetu mobilnego. Mi pomogło, a miałem podobny problem. To nie rozwiązanie na dłuższą metę, ale może oznaczać problem z portami/połączeniem.
  7. This topic can be closed then - I will contact Nick in-game.
  8. Well I wasn't expecting ninja-snow You were outmaneuvering me whole battle - so I decided to escape.
  9. About two hours ago I was fighting with pirate Snow just outside of Buena Vista. Surprisingly - in the middle of the battle I was kicked out from NA servers. I tried to log in back, but I couldn't. After around 3-5 minutes of trying to log in I made it - but I was already into port. In my opinion, it's unfair that I lost that ship, because I was ready to escape (lost too many crew because of stern-camping) and full of repairs. I have proof for everything I mentioned above, video is below. My internet connection was working without any problems (Teamspeak was still online despite the disconnect
  10. Parchin

    PvP market

    Type: 1v1 / 2v2 Clan: PFK Ships: Trincomalee/Wapen Other: no sink, looking to get some experience into PVP Available: 18.00 - 22.00 GMT
  11. @Bart Smith I think your suspicions about @Wojtek bring a thief are totally wrong. As PFK sailor I was witness that he was helper of PFK - he was building ships. @vazco / @Cr33D I was talking with PFK trustworthy sailor about 2 days ago and he said that Mario is new leader of PFK. I think you should talk with him. After all @Bart Smith created his own clan so I think that exchange of words is his personal thoughts.
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