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  1. welcome back Cabal you little sweet pvp baby 😘 gooser was the same as chewy, he was crying the same way he heard her back there.
  2. may the best win, but sometimes people are more important than flags you have to understand.
  3. Community, I do not know all of you like me, I have sunk many players from different nations and they are mad at me because of that. Dutch, British, American, pirates, Prussians, Spaniards, French;), Danes, Poles. But they all have a real enemy, an unjust ruler, who destroys everything that rivals him in the approach, maybe it is time to say "here and now". Maybe it's time to commit WE NEED A NEW RULER, perhaps more just to the other nations. The British are the second on the list, but maybe they are the ones who say as rulers we'll let you build your bases around ships and we will not take your home away from you and every danish brother who says you stole our harbor, the must know that (even DNP) Sweden will always help you no matter what happened in the past, WE WILL NOT LET DENMARK DIE. But also Black Sails I would like to say that I did not forget him and his people and what I owe him and also what I did wrong in the past. I would like to announce here that in the future, neither British nor other nations will sink, as long as the Russian tyranny rules over this world. Recognize the true enemy and allies against him! Sveno, Palatinose, Havelock, Lord Capstan,CABAL we will never miss you as much as in this hour. and I do not want to forget the one who kept Sweden alive and raised the flag. Gooser. Drawn your Pit Pinsel
  4. that is also the reason why the game breaks down, those players who do not want a fair match makeing, I do not want to mess with a 3 man on a trader and I'll do the post here so that is changed. But you can just go away for fir fir on the open world and if that should be good for your trader brigs then I do not know, it would be much better if there is another match makeing, where I might drive Teak White again because the fair fights are so better to survive and your trader brig does that well because then I'm not really behind the things afterwards
  5. I do not care about the 5 hours, but what has been baffled over the years with this game is just not ok and if you are really worried about doing your trader then a good player will bet on me in the 1 against 1 and kill me employed
  6. 😁2 against 1 is fair for me but because I'm a good player but if you come with 10 times br, it's just embarrassing
  7. yes was unfortunately so 3 battles at full time and between by the open world hunt, it's just too blatant
  8. Ganking Meta destroyes the Game, yesterday I was followed for 5 hours by players in fir fir who had 10 times BR, the question is who should have fun with a game which has such a hello kittying ganking mechanink. If that were the case, if only the double BR join could, I would take this Fir Fir idiots apart with my Teak White Endy. But no, it is just left and the gank simply destroys the gameplay and keeps on yelling at the number of players. THE GANK >>>>>>>>>>>>
  9. It's a local one, but it becomes global when Sweden makes an offensive port battle, because we do not want a spread of this plague.
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