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  1. welcome back Cabal you little sweet pvp baby 😘 gooser was the same as chewy, he was crying the same way he heard her back there.
  2. may the best win, but sometimes people are more important than flags you have to understand.
  3. Community, I do not know all of you like me, I have sunk many players from different nations and they are mad at me because of that. Dutch, British, American, pirates, Prussians, Spaniards, French;), Danes, Poles. But they all have a real enemy, an unjust ruler, who destroys everything that rivals him in the approach, maybe it is time to say "here and now". Maybe it's time to commit WE NEED A NEW RULER, perhaps more just to the other nations. The British are the second on the list, but maybe they are the ones who say as rulers we'll let you build your bases around ships and we will not take yo
  4. It's a local one, but it becomes global when Sweden makes an offensive port battle, because we do not want a spread of this plague.
  5. After a long discussion with the Swedish diplomat Admiral Hipster, the clan BESERK was ready to let the guns rest. But not so the Swedish community who continued to attack everything that was Danish, we nevertheless thank the Swedish diplomat Admiral Hipster and admire his negotiating skills. Nevertheless, as the founder of Beserk, I must declare total war on Sweden. Yours sincerely Pit Pinsel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cz3O0JftA5w&t=63s
  6. I would like to thank all Swedes for a good long time, it was very nice.
  7. no the servers have to run for a certain amount of time, if they are closed before, they will have to annoy themselves with claims of damages from some lawyers.
  8. extensions.the only way to keep the game alive in the future. raids for example,a mmo lives from his addons
  9. only way to can win ? post me (Pit Pinsel) we make a duel without this books. NO ist only the Thing, that i must do so much pve for it and i hate pve.
  10. You are mad or something? You can not remember that it took a good 1000 hours just for this three books >>>> Art of Ship Handling, Gunnery Enze and Book of Five Rings. THIS SH...IT AGAIN? - don't fill posts with off topic memes. thank you. video content removed- the moderation team
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pnqmdgUCPAQ Thanks Sweden for a good alpha time.
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