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  1. I totally agree on limits for BR. Battles where all ships are 1st rates leave less room for creativity and tactics. And... Battles where 3rd and 2nd rates and 4th rates are needed means that thos ships will be regarded as more valuable and there would be variability in gameplay. But I would not make it too historica. If only a few players ge to play the endgame, first rates, it is not good foir the game. I would place the BR higher, perhaps 17000 -18000 so more 1st rates can participate.
  2. I think it is good that we get rid of OW combat medals. Farming is unfair gameplay. But i would be happy if we could do more missions. Lets say 15-20 instead of only 10. Now i constantly run out of free mission spots.
  3. Buff speed a bit and make her one of those that leak the least,.
  4. Great idea. It should be sold in the way labor hours are sold ingame.
  5. To add to tactics. What do you repair? Hull or sail? I have won battles because the enemy repaired sail and not hull. And i have lost because i have repaired hull when i should have repaired sail.
  6. Great Admin. Now we only have the wood-problem left. But i agree with Privateer. Make the rare ships rater because they COST more, not because you have to find permits in chests. It is ok if you can get them via chest too, but we should be able to buy them.
  7. Interesting proposal, but the 2 minute timer does not save players from gank. With the old system you had 3-4 ships ganking one without the possibility to get help in time for the gankers. So a return to the old system would just mean a shift in what side that can be ganked. The old system favoured the gankers. The new system means that gankers can be ganked. 🙂 (And that they can get inforcement) I think the new system is better in my view. It leads to more PVP, since you can find battles for 20 minutes to join, in for example the PZ. The game needs more PVP and easy-to-find pvp, so I want to keep the current system.
  8. Thanks @admin. Good to hear. The current system frustrates me. Some rare ships are ok, but PLS make all ships buyable one way or another. No ships, or perhaps only one or two special ships, should be ships that can only be built by randomly finding permits in shipwrecks or chests. I dont care if the prize is high for the rare ships, like 100 combat marks for a Christian, but we should be able to craft them, not only find them in a shipwreck after getting 30 bottles. (I still want to try to sail the Christian. The current system does not allow me to ever sail her.)
  9. Well. IRL, histocially, the frigates could survive a braodside. I actually think they made it ok as it is.
  10. I agree with you about oak/oak as standard. But if that will function we need to make the rarest ships available for combat marks or victory marks. We cant have both, scarcity of woods and scarcity of ships, then players will freak out! Imagine that the normal player normally play with oak ships. He has perhaps 3 oak L Oceans and one oak Santti and for PVP 2 oak Trincs. Besides that he owns 1 LO/WO L Ocean and one tealk/teak Trinc, that he uses for prioritized operations, where slightly better ships are needed. THAT is something that could be very interesting. Either a system like the one we have had were LO/WO and Teak/Teak is the standard and few sane players will sail the useless oak ships, or a systemn where oak is the standard. Either way devs has to decide and adjust the system.
  11. If we are going to keep the traditional system with rare woods as the preferred wood for battle, we should definitely go for your proposal for Long Distance Hauling.
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