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  1. Well. The the Devs has made alts a feature of the game. That affects the tow system. RVR would not function the way it does today without many alts to tow the ships around. For RVR the best ships are needed and those are towed. I dont think it will or even can be changed. Since alts exist in the game (and is a game feature). The only question is what we can do to even the gap between players/clans with lots of alts and players/clans with no or few alts in for example the question of tows. Or even if we should even the gap. My experience of the game would be diminished if i had not had th
  2. Well... The dilemma is that we are getting close to release and the game still is based on game mechanics that allow the use of alts to generate hostility (and to sabotage OW battles). I think that those clans that used alts recently in the way they did, did the developers and the community a GREAT favour. They showed that mechanics has to change before release. It is about time to make sure that players cant use weaknesses in the mechanics this way. I would be very sad if the Developers starts to ban players that only use ordinary game mechanics instead of changing the way the mechanics wo
  3. As i said before. It would be wrong to punsish anyone that uses ordinary game mechanics. Ask the developers to change the game mechanics instead, it is more efficient. And we dont risk loosing players.
  4. Extraction of rawmaterials, like mines and woods etc, should only can take place in the region-cities. The capital should not have extraction of rawmaterials, in it one should only be able to refine the rawmaterials, with the help of forges, workshops and shipyards. As it is now the clans will in a short period of time basicly only have extraction in their capitals. It is historically correct and leads to more trade and makes the regional harbours mora valuable.
  5. The other ports in the region has to be more important. I agree with Anolytic about that.
  6. I think it is good that we get rid of OW combat medals. Farming is unfair gameplay. But i would be happy if we could do more missions. Lets say 15-20 instead of only 10. Now i constantly run out of free mission spots.
  7. Great idea. It should be sold in the way labor hours are sold ingame.
  8. Interesting proposal, but the 2 minute timer does not save players from gank. With the old system you had 3-4 ships ganking one without the possibility to get help in time for the gankers. So a return to the old system would just mean a shift in what side that can be ganked. The old system favoured the gankers. The new system means that gankers can be ganked. 🙂 (And that they can get inforcement) I think the new system is better in my view. It leads to more PVP, since you can find battles for 20 minutes to join, in for example the PZ. The game needs more PVP and easy-to-find pvp, so I want
  9. I agree with you about oak/oak as standard. But if that will function we need to make the rarest ships available for combat marks or victory marks. We cant have both, scarcity of woods and scarcity of ships, then players will freak out! Imagine that the normal player normally play with oak ships. He has perhaps 3 oak L Oceans and one oak Santti and for PVP 2 oak Trincs. Besides that he owns 1 LO/WO L Ocean and one tealk/teak Trinc, that he uses for prioritized operations, where slightly better ships are needed. THAT is something that could be very interesting. Either a system like the o
  10. If we are going to keep the traditional system with rare woods as the preferred wood for battle, we should definitely go for your proposal for Long Distance Hauling.
  11. There is one thing that you dont recon with in the discussion about combat medals for PVE. And that is that i am 1000% sure that the Devs when they created the Patrol Zone event specificly with PVE in mind, and with intent included PVE. Why? To get more PVP! Think about it. What has made the PZs such a success? It is that you find battles easy there. And why do one find battles? Because players come there. And what is the reason that people come to the PZ-events? That you can get fights where you earn the precious Combat medals there. In short: one of the main reasons as to why people come
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