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  1. Make normal NPCs easier to kill. Keep some NPCs as they are. Introduce even harder NPCs (elite), but few of them.
  2. However... However you do it, pls implement the same mechanics for the PVE peace server. I think they would appreciate it too.
  3. I am for number one. Like Port Battles today. Why? because it creates more opportunities for PVP.- But however it is done I would take the opportunity to create missions that are for 2nd, 3rd and 4th rate ships. Not 1st rate again. Make it so that in order to get a raid mission in XXXX-harbour you have to field a number of 3rd rate ships that meets, lets say, 6 3 rate NPCs per mission. You have to go in with ships of the same BR. I am a bit sick and tired that 1st rates are used for everything important in RVR in the game. We need to create content for 2nd, 3rd and 4th rates too. Raids gives you a GOLDEN opportunity to create content for other ships than 1st rates. So however you do it, with flags or missions, PLS do NOT turn this into another one of these "we use 1st rates only" things in the game. It is enoough that PBs and hostilitymissions demand 1strates almost exclusively. Otherwise i think the idea is excellent. It allows you to attack ports that are not capitals and gives an incentative to defend even thses ports. And it gives minor clans some more freedom to act on their own-
  4. Well. The the Devs has made alts a feature of the game. That affects the tow system. RVR would not function the way it does today without many alts to tow the ships around. For RVR the best ships are needed and those are towed. I dont think it will or even can be changed. Since alts exist in the game (and is a game feature). The only question is what we can do to even the gap between players/clans with lots of alts and players/clans with no or few alts in for example the question of tows. Or even if we should even the gap. My experience of the game would be diminished if i had not had three alts and one main account, as I do.
  5. Well yes. What we would see if we got a system based on current numbers is whole clans that move nation, to exploit those numbers. (I already know about clans that will switch nation after wipe, so it would be a misstake to think that todays numbers will be the correct numbers to use.)
  6. I think the problem with the propsal is that noone knows what nations will have most numbers in the future. I am quite positive to an alliance-system, but think your proposal wont work due to that. You need a system which functions even if, lets say, poland should get 30% of the players ingame and becomes number 1 nation.
  7. A great idea. Or at least that is how it should work for the three nations without capital. Once and no more.
  8. Well... The dilemma is that we are getting close to release and the game still is based on game mechanics that allow the use of alts to generate hostility (and to sabotage OW battles). I think that those clans that used alts recently in the way they did, did the developers and the community a GREAT favour. They showed that mechanics has to change before release. It is about time to make sure that players cant use weaknesses in the mechanics this way. I would be very sad if the Developers starts to ban players that only use ordinary game mechanics instead of changing the way the mechanics works. Why would I be sad? First and foremost because players should not be banned because of things that game mechanics allows. And because it limits the use of creativity in the game. I play this game to its very limit! That is my playstyle. In all games i use all ways that is possible according to mechanics. I hate cheaters and cheat mods, but if game mechanics has ways to move ahead faster and most dont use, it, I will do so. I remember War Thunder where it was possible to move the thank in an area that made it not visible on the Karelia map. I did so and shot all enemies in the back without ever being visible on the minimap. I even found a spot that I think noone else, or very few, found. I did not hesitate to spawn camp the WT maps with my tanks too if i could. How did the developers react to this kind of "creativity"? By banning players like me? No. They changed the borders and the minimap instead so that players could not move outside the visibility area. And they added a few rocks here and there that permanenty destroyed my favourite camping areas. They realized that mechanics worked the wrong way. I remember Empyrion. I and some others in the clan I were in at the time found a way to kill monsters in a faster way and get all the good stuff in the "mine" in an easy way, without breaking against the game mechanics (but not clearly as they imagined it could be used). A couple of well placed explosives was anough and a plasma cannon or two. What did the developers of Empyrion do? Did they ban my clan when they found out (since more and more people used that method ) Did the owner of the server ban us? No. The owners reported to the developers and the developers changed game mechanics in a patch. It used to be possible to camp in a specific warp zone too btw, it is no longer possible. Game mechanics changed. Or World of Tanks. I have forgotten the name of the map. You could drive up the mountain with an ELC AMX and I did so many times and shot enemies in the back. The Devs added a rock there. The Devs has stated that we are close to release. Bugs like the possibility to rase hostility with an alt has to disappear from game mechanics before release. Yes, it might break the stated rule from 2016, but I would say that that which happened was good. Now we all see that the game suffers a lot with that kind of bugged mechanics and that has to change. If i was a developer I would thank the testers that put the spotlight on this. Perhaps award them with a Sankta Cecilia or a Diana? 😉
  9. As i said before. It would be wrong to punsish anyone that uses ordinary game mechanics. Ask the developers to change the game mechanics instead, it is more efficient. And we dont risk loosing players.
  10. Pls calm down, have a snickers. Would it have been better if this had not been tested before release? And in day 6 after the release someone had done this?
  11. It would be a disaster if the tribunal punishes this kind of action or bans players that are using normal game mechanics. Using normal game mechanics should not be punished. Change game mechanics instead.
  12. As i said elsewhere. It is GOOD that this faulty game mechanics has been tested. Now the devs know about it and can change it. There is a LOT of problems and holes in the current version of frontlines and I am sure that the developers are happy about all the reports about "exploits". Like the pirates that kept old hostility missions, like the "misuse" of battle BR with alts, and like this. or like the reports that the system with raising hostility in the 3 nearest enemy ports, is broken. The reports that only the regional capitals are developed is important too. Now the devs can change this.
  13. There should be no permabans for this. You that call for bans should calm down a bit. They are using normal game mechanics. (The same thing with the current cases in the tribunal about battle BR). You cant ban people that use allowed game mechanics. It is up to the developers top create a game with mechanics you cant use this way. If I had done this PB I would have exploited current allowed game mechanics too but I would have filed a bug report via F11 afterwards. I hope the russians did so. It is clearly existing game mechanics but still something that has to be changed.
  14. Extraction of rawmaterials, like mines and woods etc, should only can take place in the region-cities. The capital should not have extraction of rawmaterials, in it one should only be able to refine the rawmaterials, with the help of forges, workshops and shipyards. As it is now the clans will in a short period of time basicly only have extraction in their capitals. It is historically correct and leads to more trade and makes the regional harbours mora valuable.
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