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  1. No, my baby. I'm not troll. I'm a guy who play this game since the alpha and i have more than 1200 hours in this game. Now i don't more have time to grind to the top rank or for collect enough reals for buy a decent 4th rate ship with all port bonuses. So i bought a 4th rate DLC ship for have the chance to have some nice fights and i realised that is not possible because the dlc ships don't take the port bonuses and they always will suck. Understood ?
  2. I want to thanks the admins for move this post on the Suggestion forum, mean maybe a day they will release a patch for fix that ( I hope ) I want also to remind the topic of this post: it's about the port bonuses and the DLC ship. For talk about how powerful or weak are the DLC ships there are other specific topics. In the game every ship, crafted or DLC, can have random buff like "Very fast" or "Sturdy" or so. And every crafted or DLC can be in quality blue, purple or gold. But only the crafted ships can have the port bonuses while the DLC no. Maybe the devs forgot this thing ? I hope they will fix it soon
  3. I'm member of a clan that has a fully upgraded port with all the ship bonuses. I got the DLC Rattvisan (and other DLC) and these DLC not take any of these port bonus ! It's that a joke that cost 33 Euro or a bug or what ???? I spent money for use a ship that can be sunk by any not DLC ship of the same rank with port bonuses just because i my DLC ship can't have port bonuses ?
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