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  1. controller support coming anytime soon? i'm using a mapper atm but would be cool to get actual controller support not that i don't know how to use a keyboard and mouse just when my lupus flairs up it's not possible and i need to use a controller
  2. hey i'm new to the game and just curius as to what other players have for specs here's mine amd ryzen 7 1700 at 4.1ghz 16gb crucial 2800mhz ram ax370-gaming k7 mobo crucial 1tb m.2 hdd gtx 1070 ti duke edition gpu played at first on a 4k tv but switched to a 27 1080p monitor
  3. are you familiar with cheat engine? i was thinking of messing with it sometime this week i just started playing earlier and have yet to really do anything at all lol
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