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  1. W10 i5-7600K@3800 32 GB DDR4 Geforce GTX960 4GB 512 SSD
  2. High population density
  3. I tried this and works fine! Great!
  4. The new spyglass effect is brilliant but would be good to use on horseback too.
  5. Yes, save without resting would be good.
  6. The current status of the game, roughly how many percent of the final release (features and visual quality)? thank you
  7. Ok, it's clear. Now works, but not for all of camp type. thank you.
  8. Thank you. I tried this but it doesn't work for me. I click attack, then I select an hostile, red camp on map but nothing happens. Maybe I miss a skill or something?
  9. I love this game. I have 7 camps and more than 20 men. My people collect the woods, herbs and so on but I can't take companions. How can I select team mates from camps? I fight alone and the game is very hard, a weak bow fights against 8-10 men with guns. I saw video where 8-10 natives fought together. How can create group for attack? Anyway this game is very-very promising, finally a complex open world single player wild west tps. Missing style, missing category. I can't wait the upgrades!
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