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  1. After a couple hours stealth as I see the "jump over obstacles" animation would be essential. I don't mean something big jump just fence, crates, boxes, small rocks even and so on. Other: I would like to sit around the campfire with my warriors but I can't. Nothing special, just sit and enjoy the camp
  2. Yes, this would be a unique feature what I didn't see in any game ever.
  3. I have big territory, over 40% with 40 camps and 400 warriors. Sometimes I play hours on map view. Sending warrior to collect, to hunt, sending warrior to other camp to rebalancing the population and so on. This part of game is very cool. Must refine this part to be easy to use and smooth. Scrolling, zooming, accurate mouse pointer, short cuts, and so on. The renewed Attack command is great to clean up the defaeted white camps. Brilliant! The new Search box is very, very useful. Without this feature the resource management was a nightmare. Would be good a spectator camera to see and follow a working group in real time 3D. It would be be great fun. Obviously if I get attacked the camera jump back to my character.
  4. Would be good to give some "live", small movements to horses. Now they just stand like statues. In real live the a horse always does something, looks left - right, eats, watchs, lifts up head, and so on. This small thing adds a lot to immersion.
  5. It would be nice to have a larger snowy area with well worked snow physics, footprints and more. I know a lot of recent games (small budget ones) with very good snow effects. (Fade to silence and so on). Just an idea
  6. W10 i5-7600K@3800 32 GB DDR4 Geforce GTX960 4GB 512 SSD
  7. High population density
  8. I totally agree with the animation issues. In any third person game this is crucial. Animation, collison detection, camera handling. The unreachable target (in quality wise) is obviously the RDR2. Let's get closer
  9. By the way I agree with you, a sophisticated walking animation is fundamental in any third person game especially in open world genre.
  10. If you have no weapon assigned (empty hand) and press the right mouse button (aiming, zooming function) the character walks beautifully.
  11. Would be good some "civil" mission, activity. Enter in town with peace and assume some escort-collect-hunting-wanted mission from settlers. A little bit Witcher prg feeling Even enter in saloon or general store.
  12. I tried this and works fine! Great!
  13. The new spyglass effect is brilliant but would be good to use on horseback too.
  14. Yes, save without resting would be good.
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