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  1. When you have more than two turret one salvo on two will not be a full one. Meaning that Fuso like ship with 5 turret will fire 1 (Range Finding), then 5 turrets, then 2, then 5.... Sometimes its 3 instead of 2, but rarely.
  2. @BobRoss0902 Soon™. Here is what admin said: This is obviously a non-commitment statement. We may have keys way before steam launch. Games need at least a "mostly positive" to sell well, so no need to say they will do what need to be done to have the luck on their side, even if it mean delays. At least, that's what I would do if I had some budget left.
  3. Stop bullying Nick. He has a patch to work on.
  4. Well in this game we can chose to not have advanced torpedo defense or citadel. In that context ammunition explosions should be a thing. I would also like to add that even with good torpedo and citadel there should still be a slim possibility.
  5. @Nick Thomadis Oh, reducing the effect of roll would also greatly increase the validity of secondary battery, specially for casemate guns. Atm its almost as punishing as targets visibility.
  6. Can we have some pics for the hype?
  7. I think we should be able to choose turret model. Some models should be smaller. First to come to mind is the single 18".
  8. Dev are right to not release alpha on steam. Too many games with great potential got crushed by early critics.
  9. @supershanks I know its not your question, but lets cover quickly the 3.3% part. If you take the 0.5% base accuracy at 14.7km. (written on top of the column) then multiply one by one the % to the bottom you get 3.3%. I got 3.53 but number are rounded and I may have done one or two mistake. As for the question, if you had 12 guns on the firing angle would be 39.6%.At top of the image it say "any of 12" but I am not sure if that number get updated. Were all your turret in firing angle? Maybe one was disabled?
  10. This part interest me to the highest degree. You see I have been thinking about ways for us to help the dev with balance and stuff. I like modding, but I an aware that modding that early in alpha would make developement really difficult for them. But there might be ways for us to do it in a fashion that do not make it a nightmare for them. If we can have a config file and play with balance on our end then we could come up with better informed suggestion to pass to the dev and implemented into the game. What do you think?
  11. You mean the part were its like having a second job?
  12. I did not test all possible combination, but it seem that if there is two main bun caliber then the smallest will be with the secondary.
  13. Didn't know that they dropped the hull part switching for that reason. If the snap point for funnel, barbette and tower is there for the same reason then I don't see why players could not use shift to move them around like turrets. completely agree about the generic stuff. We also need barbette and platform that can blend with tower. If the bottom part of barbette had no collision with tower it would work.
  14. I do not have issues with AI being too strong or accurate. Maybe we could help you with your build. Can you show us your design?
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