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  1. Makes sense. If it works across multiple campaigns it’d be golden but for sure having a ship design saver would be magical. I’m one of those nuts who would go to custom battles to see how many less half an inch increments of armor I need lol
  2. So just to confirm that I’m understanding this correctly, the Custom Battle saver would mean we no longer have to rebuild our ships again and again every time we boot up a custom battle? Cause if so... I’d be a very happy man. And is a ship design saver for the campaign in the works as well? So we can edit/improve old designs, and perhaps carry them over to other campaigns, even if we don’t have the technology to build them yet? That might be a tall order, but at least saving designs in a campaign would be massively appreciated.
  3. Once they add the other national hulls, for sure. Ehh, the issue with shell velocity is I think it mostly helps get deck hits, but I feel the extra range and pen of super heavy shells is always worth it.
  4. Sorry for the slow reply! I was finishing some coursework. You didn’t offend me in the least! Let me reply point by point. I could be thinking too much in a meta point of view instead of realism, which, I can understand why that may perturb you. Still, you deserve a response! 1. Lack of citadel and barbette armor. This might be the more gamey thing I do. The reason why I don’t use either is several fold. The advantages they bring, such as much lower detonate chances, have really not been an issue with this super capital ships, although more testing may need to be done. The only cha
  5. Yeah, maybe I need to go to custom mission and do things. I guess my issue is that not having a design saver I can’t micro tweak the design to constantly test it. But so far the Geralt is way better than the other two. Her agility, her acceleration, it all pays off spectacularly compared to the other two. And those eight inch guns. Her accuracy is just insane as well, thanks to American hulls getting benefits in that regard as you can see the numbers. And I’m not even using the best secondary towers for any of them, as it would prevent me from using a 4th 18 inch gun and the benefits
  6. You might be asking why do I make turret armor so thin. And the reply is that I’ve noticed very few capital ships guns ever directly nail a turret, and so that’s an acceptable amount of armor to block shots from bad angles. I’d rather have my deck armor and belt be super hard to pen - since those are hit far more - than just the turrets. And heavily armored secondaries do add several points of roll, but it also means they won’t break until they are are directly hit by another capital ship gun. It means secondaries from other ships have no chance on taking mine out, and it’s also another l
  7. it would not be possible for the Yamato to have 360 rotation - hence why she only has hydraulic gearing - in all four of her guns if I didn’t do it. And the Gutz it just saves space.
  8. Since I play in 4k, I can't upload pictures of them directly here, but I'll be having links to them in Imgur. I made three battleships based off of each hull type. Give me your thoughts, and then I'll give you mine after testing all of them. Every stat is listed for your enjoyment! This is the American one, the Geralt, my nimble boi. Basically an uber sized Battlecruiser https://imgur.com/KOk1QTI https://imgur.com/yuBsODq Then the German, the Gutz, the slugger. Sadly, she can only have 3 18 inch guns. A major weakness in my book. https://imgur.com/DITcy5m https:/
  9. https://imgur.com/NWCsDdB Notice how when I relogged into the game the Japanese models disappeared.
  10. Ye. I get that. Maybe I need to clarify. What seems to happen is that if I make a model of another ship of the same nation, sometimes it seems the models of the new guns don't transfer over, or change. I could always take screenshots.
  11. Anyone having issues with gun models switching randomly when you change hull types? Like, I'm on the Modern Battleship Mission, and it seems like changing hulls I don't get new gun models, or they fail to transfer. It's... weird. And I can't precisely know which secondaries are supposed to go with what hull type.
  12. Oh a drop of Nelson’s blood wouldn’t do us any harm, and we’ll all hang on behind~ Tomorrow is gonna be fun. My Sabaton is ready.
  13. You know what’s sad? Considering there’s a decent chance that the four new modern battleship hulls will be in the Modern Battleship mission, and considering that we’re getting new gun models, I’m going to have to build seven battleships to see which one I can squeeze the most 18 inchers on, with good secondaries, and decent armor values. Do you know how time consuming that’ll be!? I’ll love every moment of it. So far the Yamato hull is winning over the Bismarck and Iowa. Lots of good secondaries and quad 18 inchers. I should take a picture one day. Sadly it’s in 4k, s
  14. You dare tell Arch-Magos Nick that his time tables are unacceptable!? It is ready when he says the Machine Spirits have been properly placated and no sooner! Question his delays and rituals again and you will be lucky to be a skittari by the time your superiors are done with you!
  15. We shall wait for the Arch-Magos to tell us it is safe. To doubt the wisdom of the ancients his heresy.
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