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Found 14 results

  1. Finally, a mod that combines all the features of my other mods into 1..... The mega pack. Designed to keep you on your toes throughout a campaign and in custom battles, this mega mod aim's to provide a more challenging gameplay environment. NOTE: ONLY works on 1.8, not the new beta! This mod won't be updated until the 1.9 update fully releases on the main branch Features Gun length, diameter changed (max length: 70 min: -100) (Diameter: 2.9) Tech boost is now if tech is late by 2 years it's boosted 10x (Bugged) Increased crew modifier Changed AI legendary GPD income multiplier Changed how long the shipyard takes to upgrade from 24 months to 16 Max tonnage built per upgrade in the shipyard The research tree will show research times AI will now refit more often AP fire chance is reduced slightly You can now decline a peace offer and keep a war going (No more pesky government) Super BB hull 2 for countries that offer it, tonnage is increased with beam and draft. Countries that don't have a super BB hull 2, their Super BB hull 1 is increased instead DD leader hulls can now go from 500 tons to their usual max tonnage DDs can mount up to 12-inch guns (Destroyer leader hulls only!.... Edit: applies to all DD hulls) DDs torpedo requirement has been removed TBs are now able to be built until you retire TBs can mount up to 5 inchers Transports will now mount larger caliber guns Transports always mount a minimum of 5 guns and a max of 15 Transports can spawn longer and heavier than before. Transports are now controllable Transports now have up to 5 inches of armor MK V guns are now able to be mounted in the custom battles Only 1 gun is needed per hull Sonar station III range increased from 175 meters to 300 Dreadnoughts can now be built until the 1950 CA and CLs can now mount a higher caliber of guns Crew surrender is now reduced from 55% to 10% Max tech budget is increased from 50% to 60% (Seems a bit buggy) 24-inch torpedoes do more damage now (Doubled what they could before) Advanced propeller shaft III now offers double the turning speed than it had before AI should counter players better (Heavily in the testing phase feedback is greatly appreciated) Other goodies Known issues: Making gun length -100 makes the barrel disappear (Applies to all guns although some have issues even at -85) Shell disappears midflight when having shorter barrels (Increase length of the barrel to fix) The same bug that armor values once had (Open and close the editor and it should be fixed) Italian 11-incher has a bugged reload when barrel length is at 50% or higher (shorten barrel length to fix) Casemate diameter to +2.9 does not noticeably change penetration DDs with larger caliber guns with long barrels have a bugged reload (shorten barrel length to fix) CLs and CAs with larger caliber guns with long barrels have a bugged reload (shorten barrel length to fix) TRs sometimes spawn with nothing but the hull (No idea how to fix it) Tech boost is bugged (Have to look into it) To install: download the file, go to your (Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts\Ultimate Admiral Dreadnoughts_Data) folder and copy this file and click replace. (If you want to easily revert make a backup of resources.assets first!) Any bugs you encounter do not report to the devs instead feel free to leave a comment or ping me on the UAD official discord server Sapphire#0616 To uninstall: Delete the resources.assets file and replace with a backup or delete it and verify through steam Download link: https://dl.orangedox.com/GCoks0AXWDziFmz2PJ
  2. FILES IN SECOND POST ** Current Version: 1.3.6 ** This is the release thread of my 'Historical' mod for UGCW, a submod of the J&P Rebalance mod. I would like to first and foremost thank Pandakraut and Jonny for their (unduely) generous help in the beginning. Without their patience and help, this would have been completely impossible. Synopsis: The poorly-named 'Historical Submod' is, by now, a complete overhaul both of the base game but also of the J&P Rebalance Mod upon which it was originally based. It overhauls many perks, balance, mechanics, visuals and perhaps especially the command and control of units. The general idea of the mod is to make battles look and act more authentic; that is, slower, grinding shooting battles that are chaotic and difficult to manage. In this mod, the player has a greatly reduced amount of information about the status of both his own and the AI units, and a vastly reduced ability to control what is going on, especially in the early game. It also looks more like the ACW: the base unit size is the regiment, and regiments move in long lines of infantry. The field is filled with smoke, and there are more soldier sprites to give the game a denser feel. All officers have fairly detailed personalities which you will have to manage, and which affect units under their command. Much of the changes are meant to return a sense of challenge to experienced players -- and to do it without just throwing more AI troops at the player. The difficulty in controlling your army, which I have tried to make historically authentic per my understanding, makes it so that even if you see a tactic which will defeat the AI, it can be very difficult to execute it. This command and control handicap can be ameliorated with general and career perks; but career points are precious, as manpower and funds are greatly reduced versus J&P and vanilla. As the mod is now basically complete -- meaning, I will not be adding major new features anymore -- I can concentrate on writing a detailed play guide which is sorely needed. I hope you enjoy the mod.
  3. Going straight to the point. The UAD official Discord server needs a moderator or multiple moderators. with posts like this, homophobic slurs, spam, and people trying to start drama with all the stuff that's going on in Ukraine right now the server desperately needs mods to remove and filter out this garbage (all this stuff is still not removed on the discord BTW). It may seem strange to make a forum post about this but i and other people have tried messaging the devs through the discord and the forums and have only gotten silents. i feel bad bugging them for something like this right now with everything going on but the server really needs some support.
  4. Hello Guys, I played UG alot some years ago. Now I wanted to make a new start. (Probably forgot most of my knowledge) I really enjoy "hard" / challenging games where I can dive deep. Which mods/difficulty would you recommend to have the most challenging and historical game/feeling? Also, which guides could help with this combination? Thanks in advance
  5. Hi, just a new player here who enjoys the game but wishes to provide some feedback. At some point the following may have been suggested already or may be in game and I haven't found out yet. Controls: Guess I'll start with formations and the "lead ship". Besides detaching a ship from a division, is there a better way to take control over a ship? There also seems to be an issue with ships slowing down from their max speed if another ship in the formation gets nailed, is there a way to prevent that? I also have a hard time with moving ships around in the divisions so maybe adding a way to place ships in whatever order you desire since I think the furthest most on the left is the lead ship. It would be nice if I could change the bindings, but i'm fine with the current system. Also, what's the deal with the speed selector on the bottom right? Does it say your current speed or just what speed you want to go? Also also, the manual turning option should really have a key bind, maybe a control mode button and a camera control button to switch between the two easily or non-accidentally. Maybe a user close up camera direct aiming mode so you hit more when you are close and adds some of that sweet broadside magic. Formations: Just a gripe but, the ai seem to do ok when getting into a straight line, but when asked to do a side by side formation, they go around in circles. Could a possible fix for that be assigning each ship in the formation a spot according to their current distance to navigate towards? Or maybe a prebattle formations and placement settings so you don't have to wait for your ships to get orderly? Cinematics: I think it would be cool to add a cinematic mode button that shows the camera angles of shells in flight or right after impact, maybe some epic rewinds of critical hits and flash fires. Oh, and epic torpedo montages. Custom battles: For custom battles, are you able to set the weather? Not that changing the weather is important or anything. Also, a more expanded options panel for custom battles would be nice. An option to customize your opponents fleet would be a nice touch, that way I can fight 20 destroyers with many tiny guns against my torpedo only destroyers. Maybe a setting for compressing the distance so you can see all of the action happening at once or... Camera magic: maybe a split screen mode that show the guys you are shooting at on the top and one on the bottom that shows you getting shot. Both would have to have their own adjustments and lock-on's set separately. It would also be nice if you could zoom in super far to inspect damage or just admire the models as they do their thing. UI: It would be nice to have a panel somewhere that has some basic information about the enemies in sight, like distance to target, chance to hit, type, if it has torpedoes and if you could right click to target that ship from the panel that would be great. Oh, and maybe a custom UI option would go a long ways to enjoying the visuals. Mods: Are there any? If so, what form do I need to go to to figure out how to use them? Is there a dedicated mod folder? If not why? Oh, and to any developers who wander past. There is good inspiration to be had from an old cheesy game called: treasure planet battle at Procyon. Mostly in the form of zoom angles, camera attaching, ship dismemberment, repairs, unique bullet holes, unique ships that the player can't use (unless they edit the text file), faction specific weapons and aiming for specific parts of a ship, unlike you get to choose in Ult Admiral though. Well thanks if you read this far, fair winds and following seas to you sailor.
  6. Cavalry on the move at 80 to 100% starting condition should never be caught by charging infantry (i.e. resulting in Melee) unless they were starting in close proximity, and I doubt many humans are going to catch a horse in the short term. There is a horse vs. man race in Wales.. over 22 miles it is extremely rare that any of the horses lose. Limbered Artillery batteries given a 'gallop' button (similar to infantry quick march); with a huge recovery penalty (condition) for subsequent movement (you might be firing your guns but the horses need time to recover). Match total number of guns in a battery to movement rate; all other things being equal a 4 gun battery should be able to move faster than an 8 gun battery due to less congestion. Slight up-tweak to melee values on standard issue firearms; an 1861 Springfield was not inferior to earlier muskets in regards to hand to hand combat. I am currently cleaning and preserving (not restoring) a CSA Fayetteville Rile/Musket that is an example of beating swords into plowshares, or in this case turning an instrument of war into a shotgun. The barrel all by itself would make an excellent cudgel for braining some poor soul. (Cautionary note here: never assume antique weapons are unloaded; this barrel had in it some sort of gun powder, wadded paper and deteriorated lead shot which had turned to lead oxide; all unbeknownst to the family which had owned it for the last 80-90 years). Improve the ability of small units (300 or less) to remain hidden if they are in 100% cover and have not moved, up to the point an enemy unit comes within half their firing range. Introduce Coehorn mortars for skirmisher units. This would reduce movement speed. Create the ability of Cavalry to detach scouts, 2% of total not to exceed 20.
  7. Has anyone figured out how to mod the stats of components or the bonuses provided by research yet? I've been unable to find any clearly labeled files, and taking a hex editor to the .exe has been similarly unhelpful.
  8. It's probably been mentioned ad nauseum, but its needs to be corrected and its a simple fix. Navy Loodsman costs 100CM and is only a 1.25 speed add. It's completely pointless as is and I doubt that anyone would invest in such a minor mod at that price. Really a waste of a slot TBH. It should be a speed adjustment of +3 knots to have any value at all. I would be fine to leave it at it's current price but the value has to go up. This is a really simple one @admin….
  9. Prologue What I think is the intention of physic mods like "pirate rig refit", "spanish rig refit" and their elite counterparts is that the sailing profil of ships can be changed in some directions. More to the upwind or downwind part. Litte video for better understanding. What do the mods wrong: Looking at those numbers it becomes clear that some ships have a bigger advantge than other ships by manipulation the sail force. Those mods start to create uber-ships changing sailing profils from the yellow line to the violet one. The intention of those mods is reasonable and ok but not how its achived by manipulation the force. My proposal: Instead of force change mods every ship should come with 3 pre designed sailing profils. A upwind profil a default profil (current one) and a downwind profil. Those profils can be enabled by using a ship knowledge or mod. Example: yellow = default / red = upwind profil / blue = downwind profil ( ofc values are exaggerated for better visual understanding) When i equip the pirate rig refit I enable the red profil When I equip the spanish i enable the blue profil When i equip no such mods i get the yellow default profil Pros: Easy balancing no ridiculous effects still ship customization no manipulation of the fsailforce strength and therefore smaller ships dont mutate to tug boats solves the problem of slow ships in ow but fast ones in instance therefore reduces tagging annoyance Cons: Lot more work for devs crying meta freaks
  10. Suggestion: Give access to all pve drops (except chests) for pve and pvp currency in the admiralty shop Details: AI battles inside the carezone just give xp and cash AI battles outside the carezone give in addtion to xp and cash pve currency Pros: reduce impact of rng reduce price of items easy access less fear of loss less grind Cons: reduce pve content less motivation to play
  11. In all kind of games the more stuff and the better the suff what is equipped the higher are the maintenance cost. Suggestion: Increase maintenance and in battle repair cost depending on used modules Details: modules are already categorized as basic and non-basic, for example, Basic Pump and Coles Bentick Pump While "basic" mods only suffer a slight increase in repair and battle repair cost "non-basic" mods can suffer repair penalties increase up to 200% For example: An installed coles bentick pump would increase hull repair cycle cost by 100% for each extra module of the same type - cost increases by extra 100% For example: coles pump + chain pump = basic repairs + 100% for the first module + 100% for the second module + 100% for being a second module of the same type - pump Pros: quality of life added maintenance for high grade specialized ships simulates highly specialized crew and necessity of high grade quality parts for repairs at sea Cons: quality of life
  12. I'd like to suggest: Remove the magic upgrades. Cartagena is downright overpowered and magical and so is for example the bovenwinds refit and the gazelle figurehead. They don't add anything to the gameplay and they are just magical upgrades..
  13. I actually have to agree with the statements that the French were not dealt with appropriately, they agreed and turned up to a port battle with throw away ships and no cannons. They fully understood what they were doing and losing 1 rank is fair?? No it isn't!! The only player in that battle who shouldn't have been punished was that lone French Captain who turned up not aware of what was agreed and sacrificed his ship believing he was defending a French Port.. Kudos to him! This was nothing more than a witch hunt aimed at SORRY. I remember this time last year SORRY were denied the clan tags SS as the symbols are similar to the Murdering German regiments of WW2. What did I see yesterday and reported to a chat mod??? A Swedish player giving mouth and swearing in Global chat on the Global server and his clan tags??? SS. Will he be punished?? no! Will he have to change his clan tags? Of course not... why is that?? Because it means the Butt hurt former Colonials cannot bring the pitch folks and fire and rally with the admin on his personal anti LV and SORRY clan crusade! The Chat mod which I also reported was allowing his fellow Pirate nation members to openly swear and rage in Global while he "Played the game" This is a joke! I sent in total 14 reports and even used F11 reporting feature to show what the Global Chat chat was yesterday and the use of Language that was not being Moderated! Imagine if that was British players and not Pirate (Moderators Nation) that was swearing, chat ban hammer would have been swinging like Thors! This game is slowly becoming more shocking and biased each month! I have supported this game truly since I began playing (Much to my wife's anger) Fix this biased crusade! Sort your Moderators out! and stop making this game as exploitable to gain advantage! The old system worked! This time last year... huge player base! Now not even a sparkle of what it used be! How much fun it used to be!
  14. Because it wasn't liked in the "tournament winning" declaration. Here what has been deleted by the mods cause they dont like it when someone notice them changing their announcements / promises. This is not about that I dont think they would deserve it - It is about beeing fair and staying to their word! If I have to speak it out, then I will cause this shoud not be a "dictatorship of the proletariat" ***************************************************** I dont get it!!! Iit was announced that they only get one ship and not the BP's for those! Seems pretty unfair to change that right now for a player made tournament epecially when we think about that the special event is disenabled for a long time = Thus no one else can get them right now. "The stakes are high, with awards aplenty to the victors. Rewards are as follows: A total of 13.7 million pieces of eight to be divided between those squadrons which place first, second, and third in the honorable fray. Four Bucentaure-class ships to be likewise divided. Perhaps most sought of all, a L’Ocean-class ship for first place, an Aggememnon-class ship for second place, and a Heavy Rattlesnake-class sloop-of-war for third place teams..." http://forum.game-la...ament/?p=296663 This is insane! Please stay at what you announced! Those BP's were ment to only drop at the Event (Special Drop) - Not as a reward! "... To celebrate the increase in the steam ratings 4 ships will be added to the game as event ships. Rattlesnake Heavy – event blueprint L Ocean – event blueprint Agamemnon – event blueprint Gunboat – redeemable for existing users and event blueprint. Redeemable will be given out by end of the week. Event ships are available from special events only – that will be available for for all users on PvP and PvE servers...." http://forum.game-la...tures/?p=297938 ***************************************************
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