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  1. That's also the IT way of writing dates. Any admin will tell you that writing it backwards like so will allow you to organised by a-z in correct day by day order
  2. Simples purpose of the game is Naval action. Not Naval resource spread sheet clicky game. Lets test it see if it boosts the amount of crafters (which it will), see the effect on the in game econ then judgment.
  3. Capt Jubal Early


    lol w/e's its the same as buying alts. Who cares.
  4. Capt Jubal Early


    All sounds good. Waiting patiently for news on the patch Hope grans cooking was up to scratch.
  5. To much content early game will see players leaving when they see how baron the end game currently is Lets focus on fixing the essentials first and adding more content to end game.
  6. You sir are the only person who I've seen vocally announce there love for the amount of stupid stupid items in the game. Majority rule on the subject is crafting involves far to much pointless micro. From my point of view the game is focused on combat and the time spent dividing up stacks of matts to build your ships is wasted combat time. Removing the middle step is an incredibly necessary step to streamlining wasted areas of the game and bring them forward.
  7. @Chug Why don't we donate a 1st, 2nd, 3rd for the respective positions in the race?
  8. NA community every time a patch takes longer than they say.
  9. Any update on this yet? I feel the majority of NA player base are waiting for these updates to drop. (myself included)
  10. Yeah its probably the most asked question we get. And it really annoys me that in the clan warehouse the cannons are displayed by pd but on the ship its displayed by class. So I have to hover over every bloody cannon until I find the class I want. Not so bad now days as I've remembered most of it but its still frustrating.
  11. I think they should do away with the Cannon Class and just go by pd. So same format left is cannons right is carros but it reads like [6pd-18pd] [12pd-42pd]. Just to remove another useless layer of confusion away from the game.
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