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  1. Also an important part of combat in eve is instanced - PVE missions are instanced in example - and also there the instances are open to non consensual PVP. Also in EVE traders are subject to gank in particular points. Moreover if you are killed you loose your ship and the killer can loot part of your your goods and also part of the fittings of the ship. And there are also other similarities. I do not know if you play EVE or not, but if you do you should see quite some similarities in the general features of the game. But, as someone told before, what EVE could teach to Naval Action in my opirnion is that a MMO sandbox game is able to gather and retain a lot of players not when it FORCES everyone to play in one way but when LETS any kind of player to have fun in the things he prefers doing.
  2. read once more what you usually write in the forum and you will have some clue
  3. Point is not if we "can" or "cannot" do this and that, rafher if we have fun in doing this and that... since, you know, it's not a "frigging" work or professional sport... it's a "frigging" game! Anyway ... fair wind to you as well
  4. So true, mate. Except for the usual players that 1) will beat the final tutorial in two hours and 2) have bought DLC ships and 3) will start farming newbies outside caputals. But I have the feeling that this is just what Devs want. So, why bothering?
  5. NA is a work in progress, and each game developer looks at the features of precedent (succesful) similar games. You should therefore not be cofused: you should just try to understend what they are talking about in order to see if it could be good for the development of the game.
  6. So ... here is your answer: devs always talk about hardcore/sandbox/PVP referring to this game ... well, EVE online was born as a "small" MMO hardcore/sandbox game and - through the years - has developed into a "big" very succesful game, blending in one server PVP, RVR, missions, trade, craft, exploration and a lot of others things. Since a lot of us (I mean players liking MMO of that kind) have been playing EVE (and some still play) and think that Naval Action could borrow from EVE a lot of good concepts and mechanics in order to grow into a successful game, we refer to EVE online features as a possible example about how NA could be a better game, while keeping its hardcore/sandbox/PVP flavour.
  7. yep, but if the break is too long (or indefinitely long) is not good for the game
  8. I do not think that hardcore is better or worse than casual, I think a good game should allow players to engage in both things with the same character, as it happens in EVE online in example (which, BTW, was developed also by a small indie team)
  9. ok man, see what you want to see. The story of this game, of the countless two step ahead end one back patches and the infinite forum wars between pvpers and carebears led me to think that: This game is struggling in retaining casual and average players. And that happened simply because - at a certain points - Devs wanted to chase in the PVE server any player that did not enjoy a full life/hardcore PVP engagement in the game. If this situation goes on until the launch, the game will probably be a failure (unless you consider a success having a peak of 400 players on Saturday evenings).
  10. they have dropped, if you count the January sale on steam mate. Back in the days - before all this austerity/hardcore frenzy - we had some like 800 players EU prime time.
  11. @admin one suggestion: in order to speed up trade testing, it would be a good thing to point out clearly somewhere which are the differences (and the purpose) in the possible trade goods that are available on sale in the shop - national goods - local goods - regional goods this, I think, would help players in testing the trade routes having in advance roughly an idea of what they can do.
  12. Exacly now - saturday afternoon CET - in the capital city of my faction (Spain) - there is NO 4th, 3rd, 2nd or 1st rate on sale. - all the 5th rates on sale are caputed ones (shitty fir/oak crew space) except an endimyon and some trading ships Before the last eco patch, I remember that there were in the shop plenty of crafted 5th rate, some 4th rates, and a couple of 3rd and 2nd for sure each week. Does this tell you something about how last patch impacted on the shipbuilding gameplay? PS: remember that when too many players start thinking the game is not fun, the population sinks and - on the long term - the game dies. So your argument seems to me a bit weak.
  13. you may be true, but the point is another: add a not breaking (yet annoying) change the day before yesterday, another one yesterday, anohter one today, another one tomorrow ... and you end up with too few players to make the game work properly as a MMO.
  14. A lot of players (including the most feared PVP pro players) used surprise, mostly people looking for an effective PVP all around cheap ship. Essex is not good for PVP since it lacks chasers. Anyway, even if your statement was true, this very fact would have been a reason not to make surprise a "rare" ship. PS: in general I do not feel as much need as you to wait an see. Maybe you wern't playing the game at those times, but this is not the first "austerity"/"pvp mark"/"pvp wall" patch that the devs decided to put in the game, so I have already seen what this kind of things are likely to cause in the game after a couple of months,
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