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  1. This. Last patch - with its empy seas - was the final blow.
  2. You know that I like you (even if the fact that devs are modelling this game on the wishes of people like you made me leave Naval Action), but ... please - do NOT compare EVE with NA. In EVE it's true that a Titan is a clan effort but 1) titans are used ONLY for large scale fleet PVP engagement (you just cannot use them for anything else) and 2) even if you do not use a Titan you have dozen of different things - including high level content - you can engage in (both PVP and PVE). In example, in EVE online you can grab a Marauder and - if you fit it right (which takes some time, isk and effort) - you can solo even high rank missions (in which you will also bear the risk of non consensual PVP, but you will have countermeasures to avoid it). You like NA because it just gives the only gameplay you like. Point is that that gameplay is almost the only thing that you can do in this game now. So basically the game is becoming each patch more one dimensional. In EVE they did exactly the opposite, going on ADDING different and new content each expansion (i.e. wormhole space, militia warfare, the new triglavian missions and I could go on ....) to the "usual" mission, PVP, trade and crafting system. Of course CCP can do this because EVE it's a game that requires a monthly fee, so they have steady income of resources to invest, but fact is NA has become a total boredom (or, at least, a total waste of time) for any player that is not interested ONLY in OS PVP. Last patches killed both trade and PVE and also RVR is now almost dead!
  3. Another quality of life feature eliminated from the game. Beware that... with too much "immersion", the game risks to sink (pun intended of course)
  4. victor

    Short video about rhum

    Bah, Havana Club is a meh rhum, best cuban (and in general spanish styled) rum in my opinion is Caney Carta Negra (which is the 7 years aged rhum still distilled in the former Matusalem factory of Santiago de Cuba). As far as demerara rhums, I'm not an expert, since when I want frenchie stuff, I get straight to Armagnacs
  5. try now and you'll see how it evolved (better, involved)
  6. If you play that game (and I assume you do) you should know that this model of game leads to 1) a population of 100 players prime time (in the good days) 2) an elitist toxic community Is this that you want for NA?
  7. victor

    Port BR's reduction / RvR alliances

    I think that RVR is not happening (as well as a lot of other things) because more and more people is fed up about the growing "hardcore" and "austerity" mood of this game that requires players to grind so many hours ingame just to be able to do anything. I used to trade a lot and make missions or chasing IAs around western Cuba and Yucatan (and being sunk quite often in the process) and sometimes I joined countergank fleets in my capital waters. Also I participated in some screening action or port battles. With the last patch I simply stopped playing: the fun/effort ratio is no longer high enough.
  8. victor

    Typical day in NA

    That's correct, just in the sense that they of course want to earn a fair reward for their (i guess limited) investment in this game. But a successful game is another thing.
  9. victor

    Typical day in NA

    Right, but be prepared to pay for a DLC each 2-3 of months or - with a 500ish population - server will just close. That's the only business model actually working for PVP hardcore competitive games.
  10. victor

    Battle timer changes.

    In my opinion Devs cleary understand this. Simply they want a game with just 500ish PVPers that are happy just killing each other in a half-empty world with just a couple of different thigs to do. This way there will be no need for adding further content in the future: just a paid DLC (doubloons, premium ships, cosmetics?) every couple of months in order to gather the money to keep up the server and that's it. So I think that Devs are not "lazy" or that they do not understand, rather that their business model for this game does not include any acutal content for casuals or non hardcore players. This is basically also the reason why- after last big patch - I stopped playing: patch after patch I realized that this game will never give any satisfactory content to players that are not hardcore PVPers.
  11. The clan part is not good. And even worse the fact that you shall join a clan from the leaderboard. Some clans will end up asking silver or other absurd requirements to let someone "in"
  12. Yep, but you seem to forget a couple of points. When I started in this game (some like 4k playing hours ago), I 1) could freely choose the level of missions (and they were fairly easy to beat) 2) had a lot of NPC to chase near capital city. So I think that the levelling experience for newbies now is more difficult than when I started playing
  13. victor

    Radio Macuto

    Ademas en el eve online hay cien cosas diferentes que puedes hacer ... aquƬ tienes a lo mejor cuatro o cinco. Por esta razon digo que el naval action es un box con poca sand
  14. victor

    Radio Macuto

    No le van a dar alguna proteccion. Los Devs quieren tener solo 500 jugadores (los mismos de sempre) que compren DLC (doblones o otras cosas) cada semana para que no se cierre il servidor.