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Found 3 results

  1. Hello. My clan mates and i got kicked multiple times. we are also experiencing high ping issues a few of my clan mates are in battles and they also have a lag issues. Is there a issue going on with the servers ? With kind regards.
  2. Do we promote too fast...? Grab a glass of red, you need it... Backdrop... Last week saw some very interesting threads posted. This is one below... https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/28422-what-happened-to-the-2500-players/ In all fairness to the community it is worth reading through all the views. Unlike most this doesn’t deteriorate into the usual “This is my view...” blinkered repeats back n forth. It gives many different and clear insights into their view of this game. Even @admin makes a very good point also worth the read. The Content Argument This is mentioned a few times, but what does it really mean? Players stating there is little if anything to do. In fact, every player is focused now onto the same goals to reach. Unless that PC is Hardcore it will prove near impossible to achieve from a Newbie or casual standpoint. How can Naval Action receive a BAD review due to lack of content from players having plus 250hours invested in the game saying it lacks content? Even one with 13k hours invested? The comment by @Wraith... “this is inherently the problem when you build a game around players being content, rather than having content attract and retain players, who generate additional content, etc.” This to me answers the 2,500 down to a few 100 players we have now. The Players actually provided the content as I’ve mentioned like East v West, the Care Bear Alliance or rogues like [SORRY]. For Good or Bad it actually was player driven content. That in itself is not enough, and needs NPC Game Content that then drives the people driven one in this Light Sandbox we work in. Fun Factor Unfortunately, @victor as mentioned this a few times in the past... “The reason of the decline is simple: the game used to be funny ... Is it's no longer a game, basically ... it's a work? Games shall be funny and NA it's not” He’s NOT talking about grind path either. What’s Changed...? This Question by @Christendom I love and have asked it myself a few times in the past... “We're 3+ years into development and it feels like the game is maybe less ready for release than when I picked it up almost 3 years ago. I'm sure I'm not alone in this opinion. In that time frame we've changed ROE, RVR and even a new crafting system....but it still feels like the same tired old stuff without any imaginative increase in content...” Now I must agree, the game is definitely an improvement from three years ago, but three years’ worth of time taken? How much more does the combat model need tweaking or even overhauling God forbid? The Core Game play Then we see @koltes post breaking it down into four areas... To keep players interest game should have targeted the following making the below interesting and entertaining as well as challenging: a.) Character progression; b.) Recreational activities; c.) Competitive activities; d.) End game content He goes on like others to mention the Economy, skills and clan Nation mechanics all known views. @jodgi regret comment “I kinda regret this topic now. There has been some... discussion, but it has attracted so many posters that just came here to dump a turd smelling of discontent. I touched on this in my previous post, but it's cringy to witness these besserwissers swooping in giving, often contradictory, "advice". I'm not mad or riled up or anything... just... dejected” he said This I disagree with and is a great thread full of insight. No, it wasn’t a dump on the game at all and you shouldn’t feel dejected one bit. This entire thread made me think a lot about the game as a whole. With all due respect to my peers and @admin/Dev’s there was nothing NEW here that I hadn’t heard or read about before. No new revelation or solutions either. Norfolk Reviews I gave my opinion first regarding my reluctance to return to the game even as a fan boy and hardcore player. Then to the Content problem and backstory needed for PvP and PvE to sit on. The NPC Nation Overlay and Campaign arc thread mission ideas suggested. Again, nothing I haven’t said before. It led me back to thinking as in the OP 2,500 days and my memories. Then the compare reviews of our two peers EvE and WoWs. We have a much better sail and combat model than either, and have had it for years as @Christendom suggested. So, what is the difference...? Is EvE better... WoWs what’s the long term attraction...? https://forum.game-labs.net/topic/26423-idea-norfolk-compares-apples-to-oranges-to-avoid-a-lemon/ this I believe shows even without the resources of the other two Game-Labs NA-OW still delivers. Both @admin and crew have done a remarkable job. The difference highlighted is client connectivity. This my main arguments with the NA-L concept. The other main high light was the newbie treatment and tutorials. Idea: The Slow Promotion Model Concept Question: How long did it take your Main Player Character (MPC) to gain rank 10 Rear-Admiral or equivalent from rank1. From a BASIC Cutter, how long did it take you to get into your very first SoL Victory, L’O or Santi...? Take your ego away and answer honestly. Now, if you’ve played EvE or WoWs... EvE how long before you got into your first BASIC Capital ship? In WoWs how long did it take before you could participate in the RANK tournaments? These levels in all three games whether PvP or PvE are really the point of the game’s Ultimate promotion level stages or top out. The Games, each from this point on take a different view to the player. I’d suggest of the three NA first, WoW second and EvE third... Rank Promotion Built on Time as well as Performance Imagine a Promotion level built on XP like now but also with a time element. The like XP in Craft and Rank is also Logarithmic in scale. Getting longer between levels. Think of ALT promotions now... How would this impact their use? You’d need to invest real time in them just like your MPC. Within each level certain Skills and skill books must be also achieved and found. The skill or book once activated, takes time to produce its 100% statistical effect as you use it. Career Direction Once again, Crafting or Piracy or Port Ownership or Clan Leader. In the same way, unique skills and the different grade qualities layered both on time and xp. A Fleet Admiral skill book cannot be used or developed by a Rank 5 level player... and so on. Campaign Activity Completing NPC Nation campaigns solo, co-op and pvp gain these entry levels. Make up requiring mix fleet compositions to succeed a specific mission. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Campaigns http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Scenarios The Output Effect Here now each player has a different short- and medium-term goal to that of the general Hardcore topped out player. Focus, training and community interaction is needed at all levels, the rewards equally become more relevant to that individual player. Summary It seems like I’m introducing even more grind. However, what its designed to do is understand what each level or rank of promotion is. Building the content with layering campaigns and limited skill knowledge defines each rank, making them more important rather than just a crew hurdle. Do you remember the difference between Rank 6 and 7...? Using this system will get much more activity in content that’s fun and not grind drive. Just an idea Norfolk
  3. I'm playing the confederate at Cold Harbor - campaign mode and the game is running extremely slow or not at all. It has not done this on previous battles. I have restarted the battle twice to no avail. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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