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  1. it is not entirely true ... in a small nation you can devote yourself to pve and only pvp ... also you could get in touch with clans of bigger nations to help in screening ... and now being able to capture all NPC ships is easier to have ships of line ... just my thoughts
  2. domanda @admin sarebbe possibile testare il raid sul server di prova prima di avviarlo su quello principale ??
  3. Fumadrago

    cant join the game

    same problem for me ... many Brits will miss the PB because of this..no good
  4. just a small suggestion. It would be very nice if you could develop some port buildings you need to transport certain resources in that port (for example iron or stone blocks for the Fort or ironwood log of oak muskets or other resources for different structures) this would partially relaunch the classic trading
  5. good morning @adminI know that has already been asked ... But will the possibility of accessing friendship by players of other factions ever be added?
  6. I did the same thing this morning, I lost my wasa with Bovenwinds crooked hull and gazelle
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