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Found 28 results

  1. Hola capitanes, Esta es una advertencia anticipada sobre los turbulentos 1-2 meses que vienen. En este parche nº30 (28/02/2019), hemos introducido cambios significativos en el comercio, el modelo de daños, la distribución de las misiones, la importancia de los puertos para los clanes y el ROE. A medida que nos acercamos cada vez más al lanzamiento, el juego requerirá de varias limpiezas (wipes) durante esta preparación previa al lanzamiento en las áreas más afectadas por los cambios. *La 1ª limpieza se ha realizado ya el 6 de marzo. (También se entregarán las recompensas a los que hayan hecho las misiones del TestBed) Las siguientes cosas se restablecerán / borrarán completamente en esta 1ª limpieza: -Victory Marks: se eliminarán todas las marcas de victoria, transformarlas en barcos. -Permisos de barco: todos los permisos de barco serán eliminados, gastarlos en barcos -Reales: todos los reales por encima de 50.000 monedas serán eliminados (100.000 para el almacén de clan) -Recursos de artesanía: se eliminarán todos los recursos de artesanía (como mineral de hierro, roble, etc.) -Recursos comerciales: se eliminarán todos los recursos comerciales (como los mosquetes de Sevilla)- -Todos los contratos serán eliminados. -Lo más probable es que las recompensas del tutorial se reinicien: podrás pasar el tutorial y obtener las recompensas nuevamente. Lo que NO se verá afectado: -Todos los "activos" en condiciones de navegar: barcos, cañones, mejoras, libros o cofres sin abrir NO se verán afectados. -Todas las inversiones en edificios, muelles y mejoras de almacenamiento o puestos de avanzada (outpost) NO se verán afectadas ni eliminadas -El nivel de artesanía (crafteo) y la experiencia de combate NO se verán afectados. El objetivo principal de esta limpieza es poner a prueba la nueva economía, el comercio, los precios de los recursos actualizados y las horas de trabajo (se van a bajar las horas de fabricación de buques e incrementar las horas disponibles hasta casi 3000). Los reinicios/borrados previos al lanzamiento, se anunciarán en el futuro en las noticias de Steam y en los foros del juego. Entendemos que esto causa muchos inconvenientes a muchos de ustedes. Estamos haciendo arreglos con Valve para agregar el bono de acceso temprano 'Pandora' a todos los compradores de acceso temprano (Early Access) como DLC gratuito, que se podrá canjear una vez cada 24 horas (como el Hércules y Le Requin). Tomará tiempo pero estará en marzo. *Habrá dos parches más para completar la implementación de los nuevos idiomas en el juego y para solucionar el bug de los barcos de la IA que transpasan la tierra. *2º wipe pronto, esta vez de puertos. Se realizará debido a que van a meter nuevas mecánicas de gestión de puertos muy interesantes.
  2. Almost daily we have on global chat someone asking about a wipe coming up, the fear is great. Most people there agree they don't want to see their belongings, warehouse content, ships, upgrades, books, money, doubloons etc etc getting lost at that dreadful day known as "the wipe" coming up. What are the imaginable pros and cons of a wipe from view of a developer? I'll try to sum up: Pro - server reset, cleaned database, less storage on server (cost reduction?) - people have equalized chances when everyone has to start over again, together with new players, at zero (*) - no advantage by veteran players in perfected ships which frustrate beginners (**) - you can create new statistical material with wipe, as a starting point of a new era, about player behavior and progression, investigate for future improvements - renewed incentives for RvR, conquest, getting stuff from ports (***) Con - players are driven away from game as they don't want to do all their previous efforts again, feels like hamster wheel - players get angry because you take their beloved golden or purple class ships with rare upgrades from them (maybe upgrades which are in some specific pairing no longer possible) - motivation is sinking as players think, with having paid full price like for finished game, they have a right to keep what they have achieved in the pre-wipe period - time before a wipe is dampening activities as players anticipate wipe and calculate it's useless to play on, as the results are going to be annihilated anyway **** Some of those arguments do not apply for PvE peace server, or at a very reduced rate. I will elaborate: (*) The competition on PvE PS is not the same as on PvP War Server. We don't fight each other, the focus is on cooperation. Thus no well equipped player is enjoying an advantage over a badly equipped player, and this controversial relationship does not need to be reset by a wipe (with both of them being 'badly equipped for a while) for some fake 'equality'. I have to remind that admin himself said that two weeks after a wipe, all equality will be gone anyway. Thus the differences in equipment and related fighting value see only a short interruption by any wipe. We do trade material, upgrades, books as well on PvE PS, but still you often find people who are willing to give away stuff to beginners for free. How they can help and give away if their possessions are annihilated by wipe? They will see to their own, first. This is counterproductive for the cooperative spirit on PvE PS. (**) Lacking direct confrontation with other players in battle, people on PvE PS experience no disadvantage opposite veteran players using well-equipped golden and purple class ships. Unless the better equipment becomes a factor in competitions like the weekly events. But skill is the much stronger factor here. (***) No RvR and no conquest by port battles on PvE PS mean there does not need to be a renewal of incentives for such things. The map borders concerning national possessions stay always the same, at least at the present state of game. *** I see however all con-arguments valid also for PvE PS. Players took a long time to collect rare materials and books, not to speak of a golden class ship they have waited a year for. The impact of a wipe in terms of anger and frustration, when all will be gone and you look into an empty warehouse and dockyard, seems unmeasurable to me. We noticed a huge player base increase starting with the major patch last autumn and some precious words of devs showing appreciation of the PvE community. I don't want to see that progress destroyed again, by a wipe. What I do understand and support, though, is a wipe of old accounts which have not been used for a year or longer. If that dead load is a burden for servers, their setting back to zero is understandable. But you just don't cut living flesh with your knife. If the wipe is still impossible to impede, let's think of a way to make it easier and more exceptable for veteran players. Like cutting their belongings in two halves and let them keep one half. And by giving them the choice of 5 ships out of 30 with DLC admiralty connection, and 3 ships out of 20 without that DLC, which they handpick and will be allowed to be taken over into the after-wipe period. *** Please, folks, as I can foretell PvP WS players will comment here and shift the discussion over to their interests on War Server, let's keep this topic strictly PvE PS orientated and not get watered by your motives and arguments of purely PvP character. Consider opening your own thread for that. Thank you.
  3. I know every one hates the words wipe no matter when and how it's mention but we are at a all time low on the game player wise and with holidays and new year maybe it's time to do a soft wipe. This way we can test the econ without having stock piles of goods. I got so much stuff saved up right now from old system I can craft ships for days and not run out of anything but the crafting woods for certain builds. Maybe it's time to make this game officially BETA. Do a soft wipe, give some nifty prize (The Pandora) let use test thing on a clean slate until game released. Than folks won't be so upset when the finally wipe comes as they aren't sitting on over a year worth of stuff. You can even do like you did on test and offer a few notes of certain ships for those that activity stick around and test things until release. We can keep the PvE server the same so as not to upset folks that just want to PvE and play with AI.
  4. Will we keep our clans through the final wipe meaning only clan warehouse will be wiped but not the clan itself? @Ink @admin
  5. Давно не заходил в игру. Зашел недавно посмотреть как дела, обнаружил полностью нового перса с 0 голды, 0 опыта, и бейсик кутером. Вайп что ли был? Вроде не все должны были вайпануть.
  6. Wipe is coming in few days and many players are thinking to switch nations to balance the server and going back into their old nation. Forged papers will be given to all captains. Since weeks french has change. We are working every day to build new forces able to control our frontier. We are working on the same time to improve our welcome for new english speaker captain trying to help them as much as we can to allow them to get ressources and ships. WO clan joined France, and now it's probably your turn! French is nation that suffer in multiple time for multiple occasions but that never fall in sleep and lost hope. We are a bit arrogant and it's hard sometimes to convice us of something but we are alwais trying to improve. Improve in game and in relationship. Our english is not perfect and start to be afraid, mine is part of the best of the nation but you will find many young captain able and please to speak with you on TS. Our nation missed organisation and we are trying and working on it. You will be welcome on our Nation Teamspeak and dedicaded channel will be add for you. Officers right will be granted to your commanders allowing them to add you in your server group wich will allow you to join any channel and discorver your new friends. Because in France, i'm not saying you will see the victory in few days but you will find friends. Our minds are open as our hearts to welcome thoses ready to play with us. A big clan of player speaking english may be a new era for our nation to help thoses speaking english to focus in larger clan, to be more organise and more able to love the game. If you're alone or a small clan, you will be wlecome as well and support by french large clan in economy to help you get ships and guns to enjoy the game if you are know thinking of leaving yours nation, think about France. We are needed you, we are waiting you, and you may be part of the legend of the transformation in a native language nation in an opend mind multilanguage and culture nation! Make your duty captain, join us!
  7. Hi Naval Action, I has Belona before on PvP EU. Loged in yesterday and I only had 67 XP redeemable while my friend had 8k. I played a looooong time ago but I just want to check if something went wrong some where? Could you please check. Thank you p.s best game ever!
  8. During furst wipe I never got my exp redeemable, did get the papers, but also did not get the ships. I asked a bazillion times but I never get an answer, so once again (and this time in its own topic). Can I please get my exp? I dont care about the other stuff, I just do not want to grind all over again. Also reported it with F11. Comon you do have tech support or someone handling these cases right? ive been waiting for an answer for months.
  9. Considering the fact that i havent met a single player that did not hate the new tiered ship knowledge xp, that forces you to grind lower ships up until you can max out your favourite... Is it safe to assume this knowledge xp will NOT be wiped even at release ( like rank xp which is now effectively rendered useless if you want to play on a competitive level ) if the ship knowledge tree stays in game? And if so, can we expect another change that brings us back to start the grind from basic cutter? I know it's EA ( inb4 at least 1 reply will tell me so ) and i love this game and testing it. I understand the devs wanted to get everyone back into the small ships and make people work for the big ships without breaking their promise of keeping rank xp for everyone, but i don't really like the new grind ( especially since the game is grindy enough and it forces me to sail ships i don't enjoy ) . I can deal with it as long as it isn't for nothing and will enable me to sail the ships i unlocked to their full potential even after release. I love the new "mega" patch ( except for this tiered ship xp system ). I have no problem with the asset ( gold, ships...etc.) wipe and the game improved alot but if our progress on ship xp or xp grind in general will be wiped yet again on release you might aswell count me and my clan out but i will enjoy this beautiful game until then. I don't want to complain here. I just want clarity for deciding how much time i should consider investing into the tiered ship xp system. If you really want more shallow water ships in game ( some of which i love and enjoy dearly ) please consider adding more shallow water regions, as it also makes for a great area for new players without enough cash for a decent frigate. Maybe even a very shallow area for 7th rates only? New rookie zone that can be teleported to from captial limited to rank 1-4? I don't see how putting the veteran captains in basic cutters again and again gives new players better chances against them ( they still have more skill ). And it definitely is not content for vets either ( i read this somewhere and was rather shocked...). Everyone i talked to is rather annoyed by it at best and would prefer to be able to grind the total xp needed for the 5th slot on the ship it unlocks for. I also think ( yeah i will be hanged at KPR for saying this ) SOLs / Lineships are still too cheap / easy to get. I actually would like them to be more powerful and even less accessible. I really want to know this. Thank you.
  10. Rongoel

    Exp Redemable

    I only recieved 109 xp in the redeeamable for the exp when made a new Character on the PVP Global server. I have not redeemed any redeeamables before but i deleted one of my charachters to make space for the new one. I thought this would not be a problem since it said that i could just redeem it on a different Character. I was about 200 hours into the game with the Rank of Kommendör in Sverige. The original Charackter name was Capt Albert Alexander. It would be greatly apreciated, if anyone could help me with this issue or tell me if i need to start new.
  11. Bonjour à tous, Les développeurs ont définit la date de sortie du patch et du wipe qui sera entre le 16 Mai et le 24 Mai, j'organise donc une réunion des ACR, j'invite très fortement tous les membres à être présents, même ceux inactifs depuis longtemps, le but étant de connaître précisément nos effectifs afin de redistribuer des rôles à chacun, notamment pour le craft mais aussi les officiers pour le conseil, la conquête etc. L'objectif est de redonner une organisation et une structure cohérente au clan, chose qui s'est perdue avec le temps au fur et à mesure des départs de chacun, cette réunion est ouverte aussi aux joueurs souhaitant nous rejoindre après le wipe, nous rappelons la ligne de recrutement : Joueur adulte (20 ans mini.) avec une expérience correcte du jeu (environ 200-300h) dans le but de mener la guerre à nos ennemis le plus efficacement possible via la conquête et être le fer de lance de la nation, pour cela il faut évidemment posséder un micro et TS obligatoirement. Cependant nous sommes tout de même ouverts aux nouveaux joueurs si le profil est intéressant. La réunion se tiendra le Vendredi 19 Mai à 22h ou le Samedi 20 Mai dans l'après midi (date et heure à définir selon les dispo. de chacun) sur les canaux ACR du TeamSpeak Français : ts3.navalaction-france.com. La durée sera d'environ une demi heure, voir moins, le but n'est pas de discuter pour rien mais bien de recenser les membres et d'établir certains rôles importants. Merci à tous d'être présents, il m'est malheureusement difficile de prévenir tout le monde car je ne peux contacter tous les membres, c'est pourquoi j'aimerais que tous ceux qui lisent ce message et ayant des contacts avec certains membres actifs ou non, puissent le partager s'il vous plaît. Tous ceux voulant participer sont invités à répondre à ce post (forum Naval Action France) et à indiquer la date/horaire correspondant le mieux à vos disponibilités.
  12. Just to clarify, this text has no intend to attack development or criticize, it's supposed to clarify the current state of development and ask what happened to the things that were promised or that that we forgotten about? Based on the content plans by admin, for November-December, January, February & 1 Half of 2017 - I would like to ask how are things with: Raids will be implemented. (1H of 2017, initially delayed from November-December patch) User Interface changes - Self-explanatory. (1H of 2017) Localization into main European and Asian languages - Self-explanatory. (1H of 2017) Final player ship voting event - previous voting can be found in the shipyard. (1H of 2017) American ship pack Kickstarter event. (1H of 2017) Finalization of War & Peace (tuning of new conquest mechanics). (November-December patch, delayed to 2017) AI improvements and new missions. (November-December patch, delayed due to other priorities) Cross servers instancing implementation (to optimize servers). (January 2017) ??? Not sure what it means, but I never heard again about any servers optimization being under development or planned. 3D HOMM/Mordheim style boarding prototype. (February 2017, under development since October) UI visuals improvements. (February 2017) Localization preparations. (February 2017, how are "preparations" after 3 months?) Leaderboards and PVP rewards. (February 2017, PvP rewards is what we got I guess, what about leaderboards?) Preparation for the release (February 2017. ??? Release will take place in 2017 or 2018 or... ???)
  13. Considering that the game that we have now pretty much revolves around RvR, and devs have made statements previously to the effect that they want to force (push) every player into RvR-involvement (cf. discarded land ownership idea, resource wars etc), I feel like remarkably little has been said on the matter of RvR in connection with this particular much anticipated wipe and patch. How does RvR fit into the new direction of the game? Will Conquest even remain? Or are Port Battles-being relatively fair battles normally-about to be phased out and put into the coming Arena game instead as they don't fit the current direction? Will hostility generation remain, even though missions and PvE are getting cut, making it on testbed practically impossible to generate port battles in some areas? Or will we get a new flag-system or other system where we spend gold and/or Marks to create port battles? Is the goal for port battles, which is the content that many of us primarily log in to take part in, to still be a daily occurrence, or will it be a lot rarer, requiring us to grind for a long time between each Port battle to set up the next one? In most other aspects of the game, devs are saying that balance, easy access and fairness are no longer priorities. The world is a harsh place, the open ocean was doubly so. But for RvR to be viable, some semblance of balance needs to be maintained. Sailing and the partial removal of teleports actually promotes this balance. By making it harder to concentrate forces, and making defence an effort more equal to attack. As long as no-one holds to the illusion that territories should ever be equally sized for small nations as for large. However, the removal of compensation for losses and the increased effort to build ships threatens this balance. If one nation builds a strong fleet, and is able to sink part of the other nation’s fleet in a Port Battle with minor losses themselves. The defeated nation will get no compensation or marks that they can use to rebuild their fleet or regain their loss, and the next day the first nation can attack again before the enemy can grind to replace their ships. A lot of territory could change hands before the defenders are able to rebuild their fleet. How will this be sorted and balanced to prevent nations from being stomped at and kept from ever rebuilding? With resource production being all player-driven, and territories being key to production access, the efforts and results of RvR-players will have very considerable impact on the gameplay and competitiveness of non-RvR PvP-players, crafters, traders and PvE-ers alike. This could force more and more players to switch to the larger nations with more possibilities, or give up and stop playing altogether. How will the number of nations we have in-game today be maintained and kept viable?
  14. My idea is to give is multiple xp redeemable's for both types of xp (rank and crafting) after the wipe. The reason for this is to allow people to try joining a nation and actually compete without getting "stuck" and being forced to start over if they want to switch nations later. So for example, when I first log on after the wipe, I would have a total of 4 xp redeemable's. Two for my rank and two for my crafting. I then use 1 of each, leaving me with a backup if I don't like the situation. I know there are many players that are willing to join a smaller nation, but they don't want to risk getting into a situation where they cannot effectively compete in RVR. I believe this would apply to both the Global and EU servers. I am aware that an eventual solution for nation switching was proposed by the devs (buying an item through steam), but there is currently no timeline for such a solution. Opinions? @admin Would this be possible? EDIT: I realize this could be used as a way to get free crafting/rank xp if someone wasn't already max level... This doesn't really bother me, but if someone can think of a solution for that i'm happy to hear a suggestion.
  15. Well, the impending ship total resource wipe and server changes is going to cause players to consider what nation they plan on playing for on the PvP2/Global server. I am already hearing rumblings and rumors of players switching - and that is good. Providing we can balance the nations a little. Currently on PvP2 we have the following approximate split of players. Mega alliance (55%) USA 30% GB 20% Dutch 5% Independent (20%) Pirate 20% Small Nations who typically ally (25%) Dane 10% Spain 5% France 5% Swede 5% Many of the players on PvP1 who are going to switch to PvP2/Global are currently playing USA, and some are GB or Pirate. From what I am reading (and hearing), most of the French and Dane PvP1 players are going to the Euro server. If the players coming from PvP1 don't join the smaller nations, there will be a huge imbalance of players across the nations. I know a few of the PvP2 players are considering nation changes too - but what I am hearing is fairly small scale moves that will help, but not really address the overall imbalance. Selfishly I would like to see many more players come to France, but the key is to get as many players move to the small nations during this switch. We all want PvP (except for a few care bears). I would like to get a feel for who is going where. If you are willing to publicly declare... let's hear. I will post the combined information here. If you don't want to post publicly, send me a message and I will just use numbers, no names.
  16. @admin The player base does not know how switching nations will be handled in the future but I'm assuming it may be similar to how it is now: you start with nothing but your XP. Many players want to try to balance things and/or play with friends after the wipe. Unfortunately, the situation on the servers with respect to player and resource distribution will not be clear until one creates his character and gets in the game. It's been said that we will receive a few ships (and hopefully a little gold) after the wipe to get things started. I foresee a situation where some players create their character thinking they know who they want to be only to find out they made the wrong choice. Others may hesitate creating a character until they are "sure" delaying population build. My Suggestion: Allow nation change with restoration of any of the post-wipe awarded money and redeemables for some period of time (a couple of weeks) after the wipe so that folks can move if needed in order to balance things out.
  17. Anuncio importante sobre el inminente reseteo de barcos hecho por @admin hoy mismo: Queridos capitanes: Anuncio importante. Como se prometió el pasado otoño, vamos a implementar cambios significativos a vuestros barcos que agilizarán y mejorarán la experiencia, eliminando quebraderos de cabeza a la hora de fabricar y diseñar los barcos. Esto también solucionará el problema de que los barcos sean más baratos que algunos upgrades. Esto es lo que pasará: BARCOS: 1. Los barcos perderán sus niveles de calidad. 2. Todos los barcos pasan a tener 1 durabilidad, como debió haber sido desde el principio. 3. Todos los barcos capturados/fabricados son grises 4. Se acumula experiencia navegando en cada barco en concreto. 5. Navegando en ese barco se desbloquean mejoras para esa clase de barco. Si se pierde ese barco en batalla, se conserva la experiencia y se pueden usar esas mejoras en el futuro. 6. Ejemplo: después de muchos meses navegando en una Surprise, dicha Surprise le dará una "sorpresa" a un capitán novato de clase leda (trincomalee); si pierdes esa Surprise todavía sabrás cómo jugar con ella bien. 7. No necesitas buscar o preocuparte por upgrades raras/escasas nunca más (si las tuvieras). UPGRADES: 1. Upgrades/refits ya no son fabricables 2. Upgrades/refits pierden el nivel de calidad y ya no se pueden perder 3. Upgrades/refits finalmente tienen requerimientos de tamaño: grandes bombas de achique de agua (pumps) solo se podrán instalar en navíos grandes 4. Upgrades/refits pueden ser recibidos en el Almirantazgo (admiralty) o como objetos de botín (loot items) 5. Upgrades/refits se transforman en habilidades del barco 6. Ejemplo: si tienes "vela de seda española" y una "figura de ángel desnudo en proa", no las perderás aunque pierdas ese barco. CRAFTING/FABRICACIÓN 1. Los bonus regionales se transforman en objetos de mejora o blueprints (planos) 2. Se introducirán de nuevo los astilleros 3. Ejemplo: puedes comprar la mejora "bermuda refit" en Bermuda, llevarla al astillero de Port Royal y mejorar tu barco allí. TODOS ESTOS CAMBIOS CONVERTIRÁN LOS BARCOS ACTUALES EN OBSOLETOS E IMPOSIBLES DE USAR DESPUÉS DEL RESETEO DEBIDO A CAMBIOS EN LA ESTRUCTURA DE LA BASE DE DATOS. COMO RESULTADO, TODOS LOS BARCOS Y MEJORAS ACTUALES SERÁN ELIMINADOS. TIEMPO ESTIMADO PARA EL RESETEO: en 30 días (pero no menos de 2 semanas desde hoy) Estos cambios se introducirán primero en el server "test bed". - Todos los barcos actuales fabricados o capturados serán eliminados. - Todas las "upgrades" (módulos) serán eliminadas. - Todas las mejoras permanentes serán eliminadas. Los planos (blueprints) de barcos no cambiarán significativamente, así que se puede (y se anima a) acumular materiales y recursos para fabricar barcos después del reseteo.
  18. Now i know that ALL of our ships will be deleted.. i ask myself....are we gonna get something back for it? Like Gold? If we dont get gold back yet, is this then a option? [Option: Getting gold for all of our ships that we lose.]
  19. UPDATE: The official map has been published by the devs with a few changes from the data I had. Go here to find out how the map will look after the wipe: http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/16468-important-final-map-player-action-required-for-both-pve-and-pvp-servers/ And to find the ownership of each individual port, go here: http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/16468-important-final-map-player-action-required-for-both-pve-and-pvp-servers/?p=312498 Salut Captains, The September Patch is looking to bring significant changes to this game. It should be a huge patch, and contains many different updates, mostly relating to the map we use. In that regard the teasers and bits of information we’ve been given so far may leave some feeling it is a bit lacking. The patch isn’t ready yet, and devs might not have decided all that is going to be implemented. However we have already been given quite a lot of information. Still I read a lot of questions and hear a lot of rumours about what is coming that could be dispelled simply by people reading all the information. But the information is spread across multiple topics and multiple pages of those topics. Devs will obviously provide us more information as well as patch notes around when the patch will be clear, but in the meantime I thought that I will post the information that I have already sorted myself from the answers they have provided. My main interest is the general layout and implications of the new Conquest system and map wipe. The noob-zone in the Bahamas interests me less. The official information that I am basing myself on, can be found here: September Port Changes Plans for conquest mechanics Free Towns Rookie regions Again, devs will continue giving us more information as things get closer, but if you’re very worried about your outposts already, or you didn’t quite understand the maps they have shared, then this topic can hopefully aid you. The Map You can find the current iteration of the map the devs use here: Older public versions you can see [url=http://imgur.com/a/ryp86'>here, here and here. I made a map legend to go with the maps: Map symbols: Orange lines: Region outlines Red circle: Capital Orange star: Regional Capital (1st rate port battle) Yellow pixel: Port location Yellow line: Port entrance with direction of inlet Blue circle: Shallow water port White line(on blue circle): inlet to shallow water port White circle: Freetown Green line underneath name: New Ports Striketrough text: Pacific ports not open until release Map letters: (Indicates historical ownership only) N: Neutral P: Pirate D: Danish S: Spanish W: Swedish UP: Dutch B: British F: French US: United States I: Indian/Native USC: US Capital SC: Spanish Capital DC: Danish Capital WC: Swedish Capital UPC: Dutch Capital FC: French Capital BC: British Capital B - PC: Pirate Capital, historically British B - NC: Neutral Capital, historically British UPRC: Dutch Regional Capital SRC: Spanish Regional Capital FRC: French Regional Capital BRC: British Regional Capital (N)-W: Historically Neutral, Swedish noobs’ capital (N)-UP: Historically Neutral, Dutch noobs’ capital ( -D: Historically British, Danish noobs’ capital ( -B: Historically British, British noobs’ capital (N)-F: Historically Neutral, French noobs’ capital (N)-S: Historically Neutral, Spanish noobs’ capital ( -US: Historically British, US noobs’ capital ( -P: Historically British, Pirates noobs’ capital I also added a map legend onto the map most recently shared by the devs: All the new ports are marked there with a green line underneath their name, and because a lot of people have made the mistake, Free Town is written next to every Free Town on the map. Some background information about the map: About the port wipe The information that we have so far, is that the September patch will introduce a new system of dividing the map into regions. Ownership of ports will also be reset, and whatever ports you own now will not matter to the map after the reset. In essence the map will be reset to how it was after last wipe, so if you look at the PvE server you will get an idea of how ports will be distributed. However, as the regions system means only one nation can own a region, it’s not as clear cut as that. The division into regions will mean that some ports that were historically belonging to one nation will now belong to another or be neutral. The map is based on the territories of nations approximately between 1780 and 1800. According to the developers Historical nations did not care about artificial regions invented today, and several nations may have owned ports in the same region on the map. If that is the case, according to the devs, the region will be all neutral ports in the beginning. There is however some ambiguity here. With Pitt’s Town as an example, that is the current Neutral faction Capital (made redundant by the removal of playable neutral faction). Pitt’s Town is said to become of another nation after the wipe. But according to the map, apart from British ports, there were also neutral and pirate ports in the region now named Crooked. By the strictest interpretation of the devs, Pitt’s Town will remain neutral, just not a capital. But as it has been stated to switch nationality the best guess is that it will become British. The question then becomes if Pitt’s Town is an exception, or if only «nations» mixed historical ownership counts. So if Denmark and Sweden shared a region, it will become Neutral, but if Dutch and Neutral shared a region, then that does not count as mixed and the region becomes Dutch. But what of Pirates? Do they count as a nation in this regard or not? And what if a nation is dominantly owned by one nation, but a single port was owned by another, like the Bovendwinds Region which is dominated by Dutch ports, but has a single French port. Does it become Dutch, or Neutral? I have not yet found an answer to this, but I have used the information available to make some calls about regions that are definitively going to fall to one nation, regions that will presumably fall to one nation, and those that are highly unsure. I will share my data below: The green background indicates the rookie regions. The first column lists the number of ports each region has. The second lists the name of the region. Three is the historical ownership(s) according to the devs’ maps. Four the ownership by the strictest interpretation of «mixed ownership». Five lists the current freetowns and their regions. Column six lists the new freetowns and their regions. The Region Capitals column lists the regional capital of each region. The "Maj. Owner» column lists the faction that historically was dominant owner in a region on the dev map by owning most ports and/or the regional capital. Under «New Ports» all the new ports that have been currently added to the map is listed. By the most liberal interpretation of «mixed ownership» the nation listed as «major owner» should spawn as possessor of a region. Where the nation is listed in cursive there is mixed ownership between two «nations». C means it is a capital region, and an asterix means the region is a capital with mixed ownership and thus mixed ownership will have to be ignored. Some more statistics: Number of ports: 378 Number of regions: 75 Number of Freetowns: 31 (formerly 33) New Ports: 14 By the most liberal interpretation, this will be the division of regions between nations: US: 3 Pirate: 4 Neutral: 4 French: 8 British: 18 Sweden: 1 Danmark: 1 Dutch: 2 Spain: 34 By the strictest interpretation of «mixed ownership», these are the regions per nation: Brit: 7 Spain: 13 US: 3 Dutch: 1 Sweden: 1 Danmark: 1 France: 6 Pirates: 1 I have also made a more visual representation of region ownership, to help decide where your ships might be safe and how nations will be positions when the new conquest system kicks off. The regions that are more or less guaranteed have been coloured according to their nation on this map: On the next map I have coloured almost all the regions according to what nation has the most claim to it on the historical map. The map is coloured based on the principle that what made Crooked a national region is a rule and not an exception. Sharing ports with pirates, Neutrals or indians does not make them mixed ownership and thus neutral. Rookie Zone The devs are going to establish a rookie zone in the Bahamas. You will be able to get most information available so far by reading the official OP here: Rookie regions - new player experience What happens in October Obviously we do not know that much yet. However: In the October patch we should expect a reset of the resources distribution which will affect production buildings. NOTE: I started writing up this and making the maps before today's announcements from devs. Some mistakes may be lingering from when I tried to adapt the text to account for the information changes. I will try to add more information to this topic as I discover it and as it is shared by developers. EDIT:UPDATED according to:
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    Map Legend

    From the album: Maps

    Final map for the port wipe, with Map legend, new towns marked, and Free towns marked.
  21. Since (in September) there will be a wipe in the ports that will reduce the ports in which we can have an outpost and (in October) also a change in some free ports, I think a lot of people will have the need to relocate its ships some times after the wipe, I thought it could be a good Idea setting a drydock in each capital city, like it was in POTBS. You can still have only 5 ships viable to sail in the port, but in the capital you can store up to (let's say) 20 ships in the drydock, from which you can take a ship only if in the capital city you have one slot free in the capital city port. Who would like to support this feature can post hereunder.
  22. Cito al admin del foro: "No habrá wipe, dejad de escuchar rumores sobre wipes. Los wipes, si ocurren, se anunciarán con 30 días de adelanto, El Próximo wipe (no se sabe cuando) solo reseteará los puertos poniéndolos a neutral en los servidores pvp. No afectará a nada más" "There will be no wipe - please stop listening to rumors about wipes. Wipes if happen will be announced 30 days in advance. The next wipe that will happen (dont know when) will only reset all ports to neutral on pvp servers, nothing else will be affected" OP: http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/13899-please-provide-fair-information-for-the-whole-community/#entry255529
  23. So, this is a simple suggestion/discussion and I'm sure most of you will just read the titles, and that's fine. I would like to see at the next wipe (ports/money/ships) that we merge the servers back together. The major influx of population from the release has no calmed down as most of us were predicting, and if we want to keep playing with a decent number of players we need to go back to a single server. I don't see any major downside to this, I personally didn't like the idea of splitting the server between regions to begin with, and most of you had agreed with that. So please use this thread to discuss and vote on whether or not we should merge the servers back together the next time there is a wipe, that way nobody will lose anything. I'm keeping the poll stupid, simple, and to the point to get the best gauge of what the player base feels like.
  24. Up Front I Apologize if this is wrong Section. I have not Found an Questions Section so I assumed this might be the Best Place to increase Chances a Dev or Admin sees it. Question is Fairly Simple. Whats the Current State of Policies and Plans for Wipes. 1. Are any Wipes Planned for the Future. 2. Are there Intentions to have Wipes in the Future. Or is it only an. "Well if we have no other Option we will do a Wipe" Thing. 3. (If there are Wipes) Will they be Soft Wipes. (For Example Ships and any Equipment Hard Content etc Removed. But Gold and XP Being kept) Or is there a Chance of Full Wipes (Really everything to Zero) 4. If any of the Above was Answered Positively towards a Wipe Happening. When will be the Crackpoints or Planned Times of these Wipes and when will we be Safe from Wipes. (For example Last Wipe will be at Full Release it will be an Soft Wipe, After that no Further Wipes will be done) Thanks for your Time. Greetz Sun
  25. Hey guys I'm relatively new to NA, and I've read that there will possibly be a wipe prior to release but we keep our ranks and XP. My concern here is with regards to missions and how difficult it will be to earn money to purchase ships post wipe. At the moment, the game is very progressional. I.e. you start in a basic cutter, do enough Thief missions to be able to afford the 'next' ship when you progress in rank. You can currently do missions at the rank below you which seems fair. The higher rank missions are naturally tougher with multiple ships, but I guess the idea is that you should be in a ship capable of doing these missions. With the wipe, we lose our cash and ships, and assuming we have a decent rank, we're not going to be able to do the low level missions. I'm worried that we're going to have to do high rank missions in a basic cutter. Have the devs made any comment on this or given possible solutions?
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