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  1. Sine we won't see the servers tied back together like they use to be linked to steam accounts. I would suggest that we be allowed to transfer our current chars on War server to Peace serve so we can keep all our books and learned ship knowledge if we decide we want to play on that server instead after wipe. I mean why is it fair they get to keep all this and we on War that worked hard don't get to keep anything? The other thing would be to tie you xp learned on each serve to our steam account again. So some one can level upon Peace server if they want and than go war over on wa
  2. I don't want to talk about all the annoyances of the last crashes and rollbacks on PvE-/Peace-Server. I want to suggesst a proper option to compensate players of this server for all the "inconveniences", as Dev's always called it. Here's my suggestion: Don't wipe PvE on game release. Let players keep everything they've achieved until this date: Knowledge, ships, money, outposts and all the stuff in their warehouses and chests. Everything. And: Add an option for Hardcore-PvE players, to start the game at release from the ground, if they like to (with no need, to delete t
  3. Capitanes españoles, el parche con el wipe de puertos se ha implementado hoy. La característica principal del parche son las Inversiones portuarias: Esta es una característica de grupo. Los jugadores solitarios deben encontrar un grupo de amigos para usarlo o unirse a un clan. Imagen: Jugadores holandeses decidiendo si quieren que Caracas tenga una bonificación de velocidad de +5% para la construcción naval o +10% de dureza (thickness) o AMBOS. - Tipos de Inversiones portuarias: Las alianzas de clanes ahora pueden expandir la producción de recursos en los puertos
  4. I would like to suggest a post release wipe front line suspension for a couple of days. Why? Right now we experienced a bottle neck (2-3 capitols limit per free town) with clans not being able to expand anymore and even tho we wont have big boats post release we might get more clans and players coming back willing to expand. Flippin a port with hercs just might take a little longer but wont stop organised clans to start taking one of the few available capitols. With the wipe just being an artifact and to ease the tension in the beginning I suggest a suspension of the frontl
  5. Before the port wipe, most the pirate ports were owned by XXXXX and I had about 10mil in that warehouse and a bunch of port timers. After the port wipe I had only 5ish mil in the clan warehouse. I believe that 250k per port timer was taken out of XXXXXs clan warehouse BEFORE all the ports were made neutral. Could I get that back? I submitted a bug report with my alt, the current creator of XXXXX.
  6. Right now the plan is to wipe for release. Testers (all of us playing pre-wipe) will keep knowledge and get a free Pandora DLC. My plan is to do the tutorial right away and be playing at a M&C level on day one. I'm sure a few of us have similar ideas. If this is the way of it, I am completely content, however.....There is a great deal of discontent with this process and I completely understand that. A lot of you have been playing for 3 plus years and feel that you deserve more. I myself have only been on for a year and a bit, but in that time, I have crafted a couple of ships that I a
  7. Hola capitanes, Esta es una advertencia anticipada sobre los turbulentos 1-2 meses que vienen. En este parche nº30 (28/02/2019), hemos introducido cambios significativos en el comercio, el modelo de daños, la distribución de las misiones, la importancia de los puertos para los clanes y el ROE. A medida que nos acercamos cada vez más al lanzamiento, el juego requerirá de varias limpiezas (wipes) durante esta preparación previa al lanzamiento en las áreas más afectadas por los cambios. *La 1ª limpieza se ha realizado ya el 6 de marzo. (También se entregarán las recompensas a los q
  8. Almost daily we have on global chat someone asking about a wipe coming up, the fear is great. Most people there agree they don't want to see their belongings, warehouse content, ships, upgrades, books, money, doubloons etc etc getting lost at that dreadful day known as "the wipe" coming up. What are the imaginable pros and cons of a wipe from view of a developer? I'll try to sum up: Pro - server reset, cleaned database, less storage on server (cost reduction?) - people have equalized chances when everyone has to start over again, together with new players, at zero (*)
  9. I know every one hates the words wipe no matter when and how it's mention but we are at a all time low on the game player wise and with holidays and new year maybe it's time to do a soft wipe. This way we can test the econ without having stock piles of goods. I got so much stuff saved up right now from old system I can craft ships for days and not run out of anything but the crafting woods for certain builds. Maybe it's time to make this game officially BETA. Do a soft wipe, give some nifty prize (The Pandora) let use test thing on a clean slate until game released. Than folks won't be
  10. Will we keep our clans through the final wipe meaning only clan warehouse will be wiped but not the clan itself? @Ink @admin
  11. Давно не заходил в игру. Зашел недавно посмотреть как дела, обнаружил полностью нового перса с 0 голды, 0 опыта, и бейсик кутером. Вайп что ли был? Вроде не все должны были вайпануть.
  12. Wipe is coming in few days and many players are thinking to switch nations to balance the server and going back into their old nation. Forged papers will be given to all captains. Since weeks french has change. We are working every day to build new forces able to control our frontier. We are working on the same time to improve our welcome for new english speaker captain trying to help them as much as we can to allow them to get ressources and ships. WO clan joined France, and now it's probably your turn! French is nation that suffer in multiple time for multiple occasions but that nev
  13. Hi Naval Action, I has Belona before on PvP EU. Loged in yesterday and I only had 67 XP redeemable while my friend had 8k. I played a looooong time ago but I just want to check if something went wrong some where? Could you please check. Thank you p.s best game ever!
  14. During furst wipe I never got my exp redeemable, did get the papers, but also did not get the ships. I asked a bazillion times but I never get an answer, so once again (and this time in its own topic). Can I please get my exp? I dont care about the other stuff, I just do not want to grind all over again. Also reported it with F11. Comon you do have tech support or someone handling these cases right? ive been waiting for an answer for months.
  15. Considering the fact that i havent met a single player that did not hate the new tiered ship knowledge xp, that forces you to grind lower ships up until you can max out your favourite... Is it safe to assume this knowledge xp will NOT be wiped even at release ( like rank xp which is now effectively rendered useless if you want to play on a competitive level ) if the ship knowledge tree stays in game? And if so, can we expect another change that brings us back to start the grind from basic cutter? I know it's EA ( inb4 at least 1 reply will tell me so ) and i love this game and testing it.
  16. Rongoel

    Exp Redemable

    I only recieved 109 xp in the redeeamable for the exp when made a new Character on the PVP Global server. I have not redeemed any redeeamables before but i deleted one of my charachters to make space for the new one. I thought this would not be a problem since it said that i could just redeem it on a different Character. I was about 200 hours into the game with the Rank of Kommendör in Sverige. The original Charackter name was Capt Albert Alexander. It would be greatly apreciated, if anyone could help me with this issue or tell me if i need to start new.
  17. Bonjour à tous, Les développeurs ont définit la date de sortie du patch et du wipe qui sera entre le 16 Mai et le 24 Mai, j'organise donc une réunion des ACR, j'invite très fortement tous les membres à être présents, même ceux inactifs depuis longtemps, le but étant de connaître précisément nos effectifs afin de redistribuer des rôles à chacun, notamment pour le craft mais aussi les officiers pour le conseil, la conquête etc. L'objectif est de redonner une organisation et une structure cohérente au clan, chose qui s'est perdue avec le temps au fur et à mesure des départs de chacun,
  18. My idea is to give is multiple xp redeemable's for both types of xp (rank and crafting) after the wipe. The reason for this is to allow people to try joining a nation and actually compete without getting "stuck" and being forced to start over if they want to switch nations later. So for example, when I first log on after the wipe, I would have a total of 4 xp redeemable's. Two for my rank and two for my crafting. I then use 1 of each, leaving me with a backup if I don't like the situation. I know there are many players that are willing to join a smaller nation, but they don't want t
  19. Well, the impending ship total resource wipe and server changes is going to cause players to consider what nation they plan on playing for on the PvP2/Global server. I am already hearing rumblings and rumors of players switching - and that is good. Providing we can balance the nations a little. Currently on PvP2 we have the following approximate split of players. Mega alliance (55%) USA 30% GB 20% Dutch 5% Independent (20%) Pirate 20% Small Nations who typically ally (25%) Dane 10% Spain 5% France 5% Swede 5% Many of t
  20. @admin The player base does not know how switching nations will be handled in the future but I'm assuming it may be similar to how it is now: you start with nothing but your XP. Many players want to try to balance things and/or play with friends after the wipe. Unfortunately, the situation on the servers with respect to player and resource distribution will not be clear until one creates his character and gets in the game. It's been said that we will receive a few ships (and hopefully a little gold) after the wipe to get things started. I foresee a situation where some players create
  21. Anuncio importante sobre el inminente reseteo de barcos hecho por @admin hoy mismo: Queridos capitanes: Anuncio importante. Como se prometió el pasado otoño, vamos a implementar cambios significativos a vuestros barcos que agilizarán y mejorarán la experiencia, eliminando quebraderos de cabeza a la hora de fabricar y diseñar los barcos. Esto también solucionará el problema de que los barcos sean más baratos que algunos upgrades. Esto es lo que pasará: BARCOS: 1. Los barcos perderán sus niveles de calidad. 2. Todos los barcos pasan a tener 1 durabilidad, como debió
  22. Now i know that ALL of our ships will be deleted.. i ask myself....are we gonna get something back for it? Like Gold? If we dont get gold back yet, is this then a option? [Option: Getting gold for all of our ships that we lose.]
  23. UPDATE: The official map has been published by the devs with a few changes from the data I had. Go here to find out how the map will look after the wipe: http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/16468-important-final-map-player-action-required-for-both-pve-and-pvp-servers/ And to find the ownership of each individual port, go here: http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/16468-important-final-map-player-action-required-for-both-pve-and-pvp-servers/?p=312498 Salut Captains, The September Patch is looking to bring significant changes to this game. It should be a huge patch
  24. From the album: Maps

    Final map for the port wipe, with Map legend, new towns marked, and Free towns marked.
  25. Since (in September) there will be a wipe in the ports that will reduce the ports in which we can have an outpost and (in October) also a change in some free ports, I think a lot of people will have the need to relocate its ships some times after the wipe, I thought it could be a good Idea setting a drydock in each capital city, like it was in POTBS. You can still have only 5 ships viable to sail in the port, but in the capital you can store up to (let's say) 20 ships in the drydock, from which you can take a ship only if in the capital city you have one slot free in the capital city port.
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