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  1. In short, "Keep doing that sht against us and we'll summon mommy Russia in here"
  2. BF and (maybe) REDS built the Russian Empire from scratch. From a portless nation to the biggest naval force in-game. I applaud them for that, but I don't think they will leave Russia anytime soon. They deserve to be up there sitting on their throne. But because of them, Naval Action gets content. Russians who gank, and Russians that gets ganked = gameplay = content. I don't know why many captains look to them as the antagonists in this game when in fact with their hardwork, they managed to climb to the top. If only the other sailors from other nations cooperate AS A NATION not as individual C
  3. Yeah I forgot to include where this happened. Post updated. Thanks!
  4. Good day gentlemen, Unfortunately this happened to both captains. I almost lost my ship, luckily the other captain also got beached way inside the beach so he got no way of sinking me. In normal cases I could maneuver easily out if this mess but this time I can't since my ship is basically BURIED in the sand. Hopefully this gets fixed soon. And thank you GoldTeeth for agreeing to make our dilemma shorter. (It was 30minutes before maintenance anyway). Attached are the screenshots. Happened in Tumbado Free Port. Thank you.
  5. I agree with @Montagnes here. Devs have decided and you know very well that they won't change their mind anymore. Maybe they will, but not anytime soon for sure. True, and nothing or almost nothing will be left for the rest of us non-elite captains.
  6. GG Swedes. I guess it's time for a break. Come back stronger than ever.
  7. Be careful when you're passing through Florida Strait. The home defence fleet there are OP in terms of the distance and area they cover. Better go above and around Key West - Islamorada islands just to be safe.
  8. 感谢您抽出宝贵的时间翻译此内容。我只想祝你有个美好的一天。保持安全,待在家里。
  9. 感谢您抽出宝贵的时间翻译此内容。我只想祝你有个美好的一天。保持安全,待在家里。
  10. MONKS are good people. Always fun fighting against them in the Bahamas. GG.
  11. Damn I miss Denmark-Norge and Sweden's peace times though.
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